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Swami Madhavpriyadas 

Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

'Shree Swaminarayano Vijaytetaram" 

Divine Life of 
Jogi Swami 

-: Author :- 
Swami Madhavpriyadas 

-: Translator :- 
Prof. R.B.Ganatra - Rajkot 

-: Publisher :- 

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul 

Vishwavidya Pratishthanam 

(SGVP), Ahmadabad. 

Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Author :- 

Swami Madhavpriyadas 

Translator : 

Prof. R.B.Ganatra - Rajkot 

Publisher :- 

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Vishwavidya 

Pratishthanam (SGVP) 

@ All the rights of this book are reserved by the publisher 

First Edition :- 2000 copies 

Published on :- 11 Oct.2011, Sharad Poornima 


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In the pious memory of granddaughter 

A.N. Diyana Prakashbhai Vekaria 

Shree Arvinabhai Kalyanbhai Vekaria, UK 

(Village : Baladia) 

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On This Pious Occasion 

The great revered saint Shree Jogi Swami, who has now 
become one with the God for ever, is a crown of Swaminarayan 
Sampraday of our time. The life of saints, ever engrossed in the 
Supreme God, becomes the guide-line for the saintly-hood. The 
life of Jogi Swami is also a great blessing and the best guide for 
us on the path of ultimate salvation. 

We are lucky to have a chance to live with such a great 
saint. His life inspires strong devotion in us. His silent blessings 
award success to all our efforts and programmes. His strict 
regimen of saintliness is really wonderful even at such an old 
age over 100 years. With his service to the elder saints, creation 
of temples, wearing of floral garlands for the God, his devotion 
and penance, his uniform life adorned with 'Vratas', Jogi Swami 
has attained the Murti of Shree Hari. Sadguru Nishkulanand 
Swami has narrated the characteristics of great saints in 'Bhakta- 
Chintamani'. Shree Jogi Swami has attained all these 
characteristics in his life. 

Shree Jogi Swami has achieved total grace of his 'Guru' 
Shree Mahant Swami and has served the 'Satsang' according 
to the wish of Param Pujya Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj. Thus 
the life of Jogi Swami has become the source of inspiration for 
innumerable devotees. As the life sketches of great revered 'Nand 
Saints' and other rare Saintly personalities is beneficial for the 
people seeking salvation, the life story of Param Pujya Jogi 
Swami will definitely prove a great boon to the Satsang. 



With the compilation of so many inspiring incidents and 
events of the life of a great word accomplished saint Shree Jogi 
Swami, Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji has done a 
commendable work. After the departure of Gurudev Shastriji 
Maharaj for Akshardham, we both have gained good-luck to 
follow his foot-prints supplementary to each other. I feel pleasure 
that Shastri Madhavpriyadasji has, despite his tight time 
schedule, spared time to write and compile this book. 

This book will provide invaluable strength to several 
people for life. To write the biography of Shree Jogi Swami is a 
strenuous work and it is not possible without faithfulness, 
concentrated confidence and reverence. Shastri 
Madhavpriyadasji has incomparable love, respect and oneness 
towards Shree Jogi Swami. Therefore he has nicely knitted the 
flower-like life incidents of Shree Jogi Swami and has created a 
floral garland in the form of this book and has presented it at 
the lotus-feet of Bhagawan Shree Hari. 

The pious incidents of the life of such a saint make one 
to remember Shree Hari as his entire life was devoted to Shree 
Hari. Constant awareness of the commands of Shree Hari and 
oneness with His Murti, are the main characteristics of the life 
of Shree Jogi Swami. Such a grand life can prove a miraculous 
medicine for thousands of people, enabling them to improve 
their lives. With his faithful service to Shree Jogi Swami, Shree 
Vishwavihari Swami has earned his blessings. 

Shree Hari Himself has said about the great saintly 

'As my great saint is to me, none is equal to him'. 

'The God says he is everything to me'. 

These words of Shree Muktanand Swami are really suit 
to the attachment-less great saint Shree Jogi Swami. 

Let us pray to Shree Hari that compassion, penance, 
saintliness, meditation and detachment of Shree Jogi Swami may 
descend in our life. 

My lacs of salutations to the great revered saint Shree 
Jogi Swami! 

With Jay Swaminarayan, 

Kothari Devkrushnadasji Swami 



Regards to a Revered Saint 

-• • • 

The strength of renunciation and detachment, total 
attachment to and devotion to Shree Hari and great achievement 
of word accomplishment, these are the three main characteristics 
of Gunatit tradition developed in Swaminarayan Sampraday. 
All these characteristics can be seen in the life of Pujya Jogi 
Swami Shree Hariprakashdasji. Grace of Shree Hari, hearty 
blessings of Guruvarya Mahant Swami and inspirations of the 
great Saint Shastri Shree Dharmajivandasji are the main forces 
that molded Jogi Swami's greatness. 

By moving Mala for hours together and sitting before 
the Murti of Shree Hari, by remembrance and meditations, Shree 
Jogi Swami has accomplished concentration in the Bhagawan 
Shree Swaminarayan. He has attained such a strength that he 
can sit before the Murti of the God for many hours without any 
support. Due to such an accomplishment of constant 
remembrance of Bhagawan Shree Hari, no worldly thought 
enters his mind and occasionally he can have the 'Darshsan' of 
Shree Hari in his clean and sacred heart. The Supreme God 
hears his prayers and fulfils his pious and benevolent wishes. 
Despite achieving such very high state of accomplishment, he 
has nothing like ego in his heart. Without any hypocrisy or show 
of his accomplishment, he remains ever ready to remove the 
miseries of the unhappy and grieved people. At the request of 
innocent villagers he examines the land for water reserves therein 
for their wells, hand pumps and bore-wells. The God invariably 
springs water at the place directed by him. He gives vows of 

keeping fast on Hari Jayanti or of cleaning the temple to the 
people desirous of having sons and he requests the God to fulfill 
the wishes of those people. On fulfillment of their desires, the 
devout develop unique regards towards this Saint. On such 
occasion also he never wishes to be praised or worshipped. He 
joins the devout to the God and not to himself. He makes the 
people abandon addictions and gives them the vows of 
remembering the God. He suggests herbal medicines to the sick 
people and with the help of unshakable faith in the God; he 
removes the miseries and diseases of the people. 

The life style of this true Saint is totally adorned with 
penance and renunciation similar to the olden day Saints and 
he is like an ornament of saintliness. In renunciation of wealth 
and woman, this Saint has always remained unshakable. 'The 
whole world is engaged in wealth and woman, the person who keeps 
himself detached is a two-handed God. In this sense, he is a great 
and rare Saint. 

Insistent of observance of religion, Pujya Jogi Swami 
always remains alert in observing of good conduct. As he likes 
to do penance, he observes fasts without food or water, at least 
for five days in a month. He constantly remembers Shree Hari. 
He strictly believes in forsaking tastes and therefore he never 
takes sugar or sugar crystals in his food. He gives 'Prasadi' of 
sugar crystals to all but he never puts even a crystal into his 
mouth. He has continued offering sugar crystals to devotees. 
The devotees coming for his 'Darshan' continue to bring packs 
of sugar crystals which he distributes to all. 



Capable Saint Sadguru Purani Swami Gopinathdasji was 
considered to be the Guru of Durbar community. He used to 
inspire the princes (Durbars) to give up addictions. His disciple 
Mahant Swami was also duly being respected by Durbar 
community and used to make them alert to proper observance 
of the rules of the religion. His disciple Jogi Swami is also 
respected by the Durbars. Jogi Swami, without pampering 
anybody, always preaches the Durbars to be vigilant in proper 
observance of the tenets of religion and also to forsake addictions. 
Durbars also act according to the beneficial advice of this Saint 
who constantly remains engrossed in the devotion of God. 

Jogi Swami is always eager to travel for the 'Darshan' of 
Deities in temples. He may either be in Rajkot Gurukul or in 
Junagadh Gurukul; he would to go for the 'Darshan' of the 
Deities in temple on foot daily. Thereafter, in his old age, he 
used to go for the 'Darshan' of the God and deities at the time 
of evening 'Aarti' in some devotee's car without fail. On the 
occasion of 'Patotsav' (anniversary of Murti Pratishtha) he 
would certainly go for the 'Darshan' of the God in that temple. 

Jogi Swami has not undertaken any 'Sadhana' (practice) 
of 'Ashtang Yog'. But the Swami has successfully practiced 
constant meditation of the Murti of Shree Hari and in this way 
he has proved his name 'Jogi', a worthy name given by his Guru 
Mahant Swami, 

Some incidents of this great Saint, who is by nature kind, 
affectionate and having no enemy in this world, had been 
collected by Sadhu Vishwavihari Swami. Apart from that the 

erudite Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami, who happened 
to have many years of association with Jogi Swami, has compiled 
some more anecdotes with unique devotion and prepared this 
scripture namely 'Jogi Swami ni Jivan Gatha' which is really a 
commendable act of service on his part. Laxmanbhai Aadroja 
has also provided good support in preparing this scripture. I 
have also got opportunity to provide somewhat suitable support 
in publication of this scripture which I consider my great fortune 
and feel myself fulfilled. 

The reading of this scripture 'Jogi Swami ni Jivan Gatha' 
will inspire 'Satsang' in the devotees. It would create a unique 
image of pious, God oriented and the benevolent life of that 
great Saint in the hearts of devotees who would feel themselves 
fulfilled. With true reverence of my heart and with all regards I 
salute this rare Saint. 

Sadhu Laxminarayandas 



Regards to a Great Saint 

• • • 

The land of India is fortunate. It has been sanctified by 
the foot-prints of many saints. It is blessed with the births of 
many great saints and particularly the saintly group of 
Swaminarayan Sampraday has established its own specialty. 
During the time of Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan, and also 
thereafter, the contribution of saints, who were and who are 
full of religious knowledge, detachment, devotion and 
steadfastness to the religious tenets, in the development and 
enhancement of Swaminarayan Sampraday is very important 
and unparalleled. In this wonderful and pious lineage of the 
saints, the life of that revered Jogi Swami, Shree 
Hariprakashdasji, who remains constantly engrossed in 
devotion, is unique. 

"In the land of India, either incarnation of God or His 
saint, certainly reside". These words of Bhagawan Shree 
Swaminarayan in 'Vachanamrut' have been proved worthy by 
the reverend saint Shree Jogi Swami. 

In the beginning, Jogi Swami served in the Garden and 
by preparing garlands devotionally and by dedicating them to 
the God, fulfilled the line of that 'Kirtan': 'God, you are the 
garland of my heart' and who has really established God in his 
heart with reverence and who constantly remains engrossed in 
the God is Jogi Swami. 

Sadguru Brahmanand Swami has sung in his 'Kirtan' 
for saints like Jogi Swami : who have become totally one with 

Shree Hari with the devotion and meditation of Murti of the 

'Your Murti is the ornament of my eyes, 

And also a garland of my heart' 

God's Murti has become the ornament of the eyes for 
Jogi Swami and garland of his heart. 

And that's why his heart becomes full of compassion on 
seeing somebody suffering, and at that time, the God residing 
in his heart, makes his speak true. Many such incidents have 
been narrated in this scripture. Shreeji Himself has said: 

'By residing in the heart of such saint, I give salvation to 
many souls'. 

God Himself fulfills Swami's divine wishes and blessings. 
Reverend Jogi Swami has unique aim to lead many souls to God 
but not unto himself. 

Pujya Jogi Swami didn't go to school, yet due to the 
constant listening of 'Vachanamrut,' he can tell immediately 
about which topic comes in which 'Vachanamrut'. I myself also 
have got the benefit of such special ability of Swami many times. 
He is completely detached from the worldly pleasures and the 
worldly objects and constantly remains in the company of God 
through devotion and meditation. Swami doesn't know the 
notes of rupees and he didn't care to know it. Such detached 
and rare saint is the reverend Jogi Swami. 

Swami has known the real wealth. According to the line 
'God, you are my real wealth/ this saint who constantly remains 



engrossed in the devotion of God, in the real sense, believes the 
God is his real wealth. 

It is worth noting that Swami Shree Vishwaviharidasji, 
who is in the service of this great saint, has gathered different 
life incidents of reverend Jogi Swami diligently for this book 
and Shree Laxmanbhai Aadroja has beautifully compiled the 

Various life incidents regarding penance, asceticism, 
service orientation, egolessness, desirelessness, straight- 
forwardness and simplicity of this great saint have been 
described interestingly by reverend erudite Shastri Swami Shree 
Madhavpriyadasji with due reverence and devotion of heart 
which would be inspirational and helpful for the salvation loving 

'Always remain engaged in the devotion and also do 
the meditation of God, the great saints who are with such 
magnificent virtues, I salute to them'. 

- Mahendra Nandlal Shelat 

Editor, 'Sadvidya' 

A Taste of Godliness 

^=* • • • 

Swaminarayan Sampraday is a mine of great saints. 
Swaminarayan Sampraday is a great garden full of fragrance 
of flowers in the form of saints. Swaminarayan Sampraday is 
such a place where thirst of salvation loving people can be 
satisfied, such a tree where the hearts suffering from the heat 
of the affliction get satiated, where tired would get the rest and 
the hungry people would get sweet fruit in the form of salvation. 

In the tradition of 'Satsang' we can see a series of great 
and able saints who dedicated their everything on the words of 
Shree Hari. One bead of the garland, which is the ornament of 
the neck of Shree Hari, means our very reverend Jogi Swami 
Shree Hariprakashdasji Swami. 

Pleased with his way of living, Bhagawan Shree 
Swaminarayan Himself showers the rain of his compassion on 
him, the elder saints shower their blessings on him, such a great 
and rare saint is Pujya Jogi Swami. What-so-ever we write about 
him would be insufficient to descrile his holiness. Who is not 
attracted to the life of this great saint? Either uneducated or 
erudite, poor or rich, local or foreigner, notorious or devotee, 
patient or self-indulgent, whosoever he may be, once he has 
the 'Darshan' of Swami, and has tasted the pious water of 
'Abhishek' of God then for him it would be like invaluable 
experience of life. 

As said in the Purushottam Prakash: 

'A saint moving in his own country or abroad removes 
the Sins of all the living beings. 



Whosoever had his 'Darshan,' he would attain the 
salvation'. The words coming from inner depths of the heart of 
Jogi Swami, naturally and obviously come true because it is the 
promise of Shree Hari: 

"Because I reside in that saint, I do not stay away from 
the real saint, that's why the saint is able to bestow salvation 
and many people may be awarded salvation through him". 

The consistency in the way of living, since beginning, 
inspires the strength in the salvation loving people. At such an 
old age his persistence for observing the rules (of Satsang) is a 
lesson to learn for the salvation loving people about remaining 
very vigilant if they wish to attain God. 

If a thirsty person wandering in wood gets water, if a 
person exhausted due to burning heat and gets the soothing 
shadow of a tree, if a person drowning in the middle of the sea 
gets the support of a boat, then how much pleasure he would 
get? Even more divine pleasure one would get with 'Darshan', 
touch and 'Poojan' (worship) of the reverend Jogi Swami. 

Whosoever has experienced such bliss, can not remain 
silent about the Swami's incidents which are full of inspiration. 

Shree Vishwavihari Swami has rendered an inspiring 
service to a great saint Jogi Swami, who has opened the door of 
salvation. By writing the life incidents of Jogi Swami, erudite 
saint Sadguru Shastri Madhavpriyadasji Swami has presented 
an invaluable gift to the salvation loving people. My hearty 
regards to such a great saint of Gunatit tradition. 

- Laxmanbhai Aadroja 

Editor : 'Sanskardeep' 


• • 

Great Saint 

In the 'Vachanamrut' of 'Vadtal-19' Shree Hari Himself 
has said, "When a soul takes human birth in 'Bharat-khand' 
(India), either an incarnation of God or saint of God, would be 
on the earth. If soul can recognise Him, then that soul would be 
a devotee of God and that soul can attain supreme bliss." 

We are very lucky that, when we have got human body, 
we have got company of such a great saint Jogi Swami who 
remains engrossed in the God all time. 

It is a great fortune for me to write the life story of the 
great pious saint Pujya Jogi Swami. He is an ideal saint of divine 
Gunatit lineage of saints. 

Great able saint Shree Balmukunddasji Swami was a 
disciple of Aksharmurti Sadguru Shree Gunatitanandji Swami. 
Shree Balmukunddasji Swami's disciple was Sadguru Swami 
Shree Dharmaswarupdasji Swami. Swami Shree Gopinathdasji 
became the disciple of Shree Dharmaswarupdasji Swami. 
Sadguru Swami Shree Krishnajivandasji became the disciple of 
Swami Shree Gopinathdasji. Swami Shree Krishnajivandasji 
who was known as Mahant Swami was elder Guru Brother of 
Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj. Pujya Jogi Swami became an able 
disciple of Mahant Swami. 

The original name of Jogi Swami is Swami Shree 
Hariprakashdasji, but hardly anybody now knows him by that 



Due to his sheer detachment and desire-less state and 
his continuous and undivided engrossment in the Murti of Shree 
Hari, Sadguru Mahant Swami (his Guru) himself called him 

In 'Yoga-Sutra', Maharshi Patanjali has given the 
definition of the word 'Yoga' as 'Yogas-chittvrutirnirodhah', 
'Yoga' means control over one's mind and desires similarly one's 
total devotion in the form of Shree Hari with option-less 
reverence is also Yoga. In 'Vachanamrut' Shree Hari has 
approved this by saying that 'yoga means undivided attention 
into the Murti of the God'. 

Such type of 'Yoga' is naturally accomplished by Jogi 
Swami. Therefore his name 'Jogi' is appropriate. 

Jogi Swami is a unique saint. He has been totally 
dedicated to the God for his entire life and detached from the 
worldly things. 

Amongst various service activities of Gurudev, he has 
kept us alert against indulging ourselves in worldly matters, 
knowingly or unknowingly, creating any type of attachment 
towards the worldly things. In Bhagawat Gita Bhagawan Shree 
Krishna has sung the glory of 'Anasakta Yoga' (doing things 
without indulging self in the same). As one shall do the domestic 
worldly deeds without being indulged in them, the services 
relating to the religion should also be done the same way. 
Because, both types of activities, done without 'Anasakt Yoga' 
can create bondage. 

Jogi Swami has remained totally detached and he has 
inspired us to remain detached. At the time of inauguration of 
Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Vishwavidya Pratishthanam 
Chharodi, Jogi Swami had warned me in his unique style, 'While 
doing service activities, don't indulge yourself any- where'. These 
words of Jogi Swami have become the motto of my life. 

When attitude of detachment is forgotten in the sphere 
of religion, many vices would take place in it. 

Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan has explained two 
types of activities. One is relating to the God and the other is 
relating to the domestic worldly affairs. He has given the name 
'Seva' (service) to the activities relating to God. 

As such, both activities appear to be similar but one is 
motivated by the spirit of dedication and other is motivated by 
self- interest. 

What we do for self is work and what we do to please 
the God is service. Even in service, if ego of the doer is there, the 
service would be polluted. Therefore, the service also should be 
free from egoism; otherwise such service would create bondage. 

There is a third way also which is practiced by the great 
sages like Shuk, Sanaka etc. It is named 'Nivrutti' way. This way 
of life is spirituality oriented. In this way of life, the activities 
would be limited to maintenance of life only. Except this, 
activities would be negligible. Continuous thinking of soul and 
undivided attachment to God are main characteristics of this 



Despite being a saint of 'Nivrutti Marg' (willingly 
retirement from worldly activities) for the practicing of nine 
types of devotion, he has created temples, has rendered his 
services in the flower gardens and has provided inexhaustible 
strength of inspiration for the various services of Gurukul. 

Jogi Swami is a saint, continuously attached to the God. 
We have never seen him passing even a moment without the 
remembrance of Shree Hari. He has done devotion day and night 
and has also made others to do so. 

What Jogi Swami is today, is due to the grace of his Guru 
(preceptor) and devotion he has done. 

The form of Shree Hari is (Nirgun) beyond attributes. 
Any characteristic (Satva-Rajas-Tam) can't touch that form and 
the saint pursuing the devotion of such form would also become 
without attributes like Shree Hari. Due to the continuous 
devotion of the divine form of Shree Hari, Jogi Swami has 
attained 'state' of being. 

In the life of Jogi Swami, the penance is incomparable. 
His thin body is like the physical form of Penance. The vows 
like 'Dharna-Parna', 'Ektana', Fasts, have become integral part 
of his life. In short his life is like a sheet, woven with devotion 
and penance. 

Kabir says, "The sheet is wet with the essence of devotion 
to Shree Ram". 

Meera say, "O my beloved Shyam, please dye my scarf". 

Muldas has sung in his Bhajan, 'The great saint has come 
to wear the scarf of the beloved God'. 

The life of Jogi swami is just like a shawl of the beloved 
God, like an incarnation of forsaking and detachment. Jogi 
Swami can't recognise rupee notes. He does not keep money 
and does not make others to keep, yet only with his presence, 
the service activities requiring crores of rupees have got 
momentum. Thousands of people have got food and education 
and have won freedom from the fear of the cycle of birth and 

With the continuous devotion to Bhagawan Shree 
Swaminarayan and the grace of great Sadguru Mahant Swami, 
Jogi Swami has achieved divine powers. Many miracles which 
have been narrated in this book occurred due to that divine 
power, but it is more surprising that Swami has never used that 
power for himself. He has used this divine accomplishment for 
removing the miseries of the people only. 

Despite absence of any divinity, by creating various 
networks with so called miracles, some people resort to many 
tricks to get money and respect. However despite being a saint 
full of divine power, Jogi Swami has never wished to get money 
or respect. Swami has remained away from self-praise or self- 

Once I uttered few words about his greatness in the 
presence of Jogi Swami, after the assembly was over, I went to 
him for his Darshan. Swami was sitting on a jute-bag behind 
Sadhu Ashram. 

Swami said to me, "O Sadhu! You should not slander 



With a smile I said, "Swami! Am I so unfortunate to 
slander you?" 

Swami said, "You have praised me in the assembly and 
that is like slandering me. Once I had praised Mahant Swami 
in the assembly as you have done today. At that time Mahant 
Swami had scolded me saying, 'Jogi, you should not slander 
me'. And see Shastri, if you praise me, the people would get 
crowded here. They would have different desires. Some would 
have desire of having a son; some would have desire of having 
wealth. Everyone in the world wants worldly things. None 
wants to attain God. What is the use of gathering such crowds? 
We don't want anything from them. What can they give us? 
They can give money or respect. We don't need it. That can 
create bondage. There is no wealth bigger than the Murti of 
Shreeji Maharaj in this world. If many people gather around, 
one may forget devotion. Therefore, you should not slander me". 

Each word of the Swami touched my inner heart. We 
may have many saints but we can't find such a desire-less saint. 
My faith towards him is not due to his divinity and divine 
experiences. The centre of my faith in him lies in his 
incomparable desirelessness and his unbroken attachment with 
the God. 

The Vedas have described three types of desires. They 
are (1) the desire for son (progeny) (2) the desire for wealth and 
(3) the desire for the acclamation from the people. 

Muktanand Swami says: whosoever gives up these three 
desires is intelligent and he knows the meaning of scriptures. 

Jogi Swami is a 'Paramahans', totally free from all types 
of desires. 

Several saints and Haribhaktas had intense desire that a 
book containing the life of Shree Jogi Swami should be published 
so that innumerable devout can get more inspiration and 
strength to go ahead on the path of salvation. 

I had an intense desire in my heart that Pujya Jogi Swami 
is a soul of our spiritual faith and divine experiences he had in 
his life should be compiled in the form of a book and it should 
be dedicated at his feet. But to spare time for the same was a 
great problem for me. Amidst constant moving in the Satsang 
and the burden of various service activities, it was difficult to 
find suitable time. 

At last I decided to spare some days any how to live 
with Jogi Swami for the writing. At that time Swami was living 
in Rajkot Gurukul. I sat at the feet of the Swami to write. Peaceful 
solitary place and pious presence of the Swami were the natural 
source of inspiration for me. 

While the writing was going on, the Swami kept moving 
the Mala. Vihari Swami said to Jogi Swami, "Swami! In that 
corner Madhavpriya Swami is writing on the life and 
experiences of Mahant Swami and yourself". 

With natural childlike innocence, Swami said "Oh! Then 
it is very good". These words of Swami were like a shower of 
nectar for me. 



I stopped writing and went near Swami. He was looking 
towards me compassionately and started laughing. I consider 
that laughing with pleasure the biggest prize of my life. That 
small incident was very precious for me. 

To more sanctify the writing, I remember Mahant 
Swami. I also remembered Muljibhagat of Gundasara village 
and Kalu Bhagat of Kanek. The Swami was also gladly 
supporting me in recollecting the incidents. 

When I recollected the incident of Dholara, where 
Maharaj had shown the place having water under earth, Swami 
said, "Shastri! Water may be available or may not but one thing 
is sure that Maharaj has not forgotten me". 

When I remembered the incident of Gondal when on 
the 'Nimi Ekadashi' (eleventh day of first half of Ashadha 
month) at night Maharaj had given him 'Darshan', describing 
form of that Murti, Swami said "Shastri it was 'Nimi Ekadashi'. 
Maharaj had worn white clothes, white 'Dhoti', white 'Kites' (a 
scarf or piece of cloth worn round the shoulder) and white 
turban" . 

For me that conversation with the Swami was natural 
and live ritual of dedication of this book. 

Jogi Swami is always happy with the happiness of Shree 
Hari. Whether this 'Gatha' (book) would be written or not, he 
does not bother. Swami is totally aloof from such things, like a 
Lotus in the water. The people who come in contact with the 
Swami are witness to this thing. 

At this age, Swami has wiped out all the remembrances 
except the Murti of Shree Hari. 

It can be said in general that this book would prove an 
inspiring thing for several people, but if I say from my heart this 
book has been written for my pleasure only as the great saint 
Tulsidasji has said - ' Swantahsukhay' while writing 'Ramcharit 

I have read Bhagawat Katha and have given discourses 
many a times. I have written articles on many subjects, but 
continuous writing of such book has never been done by me 

This book is just like a lotus sprouted in the lake of 
reverence in my heart and I feel myself most fortunate to 
dedicate this lotus at the lotus feet of Pujya Swami and Shree 
Hari in the life time of Pujya Swamiji. For the purpose of writing 
this book, I have got proximity of great and capable saint Jogi 
Swami. I consider it my great fortune. 

As per the terminology of literature, perhaps this work 
may not be considered as a book because it does not contain a 
continuous and well arranged biography of a persona. Every 
incident narrated in this book is almost independent of each 
other. Yet every incident is like a flower in a garland created 
with the life-string of an auspicious and divine great saint. 

I feel endless joy in my heart while offering this divine 
garland (Vaijayantimala) created with fragrant incidents that 
occurred in the life of the Paramhans Pujya Jogi Swami. Shree 
Hari also likes very much to wear a garland of flower - like 



devotees around his neck. In the Ramanuj Vedant, pure soul 
has been narrated as a 'Kaustubhmani' (a heavenly gem) in the 
garland worn by Shree Hari. Jogi Swami is also like a 
'Kaustubhmani' living in the heart of Shree Hari. 

This book has been called a 'Gatha' instead of a volume. 
A eulogy sung with the reverent heart can be called as a 'Gatha'. 
Here is a eulogy of a beloved saint of Shree Hari. 

As a mother having her heart full of affection, likes the 
praise of her child, Purn Purushottam Bhagawan Shree Hari 
also likes to hear the glory of his beloved saints more than His 
own glory. 

I have not cared how the rationalists of today will 
evaluate this 'Gatha'. 

I am a Sadhu of Bhagawan Swaminarayan. Unwavering 
faith is an important aspect in the life of a 'Sadhu', yet I have 
lived keeping the eyes of my intellect open. Instead of believing 
in the traditional things blindly, I have given more importance 
to science and philosophy. If one doesn't know how to live with 
one's eyes open in the sphere of religion, there are thousands of 
chances of going astray. If we live with our eyes open, we can 
identify the light and darkness prevailing in the sphere of 

As a result of giving importance to science and 
philosophy, my faith and love towards the creator of this 
beautiful world has become stronger by the passage of time. 
Whenever something great is invented in this 21st century, I 
feel that one more curtain covering my God is removed. 

It is necessary for the mankind to live with the help of 
intellect. At the same time, if anyone tries to measure everything 
with the scale of intellect, he is the greatest ignorant. 

The wise person must know and accept the limitations 
of his intellect. 

The God has created such a wonderful world that it can't 
be evaluated only with the scale of intellect. One can't make out 
the mysteries of this divine world with the help of intellect. After 
being caught by frustration at a certain point of life, the great 
rationalists also become theists. The world is not only physical. 
Beyond the physical, there is a most subtle divine substance 
which cannot be seen with human eyes. That most subtle 
substance is invisible yet it is miraculously working in the entire 
cycle of happenings in this world. The whole world is full of His 
playful actions. As tide occurs in the sea sometimes, its divine 
aura becomes more evident at some places. 

The influence of that divine element is pervading each 
and every atom everywhere but we require the eyes of Jogi 
Swami to see that influence. Due to the thick wall of our belief 
of being physical body only, we can't see or experience the light 
of that divine influence. The life of Paramhansas like Pujya Jogi 
Swami is like transparent glass and that divine light is ever 
spreading through such life. 

With due awareness, I can say that the incidents in this 
'Jivan Gatha' are certainly narrated with reverence but without 
being emotional or under illusion. Some incidents are narrated 
by Swamiji himself and some incidents happened before my eyes 



which my intellect can't deny. Most of the incidents in this Gatha 
are narrated by the devotees who have themselves experienced 
the divinity of the Swami. 

Due to the continuous devotion and worship of the Murti 
of the supreme God and source of all the incarnation Shree Hari, 
the divine capability is sprouted in Jogi Swami and Jogi Swami 
has never utilised it to get respect or wealth. 

He believes his praise as his slander. As the rain showers 
on the hot earth, Swami has always showered his grace on the 
poor and afflicted people. In his life, he has never expected 
anything except to please Shree Hari. Because of this, our heart 
bears strong belief in these incidents full of divinity. 

I must make here one most important clarification. The 
motive behind writing of this Gatha is not only to sing the glory 
of a great saint but to express my reverence towards Shree Hari 
who, while living in every atom of this world, invisibly affects 
the whole existence. Not only that, this Gatha has been written 
to create a strong thirst to attain Shree Hari, manifesting in the 
form of divine element. 

With the devotion and worship of the supreme God Shree 
Hari, Jogi Swami has attained the high status of divinity and 
the same is the aim of our spiritual journey. The divinity of the 
life of Jogi Swami is like a light house for our lives. If we can not 
understand that aim and believe ourselves satisfied with writing 
or reading this Gatha, then our journey can be considered 

Pujya Jogi Swami has experienced the divine pleasure 
of the Murti of Shree Hari; we are to experience the same 
pleasure. Otherwise as if somebody who has visited the distant 
beautiful places, narrates about those places. We can hear the 
same but can't experience the joy of seeing those places. In the 
same way someone who has taken the best tasty food, when 
narrates it, we can hear only but we can't have the taste. Just 
like these examples, how one can get the true pleasure of Shree 
Hari by narrating or hearing about it? Therefore, the aim of 
writing this Gatha is to enable ourselves to attain the high state 
of divine experiences which Jogi Swami enjoys. 

If the experiences narrated in this Gatha could create 
such a strong will in the hearts of the devout, the effort of writing 
this Gatha will be considered a success. 

As such hundreds of divine experiences have occurred, 
in the life of Jogi Swami. While the writing of Gatha was in 
progress, various divine experiences come to our knowledge but 
due to shortage of space and over extension of the volume, we 
could not include them. The readers may forgive me for the 
same. The readers may please note that the incidents, included 
in this Gatha, are not arranged in chronological order. 

On this occasion, I wish to remember with sincere thanks 
some saints who are serving and taking care of Pujya Jogi Swami 
with perseverance and enthusiasm. One of them is 
Vishnuprasaddasji, who has served Pujya Swami with total 
devotion and reverence for many years. Then I remember two 
other saints. One is Vishwaviharidasji and the other is 



Shreevallabhdasji. These two saints have served Pujya Swamiji 
with much care, love and reverence. I heartily pray, 'May Shree 
Hari shower His grace upon these saints who have served Pujya 
Swamiji with faith and reverence'. 

If Vishwaviharidasji Swami had not frequently reminded 
me, perhaps this Gatha could not have been completed. I express 
my special thanks to Vashram Bhagat for the narration of Pujya 
Swami's foreign tour, because Vashram Bhagat was with us in 
that tour and he had written complete date wise diary 
containing full details of even small incidents. That diary has 
become quite helpful to me in narrating the foreign tour. 

Shree Laxmanbhai Aadroja, who is the editor of Gurukul 
student union's magazine 'Sanskar Deep', is the inseparable 
part of Gurukul family. He has excellent command over Gujarati 
language. In most of the cassettes published by Gurukul, his 
commentary is there. He is a good author also. He has helped 
me a lot in editing the incidents narrated in this 'Jivan Gatha' 
and also in publication of it. Amidst his various activities, if he 
had not spared his time to extend his services in this task day 
and night, the publication of this 'Jivan Gatha' would have all 
become extremely difficult. 

Shree Laxminarayandasji Swami, co-editor of 'Sadvidya', 
is providing his services in the publication department of Rajkot 
Swaminarayan Gurukul for many years. He is an author blessed 
by Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj. He has given good guidance in 
the publication of this book. Under his guidance, the volunteers 
working in publication department of Gurukul have also 
extended their good co-operation in the process of publication. 

To decorate front cover-page and to gather the 
photographs of various incidents of Pujya Swami's life and to 
compile the same properly was really a very difficult and time 
consuming work, but Swami Vishwaviharidasji has completed 
this work diligently. 

(My) Elder Guru-brother Shree Devkrishnadasji Swami 
and respected editor of 'Sadvidya' Shree Mahendrabhai Shelat 
have encouraged me and inspired me to complete this task. 

Vrajeshkumar, son of Shree Rajabhai Lohana, has served 
for the publication of all the colour photographs in this 'Jivan 

Jogi Swami's Guru Brother Gavaiya Swami 
Govindprakashdasji Swami has provided very old and 
important information regarding Jogi Swami. I am indebted to 
him for the same. 

I request the readers to be generous over the errors that 
may have crept into the publication of this, 'Jivan Gatha'. 

Many known and unknown donors have extended their 
help in the publication of this 'Jivan Gatha'. I wishthat the 
compassionate Shree Hari would shower His blessings on all of 

With Jay Swaminarayan, 

Guru Poornima, 2060 

02 July, 2004 

- Swami Madhavpriyadas 



Translator's Note 

On a day in Oct. 2007, while I was travelling in a train 
from Veraval to Rajkot, at about 9-15 PM. my mobile phone 
rang. Param Pujya Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji was 
speaking from Chharodi. He told me to translate 'J°gi Swami 
Ni Jeevngatha' into English. Though it was very difficult for me 
to spare time, I agreed. 

It is a matter of great fortune for me, that I got this chance 
and it is nothing but sheer grace of Bhagawan Swaminarayan 
that I was chosen to do this pious work because it is near 
impossible to find a great Saint like Pujya Jogi Swami in our 
time. With his rigorous penance, devotion and love towards 
Shree Hari, he has achieved oneness with Shree Hari. Amidst 
many difficulties and adverse circumstances it took one and a 
half year to complete this task, almost single handedly. 

Though I have taken much care to make it with zero 
mistakes, it is possible that some mistakes may have crept in 
and I request the readers to condone the same. 

Shree Pradipbhai Bhojani and N.H. Makwana have 
helped me in final proof reading. I hereby express my sincere 
thanks to them. 

With Jay Swaminarayan, 

- R. B. Ganatra (Rajkot) 



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193 Epilogue: A Centre of Abiding Faith.. 

194 Appendix -I 

The Land of Immigrants - 
Super Power of the World 

195 Appendix -II 
Problems In The Sphere of 
Religion In Abroad.... 




Bhadara : Land of Enlightened Souls 

Kulam Pavitram Janani Krutartha 

Vasundhara Bhagyavati cha tena 

Vimukti Marge Sukhsindhu-magnam 

Lagnam Pare Brahmani Yasya Chetah 

On the way of salvation, whose mind is engrossed in the 
supreme God Shree Purushottam Narayan, who is an ocean of 
natural pleasure, that great devotee, the lineage becomes pious 
where he is born, his mother becomes fulfilled and the earth on 
which he treads becomes fortunate. 

Gems can not be found in every mountain 

One can not find pearls in the head of every elephant 

Every forest does not have sandal trees. In the same way, 
great ascetics do not take birth at every place. The land and the 
mother are rare who give birth to such great saints. 

Such a fortunate land is Bhadara. Bhadara is a treasure 
of enlightened souls. 

In Samvat year 1860, Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan 
had arrived in the village Bhadara. At that time, on seeing the 
village, Shree Hari had said, 'There are several free souls (Muktas) 
in this village (Hari Charitra Chintamani Part -3 Vol. - 402) 

As many as 16 'Muktas' (free souls) have taken birth in 
this small village. Out of them, Murji and Sunderji, two were 
born in Brahmin family. 

Murji means that incarnate Aksharbrahm Sadguru 
Gunatitanand Swami and Sunderji means Shivanand Swami. 

Four 'Muktas' have taken birth in the peasant family 
(farmer community), (1) Dosabhai (2) Devabhai and Ratnabhai 
(both had achieved transcendental meditation) (4) Ram 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Bhanderi, graced by Bhagawan Shree Hari. Ratnabhai had 
become an ascetic and was named as Vignandasji. Later on 
Ram Bhanderi settled in village Chadiya near Amreli. 

As many as ten 'Muktas' had taken birth in the carpenter 
family of this village: Vasta Sutar, Ramji Sutar, Raja Sutar and 
Rudibai, who was the sister of Lalji Sutar of Shekhpat. Rudibai 
had four sons (1) Vashram Sutar, who had given salvation to 
ants with a wish only, (2) Mavji Sutar (3) Ranchhod Sutar and 
(4) Naran Sutar. Rudibai had two daughters also who were 
like incarnate of great saints, Harbai and Ladubai. Both were 
having divine vision. Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan had 
visited this village so many times and made this land holy. 

The river Und is surrounded by beautiful bushes and 
Shree Hari has shown his divine actions in the pious water of 
the same, taken bath with the saints and surfed in the river by 
using a sheet spread over the water, as a raft. He had made so 
many to experience the trance, has taken severe test of the saints 
by giving them extremely difficult vows, as a Goldsmith purifies 
Gold by smelting it. 

In such a pious land a great ascetic took birth on the 
second day of first half of Vaishakh month of S.Y. 1961 date 
06-05-1905. We know him as Jogi Swami. His original name is 
Swami Hariprakashdasji but very few people know him by this 
name. It is very difficult to know the day of birth of Jogi Swami. 
On the investigation by Vishwavihari Swami, it came to know 
from the history book of Barot (person who keeps the record of 
family events and generations) of Bhanderi Family that the birth 
of Jogi Swami was on 2nd day of vauishakh Sud, Vikram 
Samvant 2061. Counting on this base, according to English 
calendar birth date of Jogi Swami can be 6th May, 1905, 

Descending of Deities 


Saturday. (Note : Barot of Bhanderi Family is Atulbhai 
Boghabhai Barot - village Parvala) 

His earlier name was Devji. The name of his mother was 
Gangaben and Father's name was Kalabhai. Swami had two 
brothers and three sisters. The names of his brothers were 
Keshabhai and Savjibhai. The names of his sisters were Premiben, 
Maniben and Ramuben. Devji was the eldest of all. Devji was 
really winner of the minds of Deities. In a simple and straight 
forward peasant family, an accomplished ascetic has taken birth. 
It is more true that for the salvation of thousands of people, 
Shreeji Maharaj has sent him on the earth. 

Devji' s life was full of divine experiences from the very 
childhood. Due to his divine vision he was able to see the Deities. 

~ Descending of Deities 

<^^ — • • • 

The temples and the Deities are the heart of Indian 
culture. The religious scriptures talk about great importance of 
Darshan of Deities. Particularly, the 'Darshan' of Aarti in the 
morning and evening is of prime importance. 

In the earlier days, the glory of Aarti was immense. In 
the evening, the cattle would be returning to the village and the 
whole atmosphere would be covered in the dust of the dusk, 
with the blowing of gentle winds in the jungle, as if several flutes 
were sounding, the people would be returning home after toiling 
for the whole day in the farms and fields. 

The birds would be entering in their nests on the shady 
trees, as if chirping of birds were a musical prayer in the evening. 

After the setting of the sun, the creator of the world 
sprinkles wonderful and brilliant stars in the sky to light and to 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

beautify the world at night. Just like reflections of those stars on 
the earth, the people light up the lamps. 

At such a fine time, as if the creator of the world calls, 
conch sounds in the temple, bells and drums also sound; singing 
of Aarti starts. People come to the temple to have the benefit of 

Apart from the people, as the scriptures say, the Deities 
from the sky also come to have the 'Darshan of Aarti', but who 
can see those Deities? Very few. Amongst them one is Jogi 

Shree Jogi Swami is a simple, straight forward and frank 
saint ever engrossed in and faithful to the Bhagawan. His life is 
sacred. Sometimes when Jogi Swami would be in great delight, 
he would speak about his divine experiences. 

When he was in his childhood, at the age of five, his 
mother used to take him to the temple in the evening and make 
him stand in the verandah of the temple. 

Further story, let us see in the words of Jogi Swami 
himself: "I was a small child and the temple was at a height. As 
I was unable to go upstair, I used to stand near the grill before 
the Murti of Shree Hanumanji. Sometimes someone would take 
me upstairs and sometimes I used to have Darshan of Aarti 
down-stairs. At that time I could see a wonderful miracle. The 
Deities from the sky would come down to have the 'Darshan' 
at the time of Aarti. Their bodies were tall and bright, wearing 
royal dresses. Some-times one and some-times more would be 
coming, directly landing on the temple without any sound. Then 
they would come down and would stand till the Aarti was over. 
After the Aarti was over, they used to fly away in the sky like 

Turning Point of Life 


It was surprising for me. As at the time of Aarti, the 
people were coming upstairs in the temple and these people 
would be coming from the sky? How was that? 

In my childhood, I could see all these but I was unable 
to understand it. Later on, I could come to know about the 
importance of Aarti. Deities are also coming to have the Darshan 
of Aarti. It is difficult to believe that Deities also would come to 
have the Darshan of Aarti. Therefore, Shreeji Maharaj, to 
reconcile my doubt, showed me the Deities. 

Turning Point of Life 
<P*\, ... 

There is a story in the 'Purans'. Devarshi Narad was a 
child. His age was five years only. At that tender age he got the 
company of saints. The saints were glad to see the concentration 
of mind of Naradji in Satsang. The saints gave him the 'Prasad'. 
On acceptance of the same, the heart of Naradji became 
delighted. The right understanding about true and false sprouted 
in him and he became an ascetic forsaking the worldly pleasures 
and bondage. 

Same thing happened in the life of Devji. The temple 
was near his house. Mother Gangaba was frequently taking 
young Devji to the temple. Sometimes the saints would come in 
the temple. Devji was experiencing great joy in his heart to see 
the saints. 

Now I narrate the occasion in the words of Swamiji: 
"Once the saints had come to the temple. The saints were unique, 
not like today's saints. If we sit near these saints, we could 
experience great joy in our heart. I liked the saints most. I did 
not like to be away from them. Sometimes the saints would 
give me 'Prasad' of crystals of sugar or 'Patasa' (one kind of 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

sweet made of sugar.) I used to sit in the temple before the saints, 
thinking, "How good these saints are! If my mother permits 
me, I may go with these saints and become a saint my - self." 

The life of Devji was introvert from the childhood. He 
did not like chit-chating with anybody. He did not like playing 
also. Sometimes, he used to make 'Shivling' out of earth at the 
bank of river Und. He also used to worship with the materials 
available to him and was used to move Mala. These were his 
favourite games. 

Going to the temple for Darshan of the God and to do 
the work allotted by the parents was his routine. 

His outward appearance was simple and frank but his 
heart was full of devotion. Gradually, he grew up and was 
looking after farm-activities. As Gunatitanand Swami, an 
incarnation of 'Aksharbrahm' in the name of 'Mulji', used to 
water his field, Devji was also working in the field. Sometimes 
he was working as assistant with other farmers also. 

Devji attained youth but remained totally unconcerned 
and indifferent towards the worldly affairs. 

The parents were desirous to get him married but Devji 
was not at all willing to do so. However, he could not resist the 
decision of his parents and he had to marry. With the passage 
of time he had a daughter also who was named Uji. 

The mind of Devji could not stick to the worldly affairs. 
The love of wife and children could not bind him as he was a 
different kind of man. 

The position of Devji was also like a lion forcibly locked 
in a cage. His heart was full of detachment. He was living in 
the family without any feeling of attachment and his mind was 

Victory Over Maya 


Victory over Maya 

Though Devji lived in the family, he was totally 
unattached like lotus in water and boundless like the sky. The 
attraction of wealth and women could not entice him. 

Once Devji Bhagat had some work to be done by a shepherd. 
He went to the house of the shepherd. It was early morning. 
Still the world was covered in darkness. The atmosphere was 
desolate. The movement of people had not started yet. Devji 
Bhagat knocked the door of the shepherd. Incidentally, the 
shepherd was not home. From inside the house, the wife of the 
shepherd asked, "who is there?' Devji Bhagat replied, "I am 
Devji". The wife of that shepherd opened the door and she saw 
Devji Bhagat. It was loneliness in darkness. The shepherd was 
not home. On seeing young Devji, the wife of the shepherd was 
erotically attracted towards him. As Devji Bhagat entered into 
the house, the wife of that shepherd closed the door from inside 
and started showing erotic attitude and movement. Devji Bhagat 
became alert. He remembered the God, opened the door quickly 
and rushed out. 

In loneliness if one gets company of a woman and yet 
his mind is not enticed, such devotees are rare and Shree Hari 
Himself has praised such devotees in the 'Vachanamrut'. Devji 
was such an unshakable devotee. 

In an ancient 'Bhajan' Panbai has said, 'Meru to dage pan jena 
man na dage, Mar ne Bhangi pade brahmand re'. 

The mountain can be shaken but mind of a true devotee remains 
unmoved even though the whole universe might crumble. 

The 'Maya' can not entice a great man full of detachment. 
Now he had to proceed on the path of the God. It is said that 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

when one proceeds on the path towards God, Maya creates 
obstacles in many ways. Only he, who is not enticed by the 
attraction of Maya, can attain God. 

In the Purans, there are several incidents of 'Sadhaks' 
(seekers)as to when one starts penance or journey on the path 
towards the God, the Deities might resort to various tricks to 
create hindrances by sending enticing means, wealth and 
beautiful women to break his wows. In such a test of gods, 
several great saints have failed to accomplish their penance. 

The saints like 'Shuk' and Sanaka etc and God Narayan 
Himself can not get enticed in the illusions created by the Gods, 
otherwise the attraction of wealth and women is so great that 
great accomplished people may also lose their way. 

But there are several great saints of Bhagawan 
Swaminarayan who were not fascinated by the enchantment 
of wealth and woman. Shree Tulsidasji has considered such 
saints at par with the God. 

"Nari Nayan-shar Jehi Nahi laga, 

Krodh Tarn Nishi Mahi Je Nar Jaga 11 

Lobh Moh Fansi gal Na Bandhaya 

So Nar Turn Saman Raghuraya 11 

Bhagwan Ved Vyas also bows down to such saints. 

"Kanak-Kanta Sutren Veshthitam Sakalam Jagat 

Tesu Tasu Virakto Sah Dwibhujo Parmeshwara" 

The entire world is bound by the string of wealth and 
woman and one who remains detached towards both, is a God 
with two hands. 

Forsaking of Home 


Jogi Swami has remained away from wealth and woman 
throughout his life. Swami has never touched money, not even 
identified money. He never kept money himself nor has made 
others to keep for him. He has never asked for money from 
anybody even for the good deeds. Nowhere such saint can be 
found who can not recognise money. 

So many times Swami says, 'We do not require worldly 
things. We do not want anything from the world. We are to 
delight our Shreeji Maharaj only. 

We bow down to such saints who are not enticed by women 
and wealth. 

Ewa Jo Malyare Amane Jogiya 

Lagya Nahi Nari Nayan Na Ban 

Dhan re Dolat ma Nav Doliya 

Samarath sadhu chatur sujan 

Forsaking of Home 

-• • • 

Devji's mind had become indifferent towards the worldly 
affairs. How can an elephant remains tied by a lotus creeper? 
At last, Devji left home leaving behind the bondage of the 
worldly things. As a horse shakes off wrong fur of the body, he 
had forsaken the home. As Nishkulanand Swami had become 
saint in older age, Devji also left home to become a saint in his 
ripe age. When he left home, his age was around forty-nine 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Got the Guide 

Devji Bhagat left home, but he had no idea about where 
to go and what to do. He could only remember the God and go 
where the God may lead. 

For the person, who heartily walks on the path of God, 
the God surely manages a guide for him. 

With the inspiration of God, Devji Bhagat came to Gondal 
where he met a true preceptor. Gondal is a place where great 
saints live. In Nani Bazar area, there is a temple of the original 
Swaminarayan Sampraday. 

Akshar Murti Gunatitanand Swami, great saint 
Balmukunddasji etc have lived there for a long periods. 
Gunatitanand Swami had left his body there, at his own 
independent will. Several great house holder devotees have also 
been born here. 

Bhagawan Shree Hari Himself has sanctified this land 
with His lotus feet. 

The great amongst the greatest rulers in entire India, 
Darbar Bhagwatsinhji has built up a big temple here. In such a 
holy place a great saint namely Mahant Swami was living. 
Mahant Swami was one of the best saints of 'Gunatit tradition'. 
He always remained engrossed in the Murti of Shreeji Maharaj. 
He was a word-accomplished saint. He was also an elder Guru 
Brother of Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj. 

After forsaking home to become a saint, Devji Bhagat 
came to Gondal temple in Nani Bazar. After doing 'Darshan', 
he sat on the stairs of the temple. In the meanwhile, Mahant 
Swami saw him. Mahant Swami carefully observed the face of 
Devji Bhagat and he recognised the great soul living within him. 

Service Is A Great Devotion 


On seeing the Swami, Devji Bhagat also felt as if each 
other knew for many births. Mahant Swami asked," Bhagat, 
from where are you coming ?" Devji Bhagat replied, "Bhadara". 
On hearing the name of Bhadara Mahant Swami became glad 
and said, " Bhadara ? oh ! it is a village of Akshar Murti 
Gunatitanand Swami ! Bhagat, for what purpose have you come 
here, leaving Bhadara?" Bhagat Replied," Till the date, I have 
toiled for the householders and now I have come out to serve 
the saints and the Bhagawan." Mahant Swami became very 
glad to hear the words coming out from the inner heart of this 
new devotee (seeker) and asked," Then, will you stay here to 

For Devji Bhagat it was the desired thing. Bhagat gladly 
said," If you wish, I can stay." Devji Bhagat's reply was full of 
dedication." Swami said," OK, you may stay here. "Then 
Mahant Swami made him to wear dress of a 'Parshad' and let 
him live there to serve. Thus, great saint Mahant Swami took 
him under his shelter. 

Devji Bhagat had good aptitude of the service. The 
construction work of a 'Seat' (Bethak) in Kailash Bag was going 
on. Bhagat was serving there. Moreover, he was also serving in 
'Gaushala' (cowshed), to take care of cows and to clean the 
place. Though Mahant Swami was an elder saint, he was also 
serving in cowshed with Devji Bhagat. 

Service is a Great Devotion 

-• • 

The scriptures have considered service as a great and 
had to understand devotion. At first sight, one can not see any 
difference between work and service but if one goes deep, he 
can see the vast difference between the two. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

If one works for one's own interest, it is work but work 
done for others is service. Work done for friends and relatives is 
work but if it is done for saints and Satsangis it is service. Work 
done for own body is work but the same thing done for the God 
is service. However, to understand the devotion in form of service 
(SEVA) is very difficult. 

The work may be good, may be religious one, may be of Jap 
and penance, but if done according to one's own wish, then it 
is work and the same thing if done according to the will of 
Shree Hari and great saints then it is service. Work done for self 
creates bondage but service can earn salvation. Service done 
with the remembrance of Shree Hari is far better. Service and 
remembrance of God is an ornament of a saint. 

In our great country, Bharat the great saints have 
performed the smallest and petty service to please the God. 

The saints full of saintliness of the highest order would 
be performing service of cleaning the cowsheds. 

The true saints keep the brilliance of their souls covered 
under the sheet of their service and simplicity. It is difficult to 
recognise the gem hidden in the ashes. In the same way, it is 
difficult to recognise the simple and straight forward-looking 
great Saint's true height. Therefore, most of the people can not 
recognise the great personalities. The eyes of the people behold 
outward grandeur. Their eyes remain impressed with outward 
pomp and glory. Such eyes can not recognise true saints. 
Ishavashya Upanishad truely says, 'Hiranyamayen Patren 
Satysyapihitam Mukham', meaning the mouth of truth is 
covered with the vessel of gold. 

High rank of Mandaleshwars and Maha Mandaleshwars, 
crowds of disciples, show of costly cars, grand seats of religious 

Divine Dances 


places, wealth of Monasteries, temples and 'Ashrams', big 
processions in Golden palanquins, these are all vessels of gold. 

The truth is away from all these. The truth does not 
require any outward ornaments. Truth can be found under the 
sheet of simplicity, not in the show of pomp and glory. However, 
mostly the eyes of the people look at great personalities in such 
grandeur and at last, they are deceived. 

Very few discreet people can pierce these golden covers and 
can recognise a true saint. The great saints full of wealth of true 
saintliness always hide themselves under some cover. On the 
other hand the hypocrites, empty like drum inside, leave no 
stone unturned to proclaim their pomp loudly. 

Mahant Swami was simple and straightforward and 
Devji Bhagat was also simple like Jad-Bharat. Both were true 
companions in letter and spirit. 

From outward appearance, none could recognise these 
two 'Paramhansas' who had attained the Parmatma, under 
cover of their shining-less cover. 

Divine Dances 

• • • 

Sometimes the other saints and Parshads serving in the 
temple would placate Devji Bhagat, sometime they would jest 
and ask, "Bhagat, do you know how to sing Kirtans?" 

Bhagat would innocently reply, "Yes, I can sing the 
Bhajans of Mirabai." 

The other saints, placating Devji Bhagat would say, 
"Bhagat, sing whatever you know." Devji Bhagat would gladly 
sing the Bhajans by Mirabai. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

As a drunkard dances in intoxication, Devji Bhagat 
would attain great joy, while singing Bhajan of Mirabai. He 
would stand up taking Kartal in his hands and dance like 
Narsinh Mehta. 

The viewers would be happy, someone would jest but 
Devji Bhagat would not care. No impact on him. He would be 
engrossed in great joy of Bhajan. 

Mavji Bhagat was in Gondal. He was blessed by Mahant 
Swami. Mavji Bhagat had pleased Pujya Balmukunddasji 
Swami. He had memorised several 'Kirtans' of Nand saints. 
Mahant Swami advised Mavji Bhagat to teach the Kirtans of 
Nand saints to this new Parshad Devji Bhagat. Mavji Bhagat, 
at the order of Mahant Swami, started teaching kirtans to Devji 
Bhagat. Devji Bhagat was illiterate, therefore he did not know 
how to read or write. Mahant Swami told him to learn reading 
and writing. 

At the order of Mahant Swami, Devji Bhagat slowly 
learned to read Shikshapatri. He started memorising kirtans also 
with confidence. 

Devji Bhagat's voice was sweet. Moreover, he sang 
kirtans remembering Shreeji Maharaj, therefore his words 
touched the hearts of listeners. Thus, Devji Bhagat and Mavji 
Bhagat became good friends. 

Devji Bhagat had much liking for renunciation and 
detachment, therefore he memorised mostly the kirtans of that 
kind. Devji Bhagat had no love or choice for clothes, meals or 
beds. He had only love at the lotus feet of Shree Hari. 

Simple dress, simple meals and simple bed on the earth. 
His nature was to render petty services. In this way some years 



As the birds incubate eggs under their wings, as the fish 
incubate eggs with sight, as 'Kunj' bird incubates eggs with its 
tendency, Mahant Swami, sometimes with his presence, 
sometimes with his sight and sometimes with tendency, took 
care for development of this new devout. 

As after incubation, the baby birds find new wings, the 
inner sight of Devji Bhagat opened and he got the wings of Agnya 
and Upasana (spiritual commands and devotion). 

Then Mahant Swami thought that now it is a time to 
give initiation to this new devout. There was some opposition 
from the family members but at last the relatives also knew that 
now this fellow is of no use for them and therefore, their 
objections also ended. Mahant Swami was now waiting for a 
good occasion to give initiation to Devji Bhagat. 


-• • • 

Vikram Samvat year of 2001 arrived. Junagadh is a place 
of pilgrimage and also a house of ascetics. A divine festival was 
arranged there by Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj. 

In the samvat year of 1990 Shastriji Maharaj, standing 
in the pious water of Narmada River, took some decisions. 

"In human body there are three and a half crore (35 
millions) small hairs, therefore I am to chant three and a half 
crore Mahamantras, of Swaminarayan. Chanting would be kept 
secret, and meanwhile I shall not become angry. When this vow 
is completed, I will arrange a great festival for the extension of 
'Satsang'. Nobody would be inspired for becoming host of this 
festival. If with the inspiration of God any host comes forward 
then only this festival would be celebrated. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

This 'Anushthan' (vow) of Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj 
continued for nearly ten years and the number of 'J a P' crossed 
the figure of ten crores (one billion) instead of three and a half 

At the will of Shree Hari, he was appointed as Mahant 
of Junagadh Swaminarayan temple. Thus, Shree Hari created 
the base to fulfill the vow of celebration of a big festival by 
Shastriji Maharaj. Shree Hari arranged for the host also. Gandhi 
Brothers of Mumbai became the host. 

It was the difficult time of World War II, yet Shree Hari 
created favourable situations for the celebration of a big festival. 
Thousands of saints and lacs of ' Haribhaktas' attended this 
festival. The streets of Junagadh were flooded with human 
beings. The ruler 'Nawab' of Junagadh provided all the facilities 
for this great festival. Acharya Shree Anandprasadji Maharaj 
also came to attend this festival. A grand procession was taken 
out in the city of Junagadh. Everywhere there were cries of 
victsry for Shree Swaminarayan. 

Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan Himself gave Darshan 
to the head of Khijada Mandir during this festival and advised 
him to go to the Swaminarayan temple and to convey to Shastriji 
Maharaj that the Bhagawan is glad with the festival. Swami 
was worrying about the exhausting stock of goods but the 
Bhagawan will not let it exhaust. Also, tell Swamiji to ensure 
that good persons are deployed in the kitchen to take care. Tell 
Swami that this is just a beginning and as in Lanka, the tail of 
Shree Hanumanji got elongated good activities would be 
continued to be done at the hands of Swami, " saying this Shree 
Hari disappeared. 

During His incarnation, Bhagawan Swaminarayan had 
arranged so many festivals. After Shree Hari left for his abode 

Holy Bath 


in Akshardham, perhaps such type of big festival was never 
celebrated in the history of satsang society. 

During this historical festival, Mahant Swami thought: 
'It is a good occasion to give Bhagawati initiation to this new 
devout Devji Bhagat'. Mahant Swami told his disciple Gavaiya 
Swami Govindprasaddasji, "We want to initiate this devout as 
a saint." 

Gavaiya Swami said, "Swami, he has no skill to do 
anything. He has become aged also. At this age, how will he be 
able to learn the do's - don'ts for a saint? He is just like an 
innocent person.' Mahant Swami said, "Slowly he will learn. 
Moreover you will get a companion." Gavaiya Swami then 
agreed. Mahant Swami then conveyed this to Gurudev Shastriji 
Maharaj, the arranger of this festival and his younger Guru 
Brother that "As Aacharya Maharaj has arrived, we want that 
this Devji Bhagat be initiated as a saint.' Shastriji Maharaj became 
very glad to hear this because he also knew virtues of Devji 
Bhagat. During this festival, 'Dixa Mahotsav' was celebrated and 
Aacharya Shree Anandprasadji Maharaj gave initiation to Devji 
Bhagat on 8th day of second half of Falgun month of S.Y. 2001 
Wednesday Dt.7-3-1945 morning and gave him the name 'Sadhu 

Holy Bath 

-• • • 

Jogi Swami was a newly initiated saint. This Jogi (an 
ascetic) by birth got Mahant Swami as preceptor who was also 
a Jogi by birth and was well known as Mahant Swami in the 
Satsang. His life was very pious and desire-less. With the 
blessings of Mahant Swami, Shree Hari has made true, the 
volitions of thousands of Haribhaktas (devotees). By 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

appearance, he was very simple and straightforward but his 
saintliness was sky high. He always remained engrossed in the 
Murti of Shree Hari, and by the grace of Shree Hari, he became 
such a favorite of the God that his word was an order for destiny. 

Once Mahant Swami thought to celebrate the festival of 
Jal-Zilani Ekadashi in Gadhapur. He took Jogi Swami as 
companion and arrived at Gadhapur. At that time a pious saint, 
namely Purani Trikamcharandasji was the head of the temple. 
He heartily welcomed both these Jogis. 

Swami did the 'Darshan' of Gopinathji Maharaj. He also 
did 'Darshan' of courtyard of Dadakhachar, Akshar Ordi, 
Laxmiwadi etc. holy memorials. Mahant Swami wanted to have 
bath in Narayan-Dharo ( a pious and memorial place in River 

Village Mandawdhar is situated on the bank of river 
Ghelo near Gadhada. Bhagawan Swaminarayan had visited 
this village many times. In the outskirts of the village, there is a 
place namely Narayandharo (a pit in the river Ghelo). At this 
place Shree Hari had taken bath several times. At that time 
'River Ghelo' was not dry as it is today. Almost for the entire 
year, the water was flowing. 

Mahant Swami wanted to take bath in 'Narayan 
Dharo,' therefore, along with Jogi Swami, he arrived at that 
place. It was a rainy season. The clouds had gathered in the 
sky. Sometimes it was raining in gentle shower. Greenery had 
covered the earth and gentle cold wind was blowing. The 
peacocks were dancing with joy. In such a fine situation, these 
two 'Jogis', taking Mala in their hands, walked towards the River 
and the bushes. The whole atmosphere was dancing with joy 
at the 'Darshan' of these two pious saints. 

Jogi Swami 


With sweet voice, the water was flowing in the River 
Ghelo. 'Narayan Dharo' was full of water. Both these 
'Paramhansas' put their bags of clothes on the bank of the river 
and prepared for the Bath. Both these saints had no idea how 
deep the water was. Jogi Swami said to Mahant Swami, "Swami, 
you may please sit on the bank. I may go into the water to 
examine how much deep the water is." 'Mahant Swami, as if 
testing this new disciple, said, 'Don't go, what would happen if 
it is too deep?" 

Jogi Swami said, 'Swami, with your grace I do not fear 
deep water, therefore please let me go.' 

Mahant Swami smiled to see fearlessness of his new 
disciple. Both the saints knew how to swim and make others 
swim in the endless waters of this material world, then how 
could they be deterred by deep water ? 

With a silent hint of eyes, Mahant Swami allowed this 
new disciple to go into the water. Jogi Swami went into the 
water of 'Narayan Dharo'. There was a great happiness in his 
heart for having a chance of taking bath in the pious water of 
Narayan Dharo with his preceptor. Jogi Swami moved in the 
water in all the directions, examined as to how deep the water 
was. The water was upto the chest level. There was clean sand 
at the bottom. There was no mud at all. Jogi Swami said to 
Mahant Swami, "Swami, the water is not deep. There is no mud 
at the bottom also. Please come into the water." 

Slowly Mahant Swami entered the water of Narayan 
Dharo, remembering Shreeji Maharaj, and started taking Bath. 
Jogi Swami started pouring water on the body of Mahant 
Swami. Mahant Swami's heart filled with joy and love towards 
this new disciple. He also started pouring water on Jogi Swami 
with both hands. While pouring water, Mahant Swami was 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

saying as, "Now your sins are gone, now your sins are gone". 
With every word of Mahant Swami, divine spirit lighted up in 
the heart of Jogi Swami. The divinity sprouted like shining 
diamond in the heart of Jogi Swami. That was a unique and 
divine bath of initiation as a saint. The Deities in the sky, the 
Deities of bushes and accomplished persons were gladly seeing 
this great bath. As if the rain also associated in the bath, it was 
raining slowly its love on both these born Jogis. 

A true Jogi 

• • • 

Swami became a saint. His nature was innocent like a 
child. In the Shikshapatri, Shree Hari has said," Our saints shall 
live like 'Jad-Bharat". Swami's likings and living were also like 
Jad-Bharat. No ego or love for the body at all. No worry for the 
meal, for the bedding, for good clothes and things. He was 
satisfied with what he received at the will of Shree Hari. If good 
things were received at the will of others he would reject them. 

Whenever some Haribhaktas (devotees) would arrange 
a meal (RASOI) in Gondal temple, several food items would be 
prepared. All the saints would take the meal but Jogi Swami 
would not go. When all the saints would complete their meal, 
Jogi Swami used to go in the kitchen, would prepare a Rotlo of 
millet and would take it as only the food. 

If someone said, 'Swami, today there was a good meal 
(RASOI), why didn't you come?' In reply, the Swami said, "They 
all have come after doing penance, so they could afford. I am 
yet to do much penance so I can not afford such good meals.' 

Bhajan and penance had become integral part of his life. 
On seeing such a penance-full and desire-less life of Jogi Swami, 
Mahant Swami said, 'This is a Jogi in real sense'. When he was 

A True Jogi 


initiated as a saint, he was given a name Hariprakashdasji but 
with a great love towards him, Mahant Swami (his preceptor) 
had given him the name of 'Jogi'. Since then all know him as 
'Jogi Swami.' 

Swami's nature is full of penance. He has maintained 
the vow of taking meal only once in a day. Moreover on the day 
of Ekadashi (11th day of first and second half of every month) 
he used to observe fast without taking food and water. On 
Vaman Jayanti, he observed two days fast consecutively. On 
Hari Jayanti (9th day of first half of every month) Purnima (full 
moon day) and Amavasya (Last day of every month) he obsered 
fast without taking even water. Every now and then he 
obsereved 'Dharna-Parna' (observing fast on alternate days). 

During Dharna-Parna vow, he was observing fast on 
alternate day without taking even water. On the day of breaking 
the fast, he took meal only once in a day. Once Jogi Swami had 
observed 'Dharna-Parna' vow for the whole year. For so many 
years, he took Hotch-potch and 'Rotlo' only. When Shastriji 
Maharaj arranged first 'special Yatra train', Jogi Swami was 
also with him. During this pilgrimage of two months, Jogi Swami 
was taking groundnuts and Gur (jaggery) only. No choice in 
food, no spices, no sugar at all. He has never touched pickles or 
Papad. Swami's meal means very simple without any good taste. 

He sleeps on the floor without any bedding. He spreads 
only a sheet and sleeps on it, not using mosquito net. 

Someone would say, "Swami! It will be good if you sleep 
on bedding. Swami would say, "sit is not good to pamper this 
body. It is good to exert it. Why should I waste my time in 
spreading and folding the bedding? I instead, the time should 
be used to do Bhajan." 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

In Shikshapatri, Shree Hari has prohibited saints to sleep 
during the day. However, today, most of the saints are doing 
service, hence all are habituated to sleep in the afternoon. 

In 'Dharmamrut' (a scripture), Shreeji Maharaj has 
allowed the saints engaged in service activities to sleep in the 
afternoon and the advantage of this permission is used in 
abundance today. However, Jogi Swami is different. He never 
sleeps in the afternoon. In that period, when others would take 
rest, Jogi Swami, taking Mala in his hand, walks in 'Sadhu 
Ashram' and moves Mala. 

At night also, Jogi Swami used to walk in rear verandah 
moving Mala until late night. He sleeps for some time only at 
night. After waking up, again he sits to move Mala. Sometimes 
he moves Mala for the whole night. In the morning, he directly 
goes for bath and then sits in the 'Pooja'. 

Swami starts his Pooja in the early morning and continues it 
upto noon when meal (Thai) is served to the God. Moreover, on 
Ekadashi, Hari Jayanti and on full moon days, Swami 
continuously moves Mala and observes fast without taking even 
water sitting on one 'Asan' only. 

The Murti of the Bhagawan in Swami's Pooja was 
previously in the temple at village Timbi. Years ago, Shree 
Gordhanbhai Parshottambhai Mehta was performing 'Pooja' 
of this Murti. After Gordhanbhai's 'Akshar Vas' (Death) the 
devotees placed this Murti in the temple and the worshipper of 
the temple was performing the Pooja of this Murti. 

In the meanwhile, Murti Pratishtha ceremony was 
arranged in the temple of village Fatsar, which was renovated 
by Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj. Jogi Swami was also arrived in 
Fatsar on that occasion. After conclusion of that festival, Swami 

A True Jogi 


came to Timbi. In Timbi Jogi Swami saw that the worshipper 
was performing Pooja of Murti of Shree Hari Krushna Maharaj, 
but it was not being done properly. Therefore, Jogi Swami said 
to the devotees," If you permit, I want to take this Murti with 
me. I will serve Him." 

The Hari Bhaktas gladly agreed to it. Therefore, Jogi 
Swami brought that Murti with him to Rajkot. Since then Jogi 
Swami performs 'Pooja' of that Murti with devotion and 

Swami has frequently visited many villages for the spread 
of 'Satsang', mostly moving on foot. No by bus or train. 
Sometimes, if any one's cart or tractor was available, he would 
sit on that vehicle. He has trained his body, as Gunatitanand 
Swami had trained his body in such a way that even thorns 
can't injure his feet. 

Jogi Swami has performed pilgrimage of Vadtal etc. holy 
places on foot many a times. During such pilgrimage wherever 
Jogi Swami arrives, the atmopshere at that place would be filled 
with devotion. Swami has arranged Dhoon (continuously 
chanting the Mahamantra of Shree Swaminarayan) of twelve 
hours or 24 hours. During such continuous 'Dhoon', other 
persons would change one by one but Swami would sit in the 
'Dhoon' continuously without any break and without taking 

Jogi Swami has created new temples in several villages 
and renovated many others. 

'Aeva Sant Chhe Saga Sahuna re, 

Sukhdayak Jan Bahuna re, 

Jevi Ae Sant Kare Chhe Sahayre, 

Tevi Koi thaki kem thay re'. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Meaning : Such a saint is a relative of all and he gives happiness 
to many people. He helps in such a way as no other can. 


Jogi Will Not Come 

In S.Y. 2002, Mahant Swami was transferred from 
Gondal to Rib. Thus, he got his turn to move in Rib area. Mahant 
Swami arrived at Rib. Gavaiya Swami, Jogi Swami and two 
Parshads were with him. Mahant Swami stayed in Rib for fifteen 

The loving devotees of Rib were craving to worship the 
saints and to give them new clothes. They conveyed their wish 
to Mahant Swami. 

On such occasion, the saints generally would be glad 
but Mahant Swami was a desire-less saint, hence he said, 'No, 
We do not want any Dhotiya. We have sufficient with us then 
why to accept more?" However, the devotees insisted much 
and therefore Mahant Swami had to agree. Haribhakt devotees 
brought good quality 'Dhotiyas' from Rajkot and prepared for 
the 'Poojan' of saints. 

As Mahant Swami was desireless, so was Jogi Swami, 
true Jogi by nature. He knew the likings of Mahant Swami 
perfectly and he also knew that this 'Poojan' of saints with 
'Dhotiyas' is being done against his will. Therefore, before 
Haribhaktas started Pooja, Jogi Swami sneaked away into upper 
level cellar of the temple and started moving Mala. 

At the time of performing Poojan of Saints, the devotees 
did not see Jogi Swami, hence they started search for him but 
he could not be found. They asked Mahant Swami,' Where is 
Jogi Swami?' 

Mahant Swami knew the liking of his disciple very well. 
Hence, with a smile he said, "As some one, with a fear of 

Wander Village To Village 


gunpoint, would run away, seeing your Rajoguni Dhotiya he 
has run away somewhere. He will not come to accept your 
Dhotiya". Thus, Jogi Swami had no liking for good things from 
the begining. He has never hoarded anything and has not let 
others do so. He has thoroughly maintained the vow of non- 
hoarding, given by Shreeji Maharaj. For such a saint, Shree Hari 
has said, 

"Sant Manjo Mari Murti re, Aema fer Nathi ek ratti re 

Antarjamipane rahu Aemare, Mate Nathi bandhata a kema re 

Meaning: You shall believe such a saint as my own Murti. 
There is no difference at all. I reside in him as the knower; 
therefore, nothing can bind him. 

Wandering Village to Village 

In S.Y. 2003 and 2004 Jogi Swami, along with Mahant 
Swami, moved in the Rib area and gave much happiness to the 
Hari Bhaktas and with Dhun Bhajan he nourished Satsang. 

During S.Y. 2005-06 he toured Mengani area and made 
satsang stronger. As such, during those years, mostly Gavaiya 
Swami and Jogi Swami were touring the villages and Mahant 
Swami stayed mostly in Rajkot Gurukul with his younger Guru 
Brother Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj Shree Dharmajivandasji 
Swami. There was unique friendship and oneness between 
Mahant Swami and Shastriji Maharaj. 

After the 'Aksharwas' of Gurudev Purani Swami Shree 
Gopinathdasji, Shastriji Maharaj was observed complete respect 
of his elder Guru Brothers and was doing as they pleased. 
Shastriji Maharaj had great regard for Mahant Swami and 
Mahant Swami also had much love for Shstriji Maharaj. As the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

erudition and saintliness of Shastriji Maharaj was just like 
Gurudev Purani Gopinathdasji, Mahant Swami remained 
respetful toward him. 

^^ Cure of sore Eyes 

^^ • • • 

Aeva Re malya re Amne Jogiya 

Hari Joya Pragat Pramaan 

Sadaaye Raheve Re Sanmukhma 

Jogi Aeto Param Sujaan. 

Meaning: We have such a saint, who has seen Shree Hari 
in presence, Shree Hari always remains before him. Such a saint 
is true knower. 

In Rajkot Gurukul, there is a building behind Sadhu 
Ashram (Saints Residence), its verandah was known as 
"Danavali Osari" . Once Jogi Swami was sitting in that verandah. 
In the meantime, he had a jerk in the eyes and he started 
experiencing severe pain. The pain was unbearable. Jogi Swami 
feared if he would lose the sight. At that time suddenly like a 
flash Mahant Swami arrived there and said, "O saint! Are you 
experiencing very much pain in the eyes?" 

Jogi Swami said, "Yes Swami, much pain! Unbearable 

Mahant Swami placed his hand on Jogi Swami with 
compassion and miracle happned. All the pain was gone. The 
eyes became quite normal. Jogi Swami got endless peace. 

With compassion, Mahant Swami gave Jogi Swami new 
eyes, different from that of us, with divine sight. With that 

Unforgettable Pious Incidents 


eyesight, Jogi Swami has seen Shree Hari in physical form several 

When Sadguru becomes kind, he gives divine sight with 
which one can easily see the God. In Bhagvat Geeta, Bhagawan 
Shree Krishna says to Arjun, 'O Parth! With these eyes, you are 
unable to see my original form; therefore, I am giving you a 
divine sight. With those eyes you can see my original form". 
Thus with the eyes given by Bhagawan Shree Krishna, Arjuna 
could see the omnipresent form of the God. 

With the eyesight given by a true great saint of the 
Supreme Bhagawan, Jogi Swami could see, cause of the causes 
Purushottam Narayan. 

Unforgettable Pious Incidents 

[Note: Mahant Swami was a great saint, always 
engrossed in Shree Hari and was word-accomplished. Whatever 
divine power, one can see in Jogi Swami is a result of the grace 
of Mahant Swami. The earth is a worthy place with such great 
'Paramhansas'. These straightforward and simple saints have 
sanctified this world and have conneted thousands of people to 
Shree Hari.] 

The life of Mahant Swami was full of several divine 
incidents. His 'Aksharvas' and some incidents before that, are 
greatly divine. Every now and then Jogi Swami would tell those 
incidents. I have described those incidents here as heard from 
Shree Jogi Swami. 

After writing those incidents, I have read out the same 
before Jogi Swami. Whatever difference was pointed out by him, 
is corrected according to his oral advice. In between some 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

incidents and except some background, I have tried to write 
mostly in the words of Shree Jogi Swami. 

Tranf er from Rajkot 

As per the established practice and convention of 
Junagadh Region, in every 'Jyeshtha' month, the transfers of 
saints were being carried out. In Jyeshtha month of S.Y. 2006, 
Mahant Swami got his turn to move to Rajkot area. In the 
temples of Swaminarayan Sampraday, the transfers of saints 
are being carried out at a stipulated period. The aim was to 
maintain the unhoarding vow of saints and to avoid the 
development of any attachment in saints even towards the 
places like temple. However, with the passage of time this aim 
does not seem to have been maintained. Due to the politics spread 
into the 'Satsang,' several undescribable vices have entered into 
the system. However, let us leave it aside. 

As per the tradition and rule of transfer, Mahant Swami 
was transferred to Rajkot. It was S.Y. 2006. In the month of 
Jyeshtha Mahant Swami arrived at Rajkot. As Rajkot is a big 
city, it requires more saints, hence Purani Swami 
Vasudevprasadji and Purani Shreeharidasji etc. five to six other 
saints also came to help Shree Mahant Swami. 

A true saint Mahant Swami came to Rajkot temple. As 
Rajkot temple is a source of very good income, some people did 
not like it. They created various kinds of troubles. Because of it, 
such atmosphere was created that Mahant Swami became 

Though Mahant Swami was appointed for two years to 
Rajkot, some intriguing people plotted against him. They created 
false reasons and got him transferred to a far away costal place 

Transfer From Rajkot 


Timbi near Jafrabad. Mahant Swami was a desireless saint. He 
did not care for appointment or transfer. He was much engrossed 
in the Bhagawan Shree Hari but the behaviour of the leaders of 
the Satsang towards him was totally wrong and full of injustice. 

Mahant Swami felt some perplexity in his mind because 
Timbi area was far away and Swami had never worked in that 
area and he did not know Haribhaktas of that area. Moreover, 
Mahant Swami had not sufficient saints with him. As Swami 
was a simple and straightforward saint, mostly the people would 
not like to become his companion saint. Swami was also a 
different kind of saint, so he had no fascination for the things or 
even for disciples. Therefore, very few saints were with him, 
one Jogiswami and second was Gavaiya Govind prakash Swami. 
Due to an intriguing atmosphere in Satsang, Swami became 
dejected. At that time, Swami Ramsukhdasji was moving in 
Mansa area near Timbi. He was an extremely pious saint. He 
had pleased Shreeji Maharaj by doing lacs of "Dandvat 
Pranam". Perhaps none has done 'Dandvat Pranam' as many 
as Swami Ramsukhdasji. 

Knowing about worries of Mahant Swami, Swami 
Ramsukhdasji sent a message," Swami, please do not worry. I 
will help you and will give you saints also to work in the villages". 
On receiving this message, Swami became glad and decided to 
go to Timbi. After leaving the charge of Rajkot temple, Swami 
came to Gurukul. With the arrival of Mahant Swami, Shastriji 
Maharaj became very glad. Shastriji Maharaj was always living 
as per the liking of Mahant Swami. The foundation stone of 
Rajkot Gurukul was also laid at the pious hands of Mahant 
Swami. Shastriji Maharaj was aware of the intriguing 
atmopshere of Rajkot temple. He gave patience and warmth to 
Swami and requested him not to be gloomy. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Mahant Swami had fever. He wanted to live in Jetpur 
for some days, before going to Timbi. 

Let Jogi to be at Jetpur 

Jetpur is the place of Throne of Shree Hari. Incarnation 
of Uddhav, Sadguru Ramanand Swami had entrusted his 
throne (Headship of the Sampraday) to Shree Hari at Jetpur. A 
Great capable saint Shree Balmukunddasji Swami has created 
a temple here and Kothari Swami Harikrishnadasji lived there. 
He was also a pious and capable saint. He was reputed in the 
entire Satsang Society. He had great affection for Gurudev 
Shastriji Maharaj. The pair of Kothari Swami and Shastriji 
Maharaj was being praised much in the Satsang Society. As it 
is a place of Throne of Shree Hari, Mahant Swami and Jogi 
Swami had liked to live here to do Bhajan. 

Jogi Swami addressed Mahant Swami as Manat Swami. 
Mostly the Haribhaktas were also knowing Mahant Swami as 
'Manat Swami'. Now onward story in the words of Jogi Swami 

"Manat Swami told me/I want to go to Jetpur but do 
not want to tell this to Shastriji because if I tell, he will not allow 
me to go'. In the meanwhile, Kothari Swami Harikrushnadasji 
came to Rajkot from Jetpur. He also requested Manat Swami to 
come to Jetpur. 

Manat Swami said,' But Shastri will not permit, then 
what to do?' Kothari Swami said, 'Don't worry, I will ask 
Shastriji'. In the meanwhile, Shashtriji arrived. All the three sat 
in the Verandah of press behind 'Sadhu Ashram'. I was also 
with them. All the three senior saints discussed many things. 
Particularly they were worried about dirty atmosphere 

Let Jogi To Be At Jetpur 


prevailing in the Satsang at that time. What a good original 
tradition of Shreeji Maharaj was! What an adverse change has 
taken place in today's dirty atmosphere of Satsang!! Not many 
years have elapsed after the departure of Shreeji Maharaj to 
Akshardham, and none can imagine that the reverence of 
Shreeji Maharaj would be forgotten to such an extent. Thus all 
the three saints were worried about 'Satsang' 

At last, Kothari Swami Harikrushnadasji slightly asked 
Shastriji 'If you gladly permit, I want to take Manat Swami to 
Jetpur'. Shastriji said,' At present, it will be good, if Swami live 
with me. You know, I have started this service activity of Gurukul. 
So many difficulties are coming, most of them from satsang itself. 
In such a difficult time, if I can have the company of a saint like 
Manat Swami, I can get mental warmth and relief. ' Kothari 
Swami said, ' You are right but I will not detain him long at 
Jetpur. He will live at Jetpur for some days and then will return 
here. Thus after much persuasion, Shastriji gave his consent to 
take Manat Swami to Jetpur. 

The news of transfer of Manat Swami spread rapidly in 
the nearby villages. The people of 'ruler Community' (Durbars) 
and many Haribhaktas came to see Swamiji. They all had much 
affection for Mahant Swami. All the Haribhaktas requested 
Mahant Swami to come to their villages. 

In view of pure love of those innocent Haribhaktas of 
villages, Mahant Swami consented and moved among those 
villages for some days and delighted the devotees. Mahant 
Swami was a saint full of compassion. He was unable to see 
sorrow of any Haribhakta. Whenever, he would see the 
Haribhaktas' sorrow, he would, with compassion in his heart, 
request Shree Hari to remove their sufferings. On hearing the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

prayer of Mahant Swami, Shree Hari removed the sorrows of 
thousands of Haribhaktas and made their wishes come true. 

After sanctifying the surrounding villages of Rajkot, 
Mahant Swami came to Jetpur. 

Words of Consolation 

-• • 

With the arrival of Manat Swami in Jetpur, the devotees 
of Jetpur became very glad. Once, after completion of 'Aarti', 
Swami was doing 'Pradaxina' (moving around the temple from 
left to right), Swami had some fever. I was also doing 'Pradaxina' 
with him. On the path of 'Pradaxina' behind the temple, Swami 
caught my hand and said, "Jogi, now it is not good to live in 
this world. Troubles are coming without any reason. Sometimes 
we had inspired (somebody) for the service to the God, but we 
had never asked anything for ourselves. Yet the people are 
talking as they wish. See where we are thrown by the leaders 
of Satsang? We do not know anybody in Timbi. What shall we 
do there? Now I am not willing to live in this world." 

I said, "Swami, why are you speaking so? I will let you 
spit in the palm of my hand but please you may not leave us 
helpless. I will serve as you say and will make the Hari Bhaktas 

Swami did not speak. Fever gone and he felt somewhat 
better. Again Swami came to Rajkot from Jetpur and from 
Rajkot, arrived at Una by train. 

In Una temple, it was a turn of Purani 
Madhavprasaddasji and Shastri Harikeshavdasji to serve in the 
temple. They had affection for Swamiji. They became very glad 
to see Mahant Swami. Swami Ramsukhdasji, who was moving 
in Mansa area, also met Mahant Swami, hence he became very 

Shadows of Sorrow 


glad. Mahant Swami stayed at Una upto Dev Diwali (11th day 
of first half of Kartik month). Then on full moon day, Swami 
arrived at Mota Samadhiyala where he stayed for some days. 
After touring nearby villages, Swami came to Nana Samadhiyala 
in Magsar month. 

Shadows of Sorrow 

The villages of Timbi area felt fortunate with the arrival 
of Mahant Swami. With the Darshan and talks of the Swami, 
the devotees were getting immense peace. A the river of 
compassion of Swamiji was constantly flowing. This was the 
saint, not requiring money, respect or regard from the world. 
He was only to give world. As the rainy clouds rain selflessly, 
this saint was to rain compassion on this world. In these villages, 
Swamiji created many miracles and made true the wishes of 
many people. The old Haribhaktas, who had been with Swamiji, 
when they remember those incidents, their eyes become full of 
tears even today. 

Now Mahant Swami was joining his attention more and 
more with Shreeji Maharaj. The decision to leave this world 
was becoming stronger in his heart day by day. In the meanwhile 
Shreeji Maharaj gave his divine 'Darshan' to Jogi Swami and 
gave him a sign that now Mahant Swami would go to 

Let us see that divine incident in the words of Pujya Jogi 

While moving in the villages of Timbi area, wherever 
Mahant Swami went the whole atmosphere became full of 
devotion. I was cooking the meal and was offering 'Thai' to the 
God and then I was serving the meal to Swami and also to 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Haribhaktas and was making them happy. One day we were 
in Samadhiyala. At night after remembering Shreeji Maharaj, I 
went to sleep. At midnight, Shreeji Maharaj gave me Darshan. 
I saw that Shreeji Maharaj has come to take Mahant Swami 
with Him to Akshardham. Swami would go leaving me alone 
here. With such a thought, I felt much sorrow. My heart became 
full of sorrow and I burst into tears. 

Shreeji Maharaj disappeared and I became restless. I 
moved Mala for the whole night. I wept the whole night and 
constantly prayed to Shreeji Maharaj:' O Maharaj! You may 
please do not make us supportless.' 

I could see that Maharaj took away Swami but Swami 
was still alive and was sitting before me. So how could I tell this 
to anybody? If I tell, listeners would think me mad. But I was 
feeling in my mind that now Swami will not live in this world. 
Surely, he will go to Akshardham. 

A thought arose in my mind. Swami is a word- 
accomplished saint, therefore, before he leaves his body, I shall 
beg something from Swami with which I can please Maharaj 
But again I thought if I will ask for something, Swami will think 
that this Jogi considers me dead; therefore I abandoned the idea 
of asking for something. 

Where is Jogi ? 

In Nana Samadhiyala, in the early morning, Mahant 
Swami would go to the farm of Pragjibhai daily to take bath 
and after returning to the temple, he would perform his Pooja. 
Once Swami had a fast, therefore he had not gone to the farm 
but took his bath at the temple. Gavaiya Govindprakash Swami, 

Where Is Jogi? 


Jogi Swami etc. two / three saints had gone to the farm. These 
saints completed their bath. 

Jogi Swami also, after completing his bath, sat aside to 
meditate. Other saints, however, forgot him. After completion 
of daily morning bath etc., they all returned to the temple leaving 
behind Jogi Swami at the farm, who was engrossed in the 
meditation. When those saints reached the temple, Mahant 
Swami asked, "Where is Jogi?" His words were full of love and 
affection for his unique disciple. When Mahant Swami asked 
them, then only they realised that they had left Jogi Swami at 
the farm and had returned to the temple without looking behind. 

When Mahant Swami knew that Jogi Swami was left 
behind at the farm, he said to one saint 'let us go to the farm to 
bring Jogi back. Shreeji Maharaj has prohibited the saints to 
walk alone. Jogi is firm in maintaining this order hence he will 
not come back alone.' 

As Dhaumya Rishi was set out in search of his disciples 
Aaruni and Upamanyu, Mahant Swami set out to search Jogi 

Here at the farm, Jogi Swami was engrossed in 
meditating upon the Murti of Shreeji Maharaj. He was not aware 
of time and place. With a great love in his heart, he was 
remembering Shreeji Maharaj. 

Mahant Swami reached the farm. He continued to see 
Jogi Swami with love and affection for some time. At last Jogi 
Swami woke up from the meditation and saw his preceptor 
(Guru) before him. Much time had elapsed. He became aware 
of it. He rose and bowed to Mahant Swami and said', "Swami! 
I could not keep awareness and became late. So you had to 
come to take me". 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Mahant Swami said, "Jogi, nobody can keep awareness 
as you keep." Saying this, he put his both hands on the head of 
Jogi Swami. Those hands were full of grace and that grace was 
spreading into the entire body of Jogi Swami. It was a thought 
of Jogi Swami to ask something to please Shreeji Maharaj. 
Mahant Swami fulfilled that desire of Jogi Swami without 
demanding by him. Mahant Swami filled divinity of Shreeji 
Maharaj into Jogi Swami. 

Endowment of Divinity 

• • • 

Once Mahant Swami was staying in Samadhiyala. At 
that time, the farmers had sown cumin (JIRU) in their fields. 
Cumin can bring good price but the farming of cumin is risky. 
Cumin is a very sensitive crop. In soft and favourable atmosphere 
only can it grow. If the atmosphere deteriorates slightly, the 
crop can fail. On that day, unfavourable atmosphere was 
developing for cumin in Samadhiyala. There were signs of 
unseasonal rain. Dark clouds were looming in the sky. It was 
raining slowly. The farmers were worried. 

It was night. Mahant Swami was giving discourse in 
the temple but the listeners were unable to concentrate their 
minds in the discourse. Their minds were distracted by the fear 
of crop failure. 

Mahant Swami could see their anxiety and worries and 
he asked, 'Why are you all restless?' 

The Haribhaktas said, 'O kind Swamiji! We can't say.' 

Swami said, "Please tell us what the matter is?" 

Haribhaktas said.' Swami, today our mind is not in the 
discourse, but in the cumin. The dark clouds are about to rain. 

Endowment of Divinity 


Mild sprinkling has already started. This unseasonal rain will 
spoil our crop of cumin. Swami, you are a capable saint. Please, 
kindly stop this unseasonal rain.' 

Mahant Swami was a very kind saint. He was unable to 
see anybody's suffer. On hearing the request of Haribhakts, 
Mahant Swami' s heart became merciful. 'Oh ! if the crop of 
these devotees fail, then how they would be afflicted He thought 
for a while and then suddenly seeing Jogi Swami, he smiled 
slowly and said, "Do one thing. You may request Jogi Swami 
and Jogi Swami may pray to Hanumanji Maharaj. Hanumanji 
Maharaj can pursue the king Indra to stop this unseasonal rain". 

The Haribhaktas requested Jogi Swami as Mahant Swami 
had suggested. 

Jogi Swami was perplexed for a while and said, 'Swami, 
What can I do?' 

Mahant Swami again seeing Jogi Swami said, "O 
Goodself! What I can do, you can do. Therefore do it for the 
good of the Haribhaktas.' 

With these words of capable saint, Jogi Swami prayed to 
Hanumanji Maharaj," O Kashtabhanjan Dev! Please protect the 
crops of these devotees.' 

Hanumanji Maharaj heard the request of this true saint. 
With the prayer of Jogi Swami, sprinkling rain stopped. With 
the grace of Pavanputra (son of Deity wind) Hanumanji, the 
wind started blowing and it dispersed the dark clouds. Thus, 
with the prayer of Jogi Swami, the crop of cumin was protected 
or else we can say that as Mahant Swami had taken the decision 
to leave this world, he endowed his divinity in Jogi Swami for 
the good and welfare of this world before leaving this world. 
Jogi Swami was not aware of it at that time. The witness of this 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

incident Dhana Bhagat is still alive in Samadhiyala. At that 
time, Dhana Bhagat was fifteen sixteen years old. He had great 
affection for Mahant Swami. He was always moving with 
Mahant Swami. 

Once at night Dhana Bhagat was massaging the legs of 
Mahant Swami. Meanwhile, Mahant Swami became extremly 
kind. He got up and exclaimed,' O child! Ask whatever you 

Dhana Bhagat was suddenly stunned to see the roaring 
sea of kindness. He could not speak. 

After a while, as the tide subsided and became silent, 
Mahant Swami again went to sleep. 

When Dhana Bhagat became mature and 
understanding, his repentance was endless. 

On remembering that incident even today, he says 'I had 
seen many miracles of Mahant Swami. I knew that Mahant 
Swami is a great saint but when he told me to ask, unluckily I 
became stunned and could not speak anything, otherwise it 
would have been very good for me." 

Arrival at Timbi 

-• • 

In the first half of Posh month of S.Y. 2008, Mahant 
Swami came to Timbi from Samadhiyala. Mahant Swami's 
Guru Pujya Gopinathdasji and great capable saint 
Balmukunddasji Swami frequently visited Timbi. With the 
blessings of both these saints, Bhuta Sheth of this village had 
three sons. 

Arrival In Timbi 


Purani Swami Gopinathdasji wanted to renovate the 
temple of Timbi and also wanted to do pratishtha of Hanumanji 
and Ganapatiji in the temple. 

Bhuta Sheth of Timbi was rich. He was like a friend of 
Purani Swami. Purani Swami had said to Bhuta Sheth," O 
Bhutiya! You got no son. If you serve for Pratishtha of 
Hanumanji and Ganapati, I will give you sons.' 

Bhuta Sheth said, "On your words I can serve but how 
can I know that these sons are given by Hanumanji and 
Ganapatiji?' Swami said, "Baniya! You are very clever. O 
Bhutiya! if you cannot trust, then listen, if a son is born on 
fourteenth day of second half of Aaso month and if he is slightly 
dark skinned and also brave like Hanumanji then believe it as 
given by Hanumanji. If a son is born on Ganesh Chaturthi and 
if he has signs like Ganapatiji, and then believe it as given by 
Ganeshji". Bhuta Sheth bowed down to Swami and decided to 
serve as Swami said. 

Bhuta Sheth, on the words of Swami, got constructed 
two small temples of Hanumaji and Ganapatiji. Purani Swami 
established Hanumanji and Ganapatiji therein with great 
festivity. This occasion was graced by disciple of Gunatitanand 
Swami, Swami Balmukunddasji also. 

Purani Swami said to Balmukunddasji Swami, "Swami 
I have given a promise of two sons to this Bhuta Sheth. Please 
pray to Shreeji Maharaj to fulfill his desire.' 

Balmukunddasji Swami said, 'Purani Swami! As you 
have said, with the grace of Shreeji Maharaj, he will surely have 
two sons. But do you know? Baniya loves interest more than 
the principal hence Shreeji Maharaj will give one more son as 
interest also.' 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Thus with the blessings of great ascetics, Bhuta Sheth 
got three sons. The eldest son Mohan Sheth was born on the 
fourteenth day of second half of Aaso month. He was slightly 
dark skinned and was so valiant like Hanumanji. Even the 
outlaws were frightened by him. 

Second son Hargovindbhai was born exactly on Ganesh 
Chaturthi with signs like Ganapati i.e. having big ears, long 
nose and a pot-belly. 

Third son was the interest, namely Chhaganbhai. Thus, 
Timbi village is having memories and connections of great saints. 

With the arrival of Mahant Swami in Timbi, the 
merchants, Koli Pitha Bhagat and worshipper Narbheram etc. 
devotees became very glad. All knew about the ability of Mahant 
Swami. It was quite natural as Shree Mahant Swami was totally 
engrossed in Shree Hari. 

In the meanwhile, the festival of Makar Sankranti 
arrived. The devotees of Timbi requested Mahant Swami, 
"Swami, please sanctify our houses and shops with your pious 
feet" The kind Saint moved to the houses and shops of devotees 
and pleased them. 

As Swami was in Timbi, the devotees of nearby villages 
came for Darshan of the Swami. As Swami was kind a like 
mother, he would not allow the devotees to go without taking 
meal at the temple. 

Mahant Swami called Jogi Swami and said, "Jogi, these 
Haribhaktas have come, we have to prepare and to serve them 
the meal". 

On the words of Mahant Swami, Jogi Swami would 
gladly prepare Shak (cooked vegetable) and Rotla and serve it 

The Volition of Service Fulfilled 


to the devotees with affection. Jogi Swami had said to Mahant 
Swami in Jetpur, 'Swami, I will serve as you wish and will please 
the Haribhaktas'. 

It is difficult to serve food to many people daily. However, 
Jogi Swami was determined to please Mahant Swami. Therefore, 
he was not considering it as difficult and Mahant Swami was 
also very much glad with the faith of Jogi Swami in service 

The Volition of Service Fulfilled 
0*\* • •• 

[Note: Now onward the incidents are narrated in the 
words of Jogi Swami himself] 

It was an evening in Timbi. Mahant Swami was suffering 
from slight cold. Swami had taken Rotlo, Bhaji and milk. After 
some time, he felt some disorder in stomach. Swami wanted to 
vomit. Hence he caught my hand and said, "Jogi, let us go out, 
it seems that I will have to vomit." 

I joined palms of both my hands and placed them before 
Swami and said, "Swami! Please vomit into it." 

Swami said, "Oh! In hands?" 

I said, "Yes Swami." 

Swami vomitted in my hands and then I threw the vomit 
away. With the earth dust, I cleaned my hands. The ends of 
sheet had become dirty. I cleaned them. Swami saw me with 
great compassion and became very glad. In the 'Pradaxina' of 
Jetpur temple, I had said, "I will let you spit in my palms. That 
volition was fulfilled by Mahant Swami before going to the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Unique Food Server 

A day before he ascended to Akshardham, Mahant 
Swami sent a message to the devotees of Nana Samadhiyala to 
come to Timbi with their Pooja. 'You shall not come without 
Pooja' Swami ordered, Pragjibhai, Lava Bhagat, Vashrambhai, 
Dhana Bhagat etc. eight to ten Haribhaktas came to Timbi but 
without taking their Pooja with them as they could not 
understand the deep meaning of Mahant Swami's words 'Do 
not come without your Pooja But do come taking your Pooja 
with you.' 

It was a time of winter. There was a good crop of radish 
(Mooli) in the farm of Haribhaktas; therefore, they brought 
radish for the Thai. 

Mahant Swami asked,' have you brought your Pooja?' 

Devotees said, "No, Swami." 

Swami said, "Oh! Despite my instruction you did not 
bring your Pooja?" 

The devotees said, "Swami! We thought that after doing 
'Darshan' we will return home." 

Swami very seriously said, "May it be as Maharaj 
wishes." Swami thought that it would be good if at the time of 
going to Akshardham, these simple and innocent Bhaktas stay 
nearby. However, it is difficult to understand the wishes of great 

Mahant Swami said to me, "Jogi! These Haribhaktas 
would have become hungry! You prepare Rotlas and I am 
preparing Khariyu (one kind of vegetable prepared from radish 
- cooked radish.) Govindprasad has pain in his hand, let him 

Last Farewell 


As per the order of Swami, I prepared 'Rotlas' and Swami 
himself prepared Khariyu with the leaves of Radish. Rotla and 
Khariyu were served to Shreeji Maharaj. Then Haribhaktas were 
seated in a line. Swami himself served Khariyu with great 
insistence to Haribhaktas and with great love. 

The devotees said "Swami, now it is too much." Swami 
said, "O Bhaktas! You will get radish and even 'Khariyu' to eat 
but henceforth you will not get such a server." 

The Haribhaktas could not understand the hidden 
meaning of Swami's words. As they had not brought with them 
their Pooja, all returned to their villages. 

Last Farewell 

^^ • 

It was S.Y. 2008 year. Month of 'Maha'. It was a day 
before 'Vasant Panchami'. In the afternoon, Swami was not well. 
He had slight cold. Govindprakash said.' Jogi, let us go to farm 
for taking bath.' I thought that presently I should not go 
anywhere leaving the Swami behind. 

I said to GovindPrakash, "You may go. I do not want to 
take bath. I will remain here with Swamiji.' Thereafter Govind 
Swami went for a bath. 

After some time Swami caught my hand and said, "you 
see, now I don't want to live in this world. I want to go to 
Akshardham. Now in a very short time, Maharaj will take me 
to Akshardham. Do not tell it to anybody." On hearing this, my 
heart was filled with sorrow. 

'Swami, what are you speaking? If you go, what will be 
our position? With your grace, many people are happy. Please 
do not make us helpless.' 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Swami said/ God is for all. He will take care of you also. 
Now I do not want to live in this world. Take my Pooja. 
Nowonward you may worship it." Then Swami said 'Jogi, now 
onward, you may live in 'kul' (means live in the Gurukul). 
Mahant Swami called, 'Gurukul as 'kul' and he was true also. 
Gurukul can be considered as the family of 'Jogis' (ascetics)! 

I said, 'Swami, let us call Shastriji. He is at Fatsar.' If you 
go in his absence then he will scold me why I did not inform 

Swami said, "He would have much work, therefore he 
is not to be called". 

I requested thrice. In the meanwhile, Mohan Sheth 
arrived, hence Swami closed the matter. 

Knowing that Swami was not feeling well, Mohan Sheth 
said, "We should call Shastriji Maharaj'. He wrote a chit, gave 
it to Pitha Bhagat, and said, "You may soon give this chit to 
Shastriji at Fatsar." 

Pitha Bhagat went to Fatsar on his mare. Shastriji had 
gone to Droneshvar for bath. After bowing down to Shastriji 
Maharaj, he gave the 'chit' to Shastriji. After reading the 'chit', 
Swami asked 'Bhagat', "how is Swami? " 

Bhagat said, "As such there is nothing to worry, He is 
suffering from slight cold". 

Swami said, "Then I will come to see Swamiji after 
attending the festival of Vasant Panchami at Una. 

With the message of Shastriji Pitha Bhagat returned. 

Here in Timbi, it was ten at night. On that day, Swami 
had taken no food. I asked, "Swami, you may please take some 
food. You have taken nothing today." 

Last Farewell 


Swami said, "Go and bring cool 'Rotlo' if it is there." 

I said,' I will not give you cool 'Rotlo.' If you say yes, I 
will prepare 'Shiro' or Khichadi. It will not take much time.' 

Swami said, "But you are in service since morning, you 
might be tired". 

I said "Swami, don't worry about me. I am not at all 

Swami said, "Then go and prepare some Khichadi 
(hotch-potch)". I immediately prepared Khichadi, served it to 
the God and then served to Swami. Swami sat to take his meal. 
Meanwhile, I went to lull the Thakorji to sleep and returned to 

Swami took some Khichadi and said, 'Take it away now.' 
I do not like to take more. As you were insisting much, I took 
some food. 

In the meanwhile, worshipper Narbheram came and 
said, ' As Swami is not well, I will stay here today'. At that time, 
Pitha Bhagat returned from Fatsar and gave the news about 

Swami said, 'As the Maharaj wishes.' 

He gave the prasadi of Khichadi to Pitha Bhagat. Bhagat 
took it to home. 

Narbherambhai thought that Swami is not well, if I give 
an herbal pill to him, he can have relief. Thinking this, he went 
home and brought a pill and said 'Swami, please take this pill.' 

Swami said ' I don't want to take it. Asafetida will be 
there in the pill.' 

Narbherambhai said,' Swami, there is nothing 
objectionable in it' 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Yet Swami did not take it. 

Swami, in a sitting position, was moving Mala. He had 
covered his head. I was near him. It should be two o'clock at 
night. At that time, Swami took my wrist and again left it. 

After some time again Swami took my wrist in firm grip. 
I gave some water to Swamiji. Poojari Narbherambhai came 
running. Govind Swami woke up. He also gave water to Swami. 
Swami was doing 'Jap' of 'Swaminarayan', 'Swaminarayan' and 
doing this 'Jap', he went to Akshardham without any kind of 
difficulty. No saliva, no sound and no stress, simply in a sitting 
position, remembering Shreeji Maharaj, independently he went 
to Akshardham. 

Thus on one side on the pious day of 'Vasant Panchami' 
(fifth day of first half of Maha month) in the early morning 
Swami went to Akshardham and on the other hand, in the early 
morning, Shreeji Maharaj gave his Darshan to Jagjivanbhai and 
Hargovindbhai of Tombi and said, 'We are taking Mahant 
Swami to Akshardham.' 

They both came swiftly to the temple. The leg of 
Jagjivanbhai was swelling, but after having 'Darshan' of Shreeji 
Maharaj, the leg became quite all right. 

In Nana Samadhiyala, I had Darshan of Shreeji Maharaj 
coming to take Mahant Swami. Thereafter, exactly after one 
month Shreeji Maharaj took him to Akshardham. 

The news of Mahant Swami's departure for Akshardham 
reached Una. Shastriji Maharaj hurriedly came to Timbi. He 
felt remorse, as he could not see Swami and could not talk to 
him. His heart was filled with sorrow; yet he gave solace to all. 
Haribhaktas and saints placed the body of Swami in a Palanquin, 
and with Dhoon-Bhajan went to the outskirts of the village on 

Divine Darshan of Mahant Swami 


the bank of the river Rupen. Here the body of Swamiji was 
cremated with Dhoon-Bhajan-Kirtan. A small memorial has 
been erected at this place. 

Divine Darshan of Mahant Swami 

-• • 

Jogi Swami had immense love for Mahant Swami. His 
preceptor-disciple relationship with Mahant Swami was unique. 
He could not do without Swami even for a moment. The 
preceptor-disciple tradition in Bhakti Marg (Devotion cult) is 
different from the preceptor-disciple tradition of ascetics. 
Dryness can be seen in the knowledge-oriented way of salvation 
but such dryness can not be found in saints of love cult. The 
attitude of knowledge cult saints would be like salty land. In 
such a land, love cannot sprout. At the same time, the minds of 
love cult saints always are fertile. Various kinds of flowers 
blossom in it and fruits of Joy ripen in it. 

Jogi Swami had become restless after the departure of 
Mahant Swami. His state of mind was just as if a calf separated 
from its mother cow and small children of 'Kunj' birds separated 
from their mother. Jogi Swami frequently remembered his 
preceptor with tears in his eyes. He was unable to eat or sleep. 
With the pain of separation in his heart, Swami kept weeping. 

Many days passed in this way. Jogi Swami came to 
Samter from Timbi. It was a day of 'Hari Jayanti' (Ninth day of 
first half of a month). It was noon. Jogi Swami was weeping 
remembering Mahant Swami. He thought, ' Oh! When Swami, 
at the time of going to 'Dham', would have asked me to ask for 
a boon, I would have asked to go to Dham with him. It would 
have been quite good. Now it is difficult to live without Swami.' 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

As he was thinking in this way, the sky filled with 
brightness. Mahant Swami in a form of divine brightness came 
down from the sky. He had a Thai of Prasad in his hand. Swami 
with a smiling face stood before Jogi Swami. 

Jogi Swami was seeing with great surprise and words 
came out from his mouth' Oh Swami you are?! Where have 
you gone, leaving us support-less here? 

Mahant Swami said "O why are you weeping? Do you 
consider me as dead? We are always with you. Take this 'Thai' 
of 'Prasadi.' I have brought it from Akshardham for you. Take 

Jogi Swami said, "Today is Hari-Jayanti - a day of fast 
for me. How can I take the Prasad?" 

Swami, with smiling face said, "You are continuously 
doing this." 

With the Darshan of Gurudev, the affliction of Jogi 
Swami was gone. The heart was full of happiness. With joy, he 
asked his Gurudev, "Swami, you have arrived from Dham there 
may be so many worlds and obstructions in the way. How have 
you come here, passing all those difficulties? " 

Swami said, "Maharaj is with us. No obstruction can 
come in our way and you have our association, hence no 
obstruction can come in your way also." 

Jogi Swami said, "Swami, you went to Akshardham and 
many affectionate devotees couldn't see you. They are much 
too pained, so you may please stay here for some days". 

Mahant Swami said, "O Jogi, you have still remained so 
innocent. What is good in this world to stay here?" saying so 
with smiling face Mahant Swami disappeared. 

Need Not Fear 


Jogi Swami remembered this incident many times and 
sometimes he used to weep and say, "It would have been good 
if Swami had taken me along with him." 

We saints were praying 'Swami, Mahant Swami was 
kind enough to leave you behind here to make thousands of 
people happy. Otherwise what would have been our situation?" 

Need not Fear 

While journeying around in Timbi area, once in the 
evening, Jogi Swami arrived in Trakuda village. His Guru- 
brother Gavaiya Swami Govindprakashdasji was with him. 
There was no temple in Trakuda at that time. Therefore, 
whenever saints happened to come, they stayed at a separate 
upper story house of leading Haribhakta Patel Haribhai. Jogi 
Swami and Gavaiya Swami also lodged there. 

Haribhai had constructed new house and had not gone 
to live there. He wished that Saints should first stay in this new 
house, prepare 'Thai' of the God and sanctify the place, then 
only he will go to live therein. He requested the saints to prepare 
the Thai in the new house. Jogi Swami did not take meal in the 
evening, yet he was not at all averse to in preparing meal for 
the accompanying saints. 

On the request of Haribhai, Jogi Swami arrived in the 
new house with the saints. It was evening. Darkness was 
spreading. In those olden days, there was no arrangement of 
electricity. A small lamp was lighted. As per the rule of saints, 
the house was to be cleaned before starting the cooking. 

With the 'Darshan' of whom, the vices of the heart 
vanish, such a Jogi Swami took a broom in his hand and started 
sweeping. The house had remained unused for long. In a wall 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

of this house, in the downward part, there was a recess. While 
cleaning the house in the dim light of a lamp, Swami stretched 
his hand in that recess. There was a cobra in that recess. As Jogi 
Swami fumbled with his hand into that recess, the cobra rose 
up spreading its hood and created a hissing sound. On seeing a 
serpent Swami uttered, 'Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan'. 

Gavaiya Swami asked, 'Jogi, what is there?' 

Jogi Swami said, 'see in this recess.' 

Gavaiya Swami saw the serpent and with fear he 
shouted, ' O Jogi, go away. It is a serpent there'. 

However, Jogi Swami with broom in his hand remained 
unmoved, remembering Shree Hari. 

The serpent also, with a touch of a real saint became 
fortunate, remained there for some time, and then went away. 

Gavaiya Swami relaxed. He asked Jogi Swami, ' Jogi, on 
seeing that serpent, did you not fear? What would have been if 
it had bitten you? 

Jogi Swami said, "Why be frightened? Everything 
happens as Maharaj wishes. We have done nothing wrong of 
that serpent, then how should it bite us? It may be some soul 
degenerated after death. Today it is liberated. 

Thus, Shree Hari protected Jogi Swami from a serpent 
and at the same time, he tested his faith (Aatmanishtha) . 

Who have taken the shelter at the feet of the God, need 
not fear. 

Hundi Being Accepted 


Hundi Being Accepted 

Next day morning, Haribhai said to Swami. "Swami, our 
buffalo has given birth to a young one for the first time just 
before some days; however she is not allowing anybody to milch 
for the last two days. In the olden days it was believed that, if 
cows or buffaloes do not allow to milch (milk), it would create 
great difficulty for the owner's family." 

Haribhai added, "Swami, we have the shelter of Shreeji 
Maharaj hence we have no trust of anybody else. We do not 
believe in charmed string (Dora-Dhaga). So please pray to 
Shreeji Maharaj so that the buffalo may allow to milch it." 

In those days, the superstitions prevailed widely. The 
people believed in tantric remedies. If cattle or children became 
sick, they resorted to charmers. 

The saints of Bhagawan Swaminarayan, by moving in 
the villages removed those superstitions. The only creator is Shree 
Hari, so one must keep faith in Him only, not in anything else. 

Everything happens as per His wish. Such type of faith 
was strengthened in 'Satsangis' by the saints. The saints have 
liberated the illiterate people of villages from the wrong faith 
and illusion of black magic. 

As profound faith was in the talk of Haribhai, Jogi Swami 
became glad. 

Jogi Swami prayed to Shreeji Maharaj, 'O Maharaj! You 
are the only creator and destroyer. You may please fulfill the 
wish of this devotee!' 

Thereafter Jogi Swami gave water of 'Abhishek' of 
Maharaj and said, "Please take this sacred water; let the buffalo 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

to drink some of it. You may sprinkle some water on the body 
of buffalo and on the udders also the uttering 'Swaminarayan, 
Swaminarayan' Shree Hari will do well." 

Haribhai took that sacred water and as Swami said while 
remembering of Shreeji Maharaj made the buffalo to drink some 
water and sprinkled the remaining water on the body of the 
buffalo. With the sacred water, the buffalo became purified. 

A miracle happened. When the wife of Haribhai, tried 
to milch, the buffalo gave much milk and filled the whole vessel. 

Before going to Akshardham, by holding the wrist of 
Jogi Swami, Mahant Swami had put divine ability in him. It 
became evident on this occasion. Thereafter, that ability 
continued to work for many years, even until today. 

Thus moving in the villages Swami arrived in Junagadh. 
Here in the memory of Mahant Swami, God 's Thai and meal 
(Rasoi) was arranged. Shastriji Maharaj also arrived from 

A 'Katha' was also arranged in the memory of Mahant 
Swami with great fervour and pomp. The saints and 
Haribhaktas gathered. All experienced the vacuum of the great 
saint Mahant Swami in their hearts. 

Shastriji Maharaj gave solace to all with his discourse 
and pacified the hearts of all. That festival really became divine 
in the memory of Mahant Swami. 

Remembering Lineage 

^^ • • • 

After the 'Aksharwas' of Mahant Swami, Jogi Swami 
moved in the villages with Gavaiya Swami for one year. At 
that time, Gavaiya Swami had no companion saint. Therefore, 
he insisted that Jogi Swami should accompany me. 

Remember Lineage 


Jogi Swami moved with Gavaiya Swami but now the 
words of his Guru that 'You shall live in the 'Kul'; you shall live 
in 'kul" were constantly buzzing in his mind. 

'Gurukul, the Land of penance, was calling him. He was 
also now very eager to live in the 'Gurukul' as per the words of 
his Gurudev Mahant Swami. However, there was no alternative 
but to remain with Gavaiya Swami as his companion saint. 

In the meanwhile, Gavaiya Swami arranged to give 
initiation to a young 'Bhagat' as a saint, hence his problem of 
companion saint solved. Now Jogi Swami slowly said to Gavaiya 
Swami, "Now you have got a saint companion, so if you gladly 
permit, I want to live in Gurukul to do 'Bhajan'. Gavaiya Swami 
knew very well the likings and nature of Jogi Swami. Therefore, 
he said, "Swami, I have no objection. You may gladly do as you 
wish. Gurukul is also ours. You may surely live in Gurukul. I 
will continue to move around the villages." 

With the permission of his elder Guru Brother, Jogi 
Swami came to Rajkot and in the pious land of Gurukul, he 
started his unbroken pilgrimage of penance. Nishkulanand 
Swami has written: 

"Maine Mera kul Sambharya, Mat Kama Kou Zaghara 

Mai hun Aadi-Anadi Aa to Sarve Upadhi" 

Once Jogi Swami was telling the divine story of Mahant 
Swami's departure for Akshardham. While telling that story 
Jogi Swami, with said great spirit "Shastri! Swami went to 
Akshardham but after holding my wrist. Now I am not afraid 
of anything. A capable saint like Mahant Swami had caught 
my hand." 

I requested Jogi Swami, "As Mahant Swami had caught 
your hand, you may hold our hand." 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Swami said, "From your childhood, when you were 
stringing the flowers, I have caught your hand. If I had not 
done so, you would be wandering anywhere". 

This land has never remained without saints. When great 
capable saint Mahant Swami departed, Shree Hari gave given 
us equally capable saint Jogi Swami. 

Eva re maliya amane jogiya, Zalyo Hari E Jeno Hath 

Akhand Rahe Hari Antare, Pal Bhar Mele Nahi Re Sangath. 

Unending Supply 

• • • 

In S.Y. 2014, Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj arranged the 
first Japa-Yagna at Rajkot. On the day of its conclusion, an ocean 
of human beings gathered and stock of sweet and food item 
started becoming empty one by one. Bhandari Swami (Swamiji 
in charge of kitchen) was worried. He told Shastriji," How shall 
we tackle the situation? From where shall we arrange for 

Shastriji Maharaj immediately called Jogi Swami and 
said, "Jogi, pray to Maharaj, so that the 'Shiro' may not 

Jogi Swami went near the stock of Food. He lighted a 
lamp of Ghee, took Mala in his hands and sat near the pit, 
concentrated his mind in Shree Hari and said, "Please cover- 
up half of the pit by a cloth. Shree Hari will help." 

For two and a half hours, the server volunteers 
continuously withdrew 'Shiro' from the pit to serve to the people, 
yet it remained unexhausted. The people were taking meal up 
to four O'clock in the afternoon. Not only that, the stock of 

Pilgrimage To Vadtal On Foot 


'Shiro' remained in excess. The same was sent nearby villages 
as 'Prasad'. 

On that occasion Jogi Swami had said," This has 
happened as Maharaj heard the prayer of Shastriji Maharaj. I 
was only a medium". 

In the festivals celebrated by Gurukul or in the Murti 
Pratishtha ceremonies celebrated in the villages, whenever such 
problem arose, Jogi Swami used to sit to move the Mala 
remembering Shreeji Maharaj and with the prayer of Jogi 
Swami, Maharaj kept the stock of food items unexhausted. 

Pilgrimage to Vadtal on Foot 

• • • 

Jogi Swami had much liking for Darshan of the God. He 
had more inclination to go for 'Darshan' to the temples created 
by Shree Hari Himself, whenever he got chance. 

Once Jogi Swami wanted to go on pilgrimage of Vadtal 
on foot. Vadtal means the pinnacle of all the places of pilgrimage. 
Bhagawan Swaminarayan has created a temple here through 
Brahmanand Swami. The temple is in the shape of a lotus. Shree 
Hari Himself has installed His own Murti in the form of Shree 
Harikrishna Maharaj. Who will not wish to go on pilgrimage of 

Jogi Swami said to Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj, "I want 
to go on pilgrimage of Vadtal on foot. If you gladly permit, I will 


Shastriji Maharaj said, "Jogi, I would be very glad to 
permit you, but who will go as your companion?" 


Unique Recipe For BhindiU 


Jogi Swami said, "Hariprasad Bhandari is also willing. 
If you allow, he will accompany me". 

Shastriji Maharaj said, "Jogi, you have found good 
companion. He is worthy to be your companion. So, you both 
may go. We will see you at Vadtal". 

Thus, after getting the permission of Shastriji Maharaj, 
both the saints proceeded on foot towards Vadtal. These saints 
did not require to prepare much. They did not require baggages 
and bundles to carry with them. A knapsack of Pooja, clothes 
(Dhotiya) and nothing else. They were not to worry for lodging 
and boarding. If by the grace of Shree Hari, they could get 
provisions, they would prepare hotch-potch and Rotla, 
otherwise they would, with peanuts or fruits, whichever is 
available. They would walk remembering Shree Hari and 
wherever night fell, they would rest. In the morning, they would 
wake up in time and after performing Pooja, again they would 
walk on the way to Vadtal. 

After starting from the Gurukul, Swami proceeded 
towards Gadhpur. After taking bath in Sahastradharo, 
Narayandharo and Khalkhaliyo of Ghelo River, (the pious 
memorial places of Shreeji Maharaj) Swami arrived at Gadhpur. 

Gadhpur means Shree Hari's home, where Shree Hari 
lived for as many as thirty years. No other place in the world is 
as important as Gadhada is! Here Shree Hari has done 
Pratishtha of Gopinathji Maharaj. Gopinathji Maharaj is as good 
as Shreeji Maharaj is. 

Swami did the Darshan of Gopinathji Maharaj. 
Gopinathji Maharaj also smiled at Swamiji with graceful eyes. 
Swami stayed there for some time. He did much more Jap sitting 
before the Murti of Gopinathji Maharaj. He also moved in the 
Shreeji's memorial places like the courtyard of Dada Khachar, 

Neem-tree, Akshar-ordi, Laxmi wadi. Thereafter, again they 
started their journey to Vadtal. After departure from Gadhada, 
Swami visited Radha-vav, Bhakti bag etc. places of pilgrimage 
and then arrived in Ugamedi. 

Unique Recipe For Bhindi !! 

A very funny incident occurred in Ugamedi. Whenever 
he remembers this incident, he laughs a lot and also makes 
others laugh. 

Ugamedi is an important village in Gadhada area. Leader 
of this village Haribhakta Laxmanbapa was very wise and was 
respected by the people. The saints also respected him. 
Laxmanbapa had much affection for Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj 
and the service activities of Gurukul. It was his keen desire that 
Jogi Swami should pay special visit to Ugamedi while going on 
pilgrimage on foot. At the insistence of Laxmanbapa, Jogi 
Swami arrived in Ugamedi. He lodged in the temple. With the 
arrival of Jogi Swami, Laxmanbapa and other devotees of 
Ugamedi became very glad. Jogi Swami was very eager to go 
ahead but in view of great insistence of Laxmanbapa, he had to 
stay there for two - three days. 

One day in the early morning, Jogi Swami, after 
completion of his daily morning routine, was doing his Pooja. 
As it was a day of rest in the pilgrimage, Swami continued his 
Pooja for longer time. Bhandari Swami, after completion of his 
Pooja, was busy in the kitchen. In the meanwhile, a Haribhakta 
came and he laid a bunch of ripe banana before Swami. After 
some time Laxmanbapa came for the Darshan. He had brought 
with him fresh Bhindi (lady's fingers). The Bhindi were quite 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

fresh, green and soft. Laxmanbapa did Darshan of the God and 
then put Bhindi before the God. 

Laxmanbapa very well knew the nature of these true 
saints. He knew that these saints are not desirous of good food. 
So with a smiling face he said to Swami, ' "Swami! I have 
brought these Bhindi for you. These are quite fresh and soft, 
but I know you would not know how to eat these," Had it 
happened really so. 

Bhandari Swami took Bhindi to the kitchen. One is to 
take much care in preparing the 'vegetable' with Bhindi. If due 
care is taken it would be good 'vegetable' (SHAK) otherwise it 
would become very sticky. In other vegetables, one is to add 
water but in the 'vegetable' of Bhindi, one can not add water. It 
is to be cooked in edible oil only. 

As such, Hariprasad Swami was a good cook. He was 
able to arrange cooking of food for thousands of people but he 
was fond of novel experiments. 

With much laughter while narrating the unique story of 
'vegetable' of Bhindi, Swami said,' Hariprasad took Bhindi to 
the kitchen. He also silently and secretly took a bunch of ripe 
Bananas. He would have thought that if he asks, Jogi Swami he 
would say 'no'. After washing Bhindi and without cleaning it, 
he cut it and moreover, he sizzled it in insufficient oil. Moreover, 
he added sour buttermilk and ripe banana into it. Then he also 
added grinded Groundnut into it. 

No-where in the world such type of 'vegetable' would 
have been prepared so far. 

Bhandari tried to prepare 'vegetable' but it became a 
sticky substance, no one would like to eat. Yet Hari Prasad was 
insisting me to eat the same. 

Night In Akrund 


I said, 'you may have it, I do not want.' 

I did not take but he took it and remaining portion he 
kept covered. It smelled bad. I told him, "Throw it away, 
otherwise cattle would eat it and would become sick". 

With laughter the Swami said, "That Laxmanbapa was 
truly saying that we the saints would not know how to eat 

From Ugamedi, Jogi Swami started his journey towards 
Dholera. In between, the day of Hari Jayanti came. Both the 
saints observed fast without taking even water. The pilgrimage 
continued. On the day of 'Dasam' the arrangement of meal could 
not be made, hence they took only groundnuts. Next day was 
Ekadashi and both the saints observed fast. Thus with Bhajan 
and Penance, they continued their pilgrimage on foot. 

On the way, they arrived at a village. Swami thought to 
lodge here to pass the night. Again, he thought, "yet it is the 
day time. If we continue to walk we can reach the next village". 
Thinking so they proceeded further but it was the land of Bhal. 
The village seemed to be nearby but one could not reach quickly. 

Both had observed fast and walking further was 
becoming difficult. The shadows of evening gathered. Darkness 
started to cover the land. Both were tired. Anyhow, they reached 
the next village. The name of the village was 'Aakrund'. 

Night at 'Aakrund' 

-• • • 

There was no 'Satsangi' in 'Aakrund '. Where to lodge 
to pass the night? It was a problem. On the way came a house 
of a 'Darbar'. Near the gate of his house, he was sitting on a 
bedstead in the verandah. Darbar was devout. On seeing the 
saints, he gladly welcomed them. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

"Welcome! Maharaj! From where are you coming?" 

Jogi Swami said, 'We are coming from Rajkot and going 
to Vadtal on foot.' 

Darbar said, "Very good, please tell me if I can serve 
you in any way". 

Swami said, "We want to stay for night here. Please show 
us a place where the ladies would not be frequenting". 

Darbar said, "'Maharaj! You may stay here in the 
entrance place of my house, if you find it suitable. Here no lady 
will come, I will arrange." 

Jogi Swami put his knapsack in the 'entrance hall'. As it 
was a Darbari hall, swords and shields were kept on the wall. 
Away in the Verandah, the cattle were tied. In one corner of 
that hall, a heap of onions was there. With the smell of onions, 
Jogi Swami was feeling uneasiness. He thought, "Here it will be 
difficult to pass the night amidst the smell of the onions' 

Swami asked, "If any inn (Dharma-Shala) was there in 
this village, we will be more comfortable there." 

Darbar said, "Maharaj! There is no such inn in our 
village. There is a Shrine of our Guru Madhavanandji, but we 
do not allow any ascetic to lodge there". 

Swami asked, "Why?" 

Darbar said, "Ascetics and mendicants are mostly 
habituated to smoke Beedi or Cigarettes which can make the 
place impure or polluted. That we can't afford because our Guru 
did not like such addiction.' 

Swami said, "Darbar! We are not of that kind. We are 
inspiring people to shun such addictions. We also do not like 
such bad habits". 

Night In Akrund 


Darbar said, "Then there is no objection. Let me take 
you to the Shrine of our Guru". 

Darbar took these saints to the place of Madhavanandji. 
The darkness had spread. Darbar arranged for a lantern. 
Looking to the holy place, the saints gladly lodged there. In the 
compound of the place, there was a well. Near the well, there 
was a bucket and a string. Swami thought, 'after doing our bath 
and Pooja In the early morning we will proceed further.' 

Darbar asked "Maharaj what will you take in meal?" 

Swami said, "Today is Ekadashi and we have observed 
fast, hence nothing to worry about the meal." 

Darbar felt better in his heart with the Darshan of the 
true saints. He sat for some time and then took leave. Jogi Swami 
performed Aarti, prayer and ' Swabhavik Cheshta' and then they 
went to sleep. 

Both the saints were fasting for the last three days and 
were much tired also; hence, they went into a deep sleep. From 
the sky, Shree Hari was showering love and grace on their 
beloved saints. The place also became fortunate with the arrival 
of such saints. 

Due to severe fatigue, they got deep sleep and were a 
little late in waking up. The sun had not yet risen. The dim light 
spread all over. In the meanwhile, women of the village started 
coming for Darshan of the Shrine. 

Here there was no Parshad or Haribhakta with these 
saints. If they would come for Darshan of these saints, then no 
one was to prevent them. 

Swami said to Bhandari Swami, 'O Hariprasad! Let us 
go. We do not want to stay here. Here we may have to face 
trouble of 'Maya' (women's proximity). If water will be available 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

on the way ahead, we will take bath and perform 'Pooja'. Both 
the saints took their knapsacks of Pooja on the shoulder and 
started their journey further. As they came out of the place, 
they met a farmer. Jogi Swami handed over the lantern to him 
with an instruction to give it to Darbar. 

Both the saints started walking, but in the dry land of 
Bhal, no place came where they could take bath and perform 

Though they had fasts for the last three days, on the 
fourth day they continued their journey gladly remembering 
Shree Hari. 

The sun was up in the sky spreading heat in the 
atmosphere of this extremely dry land of Bhal. There were no 
wells or farms like Saurashtra or Gujarat. As the day proceeds, 
due to the heat of the sun, very big lakes of mirage seem to be 
there but true water could not be found. In search of water on 
the way, they reached outskirts of the village 'Kharad'. 

Divine Order To Take Care 

• • • 

Village 'Kharad' bears the memories of Shree Hari. Shree 
Hari had come here several times. Shree Hari served meal of 
Hotch-Potch and curd to His beloved saints on the bank of the 
pond of this village. The saints had observed fast. The Hotch- 
Potch was less and curd was more. The curd was very good. 
Shree Hari served some Hotch-Potch in the vessels of the saints 
and then served plenty of curd with both hands. There were a 
good number of Satsangi devotees in the village Kharad. Small 
and beautiful temple was also there. A Brahmin worshipper 
(Poojari) was performing 'Pooja' in the temple. 

Divine Order To Take Care 


It was very early morning. The worshipper was sleeping 
in his bed. Shree Hari gave him 'Darshan'. His eyes opened and 
he saw Shreeji Maharaj in His divine form with divine light 
around. Poojari became overwhelmed with Joy. 

Shree Hari said, "Poojari! My two saints have set out 
from Rajkot for the pilgrimage of Vadtal. Both the saints are 
hungry for last three days. They will arrive here in some time. 
Prepare for their lodging and boarding. Take care of them. Serve 
them the meal and serve them to please them." 

After saying so, Shree Hari disappeared. Poojari was 
now waiting for the saints, whose recommendation was made 
by Shree Hari Himself. 

Here Jogi Swami saw a pond in the outskirts of the village 
Kharad. It was 8 or 9 O'clock in the morning. They took bath to 
a solitary place near the pond and performed 'Pooja' peacefully 
under a tree. At around ten O'clock, they completed their 'Pooja' 
and came to the temple. In the temple, the 'Poojari' had done 
all the preparations as advised by Shree Hari Himself, and was 
eagerly waiting for these two. 

When Jogi Swami entered into the compound of the 
temple, the 'Poojari' was cleaning the temple. As soon as he 
saw Jogi Swami, leaving the broom, he came forward and 
welcomed them with great Joy. 

"Swami, Welcome! You are coming from Rajkot Gurukul, 
aren't you?" 

Jogi Swami looked at the Poojari with surprise. Swami 
thought,' we have never come here and never seen this Poojari, 
yet how could he recognise us?' 

Swami asked, "Poojari! How come you know that we 
are from Rajkot Gurukul? How could you recognise us?" 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Poojari said, "Oh my saints, your introduction has given 
by Shreeji Maharaj Himself. In the early morning today, Shreeji 
Maharaj gave me His 'Darshan' in person and said, 'My saints 
are coming. They are fasting for last three days. They have 
travelled a long way. Take good care of them'. See, on the 
recommendation of Shreeji Maharaj, I have prepared everything 
in advance. 'Thai' is also ready and I am waiting for you since 
long. I am a Brahmin, so please do not hesitate. Please lodge 
here and get ready to serve 'Thai' to the Maharaj." 

On hearing this, Swami and Bhandari Swami both 
overwhelmed with joy. They forgot the fatigue. 

Jogi Swami thought, 'Oh! Maharaj is taking much care 
of us.' 

It is a rule of Maharaj. Whoever keeps unshakable faith 
in Him, he takes complete care of him. Jogi Swami has lived 
with unshakable total faith in Shree Hari, therefore Shree Hari 
takes care of him. 

Jogi Swami served 'Thai' to the Thakoraji and took his 
meal on the fourth day. Years ago, Shree Hari had served Hotch- 
Potch and curd to the fasting saints in this village and now that 
incident was repeated. The devotees of the village insisted that 
the saints stay here for three / four days. 

The Poojari had got great reverence. He was constantly 
thinking, 'How great these saints are, whose recommendation 
is made by Shree Hari Himself in person!' 

The Poojari (worshipper) got the 'Darshan' of true saints. 
He got the benefit of service and worship. He felt himself fulfilled. 
Thereafter, he used to come to the 'Brahma-Satra' in Rajkot 
Gurukul for many years. He sent 'Dhotiya' (clothes) for the saints 
every year. Shree Hari had advised him' Serve these saints'. 

Protection In River 


The Poojari observed that command in letter and with spirit for 
many years. 

After fulfilling the wishes of the devotees of the village 
Kharad, Jogi Swami proceeded further on his pilgrimage. After 
leaving village Kharad, moving ahead in the Bhal area, Jogi 
Swami arrived at Dholera. 

Dholera means abode of Madan-Mohanji Maharaj and 
place of penance (Aaradhana) of the great ascetic saint 
Nishkulanand Swami. 

In Dholera, Swami did the Darshan of Shree Madan- 
Mohanji Maharaj, stayed there for some time and again took 
the path leading to Vadtal. That Poojari (worshipper of village 
Kharad) was still singing in his heart: 

'Bheto Karave Bhagwant no, 

Sang Malyo re eva santno' 

Meaning: I have come in the contact of such a saint who 
can lead us to contact the God. 

A _ Protection in River 

^^ • • • 

"Sambhal Rakhe Shree Hari, Par am Ekantik Sant ni" 

Means : Shree Hari takes care of great Saints. 

Walking ahead in his pilgrimage, Swami arrived at the 
bank of river Sabarmati. Swami wanted to cross the river to 
have the 'Darshan' at Budhej and other memorial places of 
Shreeji Maharaj and then to reach Vadtal. 

There were some boats floating on Sabarmati. There were 
some huts on the bank. Small shops were there in the huts. People 
were crossing the river up and down the banks. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Swami said to one boat-man, 'We want to go to the 
opposite bank, will you take us ?' 

The boatman proved to be a devout. He said, "Yes 
Maharaj! Please wait for a while. I am just coming and will 
take you to the opposite bank". Saying this the boatman went 
for some work but here Bhandari Hariprasad Swami became 
impatient and immediately sat on the boat tied to the bank. As 
Bhandari Swami sat, Swami also sat in that small boat. 

How were those small boats? Instead of an oar, they 
move with a long bamboo. The boatmen keep long bamboos. 
They insert the long bamboo to the bottom of the river and move 
ahead and rotate the rudder left or right to move in the right 

Bhandari Swami and Jogi Swami sat in the boat but 
however, the rope disjoined from the bank and the boat started 
floating with the stream. Now both the saints did not know 
how to use oar or bamboo hence they became worried and 
started remembering Shree Hari. The voice came from the hearts 
of the saint," Shamla Lejo Sambhal, Hodi meri dariye dube 

The people on the bank started shouting, "O those saints 
are drowning." 

In the meanwhile, one or two persons plunged into the 
water and swimming swiftly reached the boat and saved the 

Years ago, Shree Hari had protected Kaivalyanand 
Swami in the water of Sabarmati. In the same way Shree Hari 
again protected these true saints in the River Sabarmati. 

Thus going on foot, at last Swami arrived at Vadtal. In 
Vadtal as if, Shree Harikrishna Maharaj was waiting for Jogi 

'Tipanu' Is Drowned Away 


Swami. Swami took bath in the Lake Gomti, did the 'Darshan' 
of Shree Harikrishna Maharaj and concluded his pilgrimage 
on foot at the lotus-feet of Shree Harikrishna Maharaj. 

Shree Hari with His own pious hands has done 
Pratishtha of His own form as a Murti of Shree Harikrishna 
Maharaj in Vadtal temple. Jogi Swami has profound love for 
this form. Swami stayed for some days in Vadtal and did the 
Darshan of all the places attached with the memories of Shreeji 

In the meanwhile, Shastriji Maharaj arrived at Vadtal 
and in the return journey to Rajkot, took both the saints with 
him in the car and happily arrived at Rajkot. 

'Tipanu' is Drowned Away 

-• • • 

Pujya Jogi Swami was in Jetpur. Kothari Swami 
Harikrishnadasji of Jetpur had great affection for Jogi Swami. 
So he used to bring Jogi Swami to Jetpur frequently. 

Once Jogi Swami was sitting near Kothari Swami in 
Jetpur. At that time, some Haribhaktas (devotees) came from 
village Tori for 'Darshan'. They asked Kothari Swami, "Swami! 
When will it rain this year?" In the meanwhile one saint came. 
The saint was learned 'Purani'. He had good knowledge of 
Astrology also. Due to bad company and curiosity, he had taken 
the path of evil accomplishment. Due to bad accomplishment, 
his nature had become hot-tempered. 

Kothari Swami said, 'Purani, see in your Tipanu. 
(horoscopic table) and tell when the rain will come? The time is 
now overdue but no signs of rain appear yet." 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

That saint opened the horoscopic table, started to 
calculate the planetary positions, and said at last, "Swami! There 
will be no rain this year. There is no possibility of rain this year. 
The people will have to face many difficulties.' 

At that time, Jogi Swami could not remain silent. The 
great saint can not see the people suffering. Jogi Swami said, 
"Throw away your 'Tipana'. What can your Tipnu do? You 
see, there will be rain within two days." 

That Tipnawala saint felt insulted and hence, he folded 
up the horoscopic table and went upstairs. 

Kothari Swami said with laughter, "Jogi, you have done 
a tremendous job. Nobody can say so to him. Today you have 
caged a serpent. Had anybody else told him, he would have 
created uproar but due to your strength, he could not speak." 

Jogi Swami said, "But Kothari, his 'Tipnu' can not make 
it rain. That can be done by Maharaj only. Though he is a saint, 
he has no faith in Maharaj and he is working on the faith of his 

Exactly after two days, heavy rain fell in the upper side 
of Jetpur. Shree Hari made true the words of His beloved saint. 
Everywhere, there was good rain. That saint realised the divine 
power of Jogi Swami and gave up his ego. He bowed down at 
the feet of Jogi Swami and abandoned the other accomplishment 
and 'Tipna' also on the advice of Jogi Swami. 

Remembering this incident, Jogi Swami used to say, 
"Shastri! See the grace of Maharaj. It was very heavy rain and 
there was a heavy flood in Bhadar River. His 'Tipna' was 
washed away in that flood. Where Maharaj showers His 
kindness, what can Tipna do? What can Kal Bhairav do? 'After 
saying this Swami told an important and meaningful thing full 

Heavy Rain Fall 


of discretion, "Shastri! If Maharaj wishes it can rain and if not, 
it can't rain also, but how a saint can speak in a way which can 
make people unhappy?" 

Heavy Rainfall 

Jogi Swami was moving in Vadiya-Kunkavav area. 
Swami has great liking for 'Dhoon-Bhajan'. Therefore, he 
thought to go to Tori and to arrange incessant 'Dhoon' of eight 

The first rain for sowing had fell but thereafter it was 
delayed, hence the farmers were worried. The crop sown was 
likely to be dried up in absence of rain. In the meanwhile, Jogi 
Swami arrived. All became glad with the Darshan of Jogi Swami. 
Swami means a support in happiness or sorrow, a place where 
one can get solace. The worries of the devotees found expression 
in words. They asked to Swamiji, "Swami, when it will rain? 
Our crop is being dried up, fodder for cattle is also likely to be 

Swami said, 'There would be rain but on one condition!' 

The devotees said, 'Swami, what is the condition?' 

Swami said, 'you will have to chant 'Dhoon' continuously 
for eight days." 

Devotees said, "O Swami, if rain is to come, we are ready 
to do Dhoon for ten days. But kindly make it rain," 

Swami said, "See, to rain is in the hands of Maharaj. Let 
us pray to the Maharaj by chanting 'Dhoon'. You start 'Dhoon' 
and after three and half a days it will rain but you shall not 
discontinue 'Dhoon' in between. You are to do 'Dhoon' exactly 
for seven days.' 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

The devotees said, "Yes Swami, we will do as you say," 

On the promise of Swamiji, 'Dhoon' started. Satsangis 
and non-satsangis all joined the 'Dhoon'. All were aware of the 
strength of Swami. The groups from nearby villages also joined 
Dhoon. Dhoon was in full swing. Surprisingly exactly after three 
and half days, a dark cloud could be seen in the Northeast corners 
in the sky. 

One said, ' Swami, a cloud is in the sky.' 

Swami said, "Our prayer has reached in the court of 
Maharaj. That cloud will fulfill your wish," 

In some time, the area of cloud increased and the whole 
sky was covered. If I say in the words of Swamji, "Shastri, exactly 
after three and half days a heavy rain occurred. You see it was 
due to the grace of Maharaj.' 

The devotees started 'Dhoon' loudly and the rain also 
started heavily. 

When it rained, the hearts of farmers could not be 
controlled but these devotees were of different type. They 
continued 'Dhoon' for complete seven days with full patience 
and zeal. 

In the conclusion ceremony of 'Dhoon' Gurudev Shastriji 
Maharaj and the poet Tribhuvan Gaurishankar Vyas were to 
remain present. They came down at Khijadiya railway station 
but there was rain all around. How to reach 'Tori' was a problem. 
The farmers arranged for a cart with two pairs of bullocks and 
enabled Shastriji to reach Tori. 

Gurudev said, "Jogi, you have done a miracle." 

Jogi Swami said, "Swami! I cannot. It is done by 

Boon For Three Sons 


On concluding ceremony, when Aarti was done, a great 
miracle happened. Big balls of light descended from the sky on 
the earth and submerged in the well of the temple of women in 
Tori village. Several people could see this miracle. They came in 
the temple and told to Shastriji Maharaj. 

Shastriji Maharaj asked Jogi Swami, "Jogi, what have 
you done?" 

Jogi Swami said, 'all these devotees have done 'Dhoon' 
with faith hence the Deities had come for the Darshan,' 

With this divine incident, the continuous Dhoon of Tori 
was concluded. On the day of conclusion of Dhoon, the people 
of entire Tori village were served fine meal. 

Boon For Three Sons 

-• • 


Jogi Swami liked pilgrimage of Kutch very much. Shree 
Hari was also showering His grace upon the simple hearted 
and dedicated devotees of Kutch. Shree Hari had travelled in 
Kutch very much. Therefore Jogi Swami had much liking to go 
on pilgrimage of Kutch. 

The great saints of Kutch have very much love and 
affection for Jogi Swami. When devouts see oneness and love 
amongst the great saints, they feel great joy in their hearts. It 
also nourishes the satsang. Whenever Jogi Swami arrives in 
Kutch, the elder saints of Bhuj give him respect. 

Once Jogi Swami had arrived at Bhuj. Sadguru Mahant 
Swami and Sadguru Murlimanohardas Swami welcomed him 
with reverence. When this divine company of these three great 
saints was sitting in the temple, a devotee Lalji Bhagat from 
Samatra came for the Darshan. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Lalji Bhagat was a descendant of a family graced by 
Shree Hari. Once, while moving in the Kutch area, Shree Hari 
came to the farm of ancestors of Lalji Bhagat. Shree Hari lodged 
there and took His meal. Shree Hari became very glad to see the 
love of those devotees and gave them good blessings for seven 
generation, your lineage will have one son' The surname of Lalji 
Bhagat's fore fathers was Hingola. Lalji Bhagat was the sixth 
generation in the Hingola family. 

However, due to unknown will of Shree Hari, some 
difficulty arose at the seventh generation. Lalji Bhagat was 
getting sons but after birth, the same did not survive. Lalji Bhagat 
was a good devotee but he was not getting the happiness of 
having a son. 

On seeing Lalji Bhagat, the great capable Sadguru 
Murlimanohardas swami said, 'Lalji, arrange for the pilgrimage 
of 'Narayan Sarovar' for Jogi Swami. He will give you a son'. 

At the behest of Sadguru Murlimanohardasji Swami, 
Lalji Bhagat arranged for the pilgrimage of Narayan Sarovar 
for Jogi Swami. After taking Bath in Narayan Sarovar, Jogi Swami 
gave some water in the hand of Lalji Bhagat and made him to 
vow for the son. 

At the grace of Shree Hari and due to the blessings of 
Jogi Swami, Lalji Bhagat got a son but he died within one year. 
Thereafter, Lalji Bhagat had come to Rajkot Gurukul for the 
Darshan of Jogi Swami. Swami asked him about his well-being. 
Lalji Bhagat said, 'Swami, due to your blessings I had got a son, 
but Maharaj took him into Akshardham". Jogi Swami said,' 
Lalji Bhagat do not worry. Do Bhajan, Maharaj will give you 
three sons. One due to the boon given to your fore-fathers by 
Shreeji Maharaj, second due to our prayer and the third one in 

Maharaj Will Protect Your Millet 


excess. Thus, you will get three sons, and all the three will get 
livelihood here. Do not send them to foreign country. Maharaj 
will make all of you happy here only.' 

Shree Hari had given a boon to Hingola Parivar to have 
a son up to seventh generation. Instead of that, Shree Hari gave 
three sons to Lalji Bhagat on the blessings of Jogi Swami. The 
name of elder is Parbat, second is Ravji and third one is Karshan. 

All the three are young and virtuous having a strong 
faith in Satsang. All the three have studied in Rajkot Gurukul 
and are very happy. Despite having many chances to go abroad, 
on the words of Jogi Swami, they are living in this land only. 


Maharaj Will Protect Your Millet 

-• • 

Pujya Jogi Swami was moving in the villages of Satsangis 
continuously. He was arranging Dhoon and was joining the 
people in chanting Dhoon. Dhoon Means chanting of Holly 
Names of God. 

Once Swami had come to village Galodar and was giving 
benefit of Dhoon-Kirtan in the temple. On his inspiration, a 
continuous Dhoon was arranged in the temple. All the 
Haribhaktas devotees except Aligbhai Vejabhai were taking part 
in the Dhoon. Aligbhai joined in the Dhoon at night. Swami 
asked, 'Why don't you come in the Dhoon during day time?' 

Aligbhai said, "Swami, during daytime I remain in the 
field for the protection of millet crop; hence I can't come". 

Swami went to the farm of Aligbhai. He moved around 
the crop of millet and sprinkled sacred water and said, "From 
today, come for the 'Dhoon' during day time. Your millet crop 
will ripen without protection'. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Jogi Swami also sprinkled the sacred water on the effigy 
of Pitries (Shura-Pura) and said/ Go to the Badrikashram and 
do penance there you will get salvation.' On the words of Jogi 
Swami, Aligbhai took part in the 'Dhoon' and in his farm, the 
millet ripened without protection. More millet crop was yielded 
in comparison to previous years. Aligbhai did Bhajan on the 
words of Jogi Swami and Shree Hari protected his millet crop. 
On the words of a great saint, a mutual bond of God and 
devotee was arranged. The crop of millet was protected in the 
farm of Aligbhai and the faith in Shree Hari was strengthened 
in his heart. 

Blessing for Water 

• • • 

Eva re Malya jo amane jogiya 

Agam agochar jeni vat 

Chheda re male nahi Sayar Nirna 

Mar hoy Mota Machchni Jat 

Meaning: We have got such a saint whose talks are divine 
and glory unfathomable as the biggest fish can't fathom the 
entire sea. 

Galodar, Maliya Hatina etc. places of Sorath can be 
considered as fortress of Satsang. This area is sanctified with 
the footprints of great saints like Gunatitanand Swami and 
Balmukunddasji Swami. 

Jogi Swami used to come to Maliya every now and then. 
The devotees of this area had got endless love for Jogi Swami. 
Amongst them, Lilabhai was unique one. Lilabhai was a leading 
person of Maliya having deep understanding of satsang. He 
had served many great saints and had received their grace. 

Blessing For Water 


Lilabhai had unshakable oneness with Jogi Swami. Once 
Swami had come to Maliya. Swami wanted to go from Maliya 
to Galodar. So a vehicle was required to be arranged. 

Lilabhai caught that opportunity. He said to Swami,' 
Swami, I will bring a car and will take you to Galodar'. 

Swami was glad and said, ' Then it is good.' 

Lilabhai brought a car and Swami sat in it. 

Lilabhai said, "Swami, my residence is situated on our 
way. I have recently purchased it. Kindly sanctify it with your 

Swami said, "Ok" 

Swami arrived at the house of Lilabhai. Seeing a big 
house, Swami became glad and asked, "Lila, at what cost have 
you purchased this house?" 

"Swami, sixty thousand". 

Swami said with surprise, "Oh, then you have got it 

Lilabhai said, "Swami, it is due to your grace". 

Swami said, "O Lila, you have purchased this house but 
without water it is useless. Will you not require water?" 

Lilabhai knew that Swami has given boon for water to 
several Haribhaktas at their houses and farms and have made 
them happy. Lilabhai thought, "I am not to desire such worldly 
thing from Swami. Such great saints should be heartily kind on 
us, that is all On thinking so he said' Swami, that will be done. 
I don't want you to take strain for this." 

Swami said, "No, not like that. Go and bring some 
implement to make a sign. I want to give you water without 
your demand". 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

With the inspiration of Shree Hari, Jogi Swami had got 
a wave of grace in his heart for this faithful devotee. Who could 
stop him? 

Lilabhai brought a pick-axe. With chanting 
'Swaminarayan Swaminarayan, Swami made four-five strokes 
in the compound and said/ arrange for the driling here and 
Maharaj will give you water but see that if the village people 
come to fetch water, allow them gladly. Do not use alone. A 
river of kindness was flowing in the words of Jogi Swami for 
the happiness of the people. 

On the words of Swamiji, Lilabhai arranged for the 
drilling at the place shown by Swamiji. It was a land where 
one cannot get water even at the depth of 200 feet, and here 
Lilabhai got the water at the depth of 91 feet only. 

Now there happened a good thing. 

Once we happened to come to Maliya with Jogi Swami. 
With the insistence of Lilabhai, Jogi Swami arrived at his house. 
The whole family was happy on the arrival of Jogi Swami. 

Swami said, "O saint! see the hand pump in the 
compound. It is made possible by Shreeji Maharaj, not by me." 

Swami remembered that old incident and said, "Shastri! 
I had come to Maliya. Strong volition occurred in my mind on 
that day that this Lila is to be given water. I came to the residence 
of Lilabhai as inspired by Maharaj, drilling was done and much 
water became available." 

"In the meanwhile a famine occurred. Water was not 
available anywhere in the village except at the hand pump of 
Lilabhai. Villagers were facing trouble without water. On our 
words, Lilabhai had provided water to the entire village. 

Grace Towards Kalu Bhagat 


Therefore, the village people became very glad and great 
affection was developed in their hearts for the Satsang." 

"In those days of famine, we happened to come to Maliya. 
We lodged at the temple, but there was no water in the temple. 
Therefore, we had to come to the house of Lilabhai for bath. See 
the kindness of Maharaj, He inspired us to give water to Lilabhai 
and that water became useful for us." 

Grace towards Kalu Bhagat 

-• • • 

Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj, Jogi Swami and some saints 
stayed in the village Fatsar near Una. Due to the arrival of pious 
saints a flow of Bhajan, Satsang and discourses started. Daily 
in the evening, after Aarti, the temple became overcrowded with 
devotees. During the day also, devotees kept sitting before the 
saints for Satsang. 

One day a little boy came to the temple with other boys 
of the village. His name was Kalu and by caste, he was Bharwad 
(a shepherd). 

Shastriji Maharaj talked with the children for some time 
and enquired about their names, addresses etc. As a jeweler 
recognises a diamond, Swami recognized in the conversation 
with the children, devout soul of Kalu. Swami saw around in 
the temple. Jogi Swami was moving Mala sitting in the temple 
little away. Shastriji Maharaj said, 'Jogi, give initiation (tie a 
rosary - Kanthi) to this boy. He seems to be a good devout soul. 
Then he told Kalu, "Kalu! go to Jogi Swami". Kalu went to Jogi 
Swami. Jogi Swami concentrated his sight on Kalu and said, "I 
am to give initiation to Kalu and also to give him Pooja." Saying 
this, Jogi Swami tied a 'Kanthi' around his neck, and gave him 
five vows to observe. In the meanwhile, a younger saint came 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

with a box of 'Pooja'. Swami explained to him how to do 'Pooja' 
in the morning, after taking bath and gave him the Pooja-box. 
With joy, Kalu accepted it. 

Kalu was a little boy. He was a devout soul of previous 
birth. With the Darshan of Jogi Swami, his mind was stuck in 
him. The talks of Swamiji touched his inner heart. With the 
Darshan of such a pious saint, he felt extreme joy. On receiving 
'Pooja' at the hands of Jogi Swami, he felt great joy as if he had 
received God Himself in person. A minor boy Kalu started to 
perform 'Pooja' after taking bath with joy and enthusiasm as 
he was explained by Jogi Swami. 

Jogi Swami taught him Aarti and some verses of Kirtans. 
An illiterate Kalu, with full faith, started learning by memorising 
the same. Thereafter Kalu used to come to the temple daily at 
night and started doing Aarti, prayer and 'Dhoon'. At night on 
seeing the Haribhaktas and the saints chanting 'Niyam-chesta', 
Kalu wished to chant those verses but as he did not know these, 
he felt agitated. 

Once Jogi Swami was moving Mala at night. At that 
time Kalu said, "Swami! please teach me how to chant 'Niyam- 

Swami said, 'OK, come at night.' 

As per the advice, Kalu started coming to the temple at 
night. After conclusion of the evening Satsang assembly, Kalu 
sat before Swami. Swami taught him the verses. First Swami 
sang a stanza, then Kalu repeated it. This way Kalu memorised 
the verses of 'Niyam-Cheshta' 

In the caste of Bharvads, the spread of education is 
meager. Therefore, Kalu Bhagat could not get opportunity to 
go to school. Hence, he was unable to read or write. Yet on the 
advice of Jogi Swami, the saints taught him 'Kirtans'. 

Kalu Wrote A Letter 


In the meantime, due to some occasional work, Ramjibhai 
Thumar of Taravada had to come to Fatsar. He came to know 
that Swami was in the temple, therefore he came for the 

Jogi Swami said, "O Ramji! You may teach this Kalu to 
read and to write". 

On the command of Swami, Ramjibhai started to teach 
Kalu the alphabets and 'Barakshari' of Gujarati language. Kalu 
also developed reverence towards Ramjibhai and he started 
learning with enthusiasm. 

After some days, Ramjibhai went back to Taravada. He 
wrote a letter to Kalu from Taravada. Kalu became very glad to 
receive the letter, but experienced difficulty in reading it. He 
requested someone to read it and then only he could know that 
the letter was from Ramjibhai Thumar. He had advised him to 
continue his study. 

Kalu Wrote a Letter 
• • • 

Kalu also thought to write a letter to Ramjibhai but still 
he did not know much to write. Thinking in this way, Kalu 
went to the jungle to graze the cattle. 

At last, he sat under a tree and by remembering 
Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan and Jogi Swami; started 
praying to the God. His heart was filled with emotion. He 
thought, "I will not be able to write any reply to my friend". As 
he was thinking in this way, he had some intuition. Therefore, 
he took a paper and a pencil and started writing. He wrote a 
letter as under, in the style of singing of Bhakta Chintamani. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Raga : Purva-Chhayo 

Kagal Lakhva Hari Krushnaji, Karu Ichchha Manma Jarur 

Patra Lakhvo Premthi, Swami Sahajanand Hajur, 

Krupa Hoy Hari Krushnani, To Prem no Patra Lakhay 

Marji Na hoy Nathani, To Tarnu Nav Today 

Sadguru Swami Tanu Janam Bhomnu Gam 

Dharmbandhu Tya Rahe, Shubh Ramjibhai chhe Nam 

Raga : Chopai 

Dharmabandhu suno Ramjibhay re, 

Mare Haide Harakh Na may re, 
Pragat Patra Tamaro Malyore, 

Vanchi Anand No ogha Valyo re 
Patra Vanchi Raji Thaya Amere, 

Bahu Viveke Lakhyo Chhe Tame re 
Ghana Sneh Thi Sau ne Sambhari re, 

Tame Vigat Lakhi chhe Sari re, 
Eva Bandhu Kem Bhulay re, 

Kem Ramjibhai Visaray re! 
Nana Mota Sau ne Sambhari re, 

Bahu Vigat Lakhi chhe sari re 

Thus, Kalu wrote a letter to his friend with love. At that 
time, he was only 11 years old. With the help of saints, he had 
memorised the chapter of Bhakt-Chintamani. Therefore, he 
wrote a letter in the tune of that Raga in poetry. The person 
who did not know how to write in prose, he thus wrote a letter 
in poetry. It can be considered as direct result of grace and 
blessing of Shree Hari and the saints. 

The Lion Had To Flee 


The Lion had to Flee 

As the crop slowly grows with the rainfall, in the same 
way, with the grace of a great saint, the love towards Shree 
Hari increased in his heart and the boy became known as 'Kalu 

Kalu Bhagat used to go to the Jungle to graze the cattle 
of the villagers. In the hilly area of Gir, deep rivulets and small 
streams flow. In this land of great ascetics and saints, River 
Machchhundri flows. In this green land, Kalu Bhagat grazed 
the cattle. He used to sing the Kirtans memorized by him. He 
kept watch on the cattle grazing around. 

Once in an afternoon, the birds were chirping. The 
shepherds were playing flutes. In the meanwhile, the cows 
started running bellowing in fear. As Kalu Bhagat used to move 
in the Jungle from his childhood, he immediately understood 
that a lion had come. At that time, he saw a lion attacking a 
small cow. Bhagat immediately ran towards the Lion taking a 
long and strong Lathi in his hand, to save the cow. With a great 
roar, he gave a powerful stroke of his Lathi on the head of the 
lion. The lion became angry and leaving aside that cow, rushed 
with a roar toward Bhagat. Again, Bhagat raised his Lathi with 
iron rings and again challenged the lion. The lion stopped short. 
Both were standing in front of each other, testing the courage. 
Bhagat immediately understood that it is a danger to his life. 
He remembered Shree Hari and Jogi Swami. Nobody knows 
what happened, the Lion went away in the Jungle. 

Kalu Bhagat came to the temple in the evening. After 
doing Darshan of the Bhagawan, he sat before Jogi Swami. In 
the meanwhile, as if knowing about the incident, Jogi Swami 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

asked, "O Bhagat, what has happened to you in the Jungle 

Kalu Bhagat said, "Swami, big surprise happened today. 
A lion caught a cow, I rushed with my 'Dang' (a long and strong 
stick with iron rings at the end) to the lion. With a shout, I gave 
a powerful stroke of my 'Dang' on the head of the lion. The 
roaring lion retreated some steps. I also stood raising my Dang. 
The lion remained standing before me. Seeing death, I 
remembered Maharaj and you. Thereafter, however, the lion 
went away." 

On hearing this, Swami said, "Kalu, now you are not to 
go for grazing the cattle of the village. You may go to work in 
the field of any farmer. Bhagat said, 'Swami, being a 'Bharvad' 
(Shepherd) I do not know how to work in the field. Who will 
keep me as a labourer?' 

Swami said, "Slowly you will learn everything. I will 
recommend to a good devotee. He will give you job as labourer. 

See the shower of grace by a great saint on a small but deserving 

Swami recommended to Vallabhbhai Dhanani of Fatsar, 
"you may employ Kalu Bhagat to work in your field.' 

Vallabhbapa had great faith in Jogi Swami, hence he 
said, 'Ok Swami, I will do as you wish.' 

Vallabhbapa entrusted the work of his field to Kalu 
Bhagat. Kalu Bhagat started to work with zeal. He was highly 
industrious. As Bhagat was working faithfully, he was loved 
by all. 

Thus, the house-hold and social dealings of Kalu Bhagat 
were going well. At the same time, he was also busy with Bhajan 
- Smaran very well. 

Fever Had Gone For Ever 


Fever Had gone for Ever 
• • • 

Once in a hot summer, in the month of Vaishakha, Kalu 
Bhagat was toiling very hard and he got severe fever. He was 
unable to bear it. He became unable to work and came to the 

Temple means a residence of Bhagat. With the grace of 
elder saints, he had got great support in his young age, the 
support of Shree Hari Himself. Bhagat had firmly installed that 
support in his heart. Bhagat came to the temple from the field. 
In the Verandah of the temple, near the small temples of 
Hanumanji and Ganapatiji, he went to sleep, as a child sleeps 
on the lap of his mother. 

At that time, Purani Swami Premprakashdasji had come 
to Fatsar. As Muktanand Swami is considered as the mother of 
Satsang, Purani Swami can be considered as the mother of entire 
Gurukul family. 

Purani Swami Premprakashdasji means an ocean of love. 

Purani Swami means a clean, frank and desireless saint. 

Purani Swami means motherly love embodied. 

The students, who have been brought up under the kind 
shelter of Purani Swami, are unable to forget him. If I say 
particularly about us. if we had not got the kind shelter of Purani 
Swami and Jogi Swami, perhaps we would not have become 

It was very hot summer. The Sun was roasting the earth. 
It was noon. There was no wind at all, not even a gentle breeze. 
The tail of the flag on the temple and the leaves of the trees 
were stable. The streets of the village were totally empty. The 
birds had hidden themselves under the shelter of leaves. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Purani Swami and the saints, after taking their meal, 
were taking rest in the temple. At 3:30 at noon, as it was time to 
wake up the God, the saints woke up. The gates of the temple 
were opened up. A younger saint came to wake up Hanumanji 
and Ganapatiji. He saw Kalu Bhagat sleeping nearby. 

The saint told Bhagat to wake up but he did not. The 
saint thought, ' what has happened to Bhagat today? Why is 
he not waking up? He touched the body of Bhagat. It was very 
hot with fever. The younger saint immediately told Purani 
Swami', "Kalu Bhagat is sleeping in the Verandah and he has a 
severe fever." 

Purani Swami immediately came out. He sat near 
Bhagat. He took Bhagat' s hand in his hand to examine the vein 
and knew that Bhagat had a severe fever. 

Purani Swami with kindness said to the younger saint, 
"Sadhuram, go and bring a water-pot (Kalash) filled with water 
and also bring fruits served to the God". 

Younger saint brought water in a water-pot and also 
fruit served to the God. Purani Swami stood up and he served 
the water to Hanumanji and prayed "O Kashta-bhanjan Dev! 
Please remove the fever of this servant of you" . 

Purani Swami made Kalu to drink the water served to 
Hanumanji and also gave fruits. He said to other saint, "Bring 
water in a pot and add sufficient salt in it. We want to put wet 
piece of cloth on the forehead of Bhagat." The younger saint 
brought all these and Swami himself started putting wet piece 
of cloth on the head of Bhagat. 

Slowly, the heat of fever in the body of Bhagat was 
removed and he felt good. 

'Kalu! Buy Buffaloes' 


Many years have elapsed. Kalu Bhagat, remembering this 
incident, says even today, ' Swami, I had fever and had become 
unconscious. On the blissful touch of Purani Swami, I became 
conscious. Purani Swami made me to drink the water. He put 
wet piece of cloth on my head and said, "Bhagat, you may go, 
now Hanumanji will remove your fever. From that day, I have 
never suffered from fever. My fever is removed forever. I have 
never taken any medicines". 

If great saints shower kindness, it can remove the disease 
of birth and death, then what can fever do? 

Kalu ! Buy Buffaloes' 

-• • 

On the words of Jogi Swami, Kalu Bhagat continued to 
do farm labour. Time was passing away. In the meantime, Jogi 
Swami again came to Fatsar. 

It was S.Y. 1969. It was summer. The village people 
became very glad on arrival of Jogi Swami. The devotees flocked 
together in the temple to have the Darshan of this great saint. 
Kalu Bhagat also rushed to the temple. 

At night, as usual, the evening Aarti, Dhoon-Bhajan, 
discourses were held. The verses of Niyam-Chesta were sung. 
Kalu Bhagat also took part in all these daily routine along with 
Jogi Swami and other saints. The routine programme of evening 
was over. The devotees left the temple. Kalu Bhagat came near 
Swami and sat nearby. On seeing this humble devotee, Jogi 
Swami had a wave of kindness towards Kalu Bhagat. Swami 
said, "O Kalu! For how many years will you maintain your family 
on such type of labour? You may keep buffaloes and deal in 
milk and curds". 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Kalu Bhagat said, "Swami, I have no money. Who will 
give me buffaloes without money?" 

Swami said, "You can tell somebody. Maharaj will help 
you, by inspiring him" . 

Kalu Bhagat said, "But Swami, in our family, dominance 
is of Bhurabapa, my father's elder brother. Everything is being 
done as per his wish only. He will not allow me to keep 

Swami asked, "Why? What objection has he?" 

Kalu Bhagat said, "Swami, I observe the rules of Satsang, 
he dislikes it". 

Swami said, "Don't worry; you may talk to him at home. 
Maharaj will clear your way. But ensure to keep buffaloes only 
and not goats, because one will have to send them to slaughter- 
house at last and that is a sin." In the advice of Jogi Swami, the 
good of the devotee and kindness towards all the living beings 
could be seen. 

For Kalu Bhagat, order or advice of Jogi Swami means 
command of God Himself. Therefore, he decided to keep 
buffaloes, with or without permission of Bhurabapa. 

On the words of Jogi Swami, Kalu Bhagat was working 
with Vallabhbapa Dhanani. In the summer season, the farmers 
of the villages around Gir used to bring manure from the Nesdas 
in the Gir, and mix it up into their fields. Kalu Bhagat was going 
with the truck to the Gir forest daily in the early morning at the 
place known as Kalubhai's Tali to bring manure. Years ago 
there had been an outlaw namely Kalubhai. He was killed at a 
place in the Gir, hence later on that place became known as 
Kalubhai's Tali'. 

'Kalu! Buy Buffaloes' 


Today while loading the truck with manure, Bhagat told 
his co-workers, "As advised by Swami, I want to keep buffaloes.' 
The co-workers had very good feeling for Bhagat, hence all gladly 
supported the idea.' It will be very good, if you keep the 

These people knew that when it was advised by Swamiji, 
Bhagat would surely keep buffaloes. 

Thus, they were talking while loading the truck with 
manure. In the meantime, the shepherds from Shiv-valo Aaro 
(name of a place in Jungle) came to graze the cattle there. One 
of them was Haribhai Karetha who was a distant relative of 
Kalu Bhagat. 

Kalu Bhagat told Haribhai, "I want to purchase 
buffaloes. Do you want to sell?" 

Haribhai said, "Bhagat, what do you say! For your seven 
generations, no one had buffaloes, forget that idea." 

The core of the matter was that in the sub-caste of 
Bhagat's family, it was a belief that they are not to keep buffaloes; 
otherwise, they would be plunged into the burden of heavy debt. 
Due to this type of strong belief, the shepherds of sub-caste of 
Bhagat did not keep buffaloes. 

The friends of Bhagat said, "Haribhai, do not talk about 
other things, Bhagat has been told to keep buffaloes by his Guru, 
hence he will purchase buffaloes anyhow. If you want to sell, 
say yes, otherwise Bhagat will purchase from others." 

Haribhai said, "Bhagat, I want to sell buffaloes but how 
will you arrange for money?" 

Bhagat said, "See, I am only a labour hence at present I 
have no money. But I will continue to pay from the profit earned 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

from the buffaloes. Within two-three years I will repay 

Haribhai said, "Bhagat, I have no objection to your idea 
but you will have to give a guarantor. If somebody from your 
family becomes the guarantor, I am ready to give you buffaloes 
on credit." 

Bhagat said, "Ok, I will come after arranging for the 

Haribhai said, "Ok then I will gladly give you buffaloes" 

After loading the manure into the truck, Bhagat came 
home. It was evening. Bhagat was in a hurry to reach to the 
temple. Whatever may be the difficulty, Bhagat would never 
miss to go to the temple. 

Before going to the temple, with courage he told his elder 
Bhurabapa, "I want to purchase buffaloes, but I have no money. 
I am to purchase on credit. Will you become my guarantor?" 

Bhurabapa was stunned to hear it. He saw Kalu Bhagat 
with his wide-open eyes. Kalu Bhagat was keeping Satsang and 
that was not at all liked by Bhurabapa. It was unbearable for 
him. Then how could he agree to become a guarantor? 

Bhurabapa immediately scolded, "Bhagat! Have you 
become mad? In our family lineage, none has ever kept buffaloes. 
How you can have this bad idea to keep buffaloes! You cannot 
be prosperous by keeping buffaloes. The buffalo keeper could 
be plunged into heavy debt and be ruined." 

Bhagat said, "You see, my Guru has told me to keep 
buffaloes, therefore I ought to keep buffaloes. Whether to become 
guarantor or not, is for you to think over." 

'Kalu! Buy Buffaloes' 


Bhurabapa saw that today Kalu's attitude was different. 
Now he will not succumb in straight way. Bapa played a trick, 
"Kalu, leave the idea to keep buffaloes, instead you may keep 
goats. It will not be a matter to worry. If you want to keep you 
can keep, when you don't want, you can sell them." Bapa 
thought that this Bhagat would get nothing by keeping goats. 

On the other hand, Bhagat was firm. He said, "Bapa I 
don't want to keep goats. My Guru has told me to keep buffaloes 
and he has clearly said not to keep goats. If you will not become 
a guarantor, I will make my father-in-law to become a guarantor. 
Then you will not blame me. I am going to the temple and 
returning after some time. In the meanwhile, you may think 
over. If you are willing to be a guarantor, then be ready to come 
with me in the morning with the truck, otherwise I will manage." 

After saying this, Bhagat went to the temple. In every 
word of Bhagat, there was a sound of truth and firm decision. 

Bapa understood the situation. Now Kalu is a different 
man. Now he cannot be convinced. Anyhow, he will make his 
father-in-law a guarantor and will surely purchase buffaloes. 
Bhurabapa was very wise. He thought out a trick. I will go with 
him to become guarantor and will palm off old and weak 
buffaloes to Bhagat. Then he will be toiling for whole of his life 
and will sink himself in the debt. Thus, he chalked out a plot. 

The name of Kalu Bhagat's father was Danabhai. 
Danabhai was a very kind, polite and innocent person, hence 
Bhurabapa had become dominant in the family. Bhrurabapa, 
with a vicious design in his mind, told Danabhai, "Dana, this 
Kalu has become the disciple of Swaminarayan Sampraday. He 
is instigated by his Swami. He is not taking into consideration 
our opinion. By keeping buffaloes, he will ruin our family, but I 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

do not want to create any quarrel. I will go with him to 
purchase buffaloes". 

Danabhai was glad to hear him. He thought, "At last he 
came to the line." But he could not think of the evil design of 
Bhura bapa. 

Kalu Bhagat came home late in the night. Mentally, he 
was prepared to hear harsh words of Bhurabapa. But come 
what may, he was very firm in his determination to purchase 
buffaloes and not to go back on that decision. He was determined 
to do as per the words of Jogi Swami. On seeing Kalu Bhagat, 
Bhurabapa said, "You have become much displeased. I have 
decided to come with you to become a guarantor. Tell when to 


Kalu Bhagat could not believe such a change in Bapa. 
How could he know about the malicious design of Bhurabapa? 
"Maharaj will do well," these words of Jogi Swami were 
sounding in his heart. 

Kalu Bhagat said, "In the early morning, a truck is going 
to fetch manure. We are to go with it." 

Bhura Bapa said, "Ok! Now you may go to sleep without 
any worry. We will go together in the morning." 

Bhagat was unable to understand the unbelievable 
change in Bhurabapa. But he surely knew that Bhurabapa was 
very skilful and shrewd.' 

Bhagat thought, "Whether Bhurabapa truly says to come 
with me or he is fooling me, whatever it is, will be known in the 

He stopped thinking and went to sleep. 

In the early morning, Bhurabapa was really ready to 
come with him. After loading the truck with manure, he and 
Bhurabapa came at Shivtali at the residence of Haribhai Karetha. 

'Kalu! Buy Buffaloes' 


Haribhai welcomed both. Bhurabapa was humourous 
and outspoken by nature. Moreover, Haribhai was in-laws in 

Hence Bapa asked him, "O Hari, show me your buffaloes. 
My Kalu wants to buy buffalos. You have told about a gurantor, 
therefore I have come to become a guarantor." 

Haribhai said, "Ok Bapa, come with me, the buffaloes 
would be sitting near river at this time." 

Bapa said, "But how are the buffaloes? Whether useful 
or useless? Means, whether they are young or old? Whether 
the buffaloes are capable to give milk?" 

Haribhai said, "Bapa, whatever may be, I will give you 
best buffaloes". Talking in this way they came to the river. 

The buffaloes were grazing at the bank of the river. Few 
were sitting in the water and few were under tree. Haribhai 
showed them three of the best buffaloes. The names of the 
buffaloes were Dhingal, Sogal and Ladak. 

As someone gives names to his sons, the cattle keepers 
also give names to their buffaloes. Bhagat liked those three 

Bhurabapa thought that these buffaloes are very good. 
Not of the class, I have thought out to give Bhagat. Thinking so 
he asked, "What is the price?" 

Haribhai said, "you see, these buffaloes are very dear to 
me. As I have to spend on social custom, I am compelled by the 
circumstances to sell them. There will be Rs 500/- per buffalo. 
As you are my relative, I am asking less." 

Bhurabapa slowly and skillfully said, "O Haribhai! My 
Kalu is a farm laborer. This price is too high for him. Show us 
buffaloes of lesser price! Kalu wants to purchase three buffaloes, 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

hence how can he manage for this much of money? Moreover, 
I also cannot be guarantor for such a big amount!" 

Haribhai said, "Bhurabapa, do not be greedy. If you 
purchase cheap, you will not get good buffaloes." 

Bhurabapa said, "But we have to manage for the money. 
You may show cheap buffaloes". 

Haribhai showed another three. All were old, namely 
Fachar, Gadad and Manek. 

While talking with Haribhai, Bhurabapa examined the 
buffaloes. All were old. Bhurabapa was glad. These buffaloes 
are good for this devotee. 

Bhurabapa said, "Hari, talk about price." 

Kalu Bhagat thought that these buffaloes are useless but 
due to bashfulness, he could not speak even a word. Still he 
was respecting the elder of his family. 

Haribhai said, "It will cost Rs. 300/- per buffalo." 

Bhurabapa got the thing he was planning. He said, "Ok, 

Now Kalu Bhagat had a spark in his mind. Bapa does 
not wish to purchase good buffaloes for me. He wants me to 
have such old buffaloes to ruin me. 

Now Kalu Bhagat could understand secret of the change 
in the attitude of Bhurabapa. 

Haribhai said, "Bapa, do not be greedy. You will repent. 
As you are my relatives, I am telling you the truth. Purchase 
good buffaloes." 

But Bhurabapa declined. 

Bapa said, "But my Kalu is doing hard work, he should 
afford the price". 

'Kalu! Buy Buffaloes' 


Kalu Bhagat now fully understood the malice of 
Bhurabapa but the words of Jogi Swami 'Maharaj will do well' 
were sounding in his mind. Bhagat did not speak anything. 'Let 
it be as wish of Maharaj. My God will always do well for me.' 

Haribhai was thinking, "Bapa is greedy." 

Bhurabapa was thinking that his plot has succeeded. 

Bhagat was thinking, "Let it be as Maharaj wish." 

Thus after setting the bargain all the three came to the 
Shivtali Nes. The wife of Haribhai was waiting for the guests. 

As all the three returned, she asked," What have you 
done? Is bargain settled with Bhagat?' 

Haribhai said, "Yes, with the grace of the God, good 
bargain is done. Three buffaloes are sold". 

His wife asked, "Which three are given to Bhagat?" 

Haribhai said, "Fachar, Gadad and Manek." 

On hearing the names, she was surprised. A voice came 
out from her heart, "Oh! Those are old buffaloes, not much useful. 
We should not give to Bhagat. Such old buffaloes, It is a sin". 

Thinking this way, she said, "Oh my man, you have given 
old buffaloes to Bhagat and yet you say it is a good bargain? Do 
you want to commit a sin by giving such old buffaloes to Bhagat?" 

All were hearing. A voice sounded from the heart of Kalu 
Bhagat. It is not Haribhai' s wife speaking, my God Shree Hari is 
speaking' from her heart. 

Haribhai said, "But I was giving only good buffaloes to 
Bhagat but Bhurabapa is greedy. Though I said no, he himself 
chose these buffaloes. Then what could I do?' 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Bhura Bapa wanted to speak something but that woman 
did not allow him. "Bapa, you are our respected person. I beg 
your pardon, but I don't want to give such useless buffaloes to 

Bhura Bapa said, "But good buffaloes are costly and 
Kalu is unable to pay and I am to be a guarantor." 

The wife of Haribhai said, 'Bapa, forget about money. 
Bhagat can give us money after three years and we do not need 
your guarantee. The word of Bhagat is a guarantee for us. 
Therefore, please don't speak anything now.' She said to 
Haribhai, "See, three buffaloes selected at first instance, Dhingal, 
Sogal and Ladak only be given to Bhagat, no others". 

There was a great force in her words. None could speak 
otherwise. Bhurabapa became dumb. His face lost its colours. 
This woman had failed his plan. 

Kalu Bhagat got tears of pleasure in his eyes. He thought 
that at last my God has done well to me. 

On the words of Swami, good bargain was settled. Shree 
Hari helped Bhagat unexpectedly. Bhura Bapa's game was 
collapsed. Bhagat came home with good buffaloes. 

At the grace of Shree Hari, a good bargain of three 
buffaloes was settled. One buffalo was given to Bhagat by his 
maternal uncle Jasabhai who said, "Bhagat, I have no hurry. 
You may give money even after ten years, don't worry." 

Haribhai Jagani was a good devotee. He gave one buffalo 
to Bhagat and said, "Bhagat, I don't want money. You may 
give me fertilizer." Bhagat said, "Ok." 

'Kalu! Buy Buffaloes' 


Swami had said, "Living in somebody, Maharaj will help 
you" Thus, on the words of Jogi Swami, he received unexpected 
help from many." 

Taking all the five buffaloes, Bhagat went to 
Khakharawala Nes. Here lived his maternal uncle's son. He 
helped Bhagat a lot. Bhagat had savings of three hundred rupees. 
He purchased household grocery and cottonseeds for the 
buffaloes, sufficient for four months. 

It was good rainfall that year. Bhagat carefully kept 
buffaloes, as a result five buffaloes gave return equivalent to ten 
buffaloes, within five months. In five months only, he sold ghee 
of 1600 Rupees. He repaid the debt to Haribhai Shivtaliwala 
within one year only instead of three years. 

At the completion of rainy season, the number of 
buffaloes rose to seven. Wealth increased in the house. At the 
grace of Shree Hari and Jogi Swami, Kalu Bhagat' s business 
increased. The people had faith in Bhagat. Bhagat sold only pure 
milk and ghee without any adulteration. Hence people 
purchased milk and ghee from Bhagat only. 

Really, Kalu Bhagat is a different kind of human being. 
For material benefit, he has never violated the commands of 
Shree Hari. He has never touched the unlawful money. He is 
from a lower caste but his wealth of heart is bigger than that of 
big rulers. 

In the year of 1971, Bhagat came to Kanek Nes for living 
there. Slowly the number of buffaloes rose from 7 to 70. On the 
words of Jogi Swami, he achieved good success in keeping the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Good days are here again 
4?*K* ••• 

Sometimes Bhagat lived with buffaloes at Khakhra Nes, 
sometimes in Fatsar. He had not gone to Kanek Nes yet. This 
story is from that time. All were happy to see Bhagat's progress 
except Bhurabapa like Mama Shakuni, he was envious of Bhagat 
and was harassing Bhagat in many ways. 

Straightforward and simple natured Bhagat was 
forbearing with silence. Bhagat's father Danabhai was also 
taking sides with Bhurabapa. Danabhai also told Bhagat, "Kalu, 
your satsang is true but I can't forsake my brother." 

Only mother of Kalubhai supported him. All other family 
members were against Kalubhagat, and Bhurapaba was their 
leader. He mixed onion and garlic in the food and water 
sometimes. Bhurabapa used to hide Bhagat's Pooja. Every now 
and then, on finding some fault, he used to scold Bhagat. Thus, 
Bhurabapa harassed Bhagat in many ways but Kalu Bhagat 
was endured all these, believing it as the wish of Maharaj. 

Bhagat endured all these, but Shree Hari could not bear 
it. One day at night, Shree Hari showed him a miracle and 
Bhurabapa was compelled to leave his malicious nature. 

It was morning. Kalu Bhagat has just completed his 
Pooja. At that time Bhurabapa came. He was shivering. He sat 
little away on his knees, keeping his hands on his head, and 
looking towards Kalu Bhagat. 

Kalu Bhagat looked at Bhura Bapa. Seeing the face of 
Bapa, he could understand that something new had happened. 
Bapa was pale and somewhat depressed. 

As Kalu Bhagat looked at him, Bapa said, "O Kalu! Does 
your Swaminarayan sit on a horse?" 

Good Days Are Here Again 


Bhagat thought, "Why is Bapa asking such a question?" 

Bhagat said, "Yes, our Swaminarayan Bhagawan does 
sit on a horse". 

Bhura Bapa asked, "How is that mare?" 

Bhagat said, "Her colour is red and a white spot on her 

Bapa said, "Yes, exactly it is. Kalu! who would be with 
him, having turbans on their heads and spears and swords in 
their hands?" 

Bhagat said, "They are called their Palas (Body guards)." 

Bhagat thought, "What is Bapa asking today? I can't 

Bapa said, "O Kalu! At night, your Swami came on the 
horse. With him there were men with 'Bokani' (a piece of cloth 
tied around the face) and turban on the head. They had spears 
and swords in their hands. They beat me very much and threw 
me from my bed. Your Swami was standing a little away. He 
said, O Bhuriya! If you harass my devotee henceforth, you will 
not remain safe. I bowed down to him and promised not to 
harass you henceforth. Then only, he let me go alive. Kalu, now 
onward if I harass you, I will be your son." 

Kalu Bhagat could understand the matter now. He 
thought, with the grace of Jogi Swami, Maharaj is taking care 
of me! 

After this incident the harassment caused by Bhura Bapa 
totally stopped. Thereafter Bhagat went to Kanek Nes to live 
there and became happy. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

'Kalu ! Start a Shop' 

Again, one day Swami said, "O Kalu, now you have 
many buffaloes, haven't you?" 

Bhagat said, "Yes Swami, with your grace, I have now 
eighty buffaloes" 

Swami said, "Kalu, start a shop in Gir Gadhada now." 

Bhagat said, "But Swami, will I be able to do business?" 

Swami said, "Yes, you will be able to do good business. 
Maharaj is with you." 

On the words of Jogi Swami, Bhagat started a shop in 
Gir Gadhada. The reputation and credit was good, hence good 
business was done by him. With the grace of Swami, he became 
very happy. At present, his son is studying in Ahmedabad 
Gurukul and two others are keeping the buffaloes. 

Buffaloes Saved Bhagat 
• • • 

Hardam Rahe Smaranma, Shree Hari ne sant 

Sankat ma kem visare, Bhagat ne Bhagwant 

Meaning: Who always remembers Shree Hari and His 
Saints, Shree Hari never forgets that disciple in danger. 

The land of Gir in Saurashtra is really like a piece of 
heaven. It is a favourite land of lions and saints. It is a motherland 
of valiant men like lions. In this land of Gir, the beauty of the 
bank of the River Machchhundri is unique. As it was loved by 
Matsyendranath, it is named as Machchhundri. Flowing zigzag 
like a serpent, it is like a necklace of Gir. 

Buffaloes Saved Bhagat 


Several saints have done penance here on the banks of 
this river and have made it like a place of pilgrimage. Its water 
is more than the nectar and it is a lifeline for the Maldharis 
(shepherds) and their cattle living in Gir. 

Once on the bank of this river, Kalu Bhagat was grazing 
his buffaloes. It was evening. The sun was moving fast towards 
the horizon in the west and with its golden rays, that whole Gir 
looked beautiful. 

The flow of Machchhundri was creating the sound like 
playing of flute by Shree Krishna. The buffaloes of Bhagat were 
grazing green grass and were slowly advancing towards the 
Nes. At that time in the nearby bushes, a lion and a lioness 
were engaged in the play. 

As such, lion is an animal of high pedigree. If it is not 
harassed by man, it never attacks. All the kinds of animals except 
human being are living as per the rules of the nature. If it feels 
itself endangered, then only it will attack, otherwise not. Only 
human being is such, which harasses others without any reason. 

The lion is the king of animals. Its living style is royal 
and marvelous. The people living in the jungle know about its 
nature very well. The lion does not harass human being and 
the people of Gir do not fear the lion. Both respect each other. 
Of course, the nature of the lioness is hot. One must stay away 
from her. If a lioness is in the mating period or her cubs are 
with her, then she is dangerous. 

While grazing the buffaloes, Bhagat unknowingly went 
to the place where the lion couple was playing. On seeing 
Bhagat, the lion became angry and rushed towards Bhagat. 
Bhagat became alert. Bhagat and the lion came opposite each 
other. Bhagat's clothes became wet with the foam came out of 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

the mouth of the lion. But this was Kalu Bhagat, not an ordinary 
man. He was fearless. Bhagat also shouted against the lion and 
raised his 'Dang/ but he thought whatever could happen today. 
He remembered Maharaj and Jogi Swami. The whole forest 
became stunned. The sun in the sky also stopped for a while. 
The birds sitting on the trees around started chirping in fear. 
The monkeys also started jumping from one tree to another. 
The crowd of deer started running away to save themselves. In 
the meantime, Bhagat's favourite buffalo 'Manek' got the smell 
of a lion. She saw her master in danger. She immediately 
attacked the lion. Other buffaloes also made all out attack on 
the lion. Manek attacked with her head and horns and made 
the lion to flee. Thus, the buffaloes of Bhagat saved him. 

As such, the buffalo is a heavy and thick-skinned animal, 
which do not move if one strikes with a lathi. Anyhow, the 
buffaloes of Gir do not fear the lions at all. 

The cows are considered to be clever and active but on 
seeing the lion they start running away and scatter. They fall 
prey to lion in such a panic. However, the buffaloes of Gir are 
different. When these buffaloes see a lion, they become valiant 
and united they break the bones of the lion. The lion is also 
aware of the strength of the buffaloes hence it always remains 
away from the herd of buffaloes. Of course, if any younger 
buffalo were found alone, the lion would not leave it alive. 
Moreover, when buffaloes are with him, the Maldhari 
(Shepherd) also does not fear the lions. 

It appears that the people of India need to learn some 
lesson from the buffaloes. The people run away by the fear of 
terrorists like cows and resultantly are killed like small creatures. 
Instead the people of India should united and fearlessly fight 

At the Pit of Bhaduri 


Once, Kalu Bhagat came to Rajkot for the Darshan of 
Jogi Swami. He told Jogi Swami in detail how Maharaj had saved 
him by inspiring the buffaloes. 

Swami said, 'Bhagat, the lion would have killed you but 
you are doing devotion of the Maharaj, hence He has saved 
you. You continue to do Bhajan. If we become true devotee of 
the God, then as Gunatitanand Swami has said 'As mother saves 
her child, eyelid saves eye, the God is there to save us.' 

At the Pit of Bhaduri 
#*K* ••• 

Bhagawan Shree Hari asked Muktanand Swami, 
'Swami, do you know how to solder the broken Tumbadi (a vessel 
of dry rind)?' 

Swami said, 'No Maharaj.' 

Shree Hari said,' Swami, you do not know your divine 
power! If you cast your eye on a soul like a fly, it would become 
like a sun. You have such a power.' 

Swami said, 'Maharaj, it is not due to me, but due to 
your power'. 

Such is the story of Jogi Swami. Jogi Swami, who always 
keeps Shree Hari in his heart, graced upon a soul like Kalu 
Bhagat and changed him entirely. 

Nobody takes note of a fly but everybody has to take a 
note of the Sun. Swami cast his kind eye on a shepherd of a Nes 
of Gir and made him notable for all. The God has made Kalu 
Bhagat a benevolent as well as brave devotee. He has no fear at 
all in his life. 

One day, in the early morning, the sun had yet not came 
out of the eastern horizon. The previous day Kalu Bhagat had 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

gone from Kanek Nes to Girgadhada for some domestic work. 
In the evening, while returning to Kanek, he was late. He was 
on the way to Kanek and night had fallen, hence he stopped 
his journey in the forest near Kodiya dam. He went to sleep 
remembering Shreeji Maharaj. As he was much tired, he got, 
sound sleep. Thus in the midst of the jungle, in the home of 
Lions only Kalu Bhagat can sleep. None else can. 

Bhagat rose up in the early morning and came at the 
ditch of Bhaduri of River Machchhundri. The ditch of Bhaduri 
is a resting place of Maladharis where water never exhausts. It 
is also a place of rest for the lions. In the bushes around, the 
lions gladly sleep. 

The water of Machchhundri was flowing with sweet 
sound. As such, Kalu Bhagat came for the bath and Pooja-Path 
at the bank of the Machchhundri. 

Today Bhagat took his bath in the clean water of Bhaduri 
ditch. On the clean sands of the bank, he sat to do his Pooja- 
Path. At that time, a big lion came on the opposite bank to drink 

Bhagat saw the lion and lion also saw Bhagat. Both gazed 
at each other but Bhagat is a sea of courage. He had no fear. 

Bhagat thought, 'The protector Shree Hari with a 
thousand hands is with me, then why fear?' Thinking in this 
way, he engrossed his mind in Shree Hari and started moving 

The lion drank the water and after crossing the river, 
advanced towards Bhagat. However, Bhagat remained 
unmoved and continued to move Mala. The lion, like a pet 
animal sat at some distance. He gazed at Bhagat, as if a devout 
soul of previous birth had come for the Darshan of a true 
devotee of the God. 

Sincere Desire 


Bhagat continued to move Mala and the lion also 
continued to sit before him. When Bhagat concluded his 'Pooja', 
the lion also took leave and disappeared in the dense forest. 
What a courage of Kalu Bhagat! To keep courage in such a 
situation is a result of a grace of Shree Hari and a great saint. 

Sincere Desire 

-• • 

Kalu Bhagat had volition in his mind. As most of the 
saints of Gurukul had visited his Nes, but 'Guru' Jogi Swami 
had never come. It would be good, if Swami come to my Nes 
but looking to the old age of Swami and hilly road of Gir, how 
can I insist? 

Once, when Jogi Swami was in Ahmedabad Gurukul, 
Kalu Bhagat came there for the Darshan. He was thinking to 
do Pratishtha of pictorial Murtis of Shree Hari and Gopinathji 
Maharaj in a small temple at home by doing Aarti by Jogi Swami. 

Bhagat told Vishwavihari Swami. Vishvavihari Swami 
asked Jogi Swami, "Swami, Bhagat wants to create a small 
temple in the Nes. Will you do Aarti of Murtis here or will you 
go to the Nes?" 

As if to fulfill the wish of Bhagat, Shree Hari inspired 
Swami. Swami said, "We will go to the Nes of Bhagat to create 
a temple there." 

On hearing this, Bhagat became very glad. Bhagat told 
Balkrishnadasji Swami that Jogi Swami was to come to Kanek. 
Bal Swami said that they would also come with him. 

Bal Swami sent some students with Kalu Bhagat to Kanek 
for prior arrangements. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Loving Temple of Nes 

^^ ■ • • • 

A Nes (small cluster of Huts of Shepherds in the Gir 
forest) is worth seeing. 

The walls are made of vertical and horizontal logs of 
wood and the roofs are made of dry grass. The cluster of such 
huts is called a Nes. In the rural Gujarati tongue, it is called 
'Nehdo'. 'Nehdo' means the residence of people whose hearts 
are full of pure love. The cold wind of winter blows through 
such huts, the heat of summer heats up in and out of these huts 
and the rain wets these huts in and out. 

In such a hut, a wealthy man could not live even for a 
week; the Maldharis of Gir pass their whole lives. 

Once, the Government had a good idea. It planned to 
prepare pukka houses of stones for these maldharis to uplift 
their living standards. The original aim of the scheme was to 
provide stones to these Maldharis to enable them to construct 
compound walls around their fold for the cattle, so that they 
may not require to cut thorny trees to make protection hedges 
for their cattle. Thus to protect the trees of the jungle and also 
to protect the cattle of the Maldharis, the stones were supplied. 

The Government's plan was really strange. The 
Maldharis said, "Who can convince the government that with 
insufficient stones provided by it, no worthwhile compound 
wall can be constructed which can protect their cattle from the 
wild animals of the Jungle?" Instead, Maldharis thought to 
construct their pukka houses with the stones supplied by the 

Some shrewd Govt, officer understood the fact and he 
said, 'We have supplied you the stones, you may construct 
whatever you wish, but don't ask for corrugated roofing sheets.' 

Loving Temple of Nes 


There are many benevolent schemes of the Government 
but its benefits do not reach their needy and deserving people. 
As due to the leakages in the water drain the seepage of water 
occurs, the benefits of Govt, schemes hardly reach the needy. 
However, this scheme reached the Maldharis. 

The Govt, provided one thousand stones per family to 
these Maldharis. These Maldharis facing difficulties for many 
years, felt as if they have won the lottery of lacs. The Maldharis 
prepared their pukka houses out of these stones. 

Kalu Bhagat thought that he is not to construct his pukka 
house. The hut is better for him. He thought that every now 
and then the saints came to his Nes and faced difficulties in 
living in the hut. A small temple should be constructed using 
these stones so that the saints can lodge in it. Bhagat kept his 
hut as it was and used these stones in constructing a house of 
the God. He constructed the walls with stones and prepared 
the roof with roofing tiles. He prepared the flooring of earth. 

The collegian youth of Ahmedabad Gurukul, under the 
leadership of Shamji Bhagat, did the labour work and in a short 
time, a small temple was ready. 

Every stone of this temple is set with the love of heart 
and dedication. 

No other temple is equal to the temple created with the 
love and dedication. 

The devotees of Fatsar, Dron, Itwaya, Vadaviyala, Jargali, 
Gir gadhada, Khilavad etc. villages of Gir-area were informed 
about the ensuing arrival of Jogi Swami. The devotees became 
very glad because after many years, Jogi Swami was coming to 
this area to give his Darshan. At that time, Swami was to ninety 
years old. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Jogi Swami along with ten-twelve Saints came from 
Ahmedabad to Kanek by the forest road. 

It was the most important day for Kalu Bhagat. For him 
it was just like Shree Ram had arrived at the house of Shabari. 
With great reverence, Bhagat welcomed Jogi Swami. There were 
tears of extreme joy in the eyes of Bhagat and the eyes of Jogi 
Swami were showering grace. At such an old age, suffering 
inconvenience, he had come to the Nes to fulfill the volition of a 
beloved devotee. In the evening, there was a meeting. The 
Maldharis from nearby Nesdas came to have Darshan of Swami. 
Many Maldharis became Satsangi by getting Tulsi bead rosaries 
to wear. 

While returning from Chitrakut to Ayodhya, Bharataji 
wished to have some life-supporting thing from Bhagawan 
Ramchandraji. Bhagawan Ramchandraji fulfilled that wish by 
giving him 'Padooka' (open wooden chap-pals). In the same way 
Bhagat had thought, ' At such an old age, Swami has come to 
my house. Something should be done to make this incident 
worth remembering.' 

Bhagat prepared a platform of stone and told 
Vishvavihari Swami,' "In the morning, we shall bathe the swami 
here." Vishvavihari said, "Ok." 

Bhagat prepared a bamboo scale with one tin-box at each 
end. He continued to bring water from the nearby well and 
saints and Vishvavihari Swami, bathed Swami with that water. 

Swami also, remembering great saints and devotees, 
Shree Hari and places of pilgrimage, continued to take bath for 
quite some time. Then he asked, "Oh Bhagat! Are you glad 

O Maharaj! Let It Rain 


Bhagat said, "Swami, we are very glad. You may please 
continue to shower your kindness forever.' Saying this Bhagat 
started doing Dandvat Pranam. 

Swami said, "Bhagat, stop Dhandvat" . Bhagat stopped 
doing Dantvat. Swami started to do Pooja. Kalu Bhagat also sat 
before him and while doing Darshan he started to sing morning 
verses (Prabhatiya) :Prabhat Bhayo Pranpyare, Jago Girdhari. 

It was a very pious atmosphere in the grand Gir area. 
The sun showered its golden rays on the land. The birds were 
chirping. The peacocks were making sweet sounds and were 
dancing with joy. Small bells in the neck of the cows were 
sounding with melodious sound. The shepherds with their cattle 
had started their journey to the forests. The 'Kirtans' being sung 
by Bhagat were making the whole atmosphere sacred. 

At about nine to ten in the morning, the devotees from 
nearby villages started coming to have the Darshan. A good 
meeting was arranged. Jogi Swami with his own hands 
performed the Pratishtha of Murtis of Shree Hari Krishna 
Maharaj and Shree Gopinathji Maharaj in a small temple at the 
Nes and Swami performed Aarti. Thus, a small temple was 
created at a Nes in the Gir forest. 

O Maharaj! Let it Rain 

-• • • 

During the stay at Kanek, a divine incident happened. 
This year, there was not much rain. In the begining of the rainy 
season, there was some rain but thereafter it was delayed. 
Therefore, the farmers and the Maldharis were worried. 

In the meanwhile, Swami arrived there. The Maldharis 
thought, 'Swami is a great saint. If Swami kindly prays to God, 
it will rain and our cattle could be saved. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Maldharis told Kalu Bhagat but Kalu Bhagat said, 'how 
can we tell this to Swami? Let us talk to Purani Balkrishnadasji 
Swami,' Thinking this way, they told Balswami about their 

Balkrishna Swami said, "On behalf of you, I will request 

Bal Swami told Jogi Swami, "Swami, in absence of rain, 
all these Maldharis and their cattle are suffering. If you kindly 
request Maharaj, it will rain." 

On hearing the sufferings of Maldharis, Swami kindly 
prayed to Maharaj, "O Maharaj, these poor people are suffering 
for want of water, please kindly make it rain." 

Maharaj heard the prayer of Swami, dark clouds started 
covering the sky and good rain started. 

The saints said, "Swami, it is raining, let us take bath in 
the rain." Swami came out of the hut. Swami becomes very 
glad to have bath in the rain. 

Vishwavihari Swami became worried, 'If it will rain 
more, the kuchcha roads (muddy roads) of Gir would be closed 
and then the car may not be driven on those roads. He said to 
Swami "Swami, if there is more rain, we will not be able to go 
from here. Therefore, kindly do as it may rain after our departure 
from here." 

Swami said, "If it is so, we may pray to Maharaj that 
the rain should stop now." Moreover, to the surprise of all, after 
some time, the rain stopped. More surprising fact is that as soon 
as Swami came out of Gir area, on the same day, very good 
rainfall occurred in Gir. After many years, the Maldharis of 
Kanek still remember that divine incident. 

Shreeji Maharaj always hears the prayer of Jogi Swami. 
Many saints and devotees are witnesses of the fact. 

Let The Vow Be Continued 


Let the Vow be continued 

-• • 

Once Kalu Bhagat had gone to village Dron to purchase 
cottonseeds, oil cake etc. for the buffaloes. He had thought to 
return home the same day evening but due to some important 
work, he had to stay in Dron for two days. He had not taken 
his 'Pooja' with him. He had a vow not to take even water 
without performing 'Pooja'. This determination of 'Bhagat' was 
unshakable like a mountain. 

Praising for such determined devotees Brahmanand 
Swami has composed many 'Kirtans' like, 

'Tek Na Mele Re Te Marad Khara Jag Mahi" 

Bhagat observed fast for two days. He had not taken food or 
even water during those two days. After returning home, he 
first performed Pooja and only then, he took his meal. 

Whenever Bhagat comes for 'Darshan' of Jogi Swami, 
Swami says/ My Kalu has come.' 

Swami said, "Kalu belongs to Maharaj. Upon him there 
is grace of Maharaj and myself, hence nobody is able to harm 

Kalu Bhagat also has unshakable faith in Maharaj and 
great reverence towards Jogi Swami. He firmly believes that 
whatever he is, is due to the grace of Shreeji Maharaj and the 
blessings of Jogi Swami. 

In serving food to others, Bhagat' s home is really great. 
Any wayfarer or saint, mendicant or whoever comes to his hut, 
Bhagat serves him milk, butter, curd and 'Rotla'. The blessings 
of saints are the biggest capital of Bhagat. That capital has made 
Kalu Bhagat a better devotee than any other well to do and 
wealthy person. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Grace Upon Boder Family 

-• • • 

Laljibhai Bodar was a good devotee in village Fatsar. 
Unfortunately, he became sick. In a small village like Fatsar, 
there could be no proper diagnosis or good treatment. Laljibhai's 
sickness increased. At last, he was admitted to a Hospital in 
Junagadh. The doctors diagnosed that both kidneys were likely 
to fail. One kidney was somewhat good. The doctors of 
Junagadh advised to take him to Ahmedabad for treatment. 

Thereafter he was admitted to a hospital at Ahmedabad. 
His condition continued to be serious. On the other hand, the 
marriage of his son was to be arranged and Laljibhai's condition 
was serious. The entire family was preparing for the marriage 
ceremony and here in Ahmedabad, Laljibhai was counting his 
last moments. Therefore, entire family was much worried. 

The mother of Laljibhai, Monghima was a good devotee. 
She had great reverence towards Jogi Swami. She thought, 'If 
prayed to Jogi Swami, my son Lalji could be saved and the 
worries of our family could be removed and the marriage 
ceremony could be concluded without any worry. But, who 
can convey my request to Jogi Swami? 

Monghima remembered Kalu Bhagat. She met Kalu 
Bhagat, told him everything, and said, 'Kalu Bhagat, you may 
go to Rajkot to see Jogi Swami. Jogi Swami has given life to 
many people. If Jogi Swami kindly prays to Maharaj, my son 
Lalji can get new life.' While talking, Monghima's eyes were 
shedding tears. 

Kalu Bhagat duly knew the faith and love of Monghima 
for the Bhagawan Swaminarayan. Kalu Bhagat said, ' Ma, don't 

Grace Upon Boder Family 


worry. I am going to Swami and will tell him everything. Swami 
will surely be graceful. He will remove the worry of your family.' 

Kalu Bhagat came to Rajkot. On seeing Kalu Bhagat, 
Jogi Swami was very glad. The grace, which can't be earned 
even by big industrialists, that grace has been earned by a 
shepherd devotee living in a Nes of Gir. Virtuous and pious life 
and devotion touching the sky are the only means to get the 
grace of the God. 

The great saints could not become glad with the heaps 
of wealth or worldly things. The entire wealth of the universe is 
like a blade of grass for them. The person who could be made 
glad with the wealth, he would be a merchant but not a great 

The items that make great saints glad are different and 
Kalu Bhagat has got those things easily. 

Swami said, "O Kalu! When have you come?" 

Bhagat said, "Swami, I have just come and have directly 
come for your Darshan." 

Swami said, "For what purpose have you come?" 
Bhagat said, "Swami, Laljibhai Bodar of Fatsar is 
swinging between life and death. He has been admitted to a 
hospital in Ahmedabad. The doctor says that both his kidneys 
have failed. On the other hand, marriage ceremony of his son is 
due. The whole family is in great worry. You may please pray 
to Maharaj. So, Maharaj may shower His grace to remove the 
worries of that family." 

As per his nature, Swami gazed at the Murti of Shreeji 
Maharaj for some time. Thereafter he asked a saint to bring the 
water offered to Maharaj. He gave that water to Kalu Bhagat 
and said, 'you may immediately give this water to Laljibhai and 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

tell her mother to move the Mala with chanting the mantra' 
Swaminarayan' . Shree Hari will do well, but do not delay in 
giving this water to Laljibhai. Swami repeatedly stressed the 
need to haste in giving the water to Laljibhai. 

Here in Ahmedabad the doctors told the family members 
of Laljibhai that the only remedy is to change the kidney. Delay 
in the same is risky. But, how one can get the donor 
immediately? Therefore, take him home, come after arranging 
for a kidney. 

Laljibhai, swinging between life and death, was brought 
to Fatsar. At the same time, Kalu Bhagat also reached Fatsar 
with water given by Jogi Swami. 

As Jogi Swami has said, with chanting of Swaminarayan 
Swaminarayan Maha-mantra, that water was given to 
Laljibhai. As soon as Laljibhai drank that water, new life started 
spreading in his body. With this water of 'Prasadi' Shree 
Laljibhai was cured. 

The marriage ceremony of his son was celebrated with 
great joy. The whole ceremony was concluded with fervour. 
Three months passed. Again, Laljibhai's health deteriorated and 
he was again admitted to a hospital at Ahmedabad. 

Again, Monghima told Kalu Bhagat, "Bhagat, you may 
please go to Swami. If Swami showers his grace, Lalji could be 

Kalu Bhagat said, "Ma! once Maharaj has heard your 
prayer and Laljibhai was cured. The marriage ceremony also 
was celebrated with great joy. Now I hesitate to again request 
Jogi Swami." 

Monghima said, "Then do one thing. Let my Lalji have 
the 'Darshan' of Swami. Then let it be as Maharaj wish" 

Grace Upon Boder Family 


Kalu Bhagat came to Rajkot from Fatsar and Laljibhai 
was brought to Rajkot from Ahmedabad for the Darshan of 
Swami. In the afternoon, at the time of awakening of the God, 
they had the ' Darshan' of Swamiji. Swamiji was moving the 
Mala. Bhandari Hariprasad Swami along with Laljibhai came 
to Jogi Swami. 

Bhandari Swami told Jogi Swami, "Swami, this 
Laljibhai's kidney requires to be changed. His wife has decided 
to give her kidney. You may please pray to Maharaj so that the 
operation becomes successful." Swami gazed at Laljibhai for 
some time and then he closed his eyes and did not speak 
anything. Bhandari Swami again requested but Swami did not 

Bhandari Swami again requested thrice. Swami opened 
his eyes but did not speak anything. He continued to move Mala. 
When Bhandari Swami still insisted, Swamiji said, "Now 
Maharaj does not wish. Let him wear this garland of 'Prasadi' 
for the good of his soul." Saying this Jogi Swami gave a garland. 
Bhandari Swami gave it to Laljibhai to wear. 

Laljibhai was a courageous man. He said to Kalu Bhagat, 
'Bhagat, I have received a garland of Prasadi from Jogi Swami. 
This garland is for my farewell from this world but now I have 
no fear of death. For many years, we have followed the tenets 
of 'Satsang' together. We have got the benefit of association with 
great saints like Shashtriji Maharaj, Purani Swami 
Premprakashdasji and Jogi Swami. Therefore, now I have no 
desire to live more and no grief of death. After meeting such 
great saints, we are fortunate in our life and more fortunate 
after death. When Swami has given me a garland my death is 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Hearing the daring talks of Laljibhai, Kalu Bhagat also 
became glad. The people can talk boldly but the test of boldness 
could be when testing time comes. 

The moments of death can confuse even big people. The 
moments of death become auspicious for the people who can 
welcome it. 

Bhagawan Swaminarayan has given an invaluable 
promise to his devotees, "At the end of life of my devotee, I will 
surely come to take him to my abode." This promise has made 
thousands of devotees fearless. In this way, Laljibhai Bodar 
became fearless and went to Akshardham with the 
remembrance of Shreeji Maharaj. Thus, the death of Laljibhai 
became an auspicious incident. 

[Note: This incident has been narrated by Kalu Bhagat 
himself. This incident occurred before his eyes.] 

In connection with the above incident of Laljibhai Bodar, 
one divine incident happened. Talking about this, Kalu Bhagat 
said, "A volition had taken place in my mind when I was coming 
to Rajkot second time, on the suggestion of Monghima. 
Bhagawan Ramchandraji had given a pair of wooden shoes to 
Bharatji. Bhagawan Swaminarayan had given a turban to 
Ardesharji. In the same way, it will be good if Swami would 
give me something to remember him forever. Swami has given 
me garlands so many times. 'Prasadi' of sugar crystals also has 
been given to me in abundance but this time Swami would give 
me such thing which I can preserve in my home for ever. Again 
I thought, 'how can I demand such thing on my own from 

With such thoughts, I had gone to Jogi Swami and I got 
endless surprise. As if Maharaj had inspired Swami, Swami 

Dumb Boy Got Speech 


said, "O Kalu, it is good that you have come. Take this coconut 
and preserve it at your home for ever." On hearing these words 
of Swami, I had tears in my eyes. Swami had known my volition. 

Swami gives prasadi of sugar crystals to all, but had never 
given coconut to anybody before. I have preserved that coconut 
in my shop at Girgadhada even today and I daily perform' Pooja' 
of the same. Bravo that devotee and regards to Jogi Swami! 


Dumb Boy Got Speech 

Swami was moving in the villages much. He has endless 
kindness towards the poor Haribhaktas of villages. Swami 
always showers grace upon all the Haribhaktas. 

As with the rise of the moon in the sky, tidal waves occur 
in the sea, a tide of Bhajan and 'Satsang' occurs wherever Swami 

In the early morning, Swami, after taking bath sits to 
perform Pooja. He moves Mala up to noon, until the 'Thai' is 
served to the God. One by one, Haribhaktas would come for the 
Darshan and would feel themselves fortunate. Some would read 
Vachnamrut, some would listen to it and some would do 
'Darshan' sitting far. Sometimes Swami would move his eyes 
around and whenever his sight moves, a tide of reverence occurs 
in the heart of devout. 

Once, Swami had come to Fatsar. Fatsar is a village graced 
by many great saints. Today the outskirts of the village has 
become like a barren land but before many years, it was covered 
with thick woods and was a beautiful village of Gir area. The 
lions of Gir moved around this village every night and their roars 
resounded in the hills of Gir. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj has constructed a temple in 
this village. In almost every house of this village, someone has 
studied in the Gurukul. Years ago, there were no means of 
transport, yet Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj, Purani Swami 
Premprakashdasji and Jogi Swami used to come in this village 

In Fatsar, Vallabhbapa Jasani was a very good devotee. 
Kind and innocent Vallabhbapa had much love for Jogi Swami. 
His son Bachubhai is also a good devotee having much oneness 
with the saints. 

Batuk, son of Bachubhai became eight years old but 
unfortunately, he was unable to speak. Despite much effort, he 
remained dumb. 

One day Bachubhai came with that boy to Swami and 
requested, "Swami, this boy has become eight years old, yet he 
is dumb and cannot speak. You may kindly pray to Maharaj, to 
enable this boy to speak." 

Swami gazed for some time at that boy with grace. Then 
he prayed to Maharaj and let that boy sit nearby. Swami gave 
him water offered to Maharaj. Then as a teacher teaches 
alphabet to small children, Swami started making him to speak 
"Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan". 

The assembly of Haribhaktas was watching and a divine 
incident happened. The boy who was dumb for eight years, 
started speaking, ' Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan' with Jogi 
Swami! Unbelievable miracle had happened. 

There is a story in 'Puranas' (ancient Hindu Scriptures). 
Dhruvji performed rigorous penance in Madhuvan. The God 
gave him His 'Darshan'. Dhruvaji thought to sing prayer of the 
God but due to performing of a very difficult penance, he was 

Emancipation of Kaliya And Bhuriya 


unable to speak. The eyes were shedding tears. Shree Hari saw 
the pain of His devotee and He touched His 'Panchjanya' conch 
to the cheek of Dhruvji. With the touch of 'Panchjanya' conch 
Dhruvji got miraculous speech on his tongue. The same divine 
incident happened in Fatsar. With the grace of an accomplished 
great saint, the dumb boy got the power to speak. Today that 
boy is in Surat, earning good amount and happy. He keeps good 
Satsang also. 

Sometimes when Swami would be in a joyous mood, he 
would say 'Shastri, Maharaj had made that boy of Fatsar speak. 
That boy is now in Surat. He is observing good Satsang. See the 
miracle of Maharaj!' 

Emancipation of Kaliya and Bhuriya 

-• • 

In the green Nagher area, there is a village namely 
Itwaya. With the efforts of Sadguru Purani Swami Shree 
Gopinathdasji and Sadguru Shree Narayandasji Swami, Satsang 
had spread in this village. Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj, Purani 
Swami, Jogi Swami etc. saints visited this village many times. 

Almost in every village in India, there is a Ramji Mandir 
(Temple of Shree Ram) which is called in local language as 
'Chow'. There may be many 'Chora' but the 'Choro' of village 
Itwaya is unique. When Sadguru Purani Swami Gopinathdasji 
and Sadguru Narayandasji Swami arrived in this village, there 
was no Swaminarayan temple. The Pratishtha of Murti of 
Bhagawan Swaminarayan was performed in the 'Chora' at the 
hands of great saints. It became the first 'Choro' with 
Sahajanand Swami's Murti. 

There was a good devotee of Itwaya namely Premjibhai 
Ramani. His farm was away from the village in the foot of the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

hill. Two serpents lived on that farm: one was dark black and 
one was wheatish in colour. Both were very powerful and 
terrifying. Both would not let others live happily. Both were 
companions, playing with each other. Sometimes they used to 
wrap around the legs of cattle and sometimes they would 
threaten the family members of Premjibhai. Sometimes they 
used to sit on the heap of grass, not allowing anyone to touch 
the grass. It was difficult to stay at the farm at night. No one 
was able to sleep on the land. The people were compelled to 
sleep on a cot tied on the tree, otherwise no one knew when 
'Kaliya' and Bhuriya' reach. Thus, there was a great terror of 
these two degenerated souls in the farm. 

Once Premjibhai came to Rajkot. He told Gurudev 
Shastriji Maharaj, "There is a great terror of serpents in the 
farm. They are harassing much. They sit on the heaps of dry 
grass. If anybody goes to take dry grass, they oppose with 
hissing. For the last three days, cart comes home empty. We 
take cattle feed from others to feed our cattle. Please kindly show 
us a remedy.' 

Shastriji Maharaj said, "This is a case for Jogi Swami's 
court. You may go to Jogi Swami and tell him. He will show 
you some remedy." 

Premjibhai came to Jogi Swami and told him everything 
about his difficulty. Jogi Swami meditated upon Shreeji Maharaj 
for some time and said, 'Take this water of 'Prasadi' and sprinkle 
it in your farm. The grey coloured serpent will go away but the 
black serpent will not go. After some time, there will be a Murti 
Pratishtha ceremony at Itwaya temple. At that time we will 
come there and do needful to remove Kaliya.' 

Premjibhai took that water home and sprinkled it on 
the farm. Thereafter the grey serpent disappeared. 

Emancipation of Kaliya And Bhuriya 


After some time the Murti Pratishtha ceremony in the 
newly built temple at Itwaya was to be celebrated. Many saints 
had gone there for preliminary arrangements. Jogi Swami also 
arrived there. 

Premjibhai came to Swami and said'" Swami, with your 
grace, the grey serpent has fled away but still the black serpent 
is harassing us as usual.' 

Swami said, "We will come to your farm at our 
convenience. Maharaj Will do well". 

In the meantime, some saints went to the farm but Kaliyo 
ran after them and they were forced to flee. 

The saints came running to the temple and told Jogi 
Swami, 'Swami, Kaliyo is very bad. It ran after us and we had 
to flee.' 

Swami said, 'You were much confident and proud also. 
Nothing is to worry. Tomorrow, after awakening of the God in 
the afternoon, we will go to the farm and will do the remedy of 

Swami, sometimes remembering that incident with a 
laugh used to say, "Shastri, the saints had much confidence 
that what can Kaliya do to them? But 'Kaliyo' ran to them in 
such a manner that they were compelled to flee leaving behind 
their water jugs." 

Next day in the afternoon, after waking up the God, Jogi 
Swami came to the farm. It was about 3 or 4 O'clock in the 
afternoon. The sun was setting in the west. The shepherds were 
grazing their cows far. The farms were full of green crops. The 
birds were chirping. 

Jogi Swami took bath at the farm. With wet clothes, he 
walked around the farm. At that time 'Kaliyo' came running 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

but on seeing Swami, with its spread hood, it remained away. 
Swami uttered 'Swaminarayan Swaminarayan' and sprinkled 
water on 'Kaliya' and said, "O Kaliya, You go to Badrikashram. 
Why are you staying here?" 

With these words of Swami, a miracle happened. Slowly 
Kaliya' folded his hood, bowed down and slipped away in the 
fencing of the farm. Thereafter the 'Kaliya' could never be seen 
in the farm. 

Thus Jogi Swami uplifted those both the souls, who had 
degenerated due to their actions of the earlier births. 

This boy will be an industrialist 
&*K* ••• 

Village Derdi of Bha Kumbhaji means a village of 
'Prasadi' of Bhagawan Swaminarayan. There was a leading 
Haribhakta devotee namely Panchabapa in this village. 
Panchabapa had great reverence for Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj. 
Panchabapa's son Devshibhai had a son namely Madhusudan. 
In the early age, all called him 'Madhu'. 

Once Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj had come to village 
Ujala for reading 'Shreemad Bhagwat' (Saptah). Panchabapa 
from village Deradi had also come with his grandson 
Madhusudan to listen to the 'Katha'. 

Panchabapa said to Swami, "Swami, we want to admit 
this Madhu to the Gurukul for study.' 

At that time the Gurukul had just started. Sixty to 
Seventy students were studying in the Gurukul. On the request 
of Panchabapa, Gurukul gave admission to Madhu. 

Madhu was of little age. He had never had an occasion 
to be away from home. Hence, he was not feeling himself 

This Boy Will Be An Industrialist 


comfortable in the Gurukul. He was homesick and wept 
frequently. Swami Premprakash Purani was better than 
thousands of mothers. He was just like an ocean of love. He 
used to call Madhu with love. He talked to Madhu, and took 
good care of him. Sometimes he told Madhu to read 
Vachanamrut also. Thus with such treatment, Madhu came out 
of homesickness. 

Now Madhu found himself comfortable in Gurukul. 
Panchabapa used to come to Gurukul every now and then for 
the Darshan. He also saw Madhu. 

One day, it was evening. Panchabapa had come to 
Gurukul. After taking his meal, he was standing outside the 
dining hall. In the meantime, incidentally, Jogi Swami had also 
come there and he was standing near Panchabapa. 

The students were coming out of the dining hall after 
taking their meal. Madhu also came out after taking his meal. 
He saw his grandfather, hence he came running and as per the 
manners of Gurukul, he bowed down to Panchabapa and said 
'Jay Swaminarayan'. He also bowed down to Jogi Swami. 

Panchabapa said to Swami, "Swami, please give 
blessings to this boy, so he can study well and can get good 

Swami gazed at Madhu for a while and said, "Bapa, 
how can one be prosperous with service? This boy will become 
a big industrialist after study." 

Blessings of the great saint Jogi Swami showered on a 
soul and his words came true in too. 

In those days, the aim of most of the students was to get 
good service after the completion of study. Madhusudan was 
also thinking 'After completion of service, I will get good service'. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

But blessings of Swami led him to a different career. Such 
circumstances took place, in which he had to harness himself 
in the business. Madhusudan oil mill was established in village 
Derdi. Due to the grace of a great saint like Jogi Swami, the 
business continuously increased. The business spread from 
Derdi to Gondal, Rajkot and up to Surat. 

Due to the blessings of the saints, there was good unity 
between the brothers and resultantly they became very 
successful in business. At last, on the words of a word- 
accomplished saint Jogi Swami, Madhusudan became a big 
business-man and associated himself with many service- 
oriented institutions. He also became the chairperson of Shree 
Radharamandev Temple board of Junagadh and he 
strengthened and improved the administration of the temple 
very much. 

For Madhubhai, Gurukul is Mother institution. Hence, 
he is associated in various service activities of the Gurukul. 

Narrating the success of his life, Madhubhai says even 
today, "Jogi Swami is a word accomplished saint. I am the living 
example of it. I wanted to find service but on the words of Jogi 
Swami, I became a big industrialist. I have decorated my life 
with the virtues of the Gurukul. Whatever I am and my family 
today, is due to the Gurukul, Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj, Purani 
Swami Premprakashdasji and the blessings of Jogi Swami." 

Grace upon Gajraj 

Most of the villages around Rajkot such as Mengani, 
Makhavad, Kangashiyali, Lodhika, Nonghanchora, Khirsara, 
Vagudad, Vada, Raj Samadhiyala, Padasan and Khambha are 
of Darbar (ruler community) Satsangis. In these villages, there 

Grace Upon Gajraj 


is a great dignity of Jogi Swami. The Darbar community has got 
much love and faith for Jogi Swami. Most of the Darbars follow 
Swamiji's words. 

As such, these Darbars are followers of this Sampraday 
since the time of Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan. Some 
Darbars of this area had set out in search of the God. 

Darbar Sartansinhji of Padasan came into the contacts 
of Shree Swarupanand Swami. Due to the preachings of 
Swarupanand Swami, Darbars gave up vices like wine, meat 
and opium etc. and became Satsangis. 

Swami told Darbar, "The God has taken birth on the 
earth and He is living in Gadhapur. If you go for His Darshan, 
your life will be uplifted.' On hearing these words of Sadguru 
Swarupanand Swami, the desire to see the God arose in his 
heart. He told his friends, Jethiji of Khambha, Meghabhai of 
Vadali and Hakabhai of Kangashiyali, We shall go to Gadhapur 
to see the Bhagawan Swaminarayan'. With such determination, 
the group of these four friends started journey on the way to 
Gadhapur for the Darshan of Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan. 

While they were on the way, they thought,' we would 
certainly go to Gadhapur, but how can we know that 
Swaminarayan is Bhagwan? We will test him.' 

All thought that Swaminarayan does not know us. We 
have not seen Him and He has not seen us. If He is the God, He 
should recognise us and call us by names. Then we can believe 
that He is God. Keeping in mind such a test, they came to 

It was noon but the atmosphere in Gadhapur was 
auspicious. Bhagawan Shree Hari was sitting in divine meeting 
of great saints and devotees. As the moon seems beautiful 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

amongst the stars, Shree Hari looked beautiful and pleasing 
amongst the saints and devotees. As soon as these four friends 
had the Darshan of Shree Hari, they felt divine calm, pleasure 
and peace in their hearts. They had never before experienced 
such divine peace. 

All the four were doing Darshan with utmost reverence. 
At that time Shree Hari welcomed them and said, 'welcome 
Sartanji, welcome Jethiji, welcome Meghabhai and Hakabhai, 
we have been waiting for you since long". 

With the warm welcome by Shree Hari, all the four 
friends felt themselves fulfilled with great joy in their hearts. 
They surmised, 'How Swaminarayan could know our names? 
He could know our thoughts, hence He is certainly a God.' 

All the four, with folded hands, said, "Maharaj, please 
make us your disciples." 

Maharaj said, 'When you first met our saints, since then 
you have become our devotees.' All the four felt much joy in 
their hearts and they became strong followers of Shree Hari. 

Amongst all those four fulfilled souls, at the sixth 
generation of Jethiji, there came Nanbhabapu and 
Nanbhabapu's son is Gajrajsinhji. In his childhood, Gajrajsinhji 
used to come to the temple with his father and did Darshan of 
saints. Thus, the seeds of Satsang were sown in this brilliant 
and naughty child. But in his youth, however, he was diverted 
to bad company. His father Nanbhabapu was a police inspector. 
He was transferred to Porbandar. Now no one was to check 
and control Gajrajsinh in Khambha. Thus, his life became just 
like a boat without a sailor. 

A company of bad people can divert anybody to the 
wrong path. Gajrajsinh learnt to drink. Quarrels, dacoity and 

Grace Upon Gajraj 


bullying became the part of his life. He became a terror for the 
people living in Khambha and nearby villages. 

It was S.Y. 1963. Jogi Swami had arrived in village Rib 
near Rajkot. Swami was a shelter for the people living in the 
villages around Rajkot. The Haribhaktas (devotees) of village 
Rib had great reverence for Jogi Swami. Most of the Haribhaktas 
were from farmer community. These Haribhaktas were poor 
by nature and meek in dealings. On arrival of Jogi Swami, the 
devotees assembled in the temple. There was no light on the 
faces of these devotees. All were worried. Swami asked, 'Are 
you all happy?' None could reply. Therefore, Swami again asked, 
"Why are you not uttering any word? Have you any difficulty?" 

Haribhaktas folded their hands and said,' Swami, we 
are facing great difficulty.' Swami said, 'Tell me whatever it is.' 

The devotees said, "Swami, there is a great tyranny of 
Gajraj in the village. Any time he comes, fights with us, snatches 
away our money and harasses us much. Swami, you are a 
capable saint. Please do something for us to remove this 
difficulty. Otherwise we will not be able to live in this village'. 

On hearing the plight of poor Haribhaktas, the heart of 
Jogi Swami was filled with compassion. He consoled the people 
and said, 'Don't worry, I will do the remedy of Gajrajsinh'. After 
saying this, Swami directly came to Khambha from Rib. 

On the arrival of Swami, the devotees of Khambha 
became very glad. Swami was doing 'Pooja' upto late in the 
morning. In the afternoon, also, he was moving Mala and after 
waking up the God in the afternoon, he was continuing to move 
Mala. He took his meal at five in the evening. 

One afternoon, Swami was moving Mala. One or two 
farmer Haribhaktas and two-three Darbar Haribhaktas were 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

sitting before Swami. Swami looked toward Balubha bapu and 
said, 'Darbar, go and tell Gajraj to come here'. Darbar said 
'Swami, he is not worthy to be called here. His farm has become 
a centre of wine and even if you call him, he will not come.' 

Swami said, "You may go and try to call him. He will 
surely come." On the order of Jogi Swami, Balubhabapu went 
to the farm of Gajrajsinh and said to him, "Jogi Swami calls 
you to the temple." 

On hearing the name of Jogi Swami, he became stunned. 
The awe of Jogi Swami had spread in these villages since long. 
The Darbars of this area were attached to Swami with the 
relationship of Preceptor-disciple and with the blessings of Jogi 
Swami they were living pious life and had become very would 
happy also. But for Gajrajsinh, it was not believable that Jogi 
Swami would call him. 

Gajrajsinh thought, "Is Jogi Swami calling a wicked 
person like me? It is not believable." He asked Balubha, "Is Jogi 
Swami really calling me? Are you not making any mistake?" 

Balubha said, "Yes, Jogi Swami is calling you." 

Gajrajsinh said, "But how can I come there at this time? 
I have drunk wine. Swami will scold me." 

Balubha said, "Swami has emphasised me to come here 
to call you to the temple and he will take his meal only after 
you come there." Gajrajsinh was entangled in confusion and 
said, "Ok, you may go. I shall come to the temple soon." 

Gajrajsinh thought, 'It is unbelievable. Jogi Swami may 
not call a wicked person like me. Surely, somebody should have 
complained against me. Swami will scold me.' 

War of thoughts started in the mind of Gajrajsinh. The 
words 'Swami is calling' started resounding in his mind. His 

Grace Upon Gajraj 


soul awakened, ' When Swami is calling, I must go', the voice 
came from his heart. 

Gajrajsinh washed his hands and feet. He cleaned his 
mouth very much. He put some seeds of cardamom in his mouth. 
He plucked a ripe Papaya fruit to offer to Swami. 

Gajrajsinh was really 'Gajraj' (The elephant king). Due 
to the company of wicked persons, he had strayed from the 
path of good life. But now Swami had decided to drive him to 
the right path. 

Gajrajsinh was experiencing some fear to go to Swami. 
The people of nearby villages were fearing from Gajraj that 
Gajraj was experiencing fear by the awe of Swami. 

On the words of Jogi Swami, Gajraj had to come to the 
temple. Swami was moving the Mala. Gajraj came near Swami. 
He laid a Papayas at the feet of Swami and bowed down to 
him. Swami gazed at Gajrajsinh. The eyes of Swami were 
showering love and compassion upon Gajraj. The sight was 
capable to control any great elephant. Gajraj bowed down his 
head at the feet of Swami. 

Swami looked to Balubha and said, 'Darbar you were 
telling that Gajrajsinh would not come. See he has come. He is 
our soul. Where can he go leaving us?' 

With the loving words of Swami, the heart of Gajraj was 
shaken. He thought, How great this pious saint is, and how 
wicked is myself! I am not worthy to sit near Swami.' His mind 
was overflowing with repentance for the sinful acts done by 

The words of Swami, 'This is our soul, how can he go 
elsewhere leaving us?' were constantly resounding in his heart. 
His heart was churning. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Again, Swami concentrated his sight on Gajraj. Gajraj 
could not bear the heat of the sight of a great saint. He bowed 
down his sight. With the words full of love, Swami scolded him, 
'Oh! Your harassment has increased. There are so many 
complaints against you. By harassing poor people, you are doing 
grave sins. The God will not forgive you if you continue to do 
this. You will go to hell where there will be no end of your 
sufferings. Therefore, give up all these.' 

As with the iron hook, one can control an elephant, with 
the words of Swami, Gajrajsinh surrendered to Swami. His soul 
woke up. His eyes started shedding tears of repentance. He 
folded his hands and said to Swami, ' Now I will not harass 
anybody. Please forgive me' 

Swami gave water of 'Prasadi' in his hand and made 
him to take oath to observe five principles of good conduct and 
thus controlled him with the chain of religious tenets. The 
devotees present in the temple could see an unbelievable and 
wonderful scene. 

As such, Gajrajsinh was from the lineage graced by 
Bhagawan Shree Hari but due to bad company, he had strayed 
from the path of good conduct. But a great saint Jogi Swami 
made him to come to the right path. 

In the year of 1972, Gujrajsinh suffered an attack of 
paralysis and was admitted to a hospital at Rajkot. The Doctors 
gave good treatment but they said, "The attack is so severe that 
perhaps the half of his body would be paralysed permanently." 

Jilubhai, a brother of Gajrajsinhji came to Jogi Swami 
and told him everything in detail. Swami prayed to Maharaj 
and gave him the water of 'Abhishek' and Prasadi of Sugar 
crystals. And said, "Give this to Gajrajsinh. Maharaj will cure 

Grace Upon Gajraj 


With the grace of Swami, Gajrajsinhji was completely 
cured and he came for the Darshan of Swami. He bowed down 
to Jogi swami and said, "Swami only with your blessings I have 
got new life." Swami said, "Darbar, this is a result of grace of 
Shreeji Maharaj. One cannot know when and what can happen 
into the body. Maharaj has protected you." 

With the kindness and blessings of Jogi Swami, Darbar 
Gajrajsinhji became very happy. Today he has approximately 
500 bighas of land. He takes much interest in the service of cows. 
He has approx. 100 cows and gives employment to many people. 

Once he was elected the president of Taluka Panchayat 
and with this rank, he has done many benevolent services for 
the people. 

By expressing sense of gratitude towards Jogi Swami, 
Gajrajsinh himself says, 'What I am and whatever I have is due 
to the blessings of Shreeji Maharaj and Jogi Swami. Otherwise I 
have done innumerable sinful acts.' 

Jogi Swami wished to have a good temple and cultural 
centre in village Khambha. Narendrasinhji and other Darbars 
were ready to serve for this in every way to get the grace of 
Swami but despite their intense efforts, they did not succeed in 
getting a plot of land for the same. 

On the outskirts of the village, there was a plot of land 
at an important place belonging to the Gram Panchayat. The 
plot was for public purpose. Swami saw that plot. Swami said 
to Darbar Gajrajsinhji, 'Any how, get this plot for the temple. 
We want to create a temple there.' Darbar, by removing all the 
hindrances got that plot for the temple got more blessings of 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Today as per the likings of Jogi Swami, there is a beautiful 
and artistic, newly built temple at that site. 

Service of Gardening 

-• • • 

Jogi Swami likes to serve in the garden very much. Swami 
has served in the garden of Rajkot Gurukul for many years. 
When Swami was serving in the garden, the glory and beauty 
of the garden was unique. Swami himself took care of flower 
plants, he himself watered the garden and applied manures 
also. In those days, Swami had reared Himalayan Roses in the 
garden. Himalayan roses become as big as sunflower and fill 
the atmosphere with fragrance. 

The flowers of Mogara blossomed in a big quantity. In 
the evening, the fresh buds of Doller flowers were plucked. These 
would be kept in a wet cloth. In the next morning, all those 
buds would blossom. Gulchhadi flowers were also plucked in 
quantity. Particularly in the winter, the flowers of Guldawudi 
and Galgota also blossomed in plenty. Thus in various seasons, 
with various kinds of flowers, the atmosphere of Gurukul 
remained full of fragrance. 

On one side the fragrance of virtues and on the other 
hand the fragrance of flowers in the Gurukul, the confluence of 
both created a unique atmosphere. 

In the early morning, when the students wore yellow 
shawls would plucked the flowers. The scene would remind 
anybody the grand atmosphere of ancient Ashram of a Rushi. 
Mostly we, two-three students studying in the Gurukul used to 
reach to Swami in the garden to help. 

Service of Gardening 


In the evening, when the buds of Doller would be 
plucked, Swami, with plucking the buds, used to sing Kirtans 
in a sweet voice. 

The voice of Swami was very good. The stanzas of Kirtans 
being sung in rhythm directly touched the hearts of the listeners. 
With those words of Swami, our hearts were transformed. With 
the plucking of buds of Doller, Swami also plucked us. As if we 
were the children of some ascetic in the previous births and 
now, we have attained the lap of an ascetic. 

Balkrishna Swami, Shreehari Swami, Vishnu Swami, 
these saints were earlier serving in the flower garden. Sometimes 
Swami also gladly says, 'These are men of our flower garden'. 

Shree Nanji of Mankuva (Kutch), Arjun Bhagat of 
Madhapar, Dr. Dayal of Bhal Chokdi, Dr. Gadhiya of Ugamedi, 
Jasani of Manavadar etc. so many students have pleased the 
Swami by their services in the garden. 

Swami has unique art of making floral garlands. With 
stringing of Roses, Galgota and Jasmine flowers, Swami used to 
prepare extremely beautiful floral garlands for the Ghanshyam 
Maharaj & Deities, which beautify in the neck of Shreeji Maharaj. 
In the season of Mogra (Jasmine flowers), long garlands of five 
to six strands would be prepared. In the prayer hall of Rajkot 
Gurukul, long garlands that reach from the neck to the legs were 
being presented to Ghanshyam Maharaj as if Maharaj had worn 
the clothes of flowers. 

In the summer season, heaps of Mogra flowers were 
being plucked from the garden and the work of preparing floral 
garlands was continued up to noon. Some floral garlands were 
also being sent to temple at Bhupendra Road (Rajkot). Whenever 
Swami came to know that somebody was to go to Bhuj, Vadtal 
or Gadhapur, immediately Swami would arrange to prepare 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

floral garlands. He used to pack the same carefully in the leaves 
of castor or almond to keep the garlands fresh. Thus, Swami 
has sent floral garlands to the temples at Junagadh, Gadhada, 
Dholera, Vadtal, Ahmedabad, Bhuj, Muli and even as far as to 
Chhapaiya (U.P.). 

One day Vishwavihari Swami said/ Swami, you do great 
services of flowers for the God.' 

Swami said, 'the elephant devotee gave only one flower 
to the God and the God was much pleased. We are extremely 
fortunate that we got the opportunity to serve the God with 
flowers for so many years!' 

This view of Swami is unique and divine. Every action 
of Swami is attached to the Murti of the God and full of devotion. 

Headache Cured 
• • • 

Sadguru Kothari Swami Shree Devkrushnadasji was 
suffering from headache. He was afflicted by severe pain in his 
head. He was unable to bear it. Dev Swami thought that instead 
of going to an expert doctor, why not consult word- 
accomplished saint of Shree Hari, Jogi Swami living with us? 
Thinking this way, Dev Swami went to Jogi Swami. 

Jogi Swami was moving Mala before the Murti of Shree 
Hari. Rugnathdas Swami was reading the divine Charitras of 
Shreeji Maharaj. Dev Swami sat there for some time to listen 
Katha. After the conclusion of 'Katha,' he told his story to Jogi 
Swami. Jogi Swami put his hand on the head of Dev Swami 
and said, "Dev Swami it appears that there is more heat in 
your head but nothing else. You may prepare a 'Rotlo' (loaf) of 
earth of ant-hill or of black soil and after tying it on your head, 
go to sleep. The God will cure your headache.' 

Jump, You Will Swim 


Dev Swami, after tying a 'Rotlo' of black soil on his head 
went to sleep for one and half hours and his headache was 
removed. Thus with the medicine and blessings, the headache 
was cured immediately. 

Jump, you will Swim 

Behind the Gurukul Vidyalay, in the south, earlier there 
was a good garden. Jogi Swami himself took care of that garden. 
In that garden the flowers of Roses, Doller and Mogara emitted 
divine fragrance. The Roses of Badrinarayan (Himalayan Rose) 
were as big as sunflowers and were full of fragrance. Even today, 
its remembrance is preserved in our mind. 

We have seen Swami, singing stanzas of Kirtans in a 
sweet voice while plucking the buds of Doller, cutting the roses 
and applying fertilizer in the garden. We can never forget it. 
This garden of Jogi Swami has not given flowers only. From the 
students who were serving in the garden, many have initiated 
themselves in the saintliness and have become very good saints. 
They have also blossomed like the flowers of that garden. 

There was a well near the garden. The well was as deep 
as 60 to 70 feet. The well remained full of water. There was no 
scarcity of water in those days. Until there would be water in 
Aaji Dam, the water in the wells of Gurukul would not dry out. 
The students and the saints took bath in that well. 

Jogi Swami also took bath in that well. He used to swim 
for hours in the 'Padmasan' position without moving his hands 
and legs. For young students like us, it was like magic to see 
Swami swimming without moving his hands and legs. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Once, Swami was swimming in that well. Some students 
were standing at the edge of the well, watching Swami with 
surprise. One of them was Lalji. His complexion was somewhat 
black. He was young in age. He served in the garden with zeal. 
Lalji had much love and faith in Swami. Swami had also love 
and grace for him. 

Suddenly Swami said from the well, "O Lalji! You may 
jump in the well." 

Lalji said, "Swami, I don't know how to swim. I may 

Swami said, "Jump in, you will learn to swim. You will 
not sink." 

For Lalji, order of Swami meant order of the God. 
Anybody else would fear to jump in such a deep well full of 
water but Lalji had full faith in Swami. On the words of Swami, 
though he did not know how to swim, he jumped into the well. 
He had unshakable faith in that Swami would not let me sink. 

In the forests, there exists one kind of bird namely 
yellowbelly marmot. It is as long as our Cuckoo. Its colour would 
be grey-yellow whitish and long curved beak like a knife. It 
makes a cave like hollow, in the trunk of the tree and rears its 
young ones. The female bird abandons all its feathers and lives 
in that small cave like hollow in the trunk of a tree for many 
days to rear its young ones. 

The male bird would cover the hole of the cave with 
earth. The female would lay eggs in the cave. The male would 
bring food, would come to the cave, would sing in a sweet voice 
and by entering its beak in a small hole of the cave, would give 
food to the female. The female would incubate the eggs. The 
child bird would then get the wings. Then the child bird would 

Jump, You Will Swim 


become able to fly and female bird would come out of the cave 
with that child bird, slowly the mother bird would take that 
child bird to the highest branch of that tree and mother bird 
would give a jolt to the child bird. The child bird would fall 
down but while falling down, the wings of that child bird would 
open and it would start flying. 

For Lalji it happened in the same way. On the words of 
Swami he jumped into the well full of water. The hands and 
legs started moving miraculously and he learnt to swim. Swami 
had not even touched him. With his graceful sight only, Swami 
made Lalji swim. The story did not end at that point. On the 
words of Swami, as he jumped into the well, he also jumped 
into the ascetism to become a saint. Lalji not only learnt to swim 
but also learnt to swim to cross over the cycle of birth and death. 

Due to the endless love and reverence towards Gurudev 
Shastriji Maharaj, Purani Swami and Jogi Swami, Lalji became 
saint. He got the name Purani Balkrishnadasji. He is looking 
after Memnagar and Chharodi Gurukuls today. 

Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj was much pleased with Bal 
Swami. In the later part of his life, Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj 
mostly lived in Ahmedabad. Bal Swami also pleased his Gurudev 
with his skilled and loving services. 

I cannot restrain myself to narrate an incident of the life 
of Bal Swami. When Shastriji Maharaj was about to leave this 
world to go to Akshardham, he called Bal Swami and said, 
"Balkrishna! I am much pleased with you." Saying this he had 
presented a footprint of Shreeji Maharaj to Bal Swami. 

It was a Murti Pratishtha ceremony in Chharodi 
Gurukul. Pratishtha was to be done at the pious hands of Jogi 
Swami. Bal Swami thought that the footprints of Shreeji Maharaj 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

given to him by Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj should be placed in 
Chharodi Gurukul to enable everybody to have the Darshan of 
the same. He placed the footprints in the throne with the Murti. 
Such thing could not happen without deep understanding and 
generosity. After the Murti Pratishtha ceremony was over, Jogi 
Swami stayed there for some more days. 

One day in the morning, Swami decided to go to Rajkot. 
It was early morning. Swami was doing 'Pooja'. While doing 
'Pooja', suddenly he became glad and started remembering Bal 
Swami frequently. He asked younger saint to call Bal Swami. 

Younger saint asked, "Swami, why for?" 

Swami said, "As I want to go to Rajkot, I should take 
his permission." 

When Bal Swami knew that Swami was remembering 
him, he immediately came to Swami. Swami was preparing to 
fold up his 'Pooja'. The Pooja, which was being performed by 
Jogi Swami's Guru Mahant Swami, the same Pooja is being 
performed daily by Jogi Swami. After the departure of Mahant 
Swami for Akshardham, the footprints of Shreeji Maharaj, 
which were worshipped by Shree Mahant Swami for many 
years, that foot-prints was in the 'Pooja' of Jogi Swami. While 
folding up the 'Pooja', Swami took those footprints in his hand, 
touched them to his eyes and said to Bal Swami, "Balkrishna! 
You may now keep these foot-prints." 

That was a divine incident. A 'Paramhans' (highest order 
of saintliness) was showering his grace upon a deserving saint. 
I was present there at that time. Swami, with great joy, raising 
his hands, gave the footprints to Bal Swami and the footprints 
directly reached the head of Bal Swami. That incident is narrated 
as it is preserved in my heart. 

Gurukul - A home away from home 


Jogi Swami continued the flow of grace showered by 
Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj on Bal Swami. 

Gurukul - A home away from home 

• • • 

He is only the saint who can give peace. 

He is the saint whose 'Darshan' pacifies worldly desires. 

He is the saint whose sight pacifies passion. 

The smile of a saint can destroy ego. 

The words of a saint can destroy anger. 

The volition of a saint can destroy sufferings. 

One devout soul came to study in the Gurukul. His 
virtues of earlier birth rose up. He got love and reverence for 
the saints. An intense desire to become a saint developed in 

The parents were not allowing him to become a saint. 
After many struggles, he became a saint. After becoming a saint, 
he passed some time peacefully but slowly the memories of 
home started disturbing him. Sometimes he wept. 

The thoughts of returning home kept rising in his mind. 
It is better to remember the saints at home than to remember 
home while in saintliness. Such type of struggle in his mind 
was going on daily. 

One day he became confused very much. Therefore, he 
strongly desired to go back home. Again he thought, 'How I 
have left home? I was not permitted to become a saint, yet I 
have become a saint. However, I could not remove the 
remembrance of home from my mind. What can I do? To whom, 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

I should tell such a thing? Shastriji Maharaj is a big saint. How 
can I dare to tell this to him?' 

"But the things of mind can't be discussed in public. 

One's own creates troubles, 

The mind becomes confused. 

Despite all these, 

One can tell the secrets of hearts to a proper person only." 

The confused devout saint thought to tell about his 
difficulty to Jogi Swami with a view to have his grace. 

Jogi Swami was moving Mala at his seat. That saint went 
to him, bowed down to him and sat nearby. 

Jogi Swami looked at him with a graceful eyes and said,' 
"O Sadhuram! What is the matter?" 

With these words of Swami, the young saint got the 
courage. He said, 'Swami, the thoughts of going back home 
disturb me much. I am trying to convince my mind so much, 
yet such thoughts cannot be stopped. Therefore, I have come to 

On hearing the matter, Swami's heart filled with 
kindness and he said,' do not be perplexed. What is better at 
home? You have got such Bhagawan. Though you could not 
get permission from home, you have become a saint abandoning 
all the things. Now what is there at home?' Saying this, he put 
his hand on the head of that young saint and said,' now go, 
you will not remember home'. 

As soon as Jogi Swami put his hand on the head of that 
saint, his mind became calm and stable. The disturbing thoughts 
disappeared. With the grace and blessings of Jogi Swami, that 

An Instant Cure 


devout young saint became a very good saint, became known 
as Purani Gnanswarupdasji, whose discourses give mental 
peace to thousands of people. 

The thing, which could not be achieved with thousands 
of efforts, could easily be achieved with the grace of a great 
saint within a moment. As the sight of the God is miraculous, 
such is the sight of a great saint. 

An Instant Cure 


• • 

I had trouble in my throat. I was using it too much (for 
giving discourses). The throat is an asset of any saint. 

I used to be tired while giving discourses and it also 
cause throat trouble. Despite resorting to Ayurvedic remedies, 
the same was not cured. Despite several remedial measures, 
the trouble could not be removed. Moreover, a small wart had 
developed in my vocal code. Dr. Vyas of Tata hospital in 
Mumbai performed an operation to remove that wart but this 
could not remove my throat trouble. 

One day in the morning, I went to Jogi Swami for the 
Darshan. Swami was very kind and graceful to me naturally. 
In fact, I could sustain in the Satsang with the grace of Jogi 
Swami. Otherwise, what would be of this soul? It can not be 

Swami said, "Oh! You have throat trouble, haven't 


I said, "Yes, Swami. 

With kindness to me, Swami touched the Mala of Prasadi 
of Maharaj to my neck and said, "Now there will be no trouble. 
You can continue to give discourses on the God." 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Since then my throat trouble has completely gone. 
Though I have no sweet voice like Gnan Swami, yet with the 
grace of Jogi Swami, I have continued to give discourses and 
reading of Katha. 

A Memorable Event 

-• • 

I had recently come from Banaras after completion of 
my study. As per routine programme, one day I was reading 
Vachanamrut before Jogi Swami. The subject of Vachanamrut 
was, 'The God can't be known through mind or speech. He is 
above all. None can catch Him with mind or speech or any 
other worldly means.' With the reading, the thoughts of Vedanta 
were arising in my mind. I was remembering the 'Shruti' like 
Neti Neti Neti. Mother Jasoda ran to catch Krishna but she could 
not. The 'Shrutis' of Vedas ran to catch Shree Hari but saying 
'Neti Neti' they stopped. Shree Hari could not be caught. 

Such thoughts were emerging in my mind. In the 
meanwhile, as if catching my thoughts, Swami asked, "Shastri 
can anybody catch Maharaj? 

I said, "Swami! can't catch." 

Swami said, "Why?" 

In reply, I started expressing my thoughts on Vedanta 
and started speaking Shrutis of Vedanta. As I had just completed 
my study, I was proud of my knowledge. 

Swami said, "O clever saint! How can we understand 
such clever talks? However, we understand 'nobody is able to 
catch Maharaj'. Now, I am telling you, why Maharaj couldn't 
be caught by anybody." 

Saying this Swami narrated a divine incident. 

A Memorable Event 


Once there was a celebration of Patotsav in Junagadh 
temple. Shastriji Maharaj prepared to proceed to Junagadh. He 
asked me, "Jogi, do you want to come?' However, as I had some 
fever in my body, I was unable to go. I said, "Swami, as I have 
fever, I am unable to come." 

Shastriji Maharaj went to Junagadh and I stayed at 
Rajkot. But as I could not go for 'Patotsav', that thing was 
repeatedly emerging in my mind. With such remembrance, I 
tried to go to sleep but I could not. At last, I started to move 
Mala. I continued to move Mala up to early morning. I was 
sitting while moving Mala. In the meanwhile, there spread a 
brilliant light everywhere. Shreeji Maharaj came and stood before 
me and smiled at me. 

With the Darshan of Maharaj, I became extremely glad. 
I saw in Sadhu Ashram where all the saints were sleeping. I 
thought, 'If these saints would be awakened, they also have the 
Darshan of Maharaj. Again, I thought I would detain Maharaj 
until the saints awake by catching the 'Khes' of Maharaj. I would 
request Maharaj to sit. Again I thought, I have not taken my 
bath yet, then how can I touch Maharaj? Again, I thought come 
what may, whether I have taken bath or not, I would hold the 
legs of Maharaj. I tried to hold the legs of Maharaj but 
immediately, as bird flies away, Maharaj disappeared in the 
sky like a flash.' 

Concluding the talk Swami said, 'Shastri, since then I 
firmly believe that Maharaj could not be caught by anybody.' 

How mysterious, protracted and deep talks of Vedanta! 
And how the experience of a simple and straightforward saint! 
We are living in indirect things while Jogi Swami is enjoying the 
perceptible divine joy.' 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Guide of Vachanamrut 

-• • • 

Whenever Jogi Swami did his 'Pooja', Vachanamrut was 
being read continuously. Swami started his 'Pooja' early in the 
morning and used to complete at ten in the morning. Until then 
one or other saint or Haribhakta continued to read 
Vachanamrut. Sometimes when Pujya Laxminarayan Swami 
or Mahendrabhai Shelat would write article for 'Sadvidya' and 
would need some guidance, he would come to Swami and ask, 
'Swami, in which Vachanamrut this particular thing is 
discussed?' Swami would immediately give the number of 

As such, Swami did not know to count up to hundred 
and did not know how to identify currency notes. Though he 
was not much literate, yet he had learned in 'Brahmvidya' 
(Spiritual knowledge) and was able to reply any question about 
Shikshapatri or Vachanamrut. If anybody would make mistake 
while reading 'Vachanamrut', Swami would immediately check 
him and would ask him to read it again. Thus, 'Vachanamrut' 
was interwoven with his life. 

Protection of Cumin 

-• • • 

It was year 1987. In the village Sarambhada of Amreli 
Dist, Rajnibhai Dhirubhai Garni had sown cumin in his two 

Jogi Swami arrived in Sarambhada from Ahmedabad 
in the car of Parshottambhai. He went to the farm of Dhirubhai 
for bath. After doing 'Abhishek' of Maharaj in the farm, Swami 
sat for a while. In the meantime Rajnibhai said, "Swami, in this 

Stop Harassing The Innocent People 


season the crop of cumin was very good but now-a-days it is 
affected by disease". 

Swami said, "Oh! How has it happned? Let me sprinkle 
the water of 'Abhishek' of Maharaj." Jogi Swami sprinkled the 
water of 'Abhishek' on the standing crop of cumin in that field 
and said, "May Maharaj protect the crop!" 'The yield of that 
field was very good. In other fields of that village, the crop of 
cumin had almost failed. Moreover, the yield was more than 
that was yielded in our other farm, which was double in area.' 

Stop Harassing the Innocent People 

The village Bogharavadar is situated near Rajkot. There 
was no Satsangi in that village. Some children of Khodabhai, 
Muljibhai etc devout people of Bogharavadar came to study in 

The virtues of children studying in Gurukul were creating 
a unique impression in the village and the society. On seeing 
this, great reverence was developed for Gurukul amongst the 
parents and the people of that village. They invited Purani 
Premprakashdasji etc. saints to Bogharavadar. Purani Swami 
came to this village and arranged a Satsang assembly. On 
listening to the talks of Purani Swami, many people initiated 
themselves into this Sampraday. 

There was a great tyranny of Bharvad community in 
Bogharavadar. They used to spoil the standing crop in the fields 
of farmers by stealthily sending the cattle in the fields. They 
usurped certain portion of yield by bullying (by force) if anybody 
would deny, they would let loose their buffaloes to graze the 
cattle-feed sown in the field. Thus in many ways, they were 
oppressing the people, but nobody was able to complain. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Shamjibhai was the Sarpanch of the village. By caste, 
Shamjibhai was Koli and was brave by nature. He was favoured 
the farmers and also gave protection to them. So he was not at 
all liked by headstrong people. Once the Bharvads attacked 
Shamjibhai and broke his legs, yet he continued to challenge 
the headstrong people without fear. But the people of the village 
were afraid of the Bharvads, hence no one openly supported 
Shamjibhai. What can Shamjibhai do alone? 

This is an unfortunate limitation of our villages. One or 
two headstrong persons can harass the entire village, yet the 
cowardly people of the village dare not challenge. If they oppose 
unitedly, the problem can be solved soon. When will the people 
of India get such courage? God knows. 

The new Satsangis of Bogharavadar had come to 
Gurukul for the Darshan. They told Purani Swami about the 
tyranny of headstrong people in the village. Purani Swami sent 
them to Jogi Swami. 

On hearing the talks of Haribhaktas, the heart of Jogi 
Swami filled with kindness. 

Swami said, "Oh! Are they harassing you in such a way? 
and harassing the poor people? We shall come to 

The devotees said,' Swami, what will you do? Those 
people are not worthy to pursue.' 

Swami said,' Let us go there.' 

With the grace of God, this totally fearless saint came to 
Bogharavadar. After arriving in Bogharavadar, Swami 
immediately called Bharvads to see. On the words of Swami, 
Bharvads came. 

The Secret of Words 


On doing 'Darshan' of Swami, no one knew what 
happened! The hearts of Bharvads started changing. They felt 
that this Swami is really a great saint! Swami started talking 
with these Bharvads in a simple and straightforward language. 

"O people! if you harass the innocent persons, no one 
will protect you. If you accumulate your sins, you will have to 
go to the hell, where you will have to suffer a lot. If outlaws like 
Bhupat had also to run away, then who are you? Were your 
ancestors doing such dirty deeds? Stop oppressing the innocent 
people and do good job." 

With the words of an experienced saint, the hearts of 
Bharvads were deeply touched. They started repenting. They 
feared that it is not good for them to displease a true saint. They 
bowed down to Swami and said, "Swami, henceforth we will 
not harass anybody. Your kindness! Please do not be displeased 
with us. We confess our faults." 

Swami gave them the five vows and initiated them into 
the Sampraday. Due to the awe of a great saint, peace was 
established in Bogharavadar village. 

As per the promise given to Swami, the Bharvads stopped 
their harassment to the people. Today the Bharvads and other 
people of Bogharavadar are very happy. All remember Swami 
with reverence. 

The Secret of Words 

As the followers of Swaminarayan Sampraday increased 
in the village Bogharavadar, Swami wished to create a temple 
there. With the inspiration of Jogi Swami, the construction work 
of the temple started. Mohanprasad Swami rendered good 
services in construction of temple in those days. Within a short 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

period, construction work was completed up to slab level. It 
was now time to fill up the ceiling with concrete mortar, but 
until then rainy season had started. The steel binding work of 
the ceiling was done but as the rain started, the village people 
started the work of sowing. The Haribhaktas, who were in the 
service work of construction of the temple, became anxious and 
upset. It was but natural because sowing means their matter of 
livelihood. However, if all the people serving for the temple go 
for sowing, then who would fill up the ceiling? The work of 
temple would remain incomplete. 

Jogi Swami said to Haribhaktas, "You may stay here to 
complete the work of ceiling. If you would do sowing after two 
days, it would not be late. Maharaj will not let you to get any 
loss. In comparison to others, you will have a gain." 

On the words of Swami, the faithful devotees, instead of 
going for the sowing, continued the work of ceiling of the temple. 
This type of sacrifice of small innocent devotees could be 
considered extra-ordinary. His livelihood of entire year depends 
on the sowing but faith on the saint was greater. 

On one side, the devotees did the work to fill up the ceiling 
and on the other side, other farmers of the village did the work 
of sowing. Many village people were laughing at the foolishness 
of the devotees and were saying," On the words of an ascetic, 
they all will be ruined" . But no one knew about the unpredictable 

The first rain occurred but it was not sufficient for the 
sowing. The soil was not fully wet. But people could not bear 
patience. They completed the work of sowing but further round 
of rain delayed and wind started blowing which dried up the 
sown crop and the seeds were wasted. 

May God Protect You 


The Haribhaktas engaged in the service work of the 
temple, knowing the changed attribute of the rainy season, 
decided not to sow in haste now. Let it be as per the will of 
Shree Hari. Believing this, they postponed sowing. They saved 
the seeds. After some time good rain occurred and then they 
did the sowing in their fields. The God gave them good yield. 
The people who were saying that, 'on the words of an ascetic, 
the devotees will be ruined,' now were surprised and started 
saying, 'The devotees gained on the words of a saint and our 
seeds and labour both have gone in vain." 

'In relation to others, you will be benefitted', these words 
of Jogi Swami came absolutely true. If the hidden meaning of 
the words of a great saint could be understood and believed, 
the soul could achieve its goal. 


May God Protect You 

It was good rainfall this year. The earth was covered 
with greenery. The fields were full of green crops. 

Due to the good rainfall, the minds of the people were 
full of joy. However, near Rajkot, in Raj Samadhiyala, the 
picture was different. The fields were green but the minds of 
the farmers were dejected. The sighs of grief were emanating 
from their hearts. 

The farmers had ploughed their fields with severe labour. 
The costly seeds were sown with joy but their dreams of good 
fortune were being shattered. 

The fact was that, in their presence, the headstrong 
people were letting loose their cattle to graze in their green fields. 
The farmers were much afraid and helpless. The standing crops 
in the fields, their livelihood of entire year, and their good hopes 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

were being crushed and ruined before their eyes and yet they 
were unable to utter a single word. The rays of the sun of 
independence had not yet reached there. The darkness of 
helplessness had spread everywhere in the village Raj 
Samadhiyala. The people, who were destroying the standing 
crop of farmers, were so notorious and wicked that no one was 
able to give their names. There was no end of the sufferings of 
the people. 

The sufferings and the sighs of the people scorched the 
heart of a Rajput woman, Gajara Ba. She was unable to see the 
sufferings of the people of her village. She was constantly 
thinking, what to do? 

One day the situation reached its climax. When the 
oppression of the headstrong people increased beyond limit, 
some farmers complained to the police. 

Due to the complaint of the farmers, the headstrong 
people became furious and they decided to teach a lesson to the 
farmers who had complained to the police. 

The farmers also had feared that the police would remain 
at Rajkot and here something new would surely happen. 

One day the complainant farmer, with his three sons, 
was working in his field. At that time those headstrong people 
in the group of fifteen, attacked that family. "Kill them, kill 
them", uttering the words they rushed to the farmer and his 
family. The farmer with his sons ran away to save lives and 
they hid themselves in the 'Machine room' and closed the door 
from inside. Anyhow, one son escaped and ran to the village 
and he made a loud scream, 'save us, save us, those monsters 
would kill us'. 

May God Protect You 


It was noon. The sky was covered with clouds. There 
were shoutings in the village. At that very time, the two young 
sons of Gajara Ba, Hardevsinhji and Haritsinhji were preparing 
to take meal. Hardevsinhji was 19 years old and Haritsinhji was 
17 years old. Both brothers were like Lions. The royal glow was 
on their faces. The mother Gajaraba was preparing the dish for 
her beloved sons. Royal 'Bajoths' were placed. As they were about 
to sit to dine, they heard the fearful screams. Hardevsinh came 
out of his house. That boy told about the happening-taking place 
at their farmhouse and requested, "Bapu! save us. If any delay 
would occur, they will kill our entire family." On hearing this, 
within a moment, Hardevsinh took decision. He hurriedly 
rushed in the house. 

Mother Gajaraba asked, "Hardev! what is the matter?" 

Hardevsinh told her about the incident, which was taking 
place at the farm. 

Gajaraba said, "Oh my son! I am also waiting to punish 
those headstrong people. I cannot see the sufferings of the people. 
If you remove the pains of the people, then only you are my true 
sons. The royal women give birth to sons to protect the religion, 
cows, Brahmins and poor people. Go immediately, there is no 
time to talk. Save that family, then only I will have peace." The 
sharp words of mother inspired a force in their hearts. 

Hardevsinh in a moment took the rifle hanging on the 
wall. Haritsinh also took arms and both reached the farm. 

Here at the farm, at every moment, the situation was 
becoming grave. The family, taking refuge in the machine room, 
was shivering like a deer encircled by wild animals. The people 
like devils had encircled the machine room. Fortunately, the door 
of the machine room was strong. Despite great efforts of the 
headstrong people, they could not open the door. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

At last, one monster took an axe in his hand and started 
giving strokes on the door. With every stroke of axe, the family 
inside saw death coming nearer. When the door was about to 
break down, both the Rajput brothers reached the farm. 
Hardevsinh assessed the situation from far and roared like a 
lion. He shouted, "Beware," 

With that sudden shout, the crowd became stunned. The 
person striking with the axe stopped for a while. As they turned 
their faces to see the man challenging them, they saw two 
brothers like their death. Before the crowd of monsters could 
think, Hardevsinh fired a shot from his rifle and like a flash, the 
leader of monsters was hit and fell down. As the other monsters 
saw their leader falling down, they ran away. With a jump, 
Hardevsinh climbed on the ceiling of the machine room and 
took his position. Other front was taken over by Haritsinh. 
Hardevsinh shouted, "Beware, if anybody comes near, I will 
shoot him dead." 

On seeing deadly Darbars, the crowd lost its courage 
and leaving behind their leader dead, they started running away. 

As the crowd fled away, Hardevsinh encouraged the 
farmer's family to come out of the machine room. The eyes of 
the farmer's family were shedding tears. They were not able to 
speak. They were giving blessings to both the brothers. 

The farmer bowed down to Hardevsinh and said, "We 
will not forget your obligation for the entire life." 

Hardevsinh said, "Thank God that we got the 
information in time". 

Hardevsinh started thinking that I have killed the leader 
of the monsters but now there will be a police case. Now, what 
to do? 

May God Protect You 


Hardevsinh remembered his Guru Jogi Swami. He 
thought to reach the shelter of Jogi Swami to get the protection. 

Hardevsinh was a student of Gurukul. He had a deep 
love for Jogi Swami. Swami also called him frequently to read 
Vachanamrut. Swami was everything for Hardevsinh. 

Hardevsinh directly came to Rajkot. Jogi Swami was 
moving Mala in the verandah of Sadhu Ashram. Hardevsinh 
did the 'Dandvat Pranam' and sat nearby. 

Swami said, "Oh Hardev, why have you come?" 

Darbar said, "Swami, I have committed a mistake." 

Swami asked, "What mistake have you committed?" 

Darbar said, "Swami, I have killed one person." 

Swami said, "Oh! After killing a man, you have come to 
me? How can one kill a person? It is a big sin." 

Darbar said, "Swami, that person was very headstrong. 
Today if I would not have reached there, he would have killed 
entire farmer family. That fellow was harassing the farmers very 
much. He used to let loose his cattle in the standing crop in 
farms. The police was also not doing anything to him." 

When Swami heard the talk of harassment to innocent 
farmers, his heart became soft. 

Swami said, "Darbar! if it was so then go, Maharaj will 
protect you. You will not be hurt at all." The words of blessings 
came out from Swami' s mouth like an armour. 

Really, with the blessings of Swami, Hardevsinh did not 
suffer even a little. Criminal case was filed by the police but 
that farmer family confessed that the crime was done by 
themselves. During the identification parade, nobody could 
recognise Hardevsinh. The blessings of Swami protected 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Hardevsinh like an armour. On the point of self-defence, the 
farmer family also acquitted. The govt, officers also knew about 
the criminal activities of that headstrong person. Therefore, they 
felt themselves relieved of a criminal. In fact, Hardevsinh 
deserved for praise for freeing the innocent people from a 
tyranny of monsters. 

Even, today when Hardevsinh remembers that incident, 
he says, "Due to the blessings of Swami, I was protected and 
today my brilliant career is due to the blessings of Jogi Swami. I 
was selected as Dy. S.P. but due to that chapter, I could not 
report. My life took an unbelievable turn. I joined politics and 
today whatever progress, I have made is due to the blessings of 
my Guru Jogi Swami.' 

In his young age, this fearless, adventurous and 
intelligent Darbar has done many benevolent works for the 
people. Hardevsinh has made his village Raj Samadhiyala an 
ideal village of India. In the matter of cleanliness and water 
conservation, he has made this village world famous. He has 
constructed as many as 51 check-dams in this small village. As 
a result of it, the water level has come up miraculously in this 
village. The village is surrounded by green trees; no filth, and 
no garbage. This neat and clean village seems to be an area of 

Once Hardevsinh invited us to visit Raj Samadhyala. 
While moving in the village, we went into the area of Harijan 
people. We were surprised to see their houses neat and clean. 
In the compound of every house, there were trees, flower plants 
and 'Tulsi' shrubs. No filth could be seen anywhere. 

We told Hardevsinh that the soul of Mahatma Gandhi 
would be pleased to see the Harijan-vas of your village. 

Bestowment of Son 


Hardevsinh said, "This is all due to the blessings of our 
Guru Jogi Swami. Swami diverted my strength to the right path. 
Otherwise, I was a notorious man. Swami! To make this village 
a progressive one, only Govt, measures cannot work. Sometimes 
I use my ruler-ship also. Otherwise people would not observe 
the rules". 

We said, "Darbar! There is no harm in using constructive 
Bapushahi, but it can't he used to harass the people." 

Hardevsinh always gives credit to Pujya Jogi Swami for 
the brilliant success he has achieved. 

Bestowment of Son 
• • • 

There is a village namely Virva in Lodhika Taluka. Shree 
Juvansinhji was a Darbar of that village, virtuous as his name 
was. In his old age also, he looked like a young man having thin 
body with full height. He was a noble person and economically 
very happy. He had one son namely Batukbhai. 

Darbar Juvansinhji was happy in every way but his son 
Batukbhai had no son. 

Once Jogi Swami was in Makhavad to renovate the 
temple. Darbar Juvansinhji and Sarbapu of Makhavad both were 
close friends. Sarbapu was like an ideal of reverence towards 
the saints. For Sarbapu saint meant the God Himself. 

Once Sarbapu told Juvansinhji, "'Darbar, you have no 
grandson. If you pray to Jogi Swami, you may have a grandson. 
Swami is a very capable and pious saint". 

On the other hand, Sarbapu told Swami, "Swami, be 
kind to Virva Darbar. Virva Darbar is a good man but his son 
has no son. You may please pray to Maharaj to give him a son". 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Swami said, "Ok, we will pray to Maharaj." 

As the renovation work of the temple at Makhavad was 
going on, once Swami was going to Makhavad. The request 
made by Sarbapu was in the mind of Swami. Swami told the 
driver to divert the car to Virva and said, "We want to see Virva 

Four to five saints including Shreehari Swami and me 
were with Swami. Jogi Swami arrived at the house of Virva 

As the Swami arrived at his own will, Darbar became 
very glad. Really, Darbar Juvansinhji would be a sacred soul as 
Swami arrived at his house at his own will. 

Harijanne Gher Betha Tirath 

Un-tedya samethi Aave re 

Meaning: The saint comes to the house of a true devotee even 
without invitation. 

Darbar Juvansinhji had heard much about Jogi Swami. 
He had great reverence in his heart for Jogi Swami but he had 
never met him so far. 

Jogi Swami sat for a while in Darbargadh. 

The Women from the Darbargadh also conveyed to 
request Swami for showing kindness on their family, so that 
their son can get a son.' 

Swami said, "Darbar, we have heard from Sarbapu that 
you have no grandson. With folded hands, Juvansinhji said, 
"Yes Swami, the God has made us quite happy but as my son 
has no son. All we feel unhappiness". 

Swami said, "Darbar, we are renovating the temple at 
Makhavad. In Makhavad temple, Hanumanji Maharaj is very 

Bestowment of Son 


capable. You may prepare dresses for the Murti of Hanumanji, 
means you may get the temple of Hanumanji renovated with 
colour work and painting work. Shree Hari will give a son to 
your son." 

Juvansinhji said, "Swami, I will do as you please." 

Swami said, "Ok! Then Swaminarayan Bhagawan will 
fulfill your desire." 

Darbar Juvansinhji arranged for the renovation and 
colour work of Hanumanji Maharaj and served in the Makhavad 
temple at the will of Jogi Swami. 

With the grace of Shree Hari and Jogi Swami, Batukbhai 
got a son, who was dearly named as Lalbha. 

Unique faith developed in the heart of Juvansinhji for 
Jogi Swami. He then used to come for the Darshan of Swami 
frequently. Whenever Swami happened to arrive in Dholara, 
Makhavad, Khambha or in nearby villages and arrange to 
celebrate religious events, Darbar Juvansinhji invariably took 
part in the same on the words of Swami. He also contributed 
for the celebrations. 

It is believed that if anyone wishes something while being 
under 'Kalpavruksha' it comes true, but 'Kalpavruksha' does 
not come to us at its will. One has to sit under the 'Kalpavruksha' 
But the saints like Jogi Swami, are moving 'Kalpavruksha'. For 
the benevolence of the souls, they constantly move. They go to 
the soul at their own and award well-being to the souls. 

Aeva Jo malya re amane Jogiya 

Jogi Jone Kalpataru kahevay 

Fale re Manorath sarve Jivna 

Bhetye Bhav-Dookh Jay 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 


We have got such a saint 

Who is like a Kalpavruksha 

Who fulfils the wish of all souls 

And who relieves from the pain of rebirth 

Resurrection of New Life 

Certain villages have got the benefit of shower of 
kindness of Jogi Swami. Amongst those villages, village 
Makhavad near Rajkot is the foremost. It is a small and beautiful 
village. The Darbars and farmers of this village are good 
followers of Satsang. 

Earlier the Darbars (Rulers) of this area had come out in 
search of God. They met Sadguru Gunatitanand Swami. Due 
to the talks of Gunatitanand Swami, they came to know about 
Shree Hari and a firm faith was developed in their hearts. A 
beautiful temple of Bhagawan Swaminarayan was constructed 
in the village. With the passing of time, this temple became quite 
dilapidated. It was renovated with the inspiration of Jogi Swami. 

After completion of renovation of this temple, a big 
ceremony was celebrated with great joy. Katha (discourses) of 
Shreemad Bhagawat (a Hindu Religious Scripture) was 
arranged. Purani Gnanswarupdasji and I were reading 
Shreemad Bhagawat. While reading it, on the very first day, 
the story of Birth of Parixit came. With a stroke of Astra (one 
kind of weapon controlled by Mantra, missile) by Ashwasthama, 
the body of Parixit had become lifeless in the womb of Uttara. 
Uttara was weeping extremely. The lamp of the Pandwas' 
lineage was blown up. All were stunned. The Pandwas were 

Resurrection of New Life 


submerged in the sea of melancholy. At that time Bhagawan 
Shree Krishna, the ocean of compassion, took three vows to 
infuse life in the dead body of Parixit. All the three vows were 
really incredible! 

Shree Krishna took first vow, 'Despite Playing 'Raas' with 
Gopis, if I have maintained complete celibacy, may 'Parixit' get 
new life!' 

Shree Krishna's second vow was, 'Even while jesting if I 
have not spoken an untruth, may 'Parixit get new life!' 

Shree Krishna's third vow was, 'Even on the death of 
enemy, if I have not felt love or hate in my heart, may 'Parixit' 
get new life!' 

If we see the life of Shree krishna, these three vows appear 
to be totally contradictory and unbelievable for us. However, 
with the uttering of these three vows by Shree Krishna, a miracle 
happened. Pervasion of life happened into the dead body of 
Parixit. The people could know how great and mysterious Shree 
Krishna was! 

On the first day of reading of Shreemad Bhagawat 
Katha, the 'Katha' of above incident was concluded in the 
evening. By leaving the 'Vyaspith' (seat of the Katha-reader), 
we were going to our 'Aasana' (pace to stay) in the temple. In 
the meanwhile, a leading young 'Darbar' Mokubha of the village 
met us. His younger son was with him. He said, "Swami, you 
have, today, read the Katha of Parixit but this is my younger 
son. He is a living example of Parixit". 

I asked, "How it is?" 

Darbar Mokubha said, "Swami, I had no child. Jogi 
Swami showered his compassion on me. Once Swami gave 
water of Prasadi after dipping Shree Hari's armour in it and 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

gave me the vow of Hari Jayanti. On the words of Jogi Swami 
and with the grace of Shreeji Maharaj, I got a son that is my 
elder son. 

"Thereafter this second son was born in a hospital at 
Rajkot. After birth, three to four hours passed but there was no 
life in the body of the child. 

"The doctor said to me, Darbar, now there is no hope 
for resurrection of this child." 

"I had also no hope. I gave Rs. 500 to the doctor for the 
funeral. The child was placed in the basket." 

"On the other hand my friend, Rajubhai Dave came to 
know this. He came out to reach to the hospital. He thought 
that before going to the Hospital, let me have the Darshan of 
Jogi Swami." 

"It was eight or nine o'clock in the morning. Jogi Swami 
was doing his 'Pooja" 

"On seeing Rajubhai, Swami asked, Oh, you come late 
daily, why have you come so early today ?" 

"Rajubhai told everything about the happening at the 

"Swami closed his eyes for some time and then said, it 
would not be so. Go to the Hospital immediately. Take this water 
offered to the God. Sprinkle this on the body of the child. After 
opening the mouth of the child, pour some water into it also. 
Maharaj will do well. Saying this Swami dipped the Mala of 
Shreeji Maharaj into the water and gave that water to 

"Rajubhai hurriedly reached the hospital. There was no 
life in the body of the child and the preparation for the last 
ritual was going on." 

Maharaj Has Sent To Take Care 


"Rajubhai told me everything and gave me the water 
given by Swami. I sprinkled that water on the body of the child 
and put some drops into the mouth of that child as Jogi Swami 
has said." 

"Suddenly a divine miracle happened. With the grace 
of Shree Hari and Jogi Swami, life pervaded into the body of 
the child. All were wondered to see this. For the mother of that 
child, as if she had got new life. A wave of joy was spread in 
the entire family. The doctor was also surprised to see this 
miracle. With the grace of Shreeji Maharaj and Jogi Swami, my 
dead son resurrected." 

Concluding the talk Mokubha said/this is my 'Parixit'. 
My elder son is born by the water of an armour, hence he is as 
strong as armour. This younger son has also got new life with 
the water of 'Prasadi'. 

Maharaj Has Sent to Take Care 

• • • 

Eva Jo malya re amane Jogiya 

Haiye Jene Harivar no Jog 

Akhand Rahe Hari Antare 

Pal Bhar no'y re vijog. 

Meaning: We have got such a saint in whose heart, Shree 
Hari resides constantly and there is no separation even for a 

If Shree Hari resides in our hearts, it is not sufficient. 
Fortunate he is who lives in the heart of Shree Hari. 

If we remember Shree Hari, it is good but fortunate is 
one, who is remembered by Shree Hari Himself. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

It is good to have love for Shree Hari in our heart, but 
fortunate he is, upon whom Shree Hari Himself showers love. 

Our love is unfulfilled until it is accepted by Shree Hari. 

Jogi Swami is such a saint in whose heart, Shree Hari 
resides forever and he lives in the heart of Shree Hari. It is proved 
by innumerable incidents of his life. Many a times, Shree Hari 
has taken care of Swami. 

Once Swami started experiencing trouble in passing 
urine. Reputed doctors said that the same was due to prostate. 
The pain can be removed by operation. However, Swami never 
agreed to go to the Hospital. Except Ayurvedic medicine, no 
other medicine would suit him. The doctors and saints requested 
much, yet he did not agree. 

The famous doctor of Rajkot Dr. Rathod has much love 
and reverence for the saints. Particularly, he had boundless love 
for Jogi Swami. He was employed at Railway Hospital. He 
requested Swami, ' Swami, please accept our request. I may 
arrange in Railway Hospital as you wish and will maintain your 
religious observances. So please give your consent for the 
operation gladly.' 

At last, the insistence of Doctor and the saints and 
devotees succeeded. Jogi Swami consented. Swami was 
admitted to the Hospital. 

Dr. Rathod, by maintaining all the restraints, performed 
the operation with reverence. The operation was successful. 

As such, the body of Swami was totally healthy due to 
the observance of various vows (Samyam-Niyam) and penance. 
Even in his old age, he has no complications like Diabetes or 
Blood pressure. 

Maharaj Has Sent To Take Care 


Swami stayed at Railway Hospital for three days but 
during this period, he took liquid food only. He did not even 

One day, when he was to be discharged from the hospital, 
suddenly Swami started weeping. The saints in the service of 
Swami were worried to see him weeping. Shree Hari Swami 
and other saints asked repeatedly, "Swami, what is the matter?" 
However, Swami did not reply and continued weeping. 

The saints thought, 'what could be happening to Swami? 
Is it due to pain of operation? Or else, is he would be displeased 
as he was brought to the hospital against his will?' 

As Swami continued his weeping, all the saints became 
dejected. They also had tears in their eyes. Seeing the saints 
weeping, Swami stopped weeping. 

The saints asked, "Swami, please tell what you feel? Do 
you feel pain? Or are you displeased with us?" 

Swami said, "No. I have no pain, nor I am displeased 
with you. See upward, so many saints sent by Maharaj are sitting 
in the air without support. Gunatitanand Swami, Gopalanand 
Swami and many other saints are constantly standing for the 
last three days. They are constantly taking care of me. I am 
shedding tears of joy with the Darshan of these saints." 

The saints became happy and surprised to hear the talk 
of Swami about his divine experience. Thereafter Swami 
returned to Gurukul and his health became normal. 

Once Swami was sitting happily. Remembering that 
incident of hospital, he said, "Shastri, a day before operation, it 
was Monday night. On that night, as Swans descend from the 
sky, the saints descended from the sky. I felt extreme joy in my 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

heart. I thought that a very good thing had happened. Many 
saints had come. The saints stayed there until I was in the 
hospital. I asked why you have come. They said, "Maharaj has 
sent us to take care of you." 

"Shastri! I thought that though I have not performed 
much Jap and penance, yet how Maharaj takes care of me!" 
With such a thought, I had tears of joy. Seeing me weeping, the 
saints thought that I was weeping due to the pain. I did not 
weep due to the pain in my body. I burst into tears of joy to see 
the grace of Maharaj and saints for me." 

Shower of Compassion 

-• • • 

Saurashtra is an area of water scarcity since long. 
Moreover, consecutive droughts break the back of economy of 
the people. 

The years 1985-86 were the years of scarcity. The next 
year (1987) there was a dangerous famine. In that difficult time, 
it was difficult to sustain the life of human beings and the cattle. 
Particularly, the situation of Jamnagar area was extremely 
difficult and sorrowful. 

The farmers had no water in their wells and the people 
had no food grains. 

There is a village namely Vajir Khakhariya in that area. 
A straightforward, innocent and noble man lived in that village. 
His name was Popatbapa Mendapara. Popatbapa's son Bhavan 
was studying in Gurukul. Bhavan had great love for Jogi Swami. 
He sat daily before Swami and read Vachanamrut. Swami was 
also graceful towards Bhavan. 

Shower Compassion 


In the difficult days of famine, situation of Popatbapa 
became very difficult. The grains exhausted at home and cattle- 
feed grass too exhausted. The maintenance of human being and 
cattle became very difficult. Popatbapa had two Kankrej (a race 
of cow) cows. He sent those cows to Kalubhai Korat living in 
Samadhiyala village of Una Taluka for subsistence. 

Popatbapa had dearly maintained a pair of bullocks, like 
his dear sons. However, now there was no fodder to give them. 
He was much confused but he thought, ' I don't want to give 
these bullocks to some economically weaker farmer even if he 
offers good amount. Even at a lesser price, I would give these 
bullocks to an economically sound farmer who can maintain 

At last with afflicted heart, the pair of bullocks, whose 
normal price was Rs. 15,000/-, was sold to a well to do farmer 
of village Balapar of Jam Kandorna Taluka for Rs. 1500/- only. 

After selling out his dear bullocks, Popatbapa came to 
Rajkot Gurukul for the Darshan of Jogi Swami. Popatbapa's 
family did not follow Swaminarayan Sampraday but as Bhawan 
was studying in the Gurukul, love towards the Sampraday had 
developed in him. As Bhawan talked about the glory of Jogi 
Swami, a great reverence and faith towards him was developed 
in his heart. 

While he came to Rajkot Gurukul for the Darshan of Jogi 
Swami, a thought emerged in his mind, 'If Swami gives consent, 
I may go for digging of a bore-well.' Due to the famine the 
possibility of water was less, yet if Swami would bless, there 
would be some water in the bore-well and would ease the 
drought situation to some extent. Again he thought, T am not 
to tell my own problem to such a God - like saint.' 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

He bowed down to Jogi Swami and sat before him. With 
the inspiration of Shree Hari, Jogi Swami asked him: 

"What about the maintenance of your family?" 

Even in the difficult time, the heart of Popatbapa was 
full of restraint. The family was large and in the storeroom, 
there was only a bag of food grain. Yet he thought that he would 
not tell it to Swami because Swami is very kind and in view of 
my situation, if he would tell me to take food grain from 
Gurukul, it will be an awkward position for me because I don't 
want to take charity.' 

Thinking in this way Popatbapa said to Swami; "Swami, 
it is good due to the kindness of the God and yourself". 

Again, Swami said, "Tell me the truth as it is." 

At last, Popatbapa told about the situation, as it was 
"Swami, the family is big and the food-grain has exhausted." 

On hearing this, Swami stood up, went to the Murti of 
Maharaj sitting on the throne in Sadhu Ashram and prayed to 
Maharaj. After some time Swami came to Popatbapa and said, 
"Is there any well at your farm?" 

Popatbapa said, "Yes, Swami." 

Swami said, "With the remembrance of Maharaj, you 
may dig a bore- well near the well, the God will give you water." 

Popatbapa said, "Ok Swami." 

Swami said, "But how will you arrange for a bore-well? 
Have you money?" 

Popatbapa said, "Swami, I have no money, but I will 
borrow money for bore-well." 

Shower Compassion 


In the meanwhile, a Haribhakta came for the Darshan 
of Swami. Swami told that Haribhakta "Give him money to dig 
a bore-well, he will return your money." On the order of Swami, 
that Haribhakta gave money to Popatbapa for digging a bore- 

Popatbapa arranged for the digging of a bore-well. 
Plentiful water came in the bore-well. On 17-11-1987, he set an 
electric Motor and with the grace of Bhagawan Shree Hari and 
Jogi Swami, until the date much water was received from that 

In the very first year, he received good yield of cumin. 
He got the income of Rs. 70,000/-. Popatbapa returned the 
borrowed money to that Haribhakta. The entire family became 
happy day by day. 

Once Popatbapa came to Rajkot and requested Swami,' 
"Swami, with your grace, there is much water in the bore- well 
and we have become happy in every way but you may please 
be kind to come to Vajir Khakhariya to give us more happiness." 

Swami said, "We will surely come at our convenience." 

In the year 1989, November-December, Swami came to 
Vajir Khakhariya village alongwith a group of saints. Popatbapa, 
his family and the village people became very happy with the 
Darshan of Swami. Swami talked much about the glory of 
Maharaj and Satsang. With the company of Swami, many 
devout became the followers of Swaminarayan Sampraday. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Improve the end of your life 

Popatbapa had one elder brother. His name was 
Polabhai. He smoked much and by nature, he was hot- 

To make people to do Bhajan, to inspire them to give up 
their addictions and to make them happy economically is an 
innate nature of Swami. Wherever he would go, he would make 
the people to do Dhoon-Bhajan and would inspire the people 
to give up their addictions. 

Swami said, "Polabhai, now you have little time to live. 
Do you want to have better end to your life?" 

With the words of Swami, Polabhai became 
overwhelmed with joy. With folded hands he said, ' Swami, I 
will do as you wish.' 

Swami said, "Give up smoking." 

At the order of Swami, Polabhai gave up smoking and 
Guika. He put beedies and matchbox at the feet of Swami and 
said, "Swami, from today you are my preceptor (Guru) and I 
am to act as you wish." 

Swami initiated him in the Sampraday by giving him 
five vows. 

After seven or eight months, on 6-August-90 an 
extraordinary incident happened. Polabhai had one mare. The 
mare was very powerful and was having good understanding. 
Though being an animal, it had a love for his boss like a human 

Polabhai had gone to Kalavad side riding on that mare. 
While returning to Vajir Khakhariya, on the way he died while 

Improve The End of Life 


he was sitting on the mare. The dead body slipped down to the 

On seeing the boss fall down, the mare stopped. The 
faithful animal understood the matter. The mare of high pedigree 
took scarf of Polabhai in her mouth and reached village Sanala. 
As soon as the village people saw, they recognised. "Oh, this is 
a mare of Polabhai Mendapara! But, why is she alone? And 
why a scarf is in her mouth? Surely some unhappy incident has 

The people stopped the mare and made her to return. 
The mare walked ahead and the people followed it. 

At some distance, she stopped where the dead body of 
Polabhai was lying on the road. 

The people arranged to send the dead body to village 
Vajir Khakhariya. The family members and the village people 
performed the funeral. 

Popatbhai remembered the words of Swami told to his 
brother Polabhai, "Now little life for you to live, improve the 
end of your life." 

When Swami got the news of the death of Polabhai, 
Swami said, "Polabhai was a devout of earlier birth. Almost in 
ending part of his life, he came into our contact. He initiated 
himself in our Sampraday and remained in our command and 
also gave up addictions. Hence, Shreeji Maharaj showered His 
grace upon him and took his soul to His abode very easily. With 
our words, he improved the end of his life." 

On the words of Swami, Polabhai purified himself and 
went to the abode of Shree Hari. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

'O Maharaj ! Please Protect the Saint' 


• • 

There was a well behind the big kitchen of Gurukul. The 
well was dangerous and deep. In the summer, the water would 
be at great depth. In the rainy season, the level would come up. 
As, in the good or bad company our 'Satsang' would go up or 
down, the same thing was happening to the well. 

In the year with good rainfall, the water of this well 
would be sufficient for the kitchen and the hostel but in the 
summer, the water level would touch the bottom. Once, as it 
was a year of famine, the water in the well was almost at the 

There was a young saint in Gurukul. Though he was 
young, he was adventurous by nature. He took care of the wells 
and the water tanks. 

It was a month of Jyestha. There was a terrible heat. 
The rainy season was nearing. The young saint thought to see 
the condition of the well and to shift the motor on an upwards 

The saint took a student with him. The name of the 
student was Tulsi. One other Parshad, who had come from 
Surat to initiate himself into saintliness, also went with him. All 
the three went to the edge of the well. They peeped into the 
well. The water was at great depth. There were rocky stones on 
the walls of the well. There were holes in the rocky stones. There 
were three platforms made of iron girders to install motor and 
galvanised pipes for lifting of water therein. The condition of 
the well was really dreadful. 

The saint was not satisfied with the observation. He tied 
a rope at the edge of the well. With the help of the rope, he and 

'O Maharaj! Please Protect The Saint' 


Tulsi descended to the bottom of the well. They saw that the 
water was only four to five feet deep but there was sandy earth 
at the bottom with many stones. On the upper level of the well, 
a concrete ceiling was created hence its iron and other building 
materials had also fallen to the bottom of the well. Moreover, 
the big kitchen of the Hostel was near the well. Some notorious 
cooks might have dropped big vessels meant for preparing the 
dough in it and the same also could be seen in the water. All 
these rusted materials were lying in the pit five feet deep. 

That service oriented saint thought, 'Still the rain is some 
days away (the rainy season is yet to start after few days) 
meanwhile if this garbage scrap is cleaned, it would be good'. 
Thus, Tulsi and that saint decided to clean the well and 
thereafter that saint climbed up with the help of the rope. 

Tulsi was sitting on the girder. He thought that when 
the saint reaches the edge of the well with the help of that rope, 
he would also reach to the edge of the well. 

The saint reached the edge of the well. Bhagawan Bhagat, 
who was standing at the edge of the well, caught the hand of 
the saint but suddenly he felt giddiness and became unsteady. 
He started shivering. 

The saint said, "O Bhagat! Why are you shivering? See 
that you do not give up my hand." 

Before Bhagat could say anything, the saint left the rope 
relying on the support of Bhagat and an unexpected accident 
happened. The hand of Bhagat, shivering with fear and wet 
with the sweat, disjoined and the saint fell down into the well. 
Bhagat screamed. Tulsi who was sitting on girder inside the 
well also was shocked with fear. While falling down into the 
well, the only word came out of the saint's mouth loudly was' 
Swaminar ay an' . 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

On hearing the scream of Bhagat and the sound of 
someone falling into the well, the cooks came running. Kothari 
Swami Harjivandasji also came hurriedly. By chance, 
Kanubhagat was also present. He also came swiftly. Within few 
minutes, a crowd of saints and devotees gathered near the well. 
As the well was deep and full of girders, rubbles and stones, 
there was no hope of survival of the saint. All the saints and 
Haribhaktas started remembering Shree Hari. 

It was a time to awake the God. Jogi Swami was moving 
Mala behind the Sadhu Ashram under an almond tree. Someone 
came there in haste and said, 'Swami, the little saint has fallen 
down into the well behind the kitchen'. 

On hearing about this dangerous accident stet, Swami 
started uttering, "Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan". 

Swami prayed to Maharaj, 'Maharaj! may you protect 
your saint. If he is injured or dead, your credit would be lost. 
The people will criticise you.' 

However, what happened in the well? As the hand of 
the saint was released from the hand of Bhagat, the God Himself 
caught the hand of the saint. The saint felt that the 
compassionate Murti of Shree Hari by stretching His hand 
caught him and thereafter he became unconscious. 

The saint fell in the water before the eyes of Tulsi. Tulsi 
was frightened, yet courageously he lifted the saint and placed 
him on the girder, on which he himself was sitting. Tulsi started 
weeping. While weeping, Tulsi was moving his hand on the 
back of the saint. 

The saint was almost unconscious and was unable to 
speak. Here on the edge of the well, Kothari Swami immediately 
made available a small cot. He tied ropes to the coat and made 

'O Maharaj! Please Protect The Saint' 


two volunteers to descend into the well. The volunteers took 
the saint on the small cot and brought him out of the well. 
Meanwhile the saint regained consciousness. 

Where there was no possibility of survival, the saint had 
no visible injury at all. As Shree Hari had protected Prahlad, he 
had also protected the young saint that day. As if the words of 
Jogi Swami, "O Maharaj, may you protect the saint' were duly 
heard by Shree Hari. 

On seeing the saint unhurt, all were relaxed. The saint 
was brought to the Sadhu Ashram on the little cot itself. 
Meanwhile Jogi Swami also came there. He fondled with his 
hand over the body of that young saint and said,' The Maharaj 
has protected you. Shree Hari has given you a new life. Now 
do more devotion and service of Maharaj but be careful while 
doing adventures.' 

Kanu Bhagat took that saint to the hospital soon. The 
doctors examined the saint carefully and said, "Only knocking 
injury is there. There are some scratches on the skin but no 
fracture anywhere in the body." After primary treatment, the 
doctors allowed him to go. 

Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj was also in Rajkot Gurukul 
when that incident happened. Shastriji Maharaj came to the 
young saint to give him Darshan and saw him with compassion. 
The compassionate sight worked like a miraculous medicine, 
which pervaded new life in the body of that young saint. 

That saint means our Nilkanthdasji. Nilkanth Swami is 
straightforward and innocent by nature. With service activity, 
he is doing Bhajan as well. Earlier he served in water supply 
department and construction work also. At present, he is serving 
in the construction work at Chharodi Gurukul. With supervision 
work, he also tells the labourers about the glory of Maharaj and 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Satsang, makes them to do Mantra-Lekhan and diverts them to 
the path leading to Shreeji Maharaj. 

Cured a Buffalo 

-• • 

Village Khirsara is situated near Rajkot. Bhagawan 
Swaminarayan had visited this village and had lodged in the 
courtyard of this village. There are some Haribhakta families 
living in this village. Amongst them, some are of Darbar 
community. Jogi Swami frequently comes here to strengthen 
the Satsang. 

Khirsara Darbar Shree Samatsinhji Jasubha Jadeja, his 
brother Jayubhai and their entire family are specially graced by 
Jogi Swami. Samatsinhji Bapu served as a high official in S.T. 
Nigam. Jayubhai took care of farming. 

Samatsinhji could not do without the Darshan of Swami 
even for a day. He regularly came for the Darshan of Swami 
and sat near Swami. Swami also remembered him frequently 
and also called him. 

Darbar Samatsinhji used to invite Jogi Swami along with 
group of saints to Khirsara twice or thrice in a year. Sometimes 
in winter, there would be festival of 'Ponk' (green roasted wheat). 
Sometimes there would be festival of sugar-cane. Sometimes in 
the month of Bhadrapad or Aaso there would 'Ola' (roasted 
green ground-nut) festival. 

The nature of Samatsinhjibapu was extremely simple. 
He had unshakable faith in Jogi Swami. He would do, as Swami 
would say. He had one divine experience of Jogi Swami. Let us 
see his experience in his own words. Darbar Samatsinhji used 
to address Jogi Swami as 'J°gi Bapa'. Therefore, the same word 
is used here. 

Cured a Buffalo 


Samatsinhjibapu said, "On the inspiration and command 
of Jogi Bapa, Katha-Parayan of Shreemad Bhagwat Saptah was 
arranged in Chaitra month of Samvat year 2043 i.e. from 16- 
04-87 to 22-04-87. During this period, Jogi Bapa stayed at a farm 
near our village. One day our Buffalo became sick due to taking 
some food or otherwise, none could know. The buffalo was lying 
down on the earth. Its belly was swelling, and eyes widened. 
Seeing had the symptoms, it was apparent that it would die. 
The buffalo was a big one and gave good amount of milk. We 
tried some local treatment but the situation did not improve. 
Hence, it was but natural that everybody in the family became 

I was also unable to sleep, hence every now and then I 
went to see the buffalo. In the meanwhile, Jogi Bapa woke up 
and asked me, 'Oh! Why are you going and coming back 
frequently?' Therefore, I told him about the buffalo's health. 

Bapa said, "Take a torch and a little pot of water and 
come with me." 

It was a dark night. The stars were twinkling in the sky. 
Gentle breeze was blowing. The buffalo was lying on the earth 

Jogi Bapa came with me where the buffalo was lying. 
He walked around the buffalo and sprinkled water and then 
said, "Now you go, don't worry. Maharaj will cure your buffalo. 
Now go to sleep without any worry." 

Thereafter, Jogi Bapa awakened me at four O'clock in 
the early morning and said, 'Go and see what that buffalo is 

I went to see the buffalo. I saw that buffalo was easily 
ruminating. I returned and told to Jogi Bapa that buffalo was 
well and was ruminating. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Bapa immediately said, "This Bhagawan is drinking the 
milk of your buffalo. When he is here and we are also here, if 
anything happened to your buffalo, He and we also could lose 
our credit. Can he drink the milk of your buffalo free of cost?' 
He has protected your buffalo. Now don't worry." 

The reading of Shreemad Bhagawat Katha was 
concluded. On the previous day, Jogi Bapa and the saints were 
sitting at the farm. With folded hands, I told Bapa, 'Bapa, 
tomorrow you will all take leave. We will feel emptiness.' 

Bapa said, "What do you say?" Then raising his hand, 
he said, 'With the grace of Maharaj, this place would not remain 
empty. It will remain full. In your house, the milk, curd and 
butter will never exhaust.' 

Since then, the house at the farm always remained full 
with the food grain, pulses and at home the milk, curd and 
butter never exhausted. 

Darbar Samatsinhji told us about his second experience. 
This incident happened a day before Pujya Shastriji Maharaj 
went to Akshardham (Abode of Shreeji Maharaj). 

On that day, I had gone for the Darshan of Swami at 
8:30 pm. Jogi Bapa was sitting on the outer platform of the 
assembly hall and was moving Mala. I did the Darshan of Bapa. 

Jogi Bapa said, "Darbar, Shastriji Maharaj has returned 
from Mumbai. You may go for his Darshan and ask him about 
his health." 

I said, "Bapa, now Swami must be resting and he should 
not be disturbed". 

Bapa said, "You may go and see, if he is taking rest, you 
may return." 

Nobody to Go to Ribda 


I went to the seat of Shastri Swami upstairs. Swami was 
sitting. I did 'Dandvat Pranam' to him, hence in a slow voice he 
asked, 'Who are you?' 

I gave my name. Shastri Swami immediately recognised 
me and asked me to come near him. I placed my head in the lap 
of Shastriji Maharaj. Swami gracefully placed his hand on my 
head and blessed me. I felt myself fulfilled. 

I returned to Bapa and told him all these, hence Bapa 
said, "Very good, now where would you get his Darshan?" At 
that time, I could not understand the secret meaning of Bapa's 
words, but after one day only, I got the news that Shastriji 
Maharaj has left for 'Dham' at night. Then only I could 
understand the meaning of Bapa's talk. With great kindness 
towards me, Bapa sent me to have the Darshan of a great saint. 
Swami called me near and placed his hands on my head. The 
blessing of his last moments became invaluable memory of my 
entire life. 

Nobody to Go to Ribda 

Navinbhai Dave's Sahjanand Farm at Ribda is a unique 
place for celebration of festivals. This land is sanctified by 
Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj. Jogi Swami has also visited this place 
many a times. 

'May many saints, live at my home', as if this prayer has 
taken shape at this place. 

Many 'Shakotsav' (festival of vegetable of Brinjal) similar 
to the 'Shakotsav' celebrated by Shree Hari in Loya village, have 
been celebrated here. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Small spiritual camps, just like a symbol of spiritual 
camps arranged on the bank of River Ganga at Rushikesh, are 
also arranged here often. The land of this farm is sanctified with 
the footprints of great saints and Haribhaktas. 

Out of excessive service activities, whenever the saints 
want to rest, they would remember Navinbhai's farm at Ribda. 

Once the saints had arranged a festival here in the same 
way. The grocery items for cooking were sent there. Some saints 
had reached there a day before, for preliminary arrangements. 

On the day of festival, the saints in Rajkot, after 
performing their Pooja, got ready to go to Ribda farm. Jogi 
Swami was moving his Mala while performing his Pooja. The 
Haribhaktas were reading 'Vachanamrut' one by one. The saints 
came to take permission of Swami to go to Ribda. Swami saw 
turban on the head of the saints hence he asked, "Where are 
you going?" 

The saints said, "Swami, a festival is arranged at Ribda 
hence we are to go there." 

Swami said, "Who has arranged to go to Ribda?" 

The saints said, "Dharmavallabh Swami. Swami said, 
"Call him." 

When Dharmavallabh Swami came, Swami said, "Why 
do you arrange as you wish? Whether, anybody is there to ask 
you or not? Go and tell all the saints that nobody is to go to 

As Jogi Swami ordered, the matter came to an end. The 
programme at Ribda was cancelled. Nobody could know why 
Swami said 'no'. 

Nobody to Go to Ribda 


At that time, we were abroad. After concluding our 
foreign tour, we returned to Rajkot. The loving devotees and 
youths of Rajkot had arranged a welcome procession from 
Swaminarayan temple, Bhupendra Road to Gurukul. 

After doing 'Darshan' in Bhupendra Road temple, we 
started our journey to Gurukul. In a decorated chariot, I was 
sitting beside Jogi Swami. On the way, Swami told me about a 
mysterious divine incident. "Shastri, all the saints were prepared 
to go to Ribda but I stopped them. Do you know, why?" 

I said, 'No, how can I know that?' 

Swami said, "Shastri, in the early morning I had the 
'Darshan' of Maharaj. I could see Maharaj taking Mugat Swami 
to Akshardham. The body of Mugat Swami brought to Rajkot 
from Junagadh and placed on the ground of the school. I also 
went to the ground. To avoid ritual of 'Sutak', I paid homage 
with offering floral garland from far. I did not touch. That day 
I saw such scene; hence, I did not allow the saints to go to Ribda." 
And it happened as Swami had seen. 

Mugat Swami was sick at Junagadh. He had severe attack 
of paralysis. Shree Hari had given him an indication of his death 
before a week. Mugat Swami had told this to the person (Sevak) 
who was in his service that, "Now, Maharaj would take me 
within a week". 

Mugat Swami's health became more critical. The doctors 
opined to take him to Rajkot. Mugat swami was not willing. He 
said, 'Please don't. I do not want to go to Rajkot. This sickness 
has been sent by Maharaj to take me. However, the saints and 
devotees thought, 'It would be good if more treatment can be 
given'. Hence, they all placed Mugat Swami in a car and started 
to come to Rajkot but Maharaj took Mugat Swami to 
Akshardham while they were on the way to Rajkot. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

The original name of Mugat Swami was 
Nirannmukktdasji but all called him Mugat Swami. He had 
served his entire life without any kind of desire. 

'He is the Mahant (chief of temple) who sweeps' that 
maxim of Gunatitanand Swami was truly followed in his life 
by Mugat Swami. 

Remaining under the command of Gurudev Shastriji 
Maharaj, he had taken over the responsibility of managing 
Junagadh Gurukul. 

As Shree Hari has said in the Vachanamrut, he has 
addiction of service activity like Shree Uka Khachar. 

As a result of his life-long service to the Satsang, Shree 
Hari took him to the Akshardham. 

A day before, in the early morning, Shree Jogi Swami 
had the divine Darshan of Shreeji Maharaj taking with Him 
Mugat Swami. 

As it was seen by Jogi Swami in the early morning, the 
body of Mugat Swami was placed on the ground of High School. 

When Swami got this news, he took a floral garland and 
went there. He offered that garland to the body of Mugat Swami 
from far. 

Now the saints could understood why Jogi Swami had 
not allowed them to go to Ribda in the morning. 

Eva re malya re amane Jogiya, Jogi Jene Aagmna Endhan 

Thai Thavani Jane Varta, Jene Harivar Pragat Praman 

Meaning: We have got such a saint, who can foresee the 
future happenings, who knows the past and future and who 
bears in him, the God Himself. 

The Land Is Ready 


The Land is Ready 

Surat (Surat city) means an idol of gold. Bhagawan 
Swaminarayan has sanctified this city with inhabitation on the 
bank of river Tapti, with His footprints. Shree Hari had gladly 
awarded His turban to Ardesharji Kotwal, which is an 
important landmark of the history of Satsang.' 

Shree Hari has gracefully given Narayan Munidev for 
devotion to the loving devotees of Surat, who is like a 'Kalpa- 
Vriksha' (wish fulfilling tree). 

The mother like Saint of Gurukul, Shree Purani 
Premprakashdasji, had put his pious footprints on the land of 
this historical city, many years ago. 

Wherever Purani Swami would go, the Satsang would 
bloom in its full. 

The economic condition of the devotees of Surat was not 
as sound, as it is today. There were no facilities also available, 
as are available today. Amongst many discomforts, Purani 
Swami had nourished the garden of Satsang at this place. 

Motibhai Sheth of Surat had much reverence for Purani 
Swami. Swami used to lodge in one side of his mill and call the 
people to Satsang. 

The life of Purani Swami was clean and frank. Due to 
his talks full of total faith in Shree Hari, the Satsang bloomed in 
its full here. 

Due to the faithful and enthusiastic devotees like Kher 
Saheb, a Satsang Mandal was established here. Slowly the 
people wished to have Gurukul there. During his days of 
sickness, Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj had told to Dev Swami, 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

"You may establish Gurukul at Surat, if the saints are ready 
to take care of it." 

After the departure of Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj for 
Akshardham, the search for land to establish Gurukul at Surat 
was started. Two years elapsed but no suitable land was found. 
One day Purani Dharmavallabhdasji came for the Darshan of 
Jogi Swami. 

Jogi Swami asked him, "When are we going to Surat for 
laying foundation stone of Gurukul there?" 

Dharmavallabhdasji said, "Swami, we are not getting 
suitable land". 

Jogi Swami said, "Our land is quite ready there". Swami 
conveyed this to our past student Laljibhai Patel, Tulsibhai Goti 
and Kher Saheb etc. devotees as, 'Go today only, the God is 
with you'. After that telephonic talk, Laljibhai etc. devotees came 
out in search of land. As they were passing by a field, two persons 
called them. Telling them about their search for the land, they 
said, "If your Swami is to come to live here and a temple and a 
school is to be created, then take our land." 

The work which could not be completed in the previous 
two years, completed in two hours only, with the blessings of 
Swami. Shree Laljibhai, Kantibhai and Premjibhai are past 
students of Gurukul. All the three are from village Ugamedi 
near Gadhapur. All the three thought that they are to give the 
land as a donation to their mother institution. At that time, 
they were not economically sound as they are today. Yet they 
dedicated with courage to donate the land to Gurukul. 

On the pious day of 'Akshay Trutiya' of S.Y. 2046, dated 
27-04-1990 Friday, the foundation stone of Surat Gurukul was 
laid at the auspicious hands of Pujya Jogi Swami. The 

Maharaj Will Help You 


construction work started in 1991. The monetary support of 
Dhirajlal Kotadiya, a past student of Gurukul, proved good to 
this institution. And in May 1992, the inaugural ceremony of 
the school and hostel was celebrated. 

With the blessings of Pujya Jogi Swami, various religious 
activities are being done there. The continuous chanting of 
Swaminarayan Mahamantra, continuous performance of 
Yagna, continuous writing of Swaminarayan Mahamantra etc. 
religious activities have been started there by Jogi Swami. 

Our wish to have land, adjoining to the school was not 
being fulfilled. Despite our concerted efforts, we were unable to 
get that land. In the meanwhile, Jogi Swami arrived in Surat. 
Dharmavallabhdasji Swami and Vishwavihari Swami requested 
Jogi Swami to help in this matter. Jogi Swami went to that place 
and after stepping on the land he said, "Within one week, you 
will get this land". Really, as Shree Jogi Swami had said, the 
land was received within a week. 

Maharaj Will Help You 

It was a day of 1990. It was afternoon. In front of Sadhu 
Ashram, there is a well. Near the well Jogi Swami was moving 
Mala. A youth namely Ramesh Ladhabai Sangani sat near Jogi 
Swami. He was from village 'Varna'. The youth was much 
devout. He came daily to read Vachanamrut before Jogi Swami. 
If any devout seems to be heartily attached to Shreeji Maharaj, 
Jogi Swami would nourish his Satsang. There was negligible 
spread of Satsang in the village of Ramesh. However, when he 
came to study in Gurukul, the roots of Satsang became strong 
in his heart. His family was economically weaker. Due to the 
cheap rate of fees in the Gurukul, he could complete his study. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

After completion of his study, Ramesh started working 
in the factory of Ghanshyambhai Khokhariya of Atkot. He 
worked in that factory for six years. There was a house of 
Girdharbapa near Gurukul. Ramesh lived there with some 
students. Girdharbapa did not take any rent from him but 
Ramesh helped him in his domestic works, hence Bapa took 
care of him. Under any circumstances, Ramesh invariably come 
to see Swami and read Vachanamrut. 

One day Jogi Swami became much pleased with this 
devout youth. Swami said, "O boy, what is your occupation?" 

Ramesh said, "Swami, I serve in a factory." 

Swami said, "What can be done by serving? Start your 
own factory." 

Ramesh said, "Swami, my economic condition is not 
good. How can I start a factory?" 

Swami said, "Maharaj will help you, Start your own 

Ramesh also decided to start a factory on the words of 
Swami but he had no money. In the meanwhile, Vaishnav 
Dayabhai met him. Both knew each other very well. Dayabhai 
had some money and he was also willing to establish a factory, 
if a suitable partner were found to manage it. 

Dayabhai told Ramesh, 'Ramesh let us start a factory in 
partnership.' Ramesh said/but I have no money to invest, what 
to do?' As if Shree Hari was speaking from his heart Dayabhai 
said, 'Ramesh, investment would be mine and labour will be 

As if the words of Swami - 'Maharaj will help you' were 
taking real shape. 

Maharaj Will Help You 


At last, they both started a factory in partnership. 
Required lathe machine was being manufactured in Ludhiana, 
hence they ordered for the machine but the situation in Punjab, 
at that time, was unsteady and tense due to the terrorism. The 
machine was entangled. It could not arrive until one year. 

Swami, sometimes would ask Ramesh "O boy! When you 
are to start your factory?" One day Ramesh said, "I really want 
to start a factory but can't get machine. We have placed an order 
for a lathe machine with a firm in Ludhiana a year ago yet we 
have not received it. Due to the disturbances, the machine is 
entangled somewhere. If you permit, I will go to Punjab to get 
the machine." 

Swami said, "In such a situation, you should not go to 
Punjab. Maharaj would bring your machine Tell me when the 
machine arrives. I will come to inaugurate your factory." 

How much kindness of Swami was upon a small but 
deserving young Haribhakta! Many people would request 
Swami to come to their place but if Swami would wish, he would 
go, otherwise would deny. But for Ramesh, he said, T will come 
to inaugurate your factory.' 

With the grace of Shree Hari, the machine arrived exactly 
ten days after the saint spoke of it. Everyone was surprised. The 
machine, which was entangled for one year, arrived in ten days 
only. It was unbelievable for the people. 

Ramesh gladly informed Swami, "Swami! With your 
grace machine has arrived". Swami said, "It is due to the grace 
of Maharaj, not of me. It is good. Let us go to inaugurate it." 

Swami arrived at the workshop of Ramesh. He placed 
the Murti of Maharaj on the Machine, did Chandla and adorned 
it with flowers, rice, etc. Thus, the workshop of Ramesh was 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

inaugurated. With the blessings of Swami, the business 
increased day by day. Today the workshop has twelve lathes 
and the business is in full bloom. 

In Varna, the village of Ramesh, the Satsang was 
negligible. Ramesh organised a Katha in Varna. Swami also 
came to Varna. With the preaching of the saints, the Satsang 
spread in that village. On the words of Swami, a beautiful temple 
has been built under the supervision of Shreehari Swami. 

Before some years, there had been a dangerous cyclone 
in coastal areas of Saurashtra. On that occasion, as a part of 
relief work, a beautiful school building was constructed under 
the supervision of Gurukul with the co-operation of Saurashtra- 
Janmabhumi Trust and Phulchab Parivar. 

Swami has not only strengthened the 'Satsang' in the 
life of Ramesh, but with his grace, the satang has spread in the 
entire village. 

The Permit Ended 

Shree Navinbhai Dave is a trustee of Gurukul. His father 
Chandubhai was a very good devotee. He had come in the 
contact of big saints. He had also come in the contacts of a great 
devotee and a Muktaraj Abjibapa. Due to his sickness, he was 
admitted into a hospital at Mumbai. 

At that time, Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj was in London. 
He stayed at the residence of Ravjibhai of Bharasar, who was a 
past student of Gurukul. 

Here in Mumbai, the doctors advised Navinbhai, "Your 
father would not live for more than two hours. You may take 
him home and arrange for the last rituals." 

The Permit Ended 


Navinbhai said, "Let it be as Maharaj wish" and he got 
ready to take his father home. 

The Doctor said, "Navinbhai, the condition of your father 
is extremely serious. Perhaps he will not reach home alive." 

The doctor gave a death certificate of Chandubhai to 
Navinbhai before his death with a view to save Navinbhai from 
inconvenience of coming back in a heavy traffic of Mumbai. 

Navinbhai brought his father home with that death 
certificate and he talked to Swami on telephone. Swami was 
just coming from Padharamni and the phone rang. Swami took 
the receiver. I was standing near him. Swami had held my wrist. 
With the other hand, he held the receiver. Navinbhai requested 
to Swami to pray for his father. Swami said, "Don't worry. We 
are requesting Maharaj. He would not take Chandubhai to 
Akshardham. We have decided to celebrate a festival in Rajkot, 
and Maharaj would not take Chandubapa until the celebration 
is over. Then let it be as Maharaj wish! We are writing a letter to 
you." He concluded with these words. 

He wrote a letter as he had said. With the request of 
great saints, Maharaj lengthened the life of Chandubapa. 
Chandubapa was cured. 

A grand religious festival was celebrated in presence of 
Gurudev Shashtriji Maharaj. Shree Navinbhai Dave was chief 
host of the celebration. 

Swami had created 'Shreedhar Kund', very first time in 
Gujarat and successfully arranged Mahavishnuyag. For Yagna 
purpose 'Shreedhar Kund' is the best form of Kund. It is Lotus 
shaped Kund. In the big petals, many kunds are created. Central 
one is in shape of lotus. Near that, there is a place for God and 
other deities are situated around. The 'Mahavishnuyag' 
celebration was grand and divine. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

After the grand celebration, Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj 
departed for Akshardham. Eight years elapsed. Chandubhai 
fell ill again. Gurudev was not there. Navinbhai requested Jogi 
Swami, ' Swami, pray to Maharaj to prolong my father's life 
for further two years'. 

Jogi Swami said, "Ok! Maharaj would let live your father 
for two years more." That two years' term was about to end. 
Chandubhai had come to Rajkot. He was quite well. There were 
no symptoms of any illness in his body. 

There is a temple on Bhupendra Road, Rajkot, which is 
known as 'Bordivalu Mandir'. Jogi Swami visited that temple 
daily in the evening for the Darshan of 'Aarti'. While returning 
to the Gurukul, Swami thought 'Chandubhai has come from 
Mumbai. Let us go to see him.' 

Swami came to 'Sahjanand Bhavan', residence of 
Navinbhai. Chandubhai became extremely glad to see Jogi 
Swami and met him with great love and affection. He said with 
a smile, 'Swami, now you may please send me to Akshardham.' 

Swami said, "Vihari, sing a Kirtan." 

Vishvavihari sang Kirtan 'Sahjanand Sukhakari re 
Saluni Chhabi.' 

On hearing the Kirtan, Chandubhai said, "How the 
Kirtans full of affection towards Maharaj have been written by 
Nand saints." 

It was night. The twinkling stars were anxious to witness 
a wonderful incident! Swami was in a hilarious mood. He asked 
Chandubapa, "Do you really want to go to Akshardham? Or 
you are lightly talking about it?" 

Chandubapa said, "Yes Swami, now I really want to go 
to Akshardham." 

The Permit Ended 


Swami said, "Have you any desire in your heart? If it is, 
you will have to stay midway." 

Chandubapa said, "No Swami, really there is no desire 
but Navin does not permit". 

Swami said, "Navin would come from Mumbai within 
two days. If you really want to go, then get his permission and 
be ready." Saying this much, Swami returned to Gurukul. 

Shreehari Swami and other accompanying saints were 
wonderstruck to hear this dialogue. 

Navinbhai's love and affection towards his father was 

He took much care of him. He wanted to serve his father 
for some more years. 

After coming from Mumbai, Navinbhai came to Gurukul 
to have the Darshan of Jogi Swami. He said to Jogi Swami, 
"Swami, please pray to Maharaj to further lengthen the life of 
my father." 

Swami said to Navinbhai, "No, we shall not pray now. 
Now the period of permit has already elapsed. Maharaj had 
permitted two years only. It has ended. Now permit your father 
for his departure for Akshardham." 

Navinbhai was surprised to hear Swami' s clear-cut talk. 
He could not speak. Chandubapa was quite well. Nobody could 
imagine that in such a way anybody could go to Akshardham. 

Next day in the morning, Chandubapa went to 
crematory. He did the Darshan of Ramnath Mahadev and said, 
"Now I am to come here." 

Incidentally, Chandubapa' s second son Dhirubhai was 
also present. Navinbhai was to go to Mumbai in a flight scheduled 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

for departure at 15-00 hours. However, the wish of Shree Hari 
was different. Navinbhai went to the Airport but the flight was 
cancelled. He returned home. On 21st December 1992 at 17-00 
hours in the evening, Shreeji Maharaj gave His 'Darshan' to 
Bapa and in presence of all the family members, Shreeji Maharaj 
took him to the Akshardham. 

Heart Disease Cured 

1£*K* • •• 

Navinbhai Dave of Mumbai is a leader of Gurukul family 
and a faithful disciple of Jogi Swami. His health was not good. 
He had cardiac problem as well as thyroid problem. He had 
gone to America twice or thrice for diagnosis. Once he had 
suffered a heart attack also but with the blessings of Jogi Swami, 
Shree Hari had saved him and he had got new life. 

As some arteries of his heart were blocked, the doctors 
had advised him for the operation in the renowned hospital of 
Huston in America. With the consent of Navinbhai, all his 
medical reports were sent to Huston. The doctor's appointment 
was also taken for performing operation. 

Before leaving for the USA, Navinbhai came to Rajkot 
for the blessings of Jogi Swami. Swami was seated on a slab 
near Sadhu Ashram and was moving Mala. After doing 
Darshan, Navinbhai sat near Swami. Swami gave him 'Prasadi' 
of Sugar crystals with love. 

The saints of Gurukul reported to Jogi Swami, "Swami, 
Navinbhai has heart related problem. He is required to go to 
America for the operation." 

Hearing this, Swami, continued to move Mala for some 
time and then said, "Navinbhai, Maharaj is pleased with you. 
You will require no operation. Maharaj will cure your disease." 

Heart Disease Cured 


After receiving the blessings of Jogi Swami, Navinbhai 
came to America. At the same time, a blessed disciple of 
Abajibapa, Naranmama was present in America. 

Before going to Huston, Navinbhai apprised him on 
telephone that I have such difficulty, I am going to the Hospital 
for operation. 

Naranmama also said, "No need to worry. Operation 
would not be required. Shree Hari would protect you". 

Incidentally, we were also in America at that time in 
our endeavour to nourish and to spread Satsang. Navinbhai 
told us about the situation of his health and the blessings of 
both the great saintly personalities. 

With the blessings of both the saints, suddenly a divine 
thing happened in the life of Navinbhai. Navinbhai got himself 
admitted into the Hospital. Before operation, all the medical tests 
were carried out again. On seeing the new test reports, the 
doctors became wonderstruck, because the arteries, which 
appeared to be blocked in the old reports, were now appearing 
opened up in the new reports. There was a slight problem in 
one artery. 

The doctors were amazed. They said, "We can't 
understand how this has happened. Certainly, you are bestowed 
upon by the grace of the God or the blessings of a great saint. 
Otherwise, this can not happen. Now you don't require any 

Thus, a great danger was averted in the life of Navinbhai 
with the grace of great divine personalities Jogi Swami and 

Shree Hari awarded new life to Navinbhai to serve the 
Satsang and the institution (Gurukul). 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Eva Jo Malya re Amne Jogiya 

Hare Jo ne Bhavo Bhav na Rog 

Gutika Gajab Hari Namni 

Nakhshikh kare re Nirog. 

Meaning: We have got such a saint Who can remove the 
disease of several births. Who, with a capsule of God's name 
completely cures a person! 

Changed the Destiny 

• • 

Vallabhbhai Popatbhai Radadiya was a former student 
of Gurukul. His niece, Diwaliben was married to Raghavbhai 
Hirpara of village Targhadiya in 1978. 

Diwaliben conceived after a year, but unluckily she 
suffered uterus disorder. She gave birth to a child but the child 
died immediately after birth. 

The couple's hope for a son failed. Doctors were of the 
opinion that Diwaliben would never become a mother. 

Fifteen years rolled by. The couple accepted the fact of 
the destiny that they would not become parents. They kept their 
residence in Rajkot and engrossed their mind in devotion and 

As Raghavbhai resided near Gurukul, he came frequently 
to Gurukul for the Darshan. As he was not a follower of 
Swaminarayan Sampraday, he did not know anybody in the 
Gurukul. As he got peace of mind in Gurukul, he came to sit in 
the Gurukul sometimes for one or two hours. 

As Raghavbhai frequently visited Gurukul, he came into 
contact of Jogi Swami. Raghavbhai was thinking to tell the 

Changed The Destiny 


matter of his sorrow to Jogi Swami but he was experiencing 
confusion whether to tell such a thing to such a great saint! 

One day he gathered courage and prayed to Jogi Swami, 
"Swami, I have no child. If you are kind to me, I can have a 

Jogi Swami said, "Come tomorrow." 

Next day Raghavbhai came to Swami. Swami prayed to 
Maharaj and gave him the water offered to Maharaj. Swami 
initiated him into the Swaminarayan Sampraday and gave him 
the vow of 'Seva-Pooja'. 

Raghavbhai started to follow the vows of the Sampraday 
with due faith. Diwaliben too followed her husband in religious 

With the grace and blessings of the great saint Jogi Swami, 
Diwaliben conceived. 

On the seventh month of pregnancy Diwaliben' s health 
deteriorated. She was admitted to the hospital. The Doctors 
conducted required tests and said that the child would not live. 

Raghavbhai rushed to Jogi Swami and reported the 

Swami said, "Don't worry. There would be no harm to 
the child. Remember Shreeji Maharaj." 

In the eighth month, Diwaliben gave birth to a healthy 
baby boy in the hospital of Dr. Siddharth Patel. 

After a month and a quarter, the child was taken for the 
'Darshan' of Jogi Swami. Swami gave him the name 'Baldev'. 
Thereafter, five-month-old 'Baldev' was initiated into the 
Sampraday by Jogi Swami. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

The grace of a great saint can make a soul fulfilled. A 
saint can alter the course of fortune. An able Guru's will can 
change the destiny of a soul. 

Eva Jo Malya re Amne Jogiya 

Karamni Rekh par Mare Mekh 

Vidhina Lakhya re Kerne Nav tale 

Tale Koi Male Mota Bhekh 

Meaning : 

We have got such a saint 

Who can change the destiny (of a soul) 

The destiny which can't be changed 

Can be changed by a great saint. 

The Birth of 'Harikrishna' 

-• • • 

Village 'Ambada' is situated near Una. Most of its 
inhabitants are masons and potters. None has any affiliation 
with Swaminarayan Sampraday in this village. As this village 
is situated in coastal area, the people indulged in meat and wine. 

Purani Swami Premprakashdasji came to this village. 
The seeds of 'Satsang' blossomed in this land. The people gave 
up meat & wine and became followers of Swaminarayan 

Many students of this village came to study in Gurukul 
and as the lotus sprouts from the mud, they started living virtuous 

One of them is Chhaganbhai Kidecha. He came to the 
Gurukul in his younger age and after completion of his study in 

The Birth of 'Harikrishna' 


the Gurukul, became the principal of a primary school. 
Chhaganbhai became thirty eight years old. In his eleven years 
of married life, he had got two daughters but he had no son. 

The 'Maya' of the God is quite strong. The house-holders 
can't give up the desire of having a son. They can't be content 
with having daughters. This matter is interwoven with the 
feelings of the heart that, despite several clarifications, the mind 
of most of the householder can't be convinced. Not only the 
men, women also prefer male child. Now the time has come, 
when the house-holders shall come out of this old concept and 
would consider the son and daughter at par. 

Shree Chhaganbhai being a man of understanding did 
not feel any remorse. He was of the belief that what has been 
given by Shree Hari is good, yet he had a hope for a male child 
in his heart. 

Once Purani Swami Gnanswarupdasji asked, "Chhagan, 
how many sons, you have?" 

Chhaganbhai said Swami, "I have two daughters, no 
son" . 

Gnan Swami kindly said, "Let us go to Jogi Swami. 
Swami would give you blessings and you would have a son". 

It was eleventh day of first half of Vaishakh month of 
S.Y. 1992. On the days of full moon-day, Ekadashi and Hari 
Jayanti, Swami used to perform 'Pooja' for the whole day. 
Gnanswami, alongwith Chhaganbhai came to Swami and 
requested him "Swami, bless Chhaganbhai so Maharaj may give 
him a son". 

Jogi Swami looked at the Murti of Maharaj and said, 
"Chhagan, Maharaj is pleased with you, he would give you a 
son. You and your wife should observe the vow (Vrat) of Hari 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Jayanti and tell your wife to move Mala 50 times daily. When 
Maharaj fulfills your desire and male child is born, take him to 
Junagadh for the Darshan of the Deities." 

After the blessings of Jogi Swami, the wife of 
Chhaganbhai conceived. In the fifth month of her pregnancy, 
the lady doctor asked Chhaganbhai whether he wanted to have 
a check up of the sex of embryo as he already had two daughters. 

The science is for the benevolence of the humankind but 
the people have misused it. The cruelty done to the female 
embryo, through sonography, is heartbreaking. 

Many decades ago, cruel custom was prevalent in the 
Darbar community. The newly born baby girl was drowned in 
a pot of milk. Today a disliked child could be killed in the womb 
of its mother. Is there any difference between these two acts? 

The nature of Chhaganbhai was religious. Hence, he 
could never indulge himself in such an irreligious and cruel acts. 
Yet he had anxiety to know the sex of the embryo. Chhaganbhai 
thought, T have been blessed by Jogi Swami, therefore I shall 
proceed as advised by Swami in the matter. He told the lady 
doctor that he would answer her next day. 

Chhaganbhai consulted Gnan Swami. Gnan Swami 
advised him to ask Jogi Swami and to do as per his advice. 

Chhaganbhai told Jogi Swami. Jogi Swami gazed at 
Chhaganbhai for a while and then said, "Don't you have trust? 
Maharaj would certainly give you a baby boy. Do not check the 

On the words of Swami, Chhaganbhai gave up the idea 
of gender test. On 22-03-1993 a baby boy was born. When the 
boy became a month and a quarter old, Chhaganbhai took him 
to Jogi Swami for the initiation. Jogi Swami initiated the boy 

The Birth of 'Harikrishna' 


into the Sampraday and blessed him by putting his hand on 
the head of the boy. 

Chhaganbhai said. "Swami, this child is to be named. 
He is born in Aquarius. He will be named as you suggest." 

Swami did not speak. He went to the Murti of the God. 
He then returned and said, "Chhagan, leave zodiac aside. This 
son is given by Harikrishna Maharaj. Give him the name of 
'Hari Krishna'. Now don't think otherwise." 

On the advice of Jogi Swami, Chhaganbhai gave the 
name Hari Krishna to that boy. At present, this Harikrishna is 
studying in the school of Gurukul. 

The grace and compassion of great saints can change 
the destiny. 

Mostly in the world, the blessings have become a matter 
of business but the style of true great saints would be different. 
His heart would be full of compassion. He would have no selfish 

Once Chhaganbhai had a paralytic stroke, hence he 
thought to consult Dr. Jagani. Before going to Dr. Jagani, he 
came to Gurukul for the Darshan. 

It was five O'clock in the evening. Swami was moving 
Mala in Sadhu Ashram. 

As Chhaganbhai came for the Darshan, Swami asked, 
"Why have you come this time?" 

Chhaganbhai said, "Swami, I had effect of paralysis on 
my mouth, hence I am going to the hospital." 

Swami said, "Come here, let me see where the effect of 
Paralysis is." Saying this Swami gave a touch of his Mala, where 
there was an effect of Paralysis and said, "Run away" and 
effect of Paralysis gone. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Then Chhaganbhai went to Dr. Jagani for checking. 

After check-up the doctor said, "Nothing is there. 
Everything is OK." 

'Eva Jo Malya re amane Jogiya 

Karuna Sagar Sant saday 

Motida Bharya re Ena Udare 

Moti Amulakh Kaheway' 

Means: We have got such a great saint whose heart is 
full of compassion. He is like an ocean of kindness. 

Can 'Yam' Harass a Saint ? 

-• • 

After retiring from the service of the garden, Jogi Swami, 
mostly, did Bhajan-Smaran sitting under the almond tree behind 

A jute bag would have been spread on the sand. Swami 
would sit on the same. Before him, the Murti of Maharaj would 
be sat. The saints and devotees would read scriptures one by 

For all the branches and sub-branches of Gurukul, over 
150 saints and thousands of Haribhaktas, for all of them Jogi 
Swami can be considered a shelter and a source of inspiration 
as well. However, Maharaj lives, in his every pore, yet no false 
show, no publicity at all. The style of this word-accomplished 
saint is quite straightforward without any pomp or glory. 

Pomp and glory of a head of even a small monastery or 
a temple would be much. The householder would be intoxicated 
with power and wealth. The saint would be intoxicated when 
the people would worship him. However, the style and nature 

Can 'Yam' Harass A Saint? 


of Jogi Swami is unique and divine. Thousands of people would 
flock with folded hands for service, yet Swami would have no 
impact on him. He is always one with Maharaj. He has no 
relation with the worldly things. 

The elderly saint of such a big institution, having many 
branches, sits on a Jute-bag spread on the ground under an 
almond tree while he worships the God. This scene itself is 
surprising. That divine scene has stuck in my heart. 

Once In 1995, at noon, Swami was sitting under that 
almond tree. Some Darbar Haribhaktas had come for the 
Darshan. Vihari Swami was reading the biography of 
Raghavanand Swami. An incident narrated in the biography 
came in which four brothers namely Bhim, Vashram, Raghav 
and Rano compelled the Yama (or Jama) (representative of God 
of death) to run away. 

With a little smile Swami asked, "Vihari, have you seen 

Vihari said, "No Swami, I haven't." 

Swami said, "I have seen him." 

Vishvavihari asked, "Swami, where did you see Yama?" 

Swami said, "Years ago, I was in Junagadh temple. One 
Brahmachari (a celibate) was sick. I went to see his health at 
night. The Brahmachari was sleeping and one or two persons 
sat near him." 

After seeing the health of the Brahmachari, I sat to move 
Mala in assembly hall, which was constructed by Gunatitanand 
Swami. In the meanwhile, I could see Gunatitanand Swami and 
Gopalanand Swami in the assembly hall. Their bodies were 
radiant and both were walking from one end of the hall to the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

other end of it with Mala in hand. I felt great joy in my heart 
with their 'Darshan'. 

After some time I could see two black coloured 'Yama' 
coming down from the sky. They went to the bed of that sick 
Brahmachari. As both the 'Yamas' tried to take away the life of 
the Brahmachari, Gunatitanand Swami raised his hand and 
threatened them. "Don't touch that soul. That is ours, not yours". 

With the threatening of Gunatitanand Swami, both the 
'Yamas' trembled and went away. After some time again both 
the 'Yamas' came and tried to take away the 'Jiva' of that 
Brahmachari. Then Gopalanand Swami threatened them, "Go 
back, otherwise you will be punished." At last, both the 'Yamas' 
fled away and both the saints smiled at me and disappeared. 

Vishwavihari asked, "Why 'Yamas' came to take life of 
that Brahmachari? Why Maharaj did not come and why did 
Maharaj send great saints?" 

Swami said, "There would be some imperfection in 
observing the Vartaman (the five vows of Satsang) by 
Brahmachari. He might have harassed some poor Haribhaktas. 
Therefore, Maharaj did not come. Instead 'Yamas' came. 
However, the Brahmachari had great faith and devotion for 
Gunatitanand Swami and Gopalanand Swami. So they relieved 
him from the snare of 'Jamas' and took him with them." 

Vishvavihari Swami again asked, "Swami, where would 
Gunatitanand Swami take him? To Akshardham or elsewhere?" 

Swami said, "Such soul can't be brought to 
Akshardham. But relieving him from hell, he would be sent to 
Badrikashram to do penance to get rid of his sins." 

Again, Vishwavihari Swami asked, "Can you see all 
such incredible visions?" 

Maharaj Has Not Forgotten Me 


Swami replied, "With the grace of Maharaj, I could see 
such things since my childhood." 

Many times Swami remembers this occasion. Once 
remembering the incident, when I was sitting with Swami, he 
asked, "Shastri, can 'Jama' come to take the life of a Sadhu?" I 
replied, when 'Jama' can't come to take a life of a 'Satsangi' 
how can they come to take a life of a Sadhu?" 

With a laugh Swami said, "If a Sadhu does not observe 
the rules of the Sampraday, Jama may come to take him." 

Saying this Swami narrated the above incident in detail. 

Shreeji Maharaj has promised His followers to take them 
to the Akshardham but if there is any imperfection in observing 
the rules of Satsang fellowship, Maharaj would not take that 
soul to Akshardham. But he would be put into other place to 
become perfect, to get rid of sinful stains and then only he would 
be taken to Akshardham. Therefore, the saints and Haribhaktas 
shall remain alert in observing the rules of Satsang fellowship 


Maharaj Has not Forgotten Me 

-• • 

Village Dholara is situated near Rajkot. Its population is 
3000 but very few families were the followers of Swaminarayan 
Sampraday. Yet, however, Jogi Swami had great compassion 
for the devotees of Dholara. Swami used to came here to 
organize Dhoon and Bhajan. 

The village had an old temple facing south. The front 
portion of the temple was narrow. Swami thought that the 
temple has been dilapidated, the front is narrow and it is possible 
to get the land adjoining behind the temple. If a North-facing 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

temple is created, it would be bigger one, the front portion 
would also be spacious and ample space would be there to create 
rooms for saints to stay. With such volition of Jogi Swami, a 
new big temple is built within a short period. 

Jogi Swami stayed at Dholara while the construction 
work was on. Once it was afternoon. Swami was moving the 
Mala while sitting on the slab. 

Jogi Swami had a thought: There is acute shortage of 
water in the temple; hence, a bore-well should be drilled. 

Swami stood up, he moved in the compound of the 
temple and set a stone at one place, with decision to drill a 
bore-well there. 

Thereafter, again Swami sat on that slab, started moving 
Mala. After some time Shree Hari appeared in His divine form 
before Jogi Swami. With the Darshan of Maharaj Jogi Swami 
became overwhelmed. 

With a smile, Maharaj asked, 'Swami, do you want to 
create a bore-well?' 

With folded hands Swami said, 'Yes, Maharaj'. 

Maharaj said, 'There is no ground water where you have 
placed the stone. I would send a man tomorrow. Drill the bore- 
well where he suggests and there would be much water'. Saying 
this Shree Hari disappeared. 

There was a gentleman in Dholara. His name was 
Kanabhai and he was middle aged. Earlier he was not a follower 
of Swaminarayan Sampraday. Thereafter, he came into contact 
of Jogi Swami and became a good Satsangi and started to come 
to the temple. He also offered his services to the temple. 
Whenever Jogi Swami would come to Dholara, Kanabhai used 
to offer grocery items for the meal of the saints. 

Maharaj Has Not Forgotten Me 


When Swami arrived in Dholara, Kanabhai came to the 
temple. He did the Darshan of the God, bowed down to Jogi 
Swami and said, 'Jay Swaminarayan'. Swami also responded, 
'Jay Swaminarayan'. 

Kanabhai said, "Swami, last night I had your Darshan 
in the dream." 

Swami said, "It is good to have the Darshan of a saint in 
lieu of other things." 

Jogi Swami felt that this person must have been sent by 
Maharaj, hence he asked, "Kanabhai, would there be water in 
this land? We want to get a bore-well drilled." 

Kanabhai said, "Yes, there is a mark at the place where 
the old throne was there." 

Swami said, "Let us go to see." 

Both went to that place. Kanabhai pointed and showed 
the line marked there. 

Jogi Swami realised that this is not Kanabhai speaking 
but Maharaj Himself speaks through Kanabhai. Thereafter, 
Swami got prepared a bore-well there and much water was 

Thereafter Murti Pratishtha ceremony was celebrated 
with great fervour. 'Katha Parayan' of Shreemad Bhagawat was 
also arranged. Many devout of the village had joined the Holy 
Order of 'Swaminarayan Sampraday'. 

There were some headstrong people in the village. Their 
tyranny was much. With the contact of Jogi Swami, they also 
surrendered to the God and became 'Satsangi'. They gave up 
their addictions and their strength was diverted in the right 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Remembering this incident frequently, Swami used to 
say "No matter whether good water could be available or not, 
no matter whether a temple could be constructed or not, it is a 
matter of joy for me that Maharaj has not forgotten me." 

'Ava re malya re Amne Jogiya 

Haiye Jene Sahaj Ajapa Jap 

Harivar Sambhare Jene Het-thi 

Jogi Tara Map re Amap 

Meaning: We have got such a saint (Jogi Swami), who 
always does the Jap of Shree Hari, whom Shree Hari remembers 
with joy, O Jogi Swami, your devotion is rare and incomparable, 

Go to Badrikashram 

-• • • 

Jogi Swami had much compassion for the Vimal Parivar 
of Ahmedabad. Jadavjibhai, Lalu Bhagat, Dayalbhai etc. 
brothers had great respect for Jogi Swami. There was some 
disturbance due to affliction of ancestors in this family. 

A ghost used to possess the body of Jadavjibhai. 
Whenever the ghost came in the body, the body became red 
and Jadavji cried. Once Jogi Swami was in Ahmedabad. 
Jadavjibhai came for the Darshan of Jogi Swami. At that time, 
that ghost possessed the body of Jadavjibhai. Many saints were 
present there. Swami sent them outside except Vishvavihari. 

Swami asked the ghost, "Who are you? Why are you 
harassing this devotee?" 

The ghost was crying much, but it was not able to speak. 
Much time passed. 

Go to Badrikashram 


Swami said, "Whoever you are, tell and stop harassing 
this devotee." 

Then that ghost said, "We are ancestors of this man. We 
are degenerated souls. If good work would be done by our 
family, it would release us from such a state of existence." 

Jogi Swami said, "Go away. They will arrange the reading 
of Bhagawat Katha. Now leave the body." 

The souls said, "Please allow us to stay in his body to 
hear the proposed 'Katha' till it is over, then we will leave." 

The saint agreed. Thereafter that family very nicely 
arranged a 'Bhagawat Katha' at Ahmedabad. Gnan Swami and 
I were the orators. 

Jogi Swami visited the residence of that family. 
Vishvavihari Swami and Gnan Swami were with Swami at that 
time. There was a recess in the wall there, in which many 'Falas' 
were there. 'Fala' is an upward triangle made of a piece of wood. 
It is believed that the manes are used to live in the 'Fala'. 
Occasionally these 'Falas' are worshipped, food is offered as 
sacrament. The people believe that their ancestors will be pleased 
by such worship and oblations. 

Jogi Swami sprinkled holy water on 'Falas' and said, "Go 
to Badrikashram" Then Swami asked Vihari Swami, "Vihari, 
take all these 'Falas' and place them all in the river." 

Vishvavihari took all those Falas and throw them in the 
water of River Sabarmati. 

Thus, the ancestors of Vimal family left the body of 
Jadavjibhai and peace and happiness prevailed in the Vimal 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Dig the Bore Here 
^^ ••• 

Ishwarbhai Patel, Jayantibhai Kacha and Jagdishbhai 
Makwana and 20 to 25 other youths and a group of masons 
could be considered the hands and feet of Gurukul. Be it a 
construction work of temples in the villages or creating a check- 
dam anywhere, on the words of Shreehari Swami, all these 
people would render their services without any expectation. 

Jogi Swami had great kindness for all these devotees. 
With the grace of Jogi Swami, all these devotees have become 
prosperous and happy. One of them, Shree Jagdishbhai 
Makwana has sent us his own experience in writing. It is as 

Jagdishbhai Makwana wanted to construct a building 
of a workshop. However, there was a shortage of water. He 
thought that if Jogi Swami bestowed upon him his grace, water 
could be available in the bore-well at the place of workshop 
and then the task of constructing a workshop would be easy. 

With this volition, Jagdishbhai came to Swami. It was 
afternoon. Swami was moving the Mala, sitting in front of the 
Thakoraji in the Sadhu Ashram. Jagdishbhai did the Darshan 
of Maharaj and Jogi Swami. 

Swami asked him the purpose of his visit. 

Jagdishbhai said, "Swami, I want to start construction 
work of a workshop but there is no water. Therefore, I want to 
have a bore-well. You may please come to that place and 
wherever you would suggest, I would drill a bore well there." 

Swami said, "Today I am very tired, hence can not come 
to your workshop. However, in your workshop, there is a road 

Dig The Bore Here 


in the north and a ' Vonklo' (rivulet) in the south. Between these 
two, there is a small hill. Bore there and Maharaj will give you 

Jagdishbhai got drilled a bore-well there. In one kilometer 
area around Jagdishbhai' s workshop, the people had drilled 
several bore wells but no water was available up to the depth of 
400 to 500 feet. However, Jagdishbhai got sufficient water at 
the depth of ninety feet only. The construction work was done 
swiftly and it was over in time. When the construction work 
was over, the water in the bore-well was also over. As if, Maharaj 
had sent water for a devotee only. 

This Jagdishbhai wanted to construct a house in a plot 
of land purchased by him. Therefore, on the pious day of 'Vasant 
Panchami', a ceremony of laying down the foundation stone at 
the auspicious hands of Jogi Swami was arranged. Jogi Swami 
had great love for all these youth working day and night for 
Gurukul without any expectation. Therefore, Swami gladly 
came to perform the ritual of laying down the foundation stone. 

The festival of 'Vasant Panchami' is always celebrated 
in the Gurukul on a large scale with fervour in the morning. 
Before its starting, this ritual was to be completed. I, Shreehari 
Swami and some other saints with Jogi Swami, went to 
Jagdishbhai' s house. 

That land is fortunate where Jogi Swami lays the 
foundation stone. The owner of the house would be more 
fortunate for having the foundation stone laid by Jogi Swami. 
As the ritual of lying of foundation stone was done by Jogi 
Swami, the entire family of Jagdishbhai was very happy. 

Jagdishbhai wanted to drill in the compound of the house 
for permanent source of water but in the overwhelming joy, he 
forgot to request Jogi Swami to mark the place for Bore well. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

After performing the ritual of laying foundation stone, 
Jogi Swami sat in the car and it began to move. However, 
suddenly as if Shree Hari has inspired Jogi Swami to fulfill the 
volition of his devotee, Jogi Swami asked, "Oh you wanted to 
mark the place to bore thereat." 

Jagdishbhai said, "In my overwhelming joy, I forgot to 
ask you about it." 

Swami came out of the car and touched his stick at one 
place on the land and said, "Dig bore-well here, you will get 

Shreehari Swami said, "Jagdishbhai, you mark that place 
so that the place cannot be forgotten." 

Jagdishbhai immediately got started the work of bore. 
The Bore reached up to 210 feet deep but except powder of 
black rock, nothing came out. There was no sign of availability 
of water there. 

Jagdishbhai got a little worried. The bore-well was going 
deeper and deeper but there was no sign of water. As his 
patience dwindled, he hurriedly came to Gurukul and told to 
Swami, "Swami I am worried. The powder of black rock is 
coming out of the bore but no sign of water." 

Swami asked, "Oh, did you change the mark?" 

Jagdishbhai said, "No Swami, Bore-well is being drilled 
on the exact place you had marked." 

Swami remembered Maharaj for some time and then 
said, "Go home, let the Bore well be deeper. Do not worry. 
Maharaj would give water and inform me immediately when 
water is struck." 

Jagdishbhai then returned home. He saw that water was 
gushing in of the well. On the words of Swami, Maharaj created 

Dig The Bore Here 


the fountains of water in the dry land. Jagdishbhai again rushed 
to Gurukul and appraised Jogi Swami. 

Swami said, "Oh, you don't have patience. See, Maharaj 
has given water. Now telephone home and ask to stop boring. 
Not to bore deeper." Swami determined the limit of Bore-well. 

On the same day, the Murti Pratishtha ceremony was to 
be celebrated in the village Jivapar near Tankara; hence, 
Shreehari Swami along with some saints had gone there. I was 
also to go there. 

The Satsang of village Jivapar was quite new. There was 
no' Satsangis' in Jivapar before. The students of the village came 
to study in the Gurukul. The saints from Gurukul visited Jivapar 
frequently for the spread of Satsang. As a result, the Satsang 
spread in the village. With the inspiration of Jogi Swami, a temple 
was built there under the supervision of Shreehari Swami. 
Jayantibhai, Jagdishbhai etc. masons contributed to a great extent 
in the form of labour work, in construction of the temple. 

Now the mind of Jagdishbhai flew to Jivapar. He 
telephoned home and said to his wife, 'Now stop boring work. 
I am going to Jivapar with the saints'. 

Next day in the morning, Jagdishbhai came to Gurukul 
for the Darshan of Swami. Swami said, "Oh, why did you run 
away to Jivapar? Should you go to Jivapar leaving the bore- 
well unprotected? What would be, if someone puts stones in it? 
Maharaj is taking care of you." 

Really, Jagdishbhai, keeping aside everything, went to 
Jivapar for the work of God. Here at home of Jagdishbhai the 
God protected the bore-well. As mother takes care of a child, 
Swami takes care of the dedicated devotees. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

The scriptures have called Shree Hari as affectionate and 
loving towards the devotees and due to the devotion of Shree 
Hari, His true saints are also affectionate and loving towards 
the devotees of Shree Hari. The only condition is the devotee 
should be really a true and loving one. 

When this incident happened, as it was 'Vasant 
Panchami,' I was also there in Rajkot and I am an eyewitness 
of the incident. 

Maharaj Would Take You After Two Days 
0^ ••. 

Shanti Bapa of Rajkot was originally from village Mota 
Ankadiya near Amreli. As he was the owner of K.S. Diesel Co., 
he was known as K.S. Dieselwala. 

The life of Shanti bapa, well known as 'Shanti Maharaj' 
was quite virtuous. He was constantly vigilant in observing even 
the smaller commands of Shree Hari. Even in his sickness, he 
never compromised in observance of rules of diet and conduct. 
He became old and his body became weak. Many people advised 
him that after the age of 80, the rules of conduct do not apply, 
yet he never accepted it for himself. He used to say, 'Till the 
body works normally and its awareness remains, the commands 
of Shree Hari must be observed'. Thus, he observed virtuous 
religious duties throughout his life. 

He had rendered his services to the Jetpur temple to a 
large extent. When Sadguru Shastriji Maharaj departed for 
Akshardham, on that night Shree Hari had given him His 
Darshan and had said, 'We are taking our ' 'Mukta' to 

Shanti bapa had great affection for Jogi Swami. He came 
daily for Darshan of Swami till he was physically able to come. 

Maharaj Would Take You After. 


He used to take Jogi Swami to Vadtal, Gadhapur in his car 
frequently. On the Pratishtha anniversary day, he would 
invariably take Jogi Swami to Gadhapur, Vadtal etc. 

Due to very old age, Shanti bapa became very weak. 
When Jogi Swami got this news, he decided to see Shanti bapa. 
In those days, Swami's health was good. Swami were daily 
going to Bhupendra Road Swaminarayan temple in the evening 
for the Darshan of 'Aarti'. This was the daily routine of Jogi 
Swami for many years. 

One day, as per the daily routine, Swami prepared to go 
to Bhupendra Road temple. Hansrajbhai Dhami had sent his 
car to take Swami. Shree Hari Swami and other saints were 
accompanying Swami. Before sitting in the car, Swami advised 
the accompanying saints, "Today, after doing the Darshan, we 
will go to see Shanti bapa, hence take with you two garlands." 
The saints were surprised.' If we are to go to see Shanti bapa, 
only one garland would be required, then why Swami told us 
to take two garlands. However, when Jogi Swami ordered, none 
was to doubt. The saints took two garlands with them as advised 
by Jogi Swami. 

After doing Darshan in the Bhupendra Road temple, 
Swami arrived at the residence of Shantibapa. Shantibapa, after 
taking bath, was preparing for Aarti. As Jogi Swami arrived at 
his house, Shantibapa became extremely glad. Jogi Swami and 
Shanti bapa did Aarti of Maharaj jointly. Shanti Bapa 
worshipped Swami with sandalwood. Jogi Swami garlanded 
him with the garland of Prasadi. Thereafter Shanti bapa sat on 
a coat and Jogi Swami sat before him in a chair. 

Vihari Swami Sang the Kirtan 

'Tamari Murti Vina Mara Nath re Biju Mane Aapsho Ma' 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Means: Oh my God, do not give me anything other than 
your Murti. 

On hearing this Kirtan, Shanti bapa became much 
pleased and said, "How wonderful Kirtans the Nand Saints 
have created! Thereafter he remembered Sadguru Balmukund 
Swami, Narayandasji Swami etc. great saints. After some time 
Jogi Swami asked to sing one more Kirtan, hence Vihari Swami 
sang the Kirtan, 

'Murti Mare Manmani Re Mohan Tari Murti Manmani.' 

Meaning: Oh God, I like your Murti very much. 

Swami asked, Shantibapa, "Remember the events when 
we were going to Gadhada, Vadtal together for the Darshan?" 

Shantibapa said, "Swami, I do the same. While sleeping 
in the bed, I do 'Bhajan' and remember the great saints like you 
and Maharaj also. I do not remember any worldly thing. I am 
waiting for Maharaj to take me to Akshardham along with 

Swami said, "Continue to do Bhajan in this way. 
Maharaj will come to take you within a short period." After 
saying this, Jogi Swami put a sugar crystal of Prasadi in his 

Navinbhai, the son of Shantibapa, was standing beside 
him. Swami said to him, "Navin, you have served your father 
well. Continue to serve him for two days. After that Maharaj 
will take your father to Akshardham." 

Thereafter, Jogi Swami, looking at the saints said, "Give 
me the second garland." Saints gave that second garland. Then 
Swami said, "Navin, this garland is for going to Akshardham. 
Preserve it and garland your father when he departs for 
Akshardham." Saying this, Swami stood up. Now the saints 

Twin Occasions 


could understand why Swami had advised them to take two 
garlands with them. Swami had arrived to give his last Darshan 
to Shantibapa. All felt surprised with the divine talk of Swami. 

It is said that the Rushies, sages could see the three phases 
of time: past, present and future, but as they are in the human 
form like ourselves, it is difficult to understand or recognise them. 
Pujya Jogi Swami could also see through the past, present and 
future with the grace of Maharaj and we have seen with our 
eyes many such incidents. 

Exactly after two days, on 08-11-1996, Shreeji Maharaj 
along with the Nand saints came to take Shantibapa with him 
and Shantibapa departed for Akshardham doing Dhoon-Bhajan 
with Maharaj. 

Twin Occasions 

-• • • 

Dhirubhai Gandhi and Jaysukhbhai Gandhi, both are 
brothers from village Gir Gadhada, and very good devotees. 
Dhirubhai had two sons namely Bhupendra and Narendra. 
Jaysukhbhai also has two sons, Dinesh and Yogesh. There is a 
good unity amongst the family. Earlier they were living in Africa, 
now they are in England. 

Despite living abroad, this family has served their 
motherland well. They have helped many developmental 
activities of Gir Gadhada. Dhirubhai was really like a shelter 
for the entire society. After departure of Dhirubhai for 
Akshardham, Jaisukhbhai has taken up that responsibility. 

This family has got great affection and love for the service 
activities of Gurukul. The youths of this family living in England 
have unity and faith in Jogi Swami and other saints. Whenever 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

they venture for any task, they get blessings of Jogi Swami by a 
telephone call and thereafter only, they start that work. 

Once Jaysukhbhai had cardiac trouble. His son Dinesh 
contacted Jogi Swami on telephone from London to get the 
blessings of Swami. After getting blessings, the by-pass surgery 
was done and with the grace of Shree Hari and blessings of Jogi 
Swami, it was a success. 

A problem recurred after some time. The doctors advised 
for second by-pass surgery. This time it was a risky. Therefore, 
the family members were worried. 

I was sitting in the office of Rajkot Gurukul. Dinesh 
contacted me on telephone from London. He was worried. He 
requested me to tell Jogi Swami to pray to Maharaj for success 
of the operation, as they were all worried. 

I suggested to him to worship and pray Maharaj. I told 
him that I would speak about the situation to Jogi Swami. Saying 
this I put down the receiver. Immediately after that, 

I received a telephone call from Ranchi. 

Great devotee Kalyanjibhai Kamaliya lived in Ranchi 
(Bihar). Spiritually, he had achieved high state like King Janak. 
Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj was much pleased with him. He had 
studied the scriptures in depth. His body was tall and 

With the grace of Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj, 
Kalyanjibhai had developed unshakable faith in Shree Hari. 
Whenever he sat to perform 'Mansi Pooja' (mental worship), he 
would do it for half an hour as offer the meal to Shree Hari as if 
in presence. He had memorised big Vachanamruts in his old 
age. In his temple-like house, he had carried out the reading of 
almost all the religious scriptures along with his wife Kashibai. 

Twin Occasions 


Kalyanjibhai used to say, "Swami, for many years, our 
relation as husband and wife is over. Now she is the worshipper 
of the temple and I am a reader of the religious scriptures." 

His life was like that of a sage. It was a source of 
inspiration even for the saints. His wife Kashibai was also in 
high state of spirituality and devotion. Bhagawan Shree Hari 
Himself had given him the Darshan and took her to 

After the departure of his wife from this temporal world, 
Kalyanjibhai immersed himself in reading religious scriptures 
and in devotion. He had totally detached himself from the worldly 
affairs. At that time, he was ninety eight years old. Due to his 
old age, his health had deteriorated. His sons, Chandubhai and 
Pravinbhai desired their father to complete one hundred years. 
Not only that, the entire Gurukul family had wished him to 
celebrate his centenary in his presence as he was like a pillar of 
strength for the Gurukul. At the age of ninety eight, his health 
deteriorated a little. Chandubhai telephoned from Ranchi. 

After talking to Dineshbhai on telephone to London, I 
was still in the office. I had a phone call by Chandubhai from 
Ranchi. He said, "Swami, father is not well nowadays. Please 
request Jogi Swami to pray to Shree Hari to lengthen his life for 
two years so that our desire to celebrate the centenary could be 
fulfilled." I consoled him on telephone and concluded the talk. 

With the requests of the devotees of London and Ranchi, 
I went to Jogi Swami. 

Jogi Swami was sitting on a jute bag spread on the sand 
behind Sadhu Ashram and was moving the Mala. Some devotees 
were reading scriptures by turn. As Jogi Swami wanted to go to 
urinal, he stood up and started walking with the help of a young 
Sadhu. I bowed to Swami and stood in front of him with the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

gesture of salutation. Swami stopped for a while and asked me, 
"Do you want to say something?" 

I said, "Swami, there was a call by Dinesh from London. 
Jaysukhbhai is not well. Bypass surgery is to be performed for 
the second time. Please pray to Maharaj so that he comes be 

Swami remembered Maharaj for some time and then 
said, "Tell them that they need not to worry. Tell them to recite 
'Janmangal' . Maharaj would help." 

I said, "Swami! There was a call from Ranchi. 
Chandubhai has informed that his father Kalyanjibhai is not 
well. If Maharaj would keep him healthy for another two years, 
they could celebrate his centenary." 

Jogi Swami closed his eyes for some time and then he 
said, "Shastri! Kalyanjibhai is now prepared to leave for 
Akshardham. Shreeji Maharaj also does not intend to keep him 
in this world. Now none shall pray to keep him in this world 
but we shall pray for his happy departure for Akshardham." 

I was surprised to hear the words that naturally came 
out from the mouth of Swami. 

After two days, I received a telephone call from London. 
Dinesh informed me, "Swami, the operation has been successful. 
With the blessings of Jogi Swami the doctors have declared my 
father free of any danger and he is now feeling well." While 
talking to me on telephone, Dinesh was feeling himself fulfilled. 

After two days, a telephone call from Ranchi also came. 
Chandubhai advised on telephone that Maharaj has taken his 
father to Akshardham. I told Chandubhai on telephone about 
the conversation I had with Jogi Swami in this matter. Then he 
was also wonderstruck. 



I have heard and read about many accomplished Saints 
and Yogis who could see beyond the barriers of time and space 
but we feel great joy and surprise to see such a 'Paramhans' 
before our eyes. 

Without doing any type of Yog-Sadhana, Jogi Swami has 
attained this divine state, only with the blessings of his Guru 
Mahant Swami, and devotion and Bhajan for Shreeji Maharaj. 


-• • • 

Elections were about to be declared in Gujarat. The people 
were in a sweep of excitement to elect their representatives or 
to be elected as MLA. On the eve of the declaration of elections, 
Keshubhai, the leader of Bharatiya Janata Party, came for the 
Darshan of Jogi Swami. Jogi Swami was immersed in the 
worship of Maharaj. After doing Darshan, Keshubhai sat near 
Swami. Keshubhai is a politician of a remarkable merit. He has 
less of formal education but he has a deep understanding of the 
problems of the people. He has a great insight. He has always 
thought of doing well for the people. 

Jogi Swami is a rare saint remaining ever immerged in 
Shreeji Maharaj. He did not know Keshubhai. He knows 
Maharaj only. While doing 'Pooja', he moved the Mala. 
Incidentally, on that day, a red lotus had bloomed in the garden 
of Gurukul. Jogi Swami has placed that flower at the feet of 
Shreeji Maharaj. 

Before we could say anything or give introduction of 
Keshubhai, as if inspired by Shreeji Maharaj, Jogi Swami took 
that lotus flower in his hand, gave it to Keshubhai and said, 
"Maharaj will do good." 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Swami is quite a different type of personality. He has 
nothing to do with politics. He has only the Murti of Shreeji 
Maharaj in his mind. He does not know BJP or Congress. He is 
also not knowing about the election nor he was aware that the 
Lotus was a symbol of BJP. 

Keshubhai had come with the intention of getting the 
blessings of Swami. With the sudden shower of blessings by 
Jogi Swami, Keshubhai became overwhelmed with joy. He had 
tears of joy in his eyes. We all watched this divine sign with 

I said, "Bhai, the saint has expressed the intention of 
Shree Hari. The people of Gujarat wish to have a change in 
Gujarat, and now the change is surely to take place." 

Keshubhai bowed down to Swami with his folded hands. 
He sat for a while and then took leave. 

With the blessings of Swami, the people's wish to have a 
change succeeded. The people's verdict came in favour of BJP 
and Keshubhai became the Chief Minister of Gujarat. 

Named before Birth 

• • • 

Rugnathpur is a village blessed by great saint 
Gunatitanand Swami, an incarnation of Akshardham. The 
settlement of this village had done at the order of Gunatitanand 
Swami. A river flowed on the outskirts of this village. The people 
called it Dedumar River. Gunatitanand Swami said, "The word 
'Mar' does not fit in the name of this nectar like River. Call it 
River 'Dedumer' from today. (In Gujarati language, 'MAR' 
means to kill or beat and 'MER' means compassion). This river 
would become the lifeline of the village. The water of the river 
will flow forever." 

Named Before Birth 


The river flowed with grace until now, making the words 
of Gunatitanand Swami true but the people have usurped the 
water with motor-pumps. 

With the blessings of Gunatitanand Swami, the entire 
village is happy. The Satsang fellowship is in its full bloom. A 
Muktaraj Arjanbapa was born in this village. Shree Hari Himself 
had come to take him. The descendants of the family of Vira 
Sheladiya, who was having doubtless firm faith in Shree Hari, 
live in this village. This village has presented many great saints 
to Swaminarayan Sampraday. The temple of Swaminarayan is 
itself a Ramji Mandir in this village. The Aarti is performed at 
this place daily. The great capable saint Sadguru 
Balmukunddasji Swami has established the Murti of Hanumanji 
Maharaj here, who is known to have miraculous powers. 

The daughters of this illustrious village have spread the 
Satsang in the families where they have gone after their 
marriages. The devotees of this village have unique oneness with 
the saints. 

Babubhai Sheladiya is a leading Haribhakta devotee of 
this village. He has narrated in a letter to us about how a Sun of 
happiness has risen in his family with the blessings of Jogi Swami. 
It is as under: 

Balubhai Sheladiya is the younger brother of Babubhai. 
Balubhai Sheladiya got married. With the grace of Shree Hari, 
he had two daughters. 

However wise the householders are, they can not 
consider the daughters and sons equal. This is a widespread 
disease of our society. It is quite essential to free our society from 
such a disease. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Though Balubhai had two daughters, the entire family 
had a wish that he should have a son, but the luck was not 
favourable. The situation was like this. The son would take birth 
under the treatment of doctor but would die after two three 
hours. Such thing happened thrice. 

The entire family was now in despair. Despite constant 
medical treatments, the situation could not be changed. Once, 
Babubhai, the elder of the family had an intuition that in Rajkot 
Gurukul, Jogi Swami is a much capable saint. If I request Jogi 
Swami, the wish of entire family would be fulfilled. 

As such, the devotees of the village have great reverence 
for Jogi Swami. Many devotees have got water in their wells 
with the blessings of Jogi Swami and they have become more 
happy. Jogi Swami has visited this village frequently, hence 
everyone in this village knows Swami. 

Babubhai came to Rajkot. He informed Jogi Swami and 
requested Swami to pray to Maharaj so that his brother could 
get a son. Jogi Swami remembered Shreeji Maharaj for some 
time and then said, "From now onward, stop taking medicines. 
Your brother and his wife should keep the vow of Hari Jayanti 
and both should move Mala with Swaminarayan Maha-Mantra. 
The wife of Balubhai shall sweep the floor of women's temple 
daily. Maharaj would give them two sons. After ten months 
from now, one boy would be born and thereafter in the next 
year, another." 

After saying this, Swami gave him Kum-Kum, Chandan, 
Kanthi (rosary) and hallowed water. Swami said, "You may 
give this water to the boy to be born. Make a Chandlo of Kumkum 
and Chandan on the forehead of boy to be born and make him 
wear the Kanthi and give the name Ghanshyam to the first 

Named Before Birth 


child." Thus, Jogi Swami initiated a son into the Sampraday 
before his birth and gave him the name also. 

Balubhai and his wife both observed the vow and as 
Swami has said, in the tenth month Ghanashyam was born. 
Thereafter, in the next year, another son was born who is named 
as Upendra. Ghanshyam is doing business now and Upendra 
is studying. 

Balubhai has narrated one more thing in his letter. With 
the birth of Ghanshyam, the entire family was happy. All knew 
that Ghanshyam is born due to the grace of Jogi Swami. When 
the child became three months old, the family thought that the 
boy should be taken to Swami to bow down to him and a golden 
chain to be presented for the Thakoraji in the Pooja of Swamiji. 

Babubhai, Balubhai and all the family members came to 
Rajkot. He let Ghanshyam have the Darshan of Swami. Again, 
Swami made him to wear a Kanthi and initiated him. 

Babubhai presented a chain of gold to Jogi Swami for 
adorning the Murti of the God. Jogi Swami immediately said, 
"We can not accept it." Balubhai insisted much to accept it but 
Jogi Swami did not. 

The greatness and glory of a true saint could be seen 
from such incidents. Any other person would make it a business 
but Jogi swami is a different kind of saint. He does not want 
anything from anybody. The honour, dignity or wealth never 
could shake him. 

I do remember, whenever I happened to go to Rugnathpur with 
Swami, he invariably remembered Ghanshyam. Ghanshyam 
also used to come with a coconut and sugar crystals. Swami 
also happily says, "Shastri, this boy is given by Ghanshyam 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Jogi Saved Life 

• • • 

We were in Africa to nourish and to spread the Satsang. 
After moving to places, we went to Eldoret. There we met an 
Ex-student namely Nanji Dhanji of Samatra (a village in Kutch 
area of Gujarat State). He had studied at Rajkot Gurukul many 
years ago. He came to know about our arrival at Eldoret. He 
became overwhelmed with joy. He immediately came to see us. 
He reminded old incidents. He also reminded the old rectors 
and saints. He asked about everybody. Thereafter, slowly he 
asked, "How is Jogi Swami?" We said, "He is well." 

Remembering Jogi Swami, he became emotional. He told 
us an incident. "Swami, Jogi Swami has saved my life". 

We eagerly asked, "How?" 

Nanji said, "You may know about the collapse of 
Machchhu Dam of Morbi?" 

We said, "Yes, we do know." 

Nanji said, "At that time, the preparations for 'Brahma- 
Satra' were going on in Gurukul. There was a small vacation 
on the eve of Janmashtami. We three to four students were to 
go home in Kutch. There was a night bus. We had got our seats 
reserved. Before going to bus stand, I went for the Darshan of 
Jogi Swami. 

Shreeji Maharaj must have inspired Jogi Swami, hence 
Jogi Swami pated my back said, 'Go in first Bus only, but do not 
go in second'. I relayed, 'Yes! Swami'. We directly went to the 
Bus stand. I took my seat in the first bus and started the journey, 
Few other boys from Kutchh also were to go to Kutchh. They 
too went for the Darshan of Swami. Swami denied them to go. 
Due to lack of understanding in childish age boys confused. 
However, they thought Swami may say no but we must go and 

Don't Go To Dubai 


they went directly to the Bus Stand. When Jogi Swami came to 
know about it, he asked Kanu Bhagat to bring them back to 

Nanji already have started in first Bus, another boys took 
seats in second Bus. Thereby Kanu Bhagat came and brought 
all of them back to Gurukul. That night it rained heavily. A 
dangerous thing happened. Machchhu Dam collapsed. The 
Morbi city and nearby villages were ruined. Thousands of people 
drowned. We came to know that the Bus, in which students 
were to travel, had drowned due to the flood. 

"Swami, what would have been to us if we would have 
been in that Bus? Due to the kindness of Jogi Swami, we were 
saved." While talking, tears of gratitude trickled down the eyes 
of Nanji. He said, "Swami, I could not forget that incident. The 
God and the great saints protect the life of the people. Whenever 
I hear this, I remember that extraordinary incident of my life." 

"After completion of my study, I left Gurukul but have 
not given-up the virtues derived from the Gurukul. I do 'Pooja- 
Path' daily. Though I live here abroad, I not do take wine and 
meat. With the grace of Maharaj and the saints like Swamiji I 
am happy and in good job. I have saved some amount from my 
salary. With that amount I want to serve food to the students of 
Gurukul." Thus, Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan saved the life 
of all students on the words of Swamiji. 

Do not Go to Dubai 

-• • 

Keshavji was a youth of Rajkot. By caste, he was a mason. 
He had a dream to go to Dubai to earn good money. He came in 
the contact of an agent of Dubai. He enticed Keshavji with 
promise to send him to Dubai. Passport was ready. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

The Agent said, "You will have to pay Rs. 15,000/- to 
get work-permit of Dubai." 

Apart from Keshavji, there were fifteen other persons 
ready to go to Dubai. 

Keshavji was engaged in labour work. He had no money, 
yet anyhow, he managed to collect Rs. 15,000 /-. He was to go 
to pay Rs. 15,000/- at 8 o'clock at night. Keshavji thought to go 
for the Darshan of Jogi Swami before going to pay the money. 

With colourful dreams of good earning in Dubai, 
Keshavji came for the Darshan of Jogi Swami. He had Rs. 
15,000/- with him. He bowed down to Jogi Swami and said, 
"Swami! I want to go to Dubai and I am going to pay advance 
money for the same." 

Swami said, "You are not to go to Dubai. Maharaj will 
give you good earning here." 

For Keshavji it was like a jolt to a fast moving car of 
desires. He became deeply disappointed, as Swami said 'No'. 
His mind felt a sudden shock. 

Jogi Swami noticed despair on the face of Keshavji. 
Therefore, he said, "Oh Keshu, if you could not believe me, then 
go to Maharaj and pick-up one chit out of two having written 
'yes' and 'no' in it, before Maharaj. If Maharaj say yes, then go. 
Keshavji picked up a chit as Swami has advised. There was 
'No' written in that chit. 

Swami said, "Oh! If you can't believe me, then you must 
believe Maharaj." 

'What to say and what to do' Keshavji was unable to 
decide. His dreams seemed to shatter. Keshavji returned with 
despair. He had intense desire to go to Dubai but as Swami 
said 'No' he became perplexed. He told everything to 
Vishwavihari Swami. 

Don't Go To Dubai 


At that time, Brahma-Satra was going on in Rajkot. After 
finishing my discourse, I reached the office. 

Vishwavihari Swami said to me, 'Swami, hear this man.' 
I asked, "What is the matter, Keshavji?" In the meanwhile, 
Keshavji cried. I took him inside the office and asked him, "Why 
are you crying?" 

Keshavji said, "Swami, what shall I do? All the members 
of my family insist I should go to Dubai but Jogi Swami has 
advised otherwise". I asked him to be calm and said, "If Swami 
has denied, then surely there must be some sign from Maharaj. 
Therefore, you should give up your desire." 

With my words, Keshavji gathered courage and firmly 
made up his mind not to go to Dubai. 

Keshavji went home. After some time his friend came to 
see him. He was also going to deposit money for the work permit 
of Dubai. He asked, "Keshavji what are you doing here? Do 
you not want to come to deposit money?" 

Keshavji said, "I don't want to go to Dubai. My Swami 
has advised me". That friend said, "Then I also want to ask 
Swamiji, whether I should go to Dubai or not." 

Both friends came to Gurukul and met me near office. 

Keshavji asked, "Swami, what should my friend do? 
Should he go to Dubai or not?" 

I said, "Keshavji! We know you. You are familiar to us. 
Therefore, we can advise you. Your friend is not acquainted to 
us. We cannot tell him what should be done or what should not 
be done. He can decide as he wishes." 

That friend of Keshavji also decided not to go to Dubai 
as his friend was not going. He gave up the plan to deposit 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

money. There was a batch of fifteen persons. Two of them thus 
decided not to go to Dubai. Remaining thirteen, deposited 
money for the work permit. That agent took them to Mumbai. 

The father of Keshavji became angry as Keshavji decided 
not to go. He scolded him, "What have you decided? On the 
advice of Swamiji, you decided not to go to Dubai. What does 
Swami know about worldly affairs?" 

On the next day, Keshavji came to Swami and said, 
"Swami, as I have decided not to go to Dubai, my father is 
angry with me and he has stopped talking to me." 

Jogi swami said, "Don't worry. Your father will speak 
to you at his own accord." 

In Mumbai, that agent took all those thirteen aspiring 
young men to an unknown place. He got their signatures on 
many documents. Then he asked them to sit there and wait for 
him. He went inside the building and never came out. Those 
thirteen men waited until evening. Then some ruffians rushed 
to that place and asked them to go away. The ruffians threatened 
them and made them flee. The deceptive agent had disappeared 
with money. All the thirteen young men came back to Rajkot 
with their dreams shattered. They met Keshavji and told them 
everything. Keshavji came hurriedly to see Jogi Swami and 
grabbed his feet and said, "Swami, you have saved me". 

Swami said, "Oh! Maharaj has saved you; otherwise, 
you would have become the loser. Would you now believe my 
words? Maharaj would do well of you." Then Swami asked, 
"Keshu, has your father started talking to you now or not?" 

Keshavji said, "Yes Swami, now he is also repenting." 

Swami said, "Maharaj takes care of them who surrender 
to him. Therefore, follow the rules of Satsang firmly." 

Rahul Got Speech 


Keshavji is happy today. He works, earns and observes 
the rules of Satsang firmly. 

Rahul Got Speech 

With the grace of God and great saints the dumb can 
speak, the lame can climb mountains. With the grace of Jogi 
Swami, many dumb have got speech. Such live examples are 

There was a student of Gurukul namely Mansukhbhai 
Kakani. He was peaceful and virtuous by nature. Moreover, he 
came to study in Gurukul; hence, his virtues bloomed like 
anything. After completion of his study, he got married. 

He got one son namely Rahul. He was very handsome. 
He became four years old yet he was unable to speak. His parents 
were worried about it. Despite their best efforts and best 
treatments, Rahul was unable to speak. 

At last, one day, Mansukh came to Jogi Swami. When 
he was studying in Gurukul, he used to come to Jogi Swami to 
read Vachanamrut. Therefore, Jogi Swami knew him very well. 
As Mansukh's nature was peace loving, Jogi Swami was kind 
towards him. 

To have grace of a great saint is a very great achievement 
of life. Worldly wealth is not a means of getting the grace of a 
great saint but virtuous life, sacred nature and love for God are 
the means to get the grace of great saints. As the life of Mansukh 
was pious, Jogi Swami was very happy with him. 

Mansukh came to Jogi Swami. Swami asked, "Why have 
you come?" 

Mansukh said, "Swami, there is a request." 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Swami asked, "Tell me, what it is?" 

Mansukh said, "Swami, I have an only son. His name is 
Rahul. Though he is four years old, he does not speak. If you 
please kindly pray to Maharaj, Rahul may get his speech." 

Jogi Swami gladly asked to bring holy water of Abhishek 
of Maharaj. He soaked his Mala in that holy water and said, 
"Take this holy water and make your son to drink it and utter 
Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan in his ear. Maharaj would do 

Mansukh went home and made his son to drink that 
pious water and uttered 'Swaminarayan', 'Swaminarayan' in 
his ears. A miracle happened. On hearing the Mahamantra of 
Swaminarayan, Rahul got his speech. Rahul also started 
chanting Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan Maha-mantra with 
his father. 

Water is only water but with the volition of a great saint, 
the water could become a true medicine. Rahul is a live example 
of the same. 

Aeva re Jeevan Mukta Jogiya, 

Jena Venere Vijaliyu Thay 

Ughade Antarna Jone Agla 

Bhitare Ajwala Thay 

Meaning: (we have got) such a great saint on whose 
words, the lightening happens. The doors of the heart open up 
and (Divine) light fills the heart. 

They Would Feel Themselves. 


They would feel themselves ashamed 

Once, a Katha Parayan of Bhagawat was going on in 
Mumbai. Due to great insistence of devotees, Swami had come 
to Mumbai. Swami had allergy for big cities like Mumbai. 
Whenever he came to know about going to Mumbai, he would 
feel dejected. He had a dislike to go to Mumbai. The wealth and 
grandeur of big cities could not attract the mind of a great saint. 
Swami does not like the cities as he likes small villages and natural 
places. The saint, in whose heart, the grandeur of the God 
resides, no wealth of the world can shake. 

Once, Jogi Swami had to go to Mumbai with Shastriji 
Maharaj in a special train. The special train halted at Mumbai 
for three days but Jogi Swami never got down from the train 
nor he took water of Mumbai and not even fruits. 

After the departure of Shastriji Maharaj for 
Akshardham, the devotees of Mumbai desired to have the 
Darshan of Swami. Once on behalf of all the devotees of 
Mumbai, Navinbhai Dave requested Jogi Swami to come to 
Mumbai. On hearing 'Mumbai', Swami cried like a child and 
said, "If you take me to Mumbai, I would not live in this world 
and would request Maharaj to take me to Akshardham". 
Navinbhai and other devotees became stunned like a stroke of 
shock. They had never anticipated such a reaction from Jogi 
Swami. All had tears in their eyes. With folded hands, Navinbhai 
Dave said, "Swami, please be calm. Please be pleased with us. 
We do not want to do anything that disappoints you." Then 
Swami became calm. 

Years rolled by. The longing of loving devotees of Mumbai 
increased for the Darshan of Swami as anyhow Swami may 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

visit Mumbai once to give us happiness of his Darshan and to 
sanctify Mumbai with his footprints. 

Bhagawan and great saints are always favour loving devotes. 
After the departure of Shastriji Maharaj for Akshardham, 
Swami has brought much change in his nature with grace to 
give happiness to the devotees. 

With the constant requests of devotees of Mumbai, 
Swami agreed to visit that city. On getting this news, the 
devotees of Mumbai were overwhelmed with joy. A big assembly 
was organised to welcome and to have the benefit of Satsang of 
Jogi Swami. Jogi Swami arrived at the assembly. With his arrival, 
a wave of joy spread in the assembly, as if it rained nectar on 
the earth. As the magnet attracts the iron, the entire assembly 
was attracted towards Jogi Swami. 

The assembly with the presence of Jogi Swami was 
symbolising the Divine assembly with the presence of Shree Hari. 
Jogi Swami sat in the assembly for some time. Meanwhile, Vihari 
Swami requested Jogi Swami to speak a few words as the 
devotees had been thirsting for his nectarine words. 

Jogi Swami said with grace, "One may fly in the sky 
and can move in the ocean but without becoming a (true) 
devotee the Hell cannot be avoided". The devotees of Mumbai 
were very glad to hear few words of Jogi Swami. The learned 
people can talk for hours together but they cannot touch the 
inner hearts of the devotees. Jogi Swami has not given many 
discourses but his life itself is a great discourse of spirituality. 

While returning to the lodging, Vihari Swami said to 
Swami, "Today you talked about an important thing". 

Swami said, "Vihari, I wanted to tell something else." 

Stopped Vomiting 


Vihari Swami asked, "Swami, what else did you want 
to tell?" 

Swami said, "One who loves the worldly pleasures and 
at the same time desires for salvation, is a great fool." 

Vihari asked, "Then why did you not say that?" 

Swami said, "One shall not tell such thing as most of the 
people in audience are of such nature. If we say this they would 
feel themselves ashamed." 

Everyone laughed to hear this. Thereafter, with a laugh 
Swami said, "Vihari, if we talk in this way, many would become 
Saints. Therefore, we shall not talk much on the subject". Again 
all burst into laughter. 

Swami's talk was full of discretion. His talk was also full 
of sarcasm on the vanity of wealthy and luxurious life of city 
dwellers. The great saints do not speak themselves but at times 
Maharaj Himself speaks through their hearts. 

Stopped Vomiting 

There was a woman devotee namely Jayaben in Rajkot. 
She had a great difficulty of health. She was unable to eat or 
drink anything because as soon as she would eat or drink 
anything, she had to vomit. Many treatments had failed to cure 
her. Her husband Natvarlal was much worried. He was in 
service of Darbar Vakhatsinhji of Raj Samadhiyala. Natvarlal 
explained his predicament to Darbar as; "Bapu, my wife has 
great difficulty. Despite many treatments, the vomiting does not 

Darbar Vakhatsinhji had great affection for Jogi Swami. 
He was fully aware of the divine power of Swami. He told 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Natvarlal to come with him for the Darshan of Jogi Swami. He 
told that the problem would be solved with the blessings of Jogi 
Swami. Darbar Vakhatsinhji and Natvarlal came for the 
Darshan of Jogi Swami. Bapu appraised Jogi Swami about the 
plight of Natvarlal. Jogi Swami moved Mala for some time and 
then gave a Murti of Nilkanth Varni to Natvarlal and said, "Ask 
your wife to take food or drink after offering the same to this 
Murti. Maharaj would do well". 

Natvarlal took that Murti from Jogi Swami and told his 
wife as advised by Jogi Swami. Jayaben also started to take food, 
milk, water etc. after offering it to the Murti of Nilkanth Varni. 
With the grace of Shree Hari and Jogi Swami the vomiting 

Thereafter, Jayaben continued to observe the vow of 
taking food, water, milk etc. after offering the same to the Murti 
of Nilkanth Varni forever. While narrating the incident, her son 
Hasmukhbhai said, "My mother takes food or water after 
offering it to the Murti only. Whenever she has to go on a journey, 
she keeps with her the Murti and a small cup to offer water to 
the Murti. This Murti adorns our house even today. We regularly 
offer 'Thai' to the Murti." 

The Secret of Anger 

There is a big hall in front of Sadhu Ashram in Rajkot 
Gurukul at present. Earlier there was a big platform there. It 
was a place of worship and meditation for the saints. 

One day in the evening, Pujya Jogi Swami was moving 
Mala here after covering his head with a cloth. In the meanwhile, 
Swami Bhaktiprakashdasji came there from outside. The saints 

The Secret of Anger 


of Gurukul had a natural habit of doing 'Darshan' of Jogi Swami, 
whenever they came in or went out of the Ashram. 

Purani Swami came from outside and sat near Jogi 
Swami. Jogi Swami had covered his head with a shawl. Purani 
Swami, with a view to draw the attention of Jogi Swami, 
repeatedly uttered, "Swami ! Jai Swaminarayan, Jai 
Swaminarayan ?" But Jogi Swami did not answer. Purani Swami 
was insistent to receive attention of Jogi Swami, so he again 
spoke somewhat in a louder tone, "Swami Swami,". Jogi Swami 
removed the shawl covering his face a little and said in 
somewhat angry tone," Why are you repeatedly saying 'Swami 
Swami'. Please go away, " Most of the members of Gurukul 
family are aware of Jogi Swami' s intense love for devotion. 
Therefore, if he says anything to anybody, nobody would take 
it otherwise. Instead they think that it is not good to displease 
Jogi Swami. There would be some reason for Jogi Swami to 
become angry. 

Mostly Jogi Swami would not speak in this way. Jogi 
Swami is always graceful on few saints. Whenever they 
happened to be away from Gurukul, Swami used to remember 
them and whenever they came for the Darshan, Swami would 
become glad. Purani Swami Bhaktiprakashdasji is one such 

Jogi Swami used to remember Purani Swami many a 
times. Where would be Purani ? What could he be doing ? Swami 
would be glad whenever Purani Swami met him. Jogi Swami 
would welcome him gladly. But why did Jogi Swami speak in 
this way today ? No one could understand. 

Later on what Jogi Swami himself told me was an 
extraordinarily divine thing. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

There is a small room behind the office of Satsang 
Mandal. Pujya Jogi Swami stayed there. I went there to have 
the Darshan of Swami at night. 

Jogi Swami said, "Shastri ! see this Purani ! What did he 
do ? I was moving Mala, Maharaj came and stood in front of 
me in His divine splendor. I was engrossed in the illuminating 
presence of Maharaj. At that time Purani Swami came. He spoke 
'Swami, Swami !' and Maharaj disappeared. Thus Purani Swami 
disturbed me. Should I not be angry?" Thus the mystery of 
Swami's becoming angry was revealed. 

Cancer Cured 

-• • 

Lavjibhai Patel of Rajkot has an only son namely 
Mukeshbhai. Mukeshbhai, along with his family, had gone to 
attend a marriage ceremony. On their way back home, his wife 
Shardaben vomited twice or thrice. Blood was seen in the vomit. 
In view of the seriousness of the situation, Mukeshbhai brought 
his wife to Dr. Ashok Mehta of Rajkot for Medical check-up. 

A primary check-up and blood report revealed that she 
was suffering from Cancer of sound box. The whole family was 
shocked and shaken with terror, as the cancer had reached third 
stage. The family of Mukeshbhai is financially sound hence, 
without losing courage; they got Shardaben checked up in the 
best pathological laboratory but the reports showed the same: 
cancer in third stage. 

Thereafter, they decided to go to Mumbai for further 
check-up and diagnosis. They went to Tata Hospital in Mumbai. 
After required check-up and Lab-reports, the doctors of Tata 
Hospital also concluded that the cancer was in the last stage. 

Cancer Cured 


The whole sound box was affected by cancer and urgent 
operation was required. 

The doctors said that the patient would live longer after 
operation but the sound box (Swarpeti) and the diet pipe will 
have to be removed and she could be fed with liquid food 
through a tube permanently fixed by making a hole in the throat. 
She will not be able to go out due to the fitting of tube in the 

Mukeshbhai asked the doctor, "What else can be done 
as an alternative?" 

Doctors said that chemotherapy treatment can be given 
and resultantly the patient could live for one or two years. 

On hearing the opinion of the doctors, the whole family 
became confused. They could not decide whether to choose 
between a painful longer life or a short life span for Shardaben, 
because the age of Shardaben was around thirty. She had one 
son and one daughter. Their lives were also to be taken into 

At that time, Arvindbhai Dhami, a friend of Mukeshbhai 
said, "In Rajkot Gurukul, there is a great saint namely Jogi 
Swami. Let us talk to him about our problem. Then we shall do 
as per his advice". The family of Mukeshbhai had heard the 
name of Jogi Swami but they had never met him. They accepted 
the advice of Arvindbhai and decided to go to Jogi Swami one 

In those days, Jogi Swami lived in Dholara near Rajkot. 
One day, at about three O'clock in the afternoon, Mukeshbhai, 
Arvindbhai, Ashokbhai and Shaileshbhai Vyas came to Dholara 
to see Jogi Swami. After taking meals, Jogi Swami was sitting 
on a mat. A young saint was reading 'Vachanamrut' before him. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

All the devotees, after doing Darshan of the Thakoraji, came to 
Swami. After conclusion of the reading of Vachanamrut, Swami 
gave 'Prasadi' of sugar crystals to all. Thereafter, he asked 
Arvindbhai about his well-being. 

Arvindbhai gave introduction of Mukeshbhai to Jogi 
Swami and appraised him about the health condition of 
Shardaben, the wife of Mukeshbhai. Arvindbhai asked, 
"Swami, what shall we do? If we go for operation, she would 
get longer but painful life. If we do not get her operated, her life 
would be shorter. Her children are still young. We are unable 
to decide." 

Swami said, "One gold-smith had cancer. He was 
operated and then he suffered for whole life. Therefore, you 
should give up the idea of operation. Bhagawan Swaminarayan 
would do well." 

Saying this Jogi Swami gave him the 'Prasadi' of Sugar 
crystals and the blessed water of God's Abhishek (Bath) and 
gave them the vow of moving Mala and chanting of 
'Swaminarayan' Maha Mantra. The grace of the great saint 
became fruitful. After six months, they got Shardaben checked 
up and took blood report. The doctors were astonished to see 
the reports. No cancer was found. The reports were clear and 
normal. Even today, Shardaben lives a normal life. 

Groundnut Failed! 

-• • 

Kutch and Kathiyawad areas mostly depend on rainy 
water. Therefore, the people of these areas eagerly wait for the 
rainy season. When the first shower starts, the hearts of the 
people fill with joy. The farmers worship the plough and the 
bullocks and sowing implements. Thus, they start the festival 

Groundnut Failed! 


of sowing. The land also gladly gives thousands time more than 
the seeds sown. 

Once, such monsoon had started with graceful showers. 
There is a farm of Navinbhai Dave in Ribda village near Rajkot. 
Every year Juwar (one kind of corn) is sown in this farm for the 
cows of Gurukul. The farmers of nearby villages used to come 
voluntarily to serve here for the God. The saints and the workers 
would also help in this work. They used to plough the field 
themselves and whenever the rainfall started, they would sow 
Juwar. Thus, they got good amount of fodder for the cows of 
the Gurukul. Mostly, this responsibility was taken up by Kothari 
Harjivandasji Swami, Vasudev Swami and Narayanprasad 

As such, Jogi Swami was totally detached from the 
dealings of the Gurukul but he took much care of the garden 
and the cows. Swami had served cows much with his guru Pujya 
Mahant Swami at Gondal Temple. His only motive was, the 
milk of the cows would be used for the service of the God and 
that would bring salvation of the cows. 

As the number of saints and students of the Gurukul is 
big, the milk of the Gurukul Gaushala would not be sufficient. 
Therefore, milk is being bought from outside dairy etc. However, 
for the 'Thai' of the God, only the milk of Gaushala (Cowshed) 
is used. 

From the ancient Vedic times, Gaushala has become an integral 
part of Gurukul. In those days, there was a big Gaushala in the 
Rajkot Gurukul. The saints and the students served the cows 
with zeal. Particularly the students of Kutch area liked this 
service very much. They were rather experts in such services. 
They preferred to serve the cows instead of sitting in the 
assembly. If they would be told to sit in the assembly, it would 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

be a punishment for them. However, if they were entrusted the 
service of the cows, they would be very glad as if they had 
received a prize. 

Jogi Swami was inspired the farmers of surrounding 
villages of Rajkot to sow Juwar as cattle feed for the cows. On 
the words of Jogi Swami, the farmers would sow Juwar with 
reverence and would send 'KadaV (cattle feed) for the cows of 
the Gurukul. The devotees of Amreli and Una area also sent 
fodder for the cows. 

Navinbhai Dave had a farm of 30 bighas (Bigha - a unit 
of measurement of land) in Ribda. On that farm, the crop of 
Juwar would yield quite much. In that year, the disciples of 
Pardi, Gundasara said to the saints that, 'It would be good if 
we sow groundnut'. The saints also decided to sow groundnut 
instead of Juwar. 

The saints thought that Ribda being near Rajkot, the 
saints and the students could go to eat roasted green groundnuts 
and it could also be used as 'Falahaf on the day of fast. 

Mostly the saints would ask Jogi Swami as to what to 
sow in the field and Jogi Swami would make them to sow Juwar 
for the purpose of fodder for the cows. 

Enthusiastic saint Narayanprasad Swami decided to sow 
groundnut. He took with him the seeds and the volunteers and 
reached Ribda. He completed the sowing of groundnut in the 
field of 30 Bighas. 

After completion of the work of sowing, Narayanprasad 
Swami returned to Gurukul and went for the Darshan of Jogi 

Groundnut Failed! 


Jogi Swami asked him, "O Sadhu! Where have you been 


Narayanprasad Swami could presume that Jogi Swami 
would rebuke him for sowing groundnut, hence he replied with 
hesitation,' "Swami, I had gone to the Ribda farm." 

Jogi Swami asked, "What have you done there?" 

In a hesitating voice Narayanprasad Swami replied, 
"Swami, groundnut seeds are sown there." 

Jogi Swami asked, "Who had asked you to do that? Why 
have you not sown 'Juwar'? You should have asked me before 
sowing such costly seeds." 

Then Narayanprasad Swami also repented. With folded 
hands, he frankly said, "Swami, all were of the opinion to sow 
groundnut. Had we asked you and you denied, then we could 
not sow groundnut, hence we did not come to ask you and 
sowed groundnut." 

With full compassion in his heart, Jogi Swami said, 
"Sadhu, do you know? There would be no rain for one month. 
How would the groundnut grow? Now eat groundnuts, if you 
can? Oh my Sadhu! What objection you had in sowing 'Juwar' 
for the cows?" 

Narayanprasad Swami was stunned. The costly seeds 
were sown in the land. There was no possibility to change that 

It happened exactly as Jogi Swami has said. The able 
saint could see the signs of future. The first rainfall occurred but 
thereafter for a month, there was no rain and resultantly the 
crop could not grow. The costly seeds were lost. If Juwar would 
have been sown, it would have been ripened with little rain. 
The groundnut crop failed and the fodder also could not be 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

At that time, I was present in Rajkot. I could remember 
that Jogi Swami had rebuked Narayanprasad Swami for sowing 

Thousands of salutations to the saint, who could see in 
the heart of the future! 


New Life to Ramji Khimani 

-• • 

Ramjibhai Khimani of village Dahisara now lives in 
London. He is a good devotee. He had come into contact of 
Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj in 1969 in Mombasa (Africa). Since 
then he had connected his life with a true saint. Thereafter he 
settled in London. His help in the development of Gurukul is 
unique. In almost all the Gurukuls, the water tanks are built 
with his financial help. 

As such, the health of Ramjibhai was quite good. He 
had never felt sickness. After all, every human being is subject 
to sickness. Once he suffered a heavy brain-stroke, resultantly 
he became unable to walk or talk. Immediately he was admitted 
in a hospital. 

Kantibhai and Kishorbhai, the sons of Ramjibhai were 
much worried about the condition of their father. Kantibhai 
remembered Jogi Swami. He contacted Rajkot Gurukul on 
telephone. I was in the office at that time. As the telephone call 
came, Jogi Swami came into the office. While talking to Jogi 
Swami about the condition of his father, Kantibhai burst into 

Jogi Swami consoled him on telephone and said, "All 
the members of your family shall recite Janmangal Stotra. We 
are also praying to Shreeji Maharaj. Shree Hari would protect 
Ramjibhai. Don't worry." 

New Life To Ramji Khimani 


Shree Hari heard the prayer of Jogi Swami. There was 
visible improvement in Ramjibhai' s health. This was contrary 
to the prediction of the doctors. Slowly the body of Ramjibhai 
became active. Life pulsated through hands and feet. He 
regained speech. The doctors, treating Ramjibhai, were 
wonderstruck. In a loud tone they said, 'Miracle! Miracle! Really, 
with the grace of Shree Hari, a miracle had happened.' 

The doctors said, "Whatever progress is seen is not only 
due to the medicines, but also due to the prayer to Shree Hari. 
Prayer is a panacea for the sick." 

With the blessings of Jogi Swami, Ramjibhai became as 
normal as he was before illness. 

Within a week, after Ramjibhai suffered the brain stroke, 
we happened to go to U.K. and America. When we reached 
London, Ramjibhai was still in hospital. We went to see him in 
the hospital. Jogi Swami had sent sugar crystals of 'Prasadi' and 
a new 'Kanthi' for Ramjibhai. We gave it to Ramjibhai and said, 
"With the prayer of Jogi Swami, Maharaj has given you a new 
life, hence Swami has sent a new Kanthi and sugar crystals as a 
symbol of joy of new life." 

Ramjibhai accepted 'Prasadi'. He shed tears of joy. His 
entire family became very glad. 

Govindbhai Bhudiya of Madhapar is a close friend of 
Ramjibhai. He is a very good and helpful devotee. In the grave 
situation of Ramjibhai, he served him sincerely, until he became 
normal. He also consoled the family members of Ramjibhai in 
the hour of their trial. When Govindbhai narrated the situation 
of Ramjibhai, when he suffered a brain stroke, we were surprised 
as to how safely he has come out from his grave illness with the 
blessings of Jogi Swami. The blessings worked as an accurate 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

When Ramjibhai came out of 'coma', he started uttering 
'Swaminarayan', 'Swaminarayan'. When he regained speech, 
he said, "Shreeji Maharaj, Jogi Swami and great saints were 
constantly with me. Due to their grace, I have survived." 
Thereafter Ramjibhai became as healthy as he was before brain- 

Even today, whenever Ramjibhai remembers his 
situation when he suffered a brain-stroke, he becomes 
overwhelmed with feelings and says, "My life now, is due to 
the grace of Shreeji Maharaj and Jogi Swami, otherwise there 
was no life in this body at that time." 

Paso was Awakened 
• • • 

Kanabhai Vekariya lived in village Makhavad. He had 
a son namely Parshottam. The whole village called him 'Paso'. 
His body was stout but the centre of sleep in his mind was 
stronger. Anyhow, he was so sleepy as if he were a reincarnation 
of 'Kumbhakaran' (a brother of 'Ravana'). He used to sleep for 
days together. He could sleep anywhere - at home or outside, 
in any season or weather condition. Any effort to wake him up 
would fail, even if buckets of cold water were poured on him, 
he would not wake up. The Goddess of sleep had a powerful 
spell on him, and he was unable to escape from the same. It 
was difficult to locate him when he went outside his home and 
got lost in sleep. None could believe that such human being 
could exist! However, here the whole village was a witness to 
the unusual sleeping hours of Parshottam. When would he 
sleep? Where would a fall in sleep? When would he wake up? 
Even master astrologer was unable to answer. 

Paso Was Awakened 


Kanabhai tried many treatments to remove the unusual 
sleep of his son Parsottam. However, medicines failed. Many 
efforts were made in vain to free Parshottam from the unusual 
malady. Family members were tired of remedies. 

In the meanwhile, Jogi Swami arrived in Makhavad. The 
family members of Parshottam said to Mokubha, "Please request 
Swami to shower his kindness to remove the unusual sleeping 
hours of Parshottam." 

Darbar said, "Bring him to Jogi Swami". 

Two persons brought Parshottam before Jogi Swami. At 
that time also, Parshottam was drowsy. 

Mokubha requested, "Swami, do something for this 

Swami asked, "What is his problem?" 

Mokubha apprised Swami of the unusual sleep of 

Jogi Swami remembered Shreeji Maharaj and sprinkled 
holy water of 'Prasadi' on 'Pasa' and said, "Now your sleep has 
gone away. Go for the Darshan of Hanumanji daily and clean 
the temple daily. Hanumanji would cure you." 

From that day, the unusual sleep of 'Pasa' has gone. 
Since then 'Paso' went for the Darshan of Hanumanji every 
day. He cleans the temple daily. He helps in routine activities of 
temple enthusiastically. He is now agile and lively like Shree 
Hanumanji. For the people of Makhavad the sleep of Parshottam 
was a wonder, now removal of his sleep has become an equal 

Mokubha has narrated this incredulous incident himself. 

Almost all the living beings live in deep sleep of delusion. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Bhoomanand Swami says, "Oh Jivas! Awake from the 
deep sleep of delusion and marry to the God to become fulfilled 

As the darkness disappears with the rising of Sun, with 
the grace and contact of great saint, the Sun of understanding 
and wisdom rises and the darkness of ignorance and illusion 
disappear. The deep sleep of 'Jivas' vanishes away. The great 
saints awaken the souls from slumbering delusion. Jogi Swami 
is such a great saint who, with his sight only, removes the deep 
sleep of delusion of several people. Removing the sleep of 'Pasa' 
is quite easy for such a saint. 


Unique Style of 'Kanthi' 

• • • 

Tying 'Kanthi' is a unique tradition in the Swaminarayan 
Sampraday. It is done by a pious saint to enable a soul to have 
the shelter of God. Jogi Swami has tied 'Kanthi' to thousands of 
devotees so far. During his visit to U.S.A. Jogi Swami has tied 
the Kanthi to approximately one thousand people. During his 
moving in the villages, he has tied 'Kanthi' to innumerable 
people, awarding them the shelter of God. 

Many ties the Kanthi but the style of Jogi Swami to tie Kanthi is 

Normally, if someone would tie a 'Kanthi', he would be 
puffed up with an unspoken pride of being a preceptor. He 
looks upon the initiated as his disciple and custom of give and 
take would start. The preceptor would expect respect and 
worship from his disciple. 

However, for Jogi Swami, it is altogether a different thing. 
The Swami has endless compassion in his heart for the souls. 
Therefore, Swami would feel that by tying a 'Kanthi', if a soul 

Unique Style of 'Kanthi' 


comes under the shelter of God, he would be saved from hell 
and the cycle of birth and death. 

The only way to get rid of hell and the cycle of birth and 
death is to surrender to the God. Whenever a soul comes under 
the refuge of God, Swami is glad. Whenever Jogi Swami ties 
'Kanthi' to a devout, he would be glad to award refuge of God 
to a soul. No worldly relation of preceptor and disciple. No 
custom of give and take. After entrusting the soul to the God, 
he would not come in-between. 

May he be much tired or asleep, if anybody comes to get 
tied a 'Kanthi', he would gladly rise up and tie a 'Kanthi' to the 
devout, to take him under the refuge of the God. 

Gunatitanand Swami has said, "If a soul is brought 
under the shelter of the God, it is equal to the merit gained by 
saving the whole universe." 

Under any type of adverse health condition, Jogi Swami 
has never shown his unwillingness or tedium in the matter of 
tying a Kanthi. 

To bring the souls under the refuge of the God, is an 
important duty of a saint and Jogi Swami has nicely done this 
work during his entire life. 

Jogi Swami likes to do devotion in solitude. He does not 
like crowds around him. Earlier, he kindly sat in the group of 
devotees. Thereafter, he used to remain engrossed in the 
devotion in a small closed room. He would not like anybody 
near him. The devotees of our country and abroad as well, ever 
like to have his Darshan and to touch his feet from near but 
how would it be? If any saint brings anybody to Jogi Swami, he 
would immediately ask, "Why have you brought him? Get him 
out. These people do not let me do devotion peacefully." 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

All were in dilemma but they found a trick. One, who 
wishes to have 'Darshan' of Swami, would go to Vishwavihari 
Swami and other serving saints and would says, "Swami, this 
is a devout fellow, he and his son want to be tied a 'Kanthi' by 
Jogi Swami". Jogi Swami would immediately remove the cloth 
from over the face, would gladly give water in the hands of the 
devout, and would chant the Mantra 'Kal, Maya, Pap, Karam...' 
and would tie a 'Kanthi'. He would also give 'Prasadi' of sugar 
crystals and the devout person would feel himself lucky and 

Thus, many people have got 'Kanthi' tied many a times. Jogi 
Swami has said many a times that those who have received 
'Kanthi' at his hands, will never attain hell. The saint has 
abundance of divinity and good will. His spiritual reservoir can 
never be exhausted. Due to his inexhaustible devotion for God, 
he never hesitates to bless the devout. He is full of self-confidence 
due to total confidence in the God. 

Mysterious Nose Trouble 

Doctor Nandlal K. Manseta is a renowned doctor of 
Ahmedabad. He is totally dedicated to the service of humanity. 
He has done several service works. His rates for the services are 
reasonable and humanitarian. He gives free services to children 
and poor people. He has established an ideal hospital in the 
city. This hospital is doing a tremendous job to save children 
from becoming deaf and dumb, which is creating a unique 
impression in Gujarat State. 

This service-loving doctor has got unique respect and love 
for Gurukul and its saints. Whenever he receives a message of 
Bal Swami, he rushes immediately to the Gurukul. 

Mysterious Nose Trouble 


Whenever he gets a chance to serve the saints or the 
students, he becomes very glad. 

Once Jogi Swami was in Ahmedabad Gurukul and he 
had some pain in his nose. 

Jogi Swami acted like a child and asked Vihari Swami to 
see whether there was anything in the nose causing pain. 

Vihari asked, "What has happened?" 

Jogi Swami explained that at the time of smelling a flower 
something must have entered into the nose, which is causing 
the pain. Jogi Swami is fond of smelling flowers of Mogra or 
Rose offered to the God. Sometimes he would keep the flower 
in the nose. Vihari Swami looked in the nose of Jogi Swami but 
he could not see anything there. He said, "Swami, there is 
nothing in your nose". 

Jogi Swami said, "It has reached upward, hence you 
can't see it. Bring a fork." 

Vihari Swami brought a fork and moved it here and 
there and said, "Swami, there is nothing in your nose." 

Swami said, "You will not be able to see or take it out 
with the fork. Call a doctor. He must have a big fork and he will 
be able to pick it out." 

All laughed on hearing this conversation between Jogi 
Swami and Vihari Swami. The saints felt that there would be 
some pain in Swami's nose. Vihari Swami informed Bal Swami 
that Swami was experiencing some pain in his nose. Bal Swami 
telephoned Manseta Saheb. 

Manseta Saheb said that he would come to Gurukul 
straight from the hospital. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Due to good nature of the doctor Manseta, there remains 
great rush of patients at his hospital. Dr. Manseta would never 
disappoint any patient. 

He attended every patient who came to seek his 
treatment up to 10:00 p.m. and when he reached Gurukul, it 
was 10:30 p.m. 

Jogi Swami is used to go to sleep early as per his daily 
routine. On that day also, Swami had gone to sleep early. Bal 
Swami, with a great tenderness, awakened Jogi Swami and said 
to him, "You had some pain in the nose, hence the doctor has 

Jogi Swami said, "I don't have any pain in the nose." 

Bal Swami thought that, as Swami has great dislike for 
allopathic medicine, he was denying having any pain in his 
nose. Hence, Bal Swami said, "Swami, let him examine your 
nose. He would not give any medicine, which can displease 
you. He is service loving and serving our saints much. He serves 
the people also." 

Swami said, "He is doing good service. Let him continue 
his service for the people. Ask him whether he is wearing 
'Kanthi'. Has he come under the shelter of God?" 

The words of Swami had a profound spiritual 
significance. All the activities should be with the relation to the 
God. Every service activity must be suffused with God. Service 
without relation with God, it is of little use. 

With folded hands Manseta Saheb said, "Swami, I have 
not been tied 'Kanthi'." 

Mysterious Nose Trouble 


Swami got the wave of grace and became eager to tie 
'Kanthi' to the doctor, hence he said, "Oh Balkrishna! Bring a 
'Kanthi'. I want to tie it to the doctor. Hurry up or else I would 
tie him my own 'Kanthi'." 

One saint hurriedly went to bring a 'Kanthi'. Meanwhile 
Bal Swami said, "Swami! Give him your own 'Kanthi' to wear." 

Jogi Swami immediately took out a 'Kanthi' wearing 
around his own neck and tied it around the neck of Dr. Manseta 
and he brought him under the divine shelter. 

This was an extraordinary event. Swami has invited 
thousands of people into the Sampraday but none had the 
fortune of having 'Kanthi' of Jogi Swami himself until then. 

Dr. Manseta was charged with emotion. He said, 
"Swami! Today I have got the fruit of my entire service to the 
humanity. You have tied me your own 'Kanthi'. How fortunate 
I am! I came to remove your pain. Instead, you have removed 
my pain! How compassionate you are! You have showered 
much compassion upon me. It seems that you feigned the pain 
in the nose to remove my pain." 

The actions of great saints are unfathomable. In the 
morning, he created a pretext of pain in the nose, and at night, 
he brought a good soul under the shelter of God, as if he had 
acted in this way for the benevolence of a good doctor. 

Today Dr. Manseta Saheb, eloquently expressing the 
elevating experience of 'Kanthi', says, "From the moment, 
Swami tied a 'Kanthi' to me, I am having pious volitions only 
and whatever I wish, Bhagawan Swaminarayan fulfils. With 
the grace of Jogi Swami I am very happy." 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

The fruit of the faith 

• • • 

(Shree Madhubhai Barbhaya is a renowned journalist 
who has rendered his services as co-editor of Phulchhab, 
Sandesh etc. Newspapers. His own experience in his own words 
is given here under). 

In shaping, progress and upliftment of my life, the 
blessings, inspiration and guidance of Bhagawan Shree 
Swaminarayan, Rev. Shastri Shree Dharmajivandasji Swami, 
Pujya Kothari Swami, Shree Devkrishnadasji Swami, Pujya 
Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami and other saints have 
played an important role. 

I am a graduate in science and a journalist. The science 
and journalism are naturally associated with the reality and 
rationalism. There is no place for miracle and such other things 
in it. Though the science and faith are different things, yet my 
experience says something else. The faith and science are like 
the soul and the body. There is no restriction or limitation for 
the soul but the body has several limitations and restrictions. 

I used to visit Swaminarayan Gurukul, Rajkot for the 
'Darshan' and to listen to the discourses of Param Pujya 
Dharmajivandasji Swami. I had continued this tradition even 
after Shastri Shree Dharmajivandasji's departure for 
Akshardham. In the meanwhile, I was suffering from 
headache. Despite treatment by expert Neuro-surgeon and 
Neuro-physicians, the headache continued. Respected relative 
of me, Shree Rameshbhai Soni, residing at Mumbai, took an 
appointment of the famous Neuro-physician of our country Dr. 
Singhal for me and called me to Mumbai. Dr. Singhal examined 

The Fruit of The Faith 


me and advised that the medicines prescribed by the doctors of 
Rajkot are proper and if you continue the same, you get relief. 

Despite continuing the treatment, there was no relief in 
my headache. In the meanwhile, I went to Rajkot Gurukul for 
the Darshan of Bhagawan Swaminarayan and the saints. When 
I met Pujya Madhavpriyadasji Swami and Pujya 
Devkrishnadasji Swami, both of them told me that I was not 
attending Gurukul frequently. At that time I told them about 
my headache, Pujya Madhavpriyadasji Swami said, 'Don't 
worry, Maharaj would do good'. 

When I asked for the permission to leave the Gurukul, 
Pujya Madhavpriyadasji Swami told me, 'Come with me. Let 
us go for the 'Darshan' of Pujya Jogi Swami'. We went to Jogi 
Swami. Pujya Madhavpriyadasji Swami said, "Swami, 
Madhubhai is suffering from chronic headache, which could 
not be cured despite prolonged treatment." 

On hearing this, Jogi Swami said, "It will be cured. 
Please wait". Thereafter Jogi Swami gave water of God's 
Abhishek in a bottle and told me, 'Take this, and drink a spoonful 
of this every day. Also take this 'Prasadi' of sugar crystals daily 
and at night, swallow six corns of white pepper daily 
remembering the name of the God." 

As per the instruction of Jogi Swami, I took a spoonful 
of blessed water and sanctified 'Prasadi' of sugar crystals. A 
miracle happened. The very first day of taking the blessed water, 
I was relieved of headache. Since then I have never experienced 
any kind of headache. I am a living example of what blessings 
and faith together can do! This experience has become a happy 
remembrance of my life. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Go and Bring a Coconut 

Jogi Swami occasionally visited village Gundasara and 
usually arranged 'Dhoon' of 24 hours once in a year. This 
routine continued for almost twenty years. 

During the continuation of incessant Dhoon (Akhand 
Doon), Jogi Swami would chant Dhoon for the whole night 
standing before the Murti of the Maharaj, to inspire the devotees 
for chanting Dhoon. 

In Gundasara, Jogi Swami has removed the sufferings 
of many people and has made them happy. 

Jivrajbhai Muljibhai Sojitra of Gundasara had a pathetic 
problem. His infant children died soon after they took birth. He 
appraised Pujya Jogi Swami about this problem. Jogi Swami 
asked him to bring a coconut. Jivrajbhai brought one coconut 
and gave it to Jogi Swami. Swami tore a piece of his 'Dhoti' and 
wrapped the coconut in it. He gave it back to Jivrajbhai and 
said, "Take this to your home and preserve this. After completion 
of twelve months, break it. Maharaj would give you two sons." 

After twelve months, the coconut was broken. The 
coconut was as fresh as it was twelve months ago. As per the 
words of Jogi Swami, Jivrajbhai got two sons, one by one namely 
Vinod and Nautam. Thus, on the words of Jogi Swami, coconut 
brought good luck to Jivrajbhai. 

This Field Could Be a Farm 

-• • 

Once, Jogi Swami was coming from Rib to Gundasara 
in a cart. On the way, ahead of Ribda station, he reached near 
the temple of Khodiyar Mataji. Swami saw a field and asked, 
"Whose farm is this ?" 

This Field Could Be A Farm 


The disciples said, "Swami, this field belongs to 
Popatbhai Barasiya." 

Swami said, "This field could be a farm". 

After coming to Gundasara, Swami called Popatbhai 
and said, "Your field, which is near the road to Ribda, can 
become a farm. So dig a well. Maharaj will give you water." 

Popatbhai said, "Swami, if this is your command I would 
start the job of digging the well. You please come to my field 
and tell me where I should dig the well." Swami 
compassionately went to the farm of Popatbhai. Moving here 
and there for some time in the field, Swami said, "Here, at the 
edge of the road, dig a well". As per the instruction of Swami, 
a well was dug and due to the blessings of Maharaj and Swami, 
there was a lot of water in the well. Thus, in the Gundasara 
village, Jogi Swami has examined many fields and shown the 
place where to dig and with the blessings of Maharaj, many 
farmers have dug wells and have got plenty of water therein. 

Whenever Jogi Swami visited Gundasara, he used to stay 
there for fifteen to twenty days and after waking up of 
Thakoraji (Murti of the God), he used to go to the farm of 
different Haribhaktas for taking bath. He used to offer the fruit 
to the Thakoraji and used to meditate. 

Whenever Swami would visit any farm, the people from 
nearby farms would gather and Swami would preach them. 
Thus, Swami strengthened 'Satsang' by moving from farm to 
farm in village Gundasara. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Tie a Millet-paste on the Stomach 

• • • 

This incident occurred fifty years ago. Jogi Swami had 
come to Gundasara. Whenever Swami visited Gundasara, he 
stayed there for many days. The temple would remain full of 
Haribhaktas. They would do 'Dhoon-Bhajan' daily. 

Swami used to remove difficulties of Haribhaktas. Once 
eight or ten months old son of Popatbhai Karshanbhai became 
seriously sick. His situation became critical. The village people 
gave different advices to Popatbhai but Popatbhai firmly said, 
"I don't want to go for any superstitious treatment. At present 
Jogi Swami is in the temple of our village. I would take my son 
Magan to him only." After saying this, he brought his son to 
the temple and appraised Jogi Swami in detail. 

Swami said, "Nothing is to worry about. Tie the flour of 
millet on the stomach of this child. God will cure him." 

Gripping the hand of that little child Magan, Swami gave 
him 'Vartaman', did chandlo on his forehead, tied a Kanthi and 
said, "Now go and take him home". 

As per the instruction of Swami, the paste of flour of 
millet was tied on the stomach of Magan. Then within some 
time, he felt well. The little child started drinking milk. 

Now what is this type of medicine of Swami that only 
God knows! However, the whole village could see Magan 
completely cured miraculously. 

Starting of Sugarcane Festival 


Starting of Sugarcane Festival 

There would not be any student, who had studied in 
Gurukul and would not remember sugarcane festival. 

The sugarcane festival means to go to eat sugarcane in 
the nearby villages of Rajkot like Gundasara, Dholara, Pardi, 
etc. The loving disciples of all these villages sow sugarcane 
especially for the students and the saints of Gurukul and invite 
whole Gurukul family from time to time to celebrate sugarcane 

The Saints and the students happily go to those disciples' 
farms and for the whole day have fun, play, Kirtan and Satsang 
while eating sugarcane. Almost six hundred to seven hundred 
students remain on sugarcane for the whole day. Therefore, it 
was a religious entertainment for a number of saints and the 

From every house of the village, the 'Rotlas' (thick loaf) 
of millet and buttermilk would be supplied in bulk. Here in the 
farm, Bhandari Swami would prepare Khichdi (Hotchpotch) and 
Kadhi (curry) with Bhajiya of the sugarcane juice. Everybody 
would take lunch on the farm only. The devout of the village 
would gather and do Satsang with the saints. 

Thus, the whole day would pass in joy and singing. The 
day would pass delightfully and sugarcane festival would have 
a profound impression on the young and old who participate 
in it. The celebration of sugarcane festival gives relief from the 
daily routine of Gurukul and makes the students and the saints 
lively for some time. 

The celebration of sugarcane festival started from 
Gundasara village. Nearly thirty five to forty years ago, Jogi 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Swami had come to village Gundasara. It was winter. After 
waking of the 'Thakorji' in the afternoon, Jogi Swami went to 
different farms daily to take bath and to do meditation there. 
Thus, he was strengthening the virtues of Satsang among the 
village people. 

One day Swami came to the farm of Karshanbhai 
Barasiya. There was excellent crop of white sugarcane there. 
Seeing this yield Swami said, "Karshanbhai, this 'Deshi' (a kind 
of sugarcane) sugarcane is very good, worth to serve to the saints 
and students." On hearing the words of Swami, Karshabhai 
became very happy. He said, "Swami, if this sugarcane can be 
used for serving to the saints and the students, then it would be 
my great fortune. Now please invite everybody here as soon as 
possible and organise sugarcane celebration." 

Jogi Swami said, "You may go to Gurukul and talk to 
Purani Swami Premprakashdasji and offer invitation". 
Karshanbhai and four other loving devotees of the village went 
to Gurukul next day and talked to Purani Swami about their 
volition. They gave a cordial invitation to the saints and the 
students of Gurukul to participate in sugarcane festival. 
Incidentally, Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj was in Rajkot at that 
time. Purani Swami talked to him. 

Seeing the devotion of these disciples, Gurudev became 
happy, accepted the invitation, and said, "Purani prepare for 
sugarcane celebration in Gundasara, so that these disciples and 
students can enjoy." 

Purani Swami said, "Ok Swami! On the holiday of the 
next Sunday we shall go to Gundasara for the sugarcane 

There Is No Water 


When this news reached village Gundasara, the small 
village was delighted. Waves of joy swept over the small 
population of the village. 

On Sunday, Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj, Purani Swami, 
Kothari Swami, other saints and the students came to the farm 
of Karshanbhai in Gundasara for the Sugarcane celebration. 

Jogi Swami was present there since the beginning. The 
whole day was full of joy. All the disciples of the village became 
very happy. The whole day passed in joy and festivity. All the 
devotees experienced extreme joy. 

Thus on the words of a pious saint Jogi Swami, celebration of 
Sugarcane festival started. Thereafter every year the celebration 
of sugarcane festival continued, After the auspicious start at 
Gundasara, the devotees of Pardi, Dholara etc. villages also 
started to invite the saints and the students of Gurukul to 
celebrate 'Sugarcane festival'. 

There is no Water 

-• • ' 

Jogi Swami has made the devotees of Gundasara very 
happy. Once he had come to Gundasara. While going to a farm 
for taking bath at noon, Swami saw a new well being dug at 
the edge of the road. Swami asked, "Who is digging the well?" 

The accompanying disciples said, "Swami, Hardasbhai 
is digging the well." 

Swami said, "Let's go there." 

Swami came to Hardasbhai's farm at his own will. He 
saw the stones scattered over there and said, "There is no water 
at that place. Come with me, and I will show the place where 
the water is there". Saying this Swami walked a little in the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

farm, suggested to dig at the place situated at the lower end of 
the farm, and added, "Start digging on Saturday". The well 
was dug as per the advice of Jogi Swami. With the grace of 
Shree Hari and Jogi Swami, water was found in abundance. 

Last Farewel to Mulji Bhagat 

Mulji Bhagat of Gundasara means a staunch disciple of 
God. Bhagat had great faith and devotion towards Gurudev 
Shastriji Maharaj, Purani Premprakashdasji Swami and Jogi 
Swami. He was in very high state of spirituality. Many divine 
incidents related to his strong devotion had occurred in his life. 

Whenever Mulji Bhagat came for the Darshan of Jogi 
Swami at Gurukul, he used to bring one can of cow milk from 
his home. Jogi Swami also, being pleased, used to instruct the 
saints to preserve the milk for serving to 'Thakoraji' in the 
evening. Thus, Jogi Swami was much pleased with Mulji Bhagat. 

Once, Jogi Swami had come to Gundasara. As Mulji 
Bhagat wished to give 'Rasoi' (to arrange a meal for the saints), 
he requested Jogi Swami to prepare 'Rasoi' on his behalf the 
next day. Swami said, "Tomorrow we are to go to village Rib, 
hence we would not stay". 

There was a desire in the mind of Bhagat that it would 
be better if Swami could stay to accept his feast. With this desire, 
after the God went to sleep, Bhagat started doing 'Dandvat' 
(Prostration). He continued to do 'Dandvat' up to two o'clock 
in the night. 

When Jogi Swami woke up in the night for going to the 
toilet, he saw Bhagat doing Dandvat continuously. 

Last Farewell To Mulji Bhagat 


Swami asked, "Bhagat! Are you still doing 'Dandvat 

Bhagat said, "Swami, I am praying to Maharaj so that 
you could stay tomorrow". 

Seeing such a great devotion of Bhagat, Swami said, 
"Bhagat, we will stay tomorrow. Now stop Dandvat Pranam." 

In 'Upanishad' there is a story of a cart-driver namely 
'Raikv' sitting under the cart. Though he was a simple and 
straightforward farmer, he was having a treasure of spiritual 
knowledge. On seeing his body, his clothes and his manners, 
none could see a great soul hidden behind those unimpressive 
clothes. In fact, truth needs no ornaments for shining. 

Mulji Bhagat can be compared with ancient Raikv. 
Perhaps we can say that Raikv was having the treasure of 
knowledge only, while Mulji Bhagat was having the treasure of 
knowledge and devotion. His life was worth inspiring to the 
saints also. 

We hear the talk regarding Parvatbhai and such other 
'Muktas' (souls free from Maya) during the time of Bhagawan 
Shree Hari. Mulji Bhagat could also be considered a parallel to 
those Muktas. 

Once, Mulji Bhagat became sick. Bhagat had never 
pampered his body. Whenever he became sick, he did not take 
any medicine from any doctor. Due to some disease of brain, 
his memory power was reduced. His body below the waist was 
totally paralysed. Despite unbearable pain, Bhagat was quite 

When Jogi Swami came to know that Mulji Bhagat was 
seriously ill, he decided to go to Gundasara to give Darshan to 
Mulji Bhagat. At that time, one Haribhakta came to have the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Darshan of Swami. He placed 'Chikus' (one kind of fruit) before 
the 'Thakoraji' of Swami. 

Swami said, "Vihari! Take these 'Chikus' with us. Bhagat 
is sick, so we want to take them for him." In these words, the 
affection of Swami towards Bhagat was evident. 

Swami came to Gundasara along with the saints. Swami 
placed the garland of Prasadi, around the neck of Bhagat, placed 
his hand on the head of Bhagat, said Jay Swaminarayan and 
gave him sanctified offering (Prasadi) of 'Chikus'. 

Mulji Bhagat, in intermittent words said, "Swami, you 
have showed a great compassion for me". 

Swami put his hand on head of Bhagat and asked, 
"Bhagat, how are you?" 

If somebody else would have been in place of Mulji 
Bhagat, he would not have been able to bear the pain, which 
was excruciating. However, Mulji Bhagat who was like an 
ocean of patience and self-realisation (Aatma-Nishtha) , said, 
"Swami, It is a great kindness of Maharaj to me, that the body 
below the waist is paralysed, hence I am relieved from taking 
any care. In the part of body above waist, there is the heart, in 
which the constant remembrance of Maharaj is going on and it 
is a great pleasure for me." The heads of the listeners must have 
bowed down at the feet of Mulji Bhagat. 

After this little conversation, there was complete silence. 
Swami and Mulji Bhagat both silently looked at each other for 
a long time. This silent conversation was really wonderful, rarely 
understood. The complete divine peace prevailed all around. 

Jogi Swami sat near Bhagat for a long time. At last, 
breaking this silence, Swami told the devotees around, "After 
two days, Maharaj would take Mulji Bhagat to Akshardham." 

Ekadashi, On The Instruction 


Swami then, took leave and exactly after two days, Shree 
Hari took Mulji Bhagat to Akshardham. 

There are many divine incidents of Gundasara village. 
The devotees of village Gundasara have donated an unparalleled 
and unforgettable labour work in creation of the Gurukul and 
Shree Hari has showered His grace on the devotees of 

Ekadashi, on the Instruction of Maharai 

**k. • ;. 

Jogi Swami is a great saint pursuing penance. Penance 
has weakened his body much. Slowly he became aged. The body 
became old but he did not lower the level of penance. 

One day Purani Swami Bhaktiprakashdasji and the saints 
requested Jogi Swami, "Swami, now please do not pursue such 
a difficult penance. Your body is much weakened. Now your 
body would not bear the strain of observing 'Nirjala Ekadashi'. 
Please take some fruits." 

Swami looked towards the saints for some time and then 
said, "Oh ! you don't know. I do not observe the vow of Ekadashi 
at my own will. I observe it, as Maharaj has told me." 

Purani Swami said, "Swami, we can't understand. Please 
tell it in a way as we can understand." 

Thereafter, Jogi Swami narrated his divine experience, 
essence of which was as under: 

At that time, Swami had come to Mahant Swami very 
recently to become a Sadhu (saint) and he was serving as a 
'Parshad' at that time. Mahant Swami was appointed to Gondal 
temple for service. Therefore, Mahant Swami came to Gondal. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Jogi Swami was also with him as 'Parshad'. Swami was doing 
various services in the temple. 

Mavji Bhagat of Upleta taught 'Kirtans' to Swami. Every 
day, while singing 'Kirtan', Swami used to get asleep near the 
platform of the temple at night. During the night, if any devotee 
would come, he would open the main door and would provide 
him the lodging facility. 

Though Swami was a new comer as 'Parshad', he 
observed 'Nirjala Ekadashi' (means observing fast without 
taking any food or even water) but he found it very difficult. 
Sometimes he got fever. Sometimes blood came out of his mouth. 
Sometimes he had vomited blood. 

Once it was 'Nimi Ekadashi' i.e. eleventh day of first 
half of Ashadh month (On that day devotees used to take vow 
(Niyam) to perform it for four months - Chaturmas). Swami was 
on fast even without taking water but he was finding it very 

It was during the night, when cool air was gently 
blowing around and world was asleep under the starlit sky, 
when on the 'Otla' (a platform near the entrance door of the 
temple) Jogi Swami was awake. Due to the fast of Ekadashi, he 
had fever. He was not asleep. However, every pore of his body 
was chanting the name of Shree Hari. 

At that time, there appeared a flash. He opened his eyes and 
saw Shreeji Maharaj standing before him. Shreeji Maharaj was 
smiling at him. A dazzling cool light spread all around. Now 
let us see this divine experience of Darshan of Maharaj, in Jogi 
Swami's own words: 

"O saints! It was very difficult for me to observe 'Nirjala 
Ekadashi', so while sleeping on the 'Otla' of the temple, I prayed 

Swami Loves Penance 


to Maharaj, 'O Maharaj, now if you will associate with me, then 
only would I be able to observe 'Ekadashi' otherwise not'. 
Praying in this way, I got asleep and Maharaj came. Maharaj 
looked quite like the Murti of Maharaj in the old temple of 
Gondal. He wore all the white clothes. White Dhoti, white 'Khes' 
and white turban. 

I woke up as I got the 'Darshan' of Maharaj but as I had 
fever, I again fell into stupor covering my head with a shawl. 
Maharaj pulled my shawl and spoke to me with a smile, "Bhagat! 
You find it very difficult to observe Ekadashi, is it not?" 

I replied, "Yes Maharaj, it is very difficult". 

Maharaj said, "Now it will not be difficult for you. 
Continue to observe Ekadashi forever". With these words, 
Maharaj disappeared. Hence, I observe Ekadashi as per the 
words of Maharaj, not on my own." 

This divine experience is inscribed in the heart of Swami. 
Whenever we remember and describe that divine experience, if 
we do any error, Swami, would immediately correct us, as 'it 
was a day of 'Nimi Ekadashi' and Maharaj was wearing white 
Dhoti, white Khes and white turban'. 

Swami Loves Penance 

The entire life of Jogi Swami is full of penance. He loves 
penance very much; therefore, he performs penance and inspires 
others to do so. 

When Jogi Swami happened to go abroad, he first went 
for the Darshan of Harikrishna Maharaj at Vadtal. While doing 
Darshan with utmost concentration, he said, "\"0 Harikrishna 
Maharaj! Please come along with us". 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

At that time, Vishwavihari Swami, who constantly 
remains in the service of Jogi Swami, thought that as Swami 
likes penance very much, therefore, during the foreign tour, I 
shall not take food or water and shall serve Swami by pursuing 
the penance. He apprised Jogi Swami about this volition before 
Harikrishna Maharaj in Vadtal. 

Jogi Swami said, "Wait, let me ask Maharaj." 

After some time, Jogi Swami said, "Maharaj has gladly 
consented; therefore you may pursue the penance." Thus, 
Swami gladly allowed Vihari Swami to pursue the penance. 

Vishwavihari Swami took only fruits during the four 
months stay abroad with Jogi Swami and successfully fulfilled 
his volition. After returning to Bharat, Jogi Swami did the 
'Darshan' of the God & Deities at the temples created by 
Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan and at his own hands offer 
food to Vihari Swami to conclude his vow. Thus, Vishwavihari 
Swami frequently observed the vows like ' Chandrayan' , 'Dharna- 
Parna' 'Khat-Ras' etc to get the grace of Jogi Swami. 

Once in Junagadh, at the occasion of conclusion of a 
vow of Vishvavihari Swami, Jogi Swami expressed his joy by 
giving him the Murti of Shree Hari, worshipped by Mahant 
Swami and by him also. 

Taking Care of Devout 

-• • 

In the tenth 'Vachanamrut' of Kariyani, Bhagawan 
Swaminarayan says, 'To please Bhagawan, Naradaji pursued 
severe penance by enduring cold, heat and hunger and thirst 
for many ages and pleased God. . . Therefore, the ascetic devotees 
shall know God as a doer of everything and shall earn the grace 
of God by pursuing the penance'. 

Bath In The Places of Pilgrimage 


Jogi Swami has fully realised these words of Shree Hari 
in his life. 

Seeing Jogi Swami's liking for 'penance', the saints of 
Gurukul used to perform various kinds of penance to please 
Shree Hari and elder saints. Jogi Swami was glad to see the 
devout doing penance. With his kind sight, he would nourish 
the devout saints. 

Once, Vishwavihari Swami observed ' Parak-kruchchh' , 
(a religious observance) which forbids the observer sleeping 
during the noon. If the observer would sleep at noon, the fast 
would break. It was the last day of vow. To help Vishwavihari 
to remain awake, Jogi Swami started preparing saplings of roses 
in a quite hot weather and said, "Vihari, you also prepare 
saplings" . 

During noon until the time of waking up of the God, 
Jogi Swami made Vishwavihari Swami prepare saplings of 
Roses. Next day, Jogi Swami offered 'Moong-soup' to Vihari 
Swami, made him to conclude his vow, and expressed his joy. 

As the gardener takes care of the plants in the garden, 
Jogi Swami kindly takes care of the devout. 

Note: Shree Vishwaviharidasji is in the service of Pujya 
Jogi Swami since long. His experiences with Jogi Swami have 
been narrated below in his own words. 

Bath in the Places of Pilgrimage 

^ • • • 

Pujya Swami has great love and reverence for places of 
pilgrimage of 'Satsang'. Until he kept good health, he never 
missed 'Patotsav' at Gadhapur, Junagadh, Vadtal etc big 
temples. He used to do 'Darshan' of the Deities in the big temples 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

established by Bhagawan Swaminarayan and take bath in the 
Prasadi places (water reservoirs) with great faith and reverence. 

Once we were coming from Surat to Ahmedabad. On 
the way, we went to Vadtal for the 'Darshan' of the Deities in 
the temple. After doing 'Darshan' of Laxminarayan Dev, Hari 
Krishna Maharaj of Vadtal temple, we went to River Gomati 
for bath where Jogi Swami sailed over the holy waters like a 
swan for a long time. 

I asked, "Swami, what would you be doing while 
sleeping on the surface of the water of a river? Would you please 
teach us?" 

Jogi Swami replied, "There is nothing to be done. I 
imagine Maharaj sitting on my chest and I continue to do 
'Darshan' of Maharaj. Earlier I used to swim up to the middle 
of the pond where there is an 'Oto' (a platform) and sitting on 
that 'Oto' I used to remember the acts of Maharaj". 

Earlier Swami used to go to Gadhapur along with the 
saints and devotees to take bath. In the early morning at five, 
after doing 'Pooja-Path', we used to go to Gadhapur in the car 
of Hansrajbhai or Arvindbhai. After reaching Gadhapur, 
Swami would do Darshan of Gopinathji Maharaj, would do 
'Dandvat Pranam' , and would move Mala. At that time, 
' Shangar-Aarti' would be performed. After 'Aarti', Dhoon- 
Kirtan-prayer would be done. Thereafter, Swami would ask me 
to sing 'Kirtan'. We would sing Kirtan in chorus. Meanwhile 
Swami would move Mala for a long time standing before the 
Murti of Maharaj. Thereafter, Swami would go for the 'Darshan' 
of 'Sukh-shaiya'. The 'Poojari' would let him do 'Darshan' of 
'Chakhadi' with great reverence. Thereafter, Swami would do 
'Darshan' of Hanumanji and Ganpatiji and Shree Harikrishna 
Maharaj in the circumambulation space. Poojari would call him 

Bath In The Places of Pilgrimage 


to the inner part of the temple and would make him have 
'Darshan' of articles of 'Prasadi'. From there, Swami would go 
to do the 'Darshan' of Neem-tree, the rooms of Darbar Gadh 
and Akshar-ordi, where he would sit and move Mala for some 
time, then he would do 'Dandvat Pranam' and 'Pradaxina' and 
would do 'Darshan' of 'Gangajaliya well' and Sadhu Ashram. 
Thereafter, he would go to Laxmi-wadi for the Darshan of 
Smruti-Mandir' (memorial- temple) and would move Mala for 
some time. Then he would go to the room of Nishkulanand 
Swami and then he would go to the sitting place (Bethak), where 
Shreeji Maharaj had offered the garland of roses to Dada 
Khachar. Thereafter he would go to the place where Maharaj 
had played 'Raas' with the saints. Sometimes he would sit on 
the land. If disciples offer a mat, he would say, 'we shall not 
spread the mat here. This land bears the footprints of Maharaj 
and the great saints. This land is a Prasadi'. 

On seeing this act of Swami, the accompanying saints 
and the devotees could more understand the spiritual 
importance of Maharaj; they would also follow Swami by sitting 
on the floor. 

Pujya Jogi Swami would talk about the uncommon deeds 
of Maharaj. Thereafter, he would go to the river Ghelo and would 
touch the water with great reverence. Sometimes he would go 
to take bath at ' Sahasra-Dharo' . 

Sometimes during the days of Hari-Jayanti, Ekadashi, 
Poornima Swami used to go to Junagadh or Gadhapur for the 
Darshan. Whenever he would visit Junagadh, Swami would 
certainly go to 'Narayan-Dharo' for bath. 

After doing 'Darshan', when Swami would sit in the car, 
he would certainly ask the accompanying devotee about how 
much amount he has donated as 'Thai' to the God. Once, 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Hansrajbhai was with him. Swami asked him how much did 
he donate? Hansrajbhai said, "Rupees three hundred." 

Swami said, "God has given you in plenty. Go and donate 
some more." 

Thus, he sends the devotee back and would say, "If we 
donate some part of our earning, peace would prevail in our 
home. You are to give from what the God has given to you. 
One should not hesitate to donate. If we donate, God will give 

Sometimes Swami used to arrange celebration of 
'Patotsav' through the disciples. Whenever he visited the villages, 
he used to ask the devotees to donate part of their earnings to 
the temple as per the command of the God. In addition, would 
say, "Donate in the proportion and God will give you much". 
Whenever some devotee would come to consult for water in his 
well, Swami used to say, "God will give water but you will 
have to donate the part of your income to the temple". Certainly 
those devotees would say, 'Swami, we would certainly donate 
from our income' and certainly those devotees would get water 
in their wells due to the grace of the God. 

Divine Darshan of 
Shree Harikrishna Maharaj 


Jogi Swami always remains engrossed in the 
remembrance of Shree Hari. All his actions would certainly 
be relating to the God. Therefore, he frequently gets the 
'Darshan' of Shree Hari. During the sleep also, he gets dreams 
of the God only. 

Divine Vision of The Saints 


Once in the morning, Jogi Swami got up and said, 
"Vihari, I had a 'Darshan' of Harikrishna Maharaj." 

I asked, "When?" 

Swami said, "At night Harikrishna Maharaj had come 
here. While in the sleep, I was thinking that I could not go to 
Vadtal for the 'Darshan'. With this thought, I went to sleep. In 
the sleep, I had a 'Darshan' of Harikrishna Maharaj. How kind 
the Maharaj is! He came here to give me His 'Darshan'." 

I said, "How good it would have been, if you made me 
also to have Darshan". Swami said, "I had remembered you. 
How can I forget you?" 

I said, "Swami, please never forget me." 

Swami said, "No, I will not forget you. You are serving 
me well." 

While the conversation was going on, Shreevallabh 
Swami came to fold the 'Aasan' and Swami went to take bath. 

Divine Darshan of the Saints 
<P^ ••• 

In February 1996, operation of Hydrocele was performed 
on Jogi Swami in the hospital of Dr. Siddhapara. I went to see 
him at the hospital with Shree Madhavpriyadasji. Jogi Swami 
said to Madhavpriya Swami, "Shastri at night I require to go to 
urinal. It would be better, if a young saint remains here, as this 
Vishnu serves me well but he is suffering from waist pain and 
perspires much." 

I said to Shastri Madhavpriyadasji, "Swami! Can I stay 
here with Jogi Swami in the night?" 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Swami consented and I stayed in the service of Jogi 

It was mid-night. Suddenly Jogi Swami got up and 
exclaimed, "O Sadhu! See how many saints are there! Where 
would they be going? See, they are moving in the sky". After 
saying this, again Jogi Swami fell asleep moving the Mala. 

Hari Jayanti was on the next day. I feared, perhaps Jogi 
Swami may leave for Akshardham. Because, I had heard that 
on the day of Hari Jayanti or Ekadashi, great saints would make 
their journey to Akshardham and they would have the 
'Darshan' of Maharaj and the saints. Jogi Swami is also talking 
about 'Darshan' of big crowd of saints. While thinking in this 
way, night was over. 

In the morning, I said to Pujya Devkrishnadasji Swami, 
"Swami! Jogi Swami was speaking in this way. Will he leave 
for Akshardham?" 

Pujya Devkrishnadasji Swami said, "No, not at all. Since 
beginning, he has kept Maharaj and the saints only in his heart. 
Hence he is getting such divine 'Darshan'." 

This is Really a Great Saint 

-• • • 

It was the year 1999. I was in the service of Jogi Swami. 
While washing the clothes of Jogi Swami, I saw stains of blood. 
I immediately informed Balkrishnadasji Swami. He telephoned 
Dr. Indubhai. Immediately he came to Gurukul. Jogi Swami was 
moving Mala. Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami, Pujya 
Shree Hariswarupdasji Swami and Shreevallabhdasji Swami 
were called. Dr. examined Swami and said, "It is fistula and it 
is ripe. We shall now dress it". 

This Is Really A Great Saint 


He took out a rod of steel and slowly moved it into the 
wound. Jogi Swami was uttering, 'Swaminarayan! 
Swaminarayan!' He asked me to read Vachanamrut. 

I started to read 20th Vachanamrut of Gadhada first 
section. While listening to it, Swami slipped into deep meditation. 
The doctor made a hole with the steel rod, cleaned it with liquid 
and dressed it. The doctor was surprised at the enormous 
patience of Jogi Swami. The doctor said, "If anybody else is to 
be dressed in this way, two persons would require to press him. 
How easily Jogi Swami is bearing such unbearable pain!" 

Dr. Indubhai said to Bal Swami, "If the sore is cleaned 
twice a day, Swami would have relief in pain. At this age, it 
would not be advisable to operate which would require making 
a cut of six inch. With this medicine, Swami would get relief. 
He should not be moved much". Saying this, he gave a rod and 
medicine to us. 

Pujya Bal Swami called Shreevallabh Swami and me and 
said; "See Jogi Swami is a Godly saint. You both are serving him 
with reverence. Now he should not be moved much. His body 
is like a jar of glass, so fragile. Therefore, you will have to take 
more care of him now." 

We assured him about better care of Jogi Swami by us. 
Bal Swami became pleased with this assurance. 

In the evening, as dressing was to be done, we called Bal 
Swami. He came immediately and tried to make a hole in the 
sore to apply medicine into it, but he could not do it. He called 
Dr. Indubhai. He came and immediately dressed up the wound. 
As Swami was experiencing weakness, injections were given 
and hence he got some relief. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Once, Swami asked me, "O Vihari! What are you doing 
this every day?" 

I said, "As you have a sore, we are dressing it." 

Swami said, "Such things happen and would be cured 

also. You should say 'No' to the doctor. Now we do not need to 

apply medicine." 

I reported this to Shree Hariswarupdasji. He talked to 
the doctor. Doctor said, "We shall give a five day course of 
tablets. He would not be cured fully but would get relief." 

I started giving the prescribed medicines in the milk. 
Bleeding stopped. Meanwhile, we had to go to America. After 
returning from America, we thought to consult Dr. Indubhai 
again. Doctor came and diagnosed again. With great surprise 
he said, "Fistula is totally cured. Now there is no sign of the 
disease. This is really a great saint. Otherwise without operation 
this malady can't be cured." 

Rules Are Rules to Follow 
• • • 

Once, Swami was suffering from severe cold. He was 
sitting under the tree of almonds near the printing press. I 
thought if Swami would take some 'Rab', he would have some 
relief. I prepared 'Rab' and took it to Swami. I said, "Swami, 
you are suffering from severe cold. Therefore, I have come with 
some 'Rab' after offering it to 'Thakorji'. If you wish, take some." 

Swami said, "Vihari, there would be flour in it and now- 
a-days I take food once a day only. Therefore, I can't take 'Rab'." 

Despite my insistence, Swami did not take it at all. Thus 
even in his old age, even on the pretext of medicine, he would 
not break the rules. He always remains alert in the matter. 

(Here, the experiences of Vishvavihari Swami are over.) 

Flow of Water 


Flow of Water 
^^ ••• 

The saints of every branch of Gurukul always wish that 
Jogi Swami should visit their place. Jogi Swami also used to visit 
various branches of Gurukul, to please the saints living there. 

Once, Jogi Swami had come to Junagadh Gurukul. While 
Swami was taking bath, the water stopped flowing from the 
tap. Swami came to know about shortage of water there. Swami 
said, "Oh! I show the source of water to many people and here 
there is no water? Vihari, call Gnan Swami." 

Gnan Swami came. Swami said, "Come with me, I will 
show you the place where there is water." 

Saying this, he came to the playground of the school. 
After moving here and there, he pointed at a place and said, 
"Bore here". 

Gnan Swami said, "Swami! This is in the middle of the 
school's playground. Please show some other place on the side". 

Swami walked a little and said, "Then dig a bore-well 
here. There is no water at any other place." 

Boring machine started its work at the place showed by 
Jogi Swami. However, up to 400 feet, no water was found. All 
saints came to Jogi Swami and said, "Swami, the bore has gone 
down to 400 feet, but no water is struck." 

Jogi Swami said, "If it is so, let me see". Swami went to 
the place where boring was being done. He took a piece of stone, 
came out of bore and said, "There is inexhaustible water here. 
Dig deeper." 

As per the advice of Jogi Swami, it was decided to dig 
for further 100 feet. The machine started. When it reached 500 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

feet deep, water sprang up and gushed out of the bore as if 
flow of blessings comes out, as if spring of nectar spread in the 
playground of the school. 

Even today, water does not exhaust in this bore. In the 
surrounding area, water even is not available at 800 feet depth 
and here at the depth of 500 feet water is inexhaustible. It is the 
grace of a great saint Jogi Swami. 

This Would Be the Place of 
Hectic Activities 

Karshanbhai Bhanderi of village Taravada (Dist. Amreli), 
the birthplace of Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj, came for the 
'Darshan' of Jogi Swami and said, "Swami, this year we dug 
two wells but no water struck". On hearing this, Swami said, 
"With the remembrance of Maharaj, dig a well in the land 
opposite the gate". 

As per the advice of Jogi Swami, a well was dug. Much 
water spouted. As this land was near the village, it was decided 
to make it non-agricultural and to divide it into plots. At that 
time, Karshanbhai came to Swami and said, "Swami! Please 
bless us, so that we may succeed in our plan". 

Swami, while moving Mala, closed his eyes for a while 
and then said, "Oh! In the land of that farm, there would be 
hectic activities." 

The land of that farm was divided into plots but even 
after elapsing of three years, no plot could be sold. 

In the meanwhile, search for the land for creating 
Gurukul at Taravada was on. After many obstacles, at last, the 
land of Karshanbhai, which was made non-agricultural, was 

Pious Incidents of Foreign Tour 


selected for the Gurukul. The foundation stone was laid at the 
auspicious hands of great saint Jogi Swami and Gurukul was 
established there. 

As Jogi Swami has said, this land is now resounding with 
pious activities like Dhoon, Bhajan and Satsang. 

Pious Incidents of Foreign Tour 
• • • 

None could believe that Jogi Swami would visit America. 
Since long, the devotees of America were insisting that Jogi 
Swami should visit America but Jogi Swami did not consent. 

Once Dhirubhai Babariya requested Jogi Swami, "Swami, 
you may please come to America". Swami immediately denied 
and said, "Tell me not to go to America, but tell me to go to 

Once again, Dhirubhai insisted, hence, Swami said, "I 
will tell you tomorrow after asking for permission of Maharaj." 
Next day Swami said, "Maharaj, says no, hence I will not come." 
Thus, time elapsed and the insistence of the devotees of America 

Whenever Dhirubhai came to this country, he insisted 
Jogi Swami should come at America but Swami was not giving 
his consent. Many devotees of America were praying to Shree 
Hari so that a great saint like Jogi Swami may visit America to 
sanctify the land and to give Darshan to the devotees there. 
Thus, three to four years elapsed. 

Now Jogi Swami has become much aged, nearly ninety- 
six years. Due to regularity in food and simple lifestyle, his health 
is good. However, it was not felt wise that to take risk going 
abroad at this old age. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

At last, in view of true love and reverence of devotees of 
America, Maharaj conveyed a sign of his consent to Jogi Swami 
for his visit to America. Swami was suffering from Hernia and 
frequently he experienced pain but he never complained about 
it. He dislikes going to hospital. He would bear the pain but 
would not wish to go to hospital. If pain increases, much, he 
would only say, "Oh this tumour is harassing much." When 
Dhirubhai Babariya came to know this' he got a point to insist 
that Swami should come to America. 

Once he said to Swami, "Swami, Hernia is harassing 
you much, isn't it?" Swami said, "Yes, it is." Dhirubhai said, 
"Swami, there are very good doctors in America. If you come 
to America, we can get this pain removed." 

Swami had no idea as to where does America exist and 
how far away it is. However, Swami agreed in the matter of 
removing the tumour. Swami said, "Then let us go to America. 
Start preparations." When Swami consented, the devotees of 
America felt themselves fortunate. Everyone thought that Shreeji 
Maharaj had created a pretext to fulfill the wish of the devotees 
in America. When Swami has consented, there should be no 
delay. They decided not to lose this chance to welcome Swami 
into America. 

Arrangements were made in a very short time. Dhirubhai 
Babariya sent all necessary documents for Visa. Vishrambhai 
Vaghji sent sponsor documents for U.K. Till then nobody in 
this country had any idea about foreign tour of Jogi Swami. 
Who can imagine that Swami would go abroad at such an old 

Everyone knows that to get Visa for America is a very 
difficult job. Influence cannot work in American Visa office. 

Pious Incidents of Foreign Tour 


There would be long queue of people wishing Visa for U.K. and 
U.S.A. It requires standing in queue for long hours. 

It was meaningless to let Swami pass through such a 
difficult process. There would be one common queue for males 
and females and due to old age, Swami could not pass through 
this process. It was a difficult problem. If it would require 
personal visit of Swami to Mumbai, the tour could be cancelled. 
And, if he could not report personally, can he get Visa? That 
was also a vital question. Therefore, it was meaningless to inform 
the devotees here, until the problem of Visa was resolved. The 
saints, who were to accompany Jogi Swami to America, went 
to Mumbai but Swami did not. 

Rajnibhai Gajera, who had made all the preparations 
for Visa, is a sincere worker of Gurukul. He was of the opinion 
that relatively it is easier to get Visa for UK Hence, we shall first 
get Visa for UK If it is done successfully then American Embassy 
would not create any problem. As the opinion of Rajnibhai 
seemed to be fair, at first, Visa for UK was applied. The British 
Embassy was ready to give Visa only after personal appearance 
of Swami before the Visa officer. 

All the organizers were worried to receive such a reply 
from UK Embassy, because the task was more difficult in 
American Embassy. It was difficult to imagine about the possible 
reply of American Embassy. At last, the situation arose to cancel 
the visit of Jogi Swami. But due to the inspiration of Shree Hari, 
Jogi Swami was mentally prepared in every respect to go to 
America to get removed the tumour of Hernia and also to 
remove the tumour of birth and death of so many souls. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Received a Phone Call 
^^ ••• 

News of negative response of British Embassy came from 
Mumbai. I thought that when British Embassy has denied, it is 
nearly impossible to get Visa for America. Therefore, in case 
the visit is cancelled, we decided to prepare Swami for a negative 

Next day morning, when Swami was engrossed in Pooja, 
Mukesh Bhagat was reading Vachanamrut before him. One or 
two saints were sitting beside him. I informed him, "Swami! As 
the Government is not giving the permission, perhaps we shall 
have to cancel our proposed foreign tour." 

Jogi Swami continued to look at me for some time and 
said, "But we have received a phone-call. We have received the 
permission." I looked at him with surprise, 'Phone-call is 
received! What does it mean?' Because Swami does, not attend 
any telephone call. If he had to, he would only say, 'Jay 
Swaminarayan' and no more. 

As per my knowledge, a phone call was received from 
Mumbai as, 'If Swami personally comes to British Embassy, and 
then only British Embassy would give Visa' but there was 
nothing like 'permission is received'. Therefore, I was astonished. 
What was Swami saying? Phone call received means? Whose 
phone call, and when received? 

At that time, Swami again said, "Be prepared to go, a 
phone call is received. Permission is received." 

Recognising my confusion, Swami again said, "All our 
papers are approved and we have got permission. A phone call 
like this is received, therefore start preparations." 

Received A Phone Call 


I was unable to understand Swami's words. In Mumbai 
the saints and Rajnibhai Gajera were a little disappointed (in 
view of the British Embassy's insistence of Swami's personal 
attendance there at Mumbai). Confusion was prevailing over 
going to the American Embassy to seek Visa. Rajnibhai had 
already reserved tickets for travel by phone. We were undecided 
about whether to approach American Embassy for Visa or not. 

As such, all were of the opinion that Swami should not 
take the risk of going abroad at such an old age. 

I talked to Rajnibhai about various options open before 
us. However, there was no answer to the question, what shall 
we do if US Embassy insists on personal appearance of Jogi 
Swami? I advised Rajnibhai, 'Along with the saints, you may 
go to American Embassy tomorrow. Let us see what happens. 
At the most, they would deny the Visa, and then we will cancel 
the visit'. 

After having met Jogi Swami, Bal Swami met me near 
the kitchen. I asked, "Bal Swami! Jogi Swami says that a phone 
call is received, but I can't understand." 

Bal Swami said, "Swami is a great saint. Maharaj might 
have given him some indication". In the meanwhile, 
Hariswarupdasji Swami came there. I told him, "There is a great 
difficulty of Visa and Jogi Swami says that a phone call is 

Swami Hariswarupdasji said, "Let it be as Maharaj 
wishes. Let us see what happens." 

The whole day passed in worry and confusion. Next day 
Rajnibhai Gajera went to the American Embassy along with 
the saints. We were worried as it was difficult to deal with 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

American Embassy. We were anxiously waiting for the news 
from Mumbai. 

At 10:30 in the morning, along with Karshan Raghavani 
and Bal Swami, I was sitting in the office at Chharodi. We were 
discussing the construction of swimming pool of the school. We 
were eager to hear the news from Mumbai. A meeting was 
arranged at 11:00 o'clock about the school and we were 
preparing for the meeting. In the meantime, Mukeshbhai 
Unadkat contacted us on mobile phone. We were sailing on the 
high waves of expectations with natural concern. 

Mukeshbhai said, "Swami! There is extremely good news. 
Jogi Swami and other saints have got American Visa. We are 
now going to our place of lodging. We have telephoned you to 
give this news". Now there was no limit to our joy. I said, 
"Mukeshbhai, your phone call is received today but Jogi Swami 
has received a Phone call yesterday from somebody that the 
Visa is received. Who that 'somebody' is, only Swami knows." 

Rajnikant was experiencing endless joy because behind 
all these, his great efforts were there. He had rendered 
incomparable services to the Gurukul. Gurukul is a big 
institution, a very big family. The occasions of going abroad 
happen frequently. To get Passport, Visa, booking of tickets etc. 
all the services are rendered by Rajnikant. He always works 
day and night for the Gurukul. 

Rajnikant said, "Swami! American Embassy has given 
Visa without seeing any document. Now getting Visa from 
British Embassy remain. Again, I am going to do an experiment. 
Let us see what happens?" 

Received A Phone Call 


We now believed that Swami had certainly received a 
phone call from 'somebody' and we were now convinced that 
what was happening was as per the will of Maharaj. When 
Shree Hari Himself was taking care, we were not to worry. We 
advised Rajnikant, "You may go to British Embassy with 
remembrance of Maharaj." 

Next day the news came from Rajnikant, which 
increased our surprise. British Embassy, which was insisting 
personal presence of Jogi Swami two days ago, had given Visa 
without seeing any document. Jogi Swami is related to some 
'supreme' office, hence he can receive phone call from the 
Supreme-power, and then how small offices on the earth can 
deny him Visas? 

Thus, due to divine intervention of Shree Hari, the 
difficult task of getting Visa was completed. After receiving Visa, 
hectic preparations for the foreign tour were started. 

The year 2000 AD means millennium year for the whole 
world. The entire world was preparing to say 'Good-Bye' to the 
last days of the 2000 AD with great joy and festivity. The world 
was thrilled with the advance arrangements of celebrations. 

In this historical year, the historical foreign tour of Jogi 
Swami started. The Visa was received on 02 June 2000 and from 
08 June 2000, Thursday early morning tour of America was 
starting from Ahmedabad. As we had very short period, we 
immediately started speedy preparations. The confusion as to 
whether Swami should be taken to America at such an old age 
had disappeared as everyone was now convinced that this tour 
is arranged with the consent of Shree Hari Himself. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Preparations for the Journey 

Purani Swami Bhaktiprakashdasji along with a group 
of saints was moving in America since long and they were 
eagerly waiting for the arrival of Jogi Swami. Sadhu 
Dharmapriyadasji, Sadhu Shantipriyadasji and Parshad 
Manubhagat were with him when they received the news that 
the work of getting Visa was successful. They were very glad. 
They were anxiously waiting for the arrival of Jogi Swami. 

Apart from me, Shree Hariswarupdasji, 
Vishwaviharidasji, Vishwaswarupdasji, Shreevallabhdasji, 
Shree Gopalcharandasji, Vashram Bhagat etc. saints and 
Parshads had joined Jogi Swami in this tour. 

Jogi Swami has great love and grace for 
Shreevallabhdasji. Since many years, Shreevallabhdasji is 
serving Jogi Swami with reverence. Swami also invariably takes 
him wherever he goes and for Vishwaviharidasji, Jogi Swami is 
everything. He has great oneness with Jogi Swami. 
Vishwavihari is serving Jogi Swami with great care, reverence 
and love. 

The news of Jogi Swami's proposed foreign tour flooded 
Ahmedabad and the remote parts of Gujarat. Many could not 
believe that it could ever happen. For the age of Swami and the 
tenets of conduct he observes, surprised many at his astonishing 
decision to travel abroad. 

As Nishkulanand Swami has written: 'Unimagined 
things happened to me'. 

The land of America and particularly of Latin America 
was calling the saint to have his footprints on it. The hearts of 

Received A Phone Call 


the devotees of that land were yearning for the divine 'Darshan' 
of this truly great saint. 

The tour of Swami was not organised for sightseeing, 
not for collecting donations and not for any other selfish motive. 
It was organised to give hope to the forlorn, strength to the 
distressed and love to the yearning humanity and to fulfil the 
volitions of hearts of the devotees. For this purpose only, Shree 
Hari had inspired Jogi Swami. Otherwise looking to the life of 
this saint, it seems impossible to us. If we see in the words of 
Nand Saints: 

None has ever seen or heard 

Such a holy stream (of Satsang) as has been created by 
Shree Hari 

We are fulfilled O! My God! 

You have uplifted and sanctified innumerable people. 

The Farewell Meeting 
^^ ••• 

It was Sunday, 04 June 2000. A grand farewell assembly 
was arranged at Chharodi Gurukul. Purani Balkrishnadasji 
Swami would not arrange any celebration in a small way. 
Moreover, it was a historical and wonderful event for the entire 
Gurukul family. A great number of people poured into Chharodi 
Gurukul from the cities and villages. Within a short time, a great 
assembly was convened. 

When Jogi Swami arrived at the meeting, he was greeted 
with clapping by the assembly. The loud words 'J a y 
Swaminarayan' filled the sky. It was a sea of humanity roaring 
with resounding waves of 'Jay Swaminarayan'. Swami sat in 
the assembly for long. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Everyone desired that Swami should speak a few words 
on that memorable occasion. Vihari Swami requested Swami 
to speak. Jogi Swami consented and Vishwavihari Swami placed 
a mike before him. Swami said, "You are doing devotion, 
continue to do so. It is a great beneficial thing". The great 
assembly expressed its joy with clapping and resounding 'Jay 
Swaminarayan' . 

Whenever Jogi Swami speaks, the words come from his 
heart. Hence, its impact on the listeners is great. The inner force 
of the words is so great that it resounds equally from the hearts 
of the listeners. His simple words could pierce the darkness of 
ignorance in the hearts of the listeners. 

"Be with Us, Maharaj 


• • 

On 05 June 2000, Pujya Jogi Swami came to Vadtal for 
the 'Darshan' of Harikrishna Maharaj. His body looked energetic. 
Jogi Swami sat before Shree Harikrishna Maharaj for long and 
moved Mala. Then he stood up with folded hands and prayed, 
"Maharaj, be with us. "Maharaj also would have said with a 
smiling face, "Swami! I am always with you". 

Then Swami came to Kalupur temple to have the 
Darshan of Nar-Narayan Dev. With great reverence, he did 
Darshan and here also he prayed, "Maharaj, be with us". 

Nar-Narayandev also looked like saying, "Jogi Swami! We do 
not remain away from a saint like you, even for a moment." 

We were to start our journey in the early morning of 09- 
06-2000. Until late night there was a great rush of devotees, 
therefore, Jogi Swami could get very little time to sleep. At 12:30 
am, we went to the airport. There was a big crowd of devotees 

Received A Phone Call 


there. Many devotees had taken vows of moving Mala and 
Bhajan-Bhakti expecting the good health of Swami. 

Shree Shaileshbhai Vyas, a dedicated devotee and 
volunteer of Gurukul family, had reached there earlier. He had 
made very nice arrangements there with the co-operation of 
airport officers, so that Jogi Swami and accompanying saints 
may not have to face any difficulty. For us, it was a very first 
instance to have close contacts of Shailesh Vyas and for him 
also it was a very first occasion to serve in such a way. 

Airport officers welcomed Swami cordially. They lead 
him to VIP lounge. Seeing complete peace and silence in the 
lounge, he became very glad. He delighted others with his 
conduct and took great delight in the silence of the lounge. The 
saint looked fresh and inspiring, as if Sahajanand Swami 
Himself was providing him the stock of joy from his heart. 

The flight was late by one hour. We were worried that 
Swami would be tired however, he did not look tired at all. 

At last, the plane took off from Ahmedabad for Mumbai. 
We had to change the plane at Mumbai. Wheel chair was ready 
for Jogi Swami. 

The plane was a spacious Jumbo with two floors, which 
could accommodate a small village inside. Jogi Swami's seat 
was on the upper floor. The rows of seats were narrow. The 
saints took him on the upper floor slowly with care. Jogi Swami 
took his seat and Vishwavihari Swami and Shreevallabh Swami 
fastened the seat belt. 

At last, this great saint left for foreign country to sanctify 
its land. Since previous day, he was taking constant strain, yet 
he took little sleep and then he covered his head with his shawl 
and moved Mala until the plane landed at London. Meanwhile, 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

he did not remove shawl from his head and never looked out of 
the window. He had immersed himself in Maharaj within 
himself, who is the self of all. He continued to remember 
Maharaj throughout. 

Jogi Swami never showed any sign of fatigue. He was 
cool and calm. He was immersed with Maharaj in his heart 
throughout the long journey. Even young men complain of 
tiredness in such a long journey, but Jogi Swami was happy 
meditating and doing 'Bhajan'. Before leaving India, he had 
prayed Maharaj to be with him and Maharaj was certainly 
with him. 

Arrival at London 

• • • 

On 9thjune 2000 at 11:30 am, the plane landed at 
Heathrow Airport. The Haribhaktas in good number had come 
to the airport to welcome the great saint. Everyone was eager 
to have the 'Darshan' of Pujya Jogi Swami. Immigration 
formalities were completed quickly. For Swami and the saints, 
the arrangements were made in fast track. Hence, the formalities 
were completed within a short period. As Swami was with us, 
we also could come out quickly from immigration. If we follow 
a great saint, we can have right way ahead easily. Otherwise, 
the immigration formalities were difficult for us to pass 
through quickly. 

It is said that there is a kind of fish, which is known as 
net-cutting fish. It has two sharp edges on both sides of its body. 
It cannot be caught in net, and if it is caught, it cuts the net and 
comes out and with it; other small fish of other kinds following 

Arrival At London 


it also get freedom from the net. The great saints on the earth 
are also like net-cutting fish. They cannot be caught in the net 
of 'Maya'. If they are graceful enough to take birth on this earth, 
they would cut the unbreakable net of Maya. Not only that, 
they free the people associated with them. Therefore, the 
scriptures advise to follow the path of great saints. 'Malta Jano 
yen gatah sah pantha'. Which is the best path? The path taken 
by the great people and saints. 

Incidentally, many other saints of Swaminarayan 
Sampraday were to arrive in UK at that time. Hence, the 
Heathrow Airport was crowded with the followers of 
Swaminarayan Sampraday. The words of Gunatitanand 
Swami: 'At every leaf of every tree there would be 
Swaminarayan, Swaminarayan, were proving right'. 

Big crowd of devotees was present to welcome Jogi 
Swami. The President of Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan 
Mandir, Kenton, Shree Vishrambhai Vaghji, D.S. Patel, Virjibhai 
Keravala, K.M. Varsani, Ramjibhai Khimani, Arjunbhai 
Vekariya, Babubhai Parmar and other leading Haribhaktas and 
Naran Raghwani, Manjibhai Mepani, Bhimji Savani, Ravji 
Hirani, Haresh Patel (Narwala) and other past students were 
much anxious to see Jogi Swami. 

As Jogi Swami came out from immigration and luggage 
section, loud sound of 'Jay Swaminarayan' resounded in the 
air and in the sky of London. Hearty felicitation was given to 
the saints with many coloured garlands and flowers. Swami 
took seat in Mercedes car of Naran Kanji Raghwani (a past 
student of Gurukul) and went to the Kenton temple. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Have We Arrived in Kutch? 

-• • • 

After arriving at the Kenton temple, Swami took bath. 
He had performed 'Pooja' before the journey started. After taking 
bath, he took rest for a while. He attended evening 'Aarti' in the 
temple. He was delighted to see this big and beautiful temple. 
He said, "Oh! The temple is very big. How beautiful Ghanshyam 
Maharaj is!" Then innocently he asked, "Vihari! Where have 
we come?" 

Vishwaviharidasji said, "Swami, we have come to 
London. There are many disciples from Kutch here." 

Swami said, "Good, I have visited Kutch many times. I 
have got very good relations with the saints of Kutch." Saying 
this, he remembered Sadguru Mahant Swami Hariswarupdasji 
and Sadguru Swami Morlimanohardasji very much. He also 
remembered some incidents of Kutch. 

Thereafter Swami said, "O Vihari! So we have come to 

The childlike innocence delighted many. For Swami Kutch 
and London both are equal. How can one explain to Swami 
that this Kutch is very far from India! However, Vishwavihari 
has been serving Jogi Swami since long; hence, he has expertise 
to talk to Swami in his style of language. 

Vishwavihari said, "Swami, this Kutch is very far from 
our country, five to six thousand miles away from Ahmedabad. 
We have come here." 

Swami said, "Oh! Five six thousand miles? Then this 
Kutch is very far. We have come this far yet we could not know!" 

In the evening assembly, Swami gave 'Darshan' and gave 
'Prasadi' of sugar crystals to all. 

Praiseworthy Satsang Activities 


On Saturday 10 June 2000, Swami came to the morning 
assembly. Swami asked me, "Shastri, tell the story of a Muslim 
of Hyderabad who became the member of the 'Satsang' 
fellowship and also tell how Maharaj had given sons to Lalji 
Bhagat of Samatra (Kutch)." 

I said, "Swami you may please talk about it." Swami 
said, "My throat is not well. You may please narrate." 

With the order of Swami, I narrated those incidents in 
the assembly. The devotees were very glad. 

Praiseworthy Satsang Activities 

The Haribhakta devotees from Kutch settled in UK 
maintain the virtues of 'Satsang' nicely. Wherever they have 
gone, they have kept the God with them. At many places, they 
have created temples. They assemble in the temple regularly 
and do Dhoon-Bhajan. The old persons are passing their time 
in Dhoon-Bhajan, 'Satsang' in the temple. The youngsters take 
part in the various service activities of the temple. 

In Kenton temple, a School from nursery to primary is 
being run. Thus with the various service activities for male and 
female devotees, the 'Satsang' is strengthened. They celebrate 
various festivals as in India, with zeal and enthusiasm. While 
doing 'Darshan' of such festivals, we feel, as if we are in India. 

On the occasions like 'Annakut', thousands of people 
come for the 'Darshan' and 'Prasad' is given to them freely. 

Kenton temple could not accommodate the great number 
of people who come for the 'Darshan' every Sunday evening. 
The service of volunteers in the separate meetings for male and 
female devotees is praiseworthy. The saints may be there or not, 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

the devotees sing Kirtans and read scriptures themselves. In 
fact, the Satsang Society, without depending upon the saints, 
shall mould itself. 

Assembly on Sunday 

-• • • 

Kenton temple was full of disciples on 11 June 2000, 
Sunday. Everyone was eager to have the 'Darshan' of Jogi 
Swami. Haribhaktas were overwhelmed with great joy to have 
the 'Darshan' of Swami. 

There was a great rush of devotees on that evening. When Jogi 
Swami came to the assembly to give 'Darshan' to the 
Haribhaktas, the jubilant devotees immersed in the wave of joy 
and reverence. A very good arrangement of video camera was 
made in Kenton temple so that the women disciples sitting in 
the separate assembly were able to see and hear the Swami 
through the screens. With this arrangement, the male and 
female devotees and the saints can observe religious tenets 
commanded by the Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan and the 
women can get the benefits of Satsang at large. Instead of 
spending temple's money haphazardly, it should be utilised in 
such arrangements in the temples, to strengthen the Satsang. 

The rules of conducts for the women in Swaminarayan 
Sampraday require to be seen in its true letter and spirit. A 
widespread misunderstanding prevails in this matter. There is 
no contempt for women in Swaminarayan Sampraday. The 
Satsang fellowship has not looked down the women. Instead, 
the holy order has given great attention to their respective and 
respectable areas of activities. The misunderstanding is created 
due to the excessive enthusiasm demonstrated by some saints 
and volunteers. We need clarity of perception in observance of 

May Maharaj Protect Your Progeny 289 

the rules of the Sampraday. We spend lacs of rupees in 
decoration and basic needs are forgotten. We congratulate the 
management team of Kenton temple for creation of such a good 
arrangement to satisfy the basic need. Due to this arrangement, 
in both the separate meetings of Men and Women, the devotees 
were able to have the 'Darshan' of Jogi Swami accurately. The 
women were listening to the talks of Swami as if they were sitting 
before Swami. 


May Maharaj Protect Your Progeny 

-• • 

In that Sunday meeting, at the order of Jogi Swami I 
spoke for some time. All the devotees were eager to hear a few 
words from Jogi Swami. Swami also gave 'Prasadi' of 'Sakar' 
(sugar crystals) and few effective and inspiring words. Even his 
silence is more eloquent and effective than many orations. To 
fulfill the wish of the Haribhaktas, Jogi Swami spoke from his 
heart filled with joy, "O devotees! Shastri has delighted you 
much with his lectures and reading of scriptures. You should 
also be pleased with Shastri". I was overwhelmed with the 
shower of his grace on me. But, then an important thing came. 
What Swami spoke thereafter was most significant. Swami said, 
"May Bhagawan Swaminarayan protects your progeny." It was 
really surprising because Jogi Swami did not at all know the 
social and cultural atmosphere prevailing there and its adverse 
impact on the young generation of our people living there. Yet 
the appropriate words came out from his heart. 

How to protect our young generation from the vices of 
sensual atmosphere prevailing in foreign countries is a great 
question. In such a situation, the words came out from the Jogi 
Swami's heart as if Maharaj spoke from his heart, "May Shree 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Hari protect your young generation". The audience clapped to 
express their joy for the relevant blessings. 

A Thorn is Removed by Another Thorn 

^ — • • • 

On the occasion of our tour of England, one 
supplementary subject is 'Relations between the Indians and 
the Britishers'. 

India's relations with England are age old. There are 
many good and bad aspects therein. The steps taken by the 
Britishers for peaceful life of the general public were unique, 
inspiring peace and faith in the hearts of the public. The people 
felt safe and fearless under their rule. It cannot be denied. 

Those people, selfish and cunning like a jackal, had come 
to India, the wealthy nation with their own interest. However, 
certain qualities of those people were really praiseworthy. 

When Bhagawan Swaminarayan was moving in India, 
the people of this country, particularly the people in Gujarat, 
were really suffering from the tyranny of the feudal lords (local 
rulers). The general public was suffering from all quarters. On 
one side, outlaws were looting the people and on the other side 
local head strong persons and groups of mendicants were 
harassing and oppressing them in the name of the religion. The 
common person was persecuted. In this situation, the Britishers 
defeated and subdued the headstrong individuals and persons 
harassing the public and established the rule of law. They took 
care of the people; therefore, Shree Hari had respect for the 
Britishers. Several learned intellectual Indians of that time have 
praised this virtue of the Britishers and even today, old people 
remember them when the public is oppressed by the 
contemporary ruffians like, political leaders. 

May Maharaj Protect Your Progeny. 


One Thakor (Ruler) of village Limli, sarcastically asked 
Bhagawan Swaminarayan, "Swaminarayan! People are 
considering you Bhagawan. Then why do you not eradicate 
the British rule from this country?" Shree Hari immediately gave 
befitting and irrefutable reply, "Darbar! Have you not seen that 
a thorn is removed by another thorn? The evil is removed by 
another evil. Our holy land of India is hurt by the thorns like 
headstrong people like you. We have brought a big thorn from 
Europe to remove the troubling thorns like you. When thorns 
like you are removed, there would be no need of that big thorn. 
The time will come when it will also be removed. Don't worry". 
The Thakor was stunned on listening to the fearless reply of 
Shree Hari and went away. 

Bhagawan Swaminarayan liked the British 
administration and justice. Sometimes Shree Hari used to tell 
that King Angad was the Leader of Monkeys of Kishkindha. 
He had helped Bhagawan Ram in search of Sita to a great 
extent. Therefore, Bhagawan Shree Ram was pleased with him 
and said, 'a day will come when your progeny would rule the 
entire world and the Sun would not set in their kingdom'. 

A close look at the features and intelligent behaviour of 
the Britishers would lead us to believe that they are akin to the 
species of intelligent descendants of Angad and his subjects. 
This could be an area of research for Anthropologists. 

The Britishers were fascinated with Bhagawan 
Swaminarayan for His great influence on the people of Gujarat. 
The Britishers had great respect and reverence for Bhagawan 
Swaminarayan. Some of them had thought to convert Him into 
Christian faith, so that many thousand may follow him. Bishop 
Haber had tried the same but he had failed. Bhagawan 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Swaminarayan's influence was so enormous that he tried to 
evade him, lest he himself would become His disciple! 

Sir John Malcolm, who was the Governor of the Province 
of Bombay, had great love and respect for Shree Hari. During 
his visit to Rajkot, he came to see Bhagawan Swaminarayan 
and asked Him, "Swami! How do you control the unruly people 
while we cannot do that even with the power of the State?" 

Shree Hari smiled and gave him a little book of 
Shikshapatri and said, "Our whole magic is contained in this 
book". Sir Malcolm received the book with love and respect. He 
kept it on his head as an act of veneration and preserved it as a 
mark of a memorable meeting with a rare spiritual leader. 

This unique gift of Shree Hari to the Britishers is carefully 
preserved in the Bodleian library of Oxford University and it is 
strengthening the cultural relations between India and Europe. 
A big project has been taken up on 'Shikshapatri' by Oxford 
University. The University has brought 'Shikshapatri' into every 
home through the internet in the entire world. 

'Darshan' of the 'Magic Stick' 

^ • • • 

Jogi Swami wanted to do the 'Darshan' of 'Shikshapatri' 
deposited devotedly in the Oxford University by Sir John 
Malcolm. Therefore, a program to visit Oxford University with 
a group of a few saints and devotees was arranged. Jogi Swami 
visited the University and sanctified its land. The authority of 
library had made the arrangements. As this significant book 
has been attracting a number of people, for the reasons of security 
and other reasons, the number of visitors is being restricted. 
Jogi Swami took Shikshapatri reverently in his hand, touched it 
to his eyes and looked at it for long with great respect. 

Emotional Farewell From London 


We keep a copy of this magic book closed in the box of 
Pooja but Jogi Swami has realised it in his life. He has woven it 
with his life. He breathes in and out the spirit of 'Shikshapatri', 
hence his life has become like a great magician of divinity. If 
one follows the commands of Shree Hari, a divine light takes 
place in his life. Jogi Swami is a living example of the same. 

Emotional Farewell from London 

The days passed happily in London. Everyone 
experienced great happiness and reverence with the 'Darshan' 
of Jogi Swami, in such a far foreign country. Jogi Swami was 
also cheerful throughout. Swami had regular sleep. His sleep is 
a part of his meditation because he is always associated with 
Shree Hari. Jogi Swami is consistent in food habits. He does not 
take salt, chilli, oil and sugar. Only Chapatti, date and milk. 
Sometimes he takes mango juice or watermelon. He takes meal 
only once in a day in the evening. Due to such restraints, he is 
quite healthy even at the age of 95. 

On 12-06-2000 Monday, we were to take farewell from 
London. Jogi Swami arrived in the morning meeting. While 
doing 'Darshan' of Ghanshyam Maharaj in the temple, he again 
prayed, "Maharaj please be with us". As if Maharaj also smiling 
a little at him, was saying, "Swami, I am always with you and 
do not depart even for a moment." 

Jogi Swami spoke for a while in the farewell meeting. 
Nishkulanand Swami says, "The words come out from his heart 
without any effort." When Swami speaks, he speaks with the 
celestial sweetness, which mere words fail to convey. A few 
words of Jogi Swami swayed the audience. When he speaks, 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

the entire assembly becomes totally attracted towards him and 
his words can touch the inner hearts of the listeners. 

After saying a few words of blessings in the Kenton 
temple, Pujya Jogi Swami left for the airport. Large number of 
male and female devotees were present in the temple for the 
'Darshan'. Jogi Swami sat in the car of Ramjibhai Khimani. 
Ramjibhai had got a new life (was survived from severe brain 
stroke) with the grace of Swami, hence he had great reverence 
and joy. 

President of Kenton temple Shree Vishrambhai and other 
leading Haribhaktas along with former students of Gurukul 
were with the saints up to the airport. Formalities of check-in 
etc. were completed and then it was time to take seat in the 

The scene at the London airport was unique. Tears were 
rolling down from the eyes of the devotees and the former 
students of Gurukul. The eyes of Vishrambhai were also moist 
with tears of love and gratitude. He has unique oneness with 
Jogi Swami. He is quite an intelligent and capable person and 
manages the Kenton temple keeping all the people together 
under the shelter of 'Satsang'. 

Years ago we happened to go to Dar-es-salam with Pujya 
Purani Swami Premprakshdasji. At that time, Vishrambhai 
lived in the temple of Dar-es-salam. At that time, he was young. 
He came in the contact of Pujya Purani Swami who was like a 
loving mother and resultantly 'Satsang' was strengthened in 
his heart. His brother Karshanbhai is also a good devotee. 
Whenever he remembers Purani Swami as his 'Guru', he 
becomes emotional. 

While bidding farewell to Jogi Swami from London, tears 
rolled down from the eyes of Vishrambhai. The students and 

From UK To USA 


other devotees were also shedding tears. Several speeches of 
farewell meeting failed to convey what the tears of departure 
could speak. Love for God is the heart and soul of 
Swaminarayan Sampraday. It is not dry as the way of 'Vedanta'. 
Swaminarayan Sampraday is rich with unfathomable 
knowledge of 'Upanishads'. It contains the essence of 'Smrutis' 
as good conduct to be observed in life. It is also having 
detachment in its right spirit but love in the Murti of Shree Hari 
is the best means. Other three i.e. Dharma, Gnan and Vairagya 
(detachment) are supplementary to the devotion. However, the 
main thing is love towards the form of Shree Hari. 

On seeing the love of the devotees at the London airport, 
the hearts of the saints also were filled with emotion. Thus, Jogi 
Swami along with the saints took leave of London. 

From UK to USA 
<^* ••• 

12 June2000, Monday. We were to go a long way from 
London to New York by plane. The plane took off. The plane 
was flying like an eagle over the clouds. Vishwavihari Swami 
and Shreevallabhdasji fastened the seat belt of Jogi Swami. 
Swami covered his face with a shawl and started moving Mala. 
Swami was sitting straight in his seat without taking the support 
of the back of the seat. In this long journey, Swami stood up 
from his seat once or twice for going to the toilet. He continued 
to move Mala throughout the journey. Swami's practice to do 
devotion by sitting at a place for long is great. 

As sometimes 'Paramhansas' like 'Sanakadik', arrive in 
heaven to sanctify it, Jogi Swami arrived in USA and set his feet 
on the land of USA. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Wherever the great saint set his feet, places of pilgrimage 
are created there. Swami had come here to the heaven-like land 
to create the places of pilgrimage. 

After completion of immigration formalities, Swami 
came out along with the saints. Dhirubhai Babariya had been 
with Swami from the day the saints left India. Ghanshyambhai 
Vaghasiya cut short all his programmes and joined Swami from 
London. Large number of devotees and students were eagerly 
waiting for the arrival of Swami at the airport, as long cherished 
desire of all those devotees had now yielded the result. 

Shree Chaturbhai, Shree Dipubhai Gajera, Shree Ashwin 
Gajera, Shree Ramesh Savaliya, Shree Dineshbhai, Shree 
Virjibhai Paghdal from New Jersey and Shree Pratapbhai 
Jobanputra, Shree Mohanbhai Patel, Shree Niranjanbhai of 
Adhyatma Vikas Kendra and other devotees from New York 
were very eager to welcome Jogi Swami at the airport. 

As soon as Jogi Swami came out of the airport, he was 
welcomed with cheerful and loud 'J a y Swaminarayan' 
resounding in the sky. Jogi Swami came to Chaturbhai 
Vaghasiya's house from the airport. Here the loving disciples 
had made unique arrangement to ceremonially welcome Jogi 
Swami. At every step, sacred rice and roses were spread to adorn 
the house where Jogi Swami was to tread. Everybody's heart 
was full of joy. 

Shree ji Maharaj is always with me 

-• • 

For Jogi Swami, it was a very long journey. Protracted 
formalities were also completed at both the airports and it took 
two hours to travel from J.F. Kennedy airport to the home of 
Chaturbhai Vaghasiya. We all were worried that Swami would 

Shree ji Maharaj Is Always With Me 297 

' i 

have been tired, but the fact was different. Despite a long 
tiresome journey, Jogi Swami was quite fresh and cheerful. Our 
source of happiness is limited but Swami has access to an 
inexhaustible source i.e. Sahajanand Swami Himself. 

If Jogi Swami is cheerful, we are also cheerful. Our joy 
comes out of our body hence it is short-lived, but Swami's joy is 
divine, hence it is evergreen. Swami always remains in a divine 

At Chaturbhai's house, while other saints were engaged 
in taking bath, Vihari Swami and I were seated near Jogi Swami. 
Swami said, "Shastri, I am ceaselessly engaged in the Bhajan of 
Swaminarayan. Shreeji Maharaj is always with me". Swami's 
every word was full of divine spirit of Shreeji Maharaj. We all 
were thinking that Swami may be tired but we could see 
incomparable joy of Swami. Many a times, Swami talks on 
various subjects but on that day what Swami had talked about 
was unprecedented. His talks were full of happiness and divine 
spirit. Our hearts also filled with joy. 

D. K. Shah and Dhirubhai Kotadia had come from India 
to accompany and to have the benefit of 'Satsang' meetings of 
Jogi Swami. Shree Gordhanbhai Babariya and other devotees 
had come from Dallas in the morning. Swami was performing 
Pooja until late in the morning. Sometime in the afternoon, while 
sitting in the wheel chair, he would move out. Thereafter, while 
Swami was sitting in the chair, Vachanamrut and 'Bhakta 
Chintamani' were being read. In the evening Aarti, Niyam- 
chesta were being recited. Many disciples were coming from 
far to have the benefit of 'Darshan' and 'Satsang' of Jogi Swami. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Gargle with Salt 

The Difference Between.. 


Blessings to the Historical Affiliation 

On 15 June 2000, Ravibhai Trivedi came from Ottava 
for the 'Darshan'. A process to affiliate our Shree Swaminarayan 
Gurukul Vishwavidya Pratishthanam Chharodi with CITA 
board of USA was to be started with the blessings of Jogi Swami. 
Ravibhai Trivedi's contribution in the development of Chharodi 
Gurukul is incomparable. He is a remarkable person with 
tremendous potential. The Governor General of Canada has 
honoured him with a Gold Medal of National Pride. He is an 
outstanding personality endowed with enormous intelligence 
but his body is thin having one ailment or other. Due to some 
difficulty in the waist, he was unable to sit on the floor. He used 
to keep with him a small chair. He was already suffering from 
waist pain and headache added to it. Mostly intelligent persons 
suffer from headache. Ravibhai was suffering from headache 
and despite various treatments, he could not be cured. 

We requested Swami, "Swami, Ravibhai is suffering 
from severe headache. Kindly pray to Maharaj to cure him." 
Jogi Swami placed his hands on the head of Ravibhai with 
compassion. He pressed his temples with his thumbs and then 
said, "You have much gas trouble. Gargle with salt-water. 
Maharaj would do well." 

We failed to understand the relationship of headache 
with salt - water but Ravibhai was much surprised because one 
doctor in Ottawa had suggested him to gargle with salt-water. 
Then he consulted another doctor. He too suggested gargling 
with salt-water. He came from Canada to USA to have the 
'Darshan' of Jogi Swami and incidentally he also suggested 
gargling with salt-water. 

Ravibhai became overwhelmed with the sign of Shree 
Hari through Jogi Swami. He remained with Swami for the 
whole day. 

On 16 June 2000, in the morning Jogi Swami was 
performing Pooja. His blessings were needed for the affiliation 
with CITA Board. Ravibhai placed the papers of CITA Board 
before Jogi Swami and requested him in a prayerful mood, 
"Swami! We want to affiliate our Chharodi Gurukul with 
American Educational Organisation. These papers are related 
to that process. Please bless us." 

With the remembrance of Shree Hari, Jogi Swami blessed 
the papers by making Kum-Kum Chandla on it and thus 
international affiliation of Gurukul began. 

The Difference Between the Two Flowers 
^^ ... 

On that day, Swami was very much fresh, alert and in 
delighting mood. He delighted others by talks and kept 
remembering the devotees of Latin America. Meanwhile, 
Shreevallabhdasji came with rose flowers. Swami was glad to 
see the big and colourful flowers. 

Jogi Swami likes to serve in the garden to cultivate 
flowers. He has served in the Garden of Rajkot Gurukul for many 
years and has woven garlands for Shree Hari. 

Jogi Swami offered flowers to Thakoraji. Then he picked 
up a big flower and said, "O! These flowers are very big." 
Thereafter, he said, "Flowers are big but they are not having 
the aroma as our Indian flowers have." He put down the flower. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Jogi Swami's remark was not only related to the flowers. 
Swami was indicating to the cultural difference between the 
East and the West. The life, much prosperous with material 
wealth, is of little use if it is not having the fragrance of 
spirituality. It will be as the flowers made of plastic. It looks to 
be beautiful but without any sign of life. 

Jogi Swami talked about the difference between the two 
flowers. Then he remembered his services in the garden and 
the preparations of garlands of various flowers for various 
temples. He remembered many incidents related to it. He also 
remembered his Guru (preceptor) Sadguru Mahant Swami with 

While talking about flowers, he suddenly remembered 
the flowers of Guldavadi (a kind of flower). He asked, "Here in 
America can we get the flowers of Guldavadi?" 

We said, "Swami, we do not know. We have not seen 
any Guldavadi here." 

Swami said, "In our country, we have various types of 
Guldavadi with good fragrance. Here the flowers are big and 
beautiful but without fragrance." Swami came back to first talk. 

Blessings to Nandish 

-• • • 

Interesting conversation with Jogi Swami was going on. 
In the meanwhile, our former student Rameshbhai Savaliya 
along with his son Nandish came for the 'Darshan'. 

In America the dedication, love and virtues of our former 
students Ramesh Savaliya, Pravin Vora and Dipu Gajera are 
unique. They are like pride of our Gurukul. 

Guldavadi Presented 


Village Sajiyavadar is the native place of Rameshbhai 
Savaliya. There were few Haribhaktas in Sajiyavadar but after 
coming into Gurukul, the virtues of 'Satsang' developed. Amidst 
the atmosphere of material wealth, his virtues of 'Satsang' were 
not lessened. 

Nandish, a son of Rameshbhai Savaliya had problem 
while speaking. He was not able to speak words clearly. Ramesh 
thought that if Jogi Swami blesses Nandish, he would be able to 
speak clearly. 

Rameshbhai requested Vihari Swami to speak to Jogi 
Swami about the problem. Vihari Swami spoke to Jogi Swami 
about the problem and requested him to pray Shreeji Maharaj 
to bless his son with untrammeled speech. 

Jogi Swami started talking to Nandish in a cheerful mood 
and asked him to speak 'Swaminarayan.... Swaminarayan...' 
The boy began to speak 'Swaminarayan. ..Swaminarayan' 
instantly with Jogi Swami. After some time Jogi Swami said with 
a resonant voice of assurance, "Go! Maharaj would do well." 

Then he remembered an incident, when, with the grace 
of Shree Hari, a son of Bachubapa of Fatsar village, was awarded 
with the power to speak. Then Swami said, "Shastri, at present 
his two sons are studying in Gurukul." 

The soul, whom, a great saint like Jogi Swami remembers, 
is really fortunate. With the grace of Jogi Swami, Nandish could 
get power to speak clearly. 

Guldavadi Presented 

-• • • 

After taking meal in the evening, 'Katha' was being read. 
The loving disciples of America had come from far for the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

'Darshan'. In the meantime, Hasmukhbhai Patel of Karamsad 
came from Washington. 

Hasmukhbhai is a brave disciple. People of Karamsad 
are always brave. Hasmukhbhai had been sending almonds for 
'Annakut' every year; hence, Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj called 
him as a man of almond (Badam-wala). There was another such 
disciple namely Pravinbhai Sheladiya of Dhari. Gurudev 
Shastriji Maharaj had visited their homes in Washington many 
a times. 

Hasmukhbhai became very glad on the arrival of Jogi 
Swami in USA. He was eagerly waiting for Swami's arrival. 
When Jogi Swami came to New Jersey, Hasmukhbhai came 
there from Washington for his 'Darshan'. He brought with him 
the items for Swami's Pooja and garlands of Guldavadi flowers. 
Swami saw it and said, "See, how kind Maharaj is! We were 
remembering 'Guldavadi' in the morning and in the same day 
evening Shree Hari has presented it to us." We were also much 
surprised because flowers of Guldavadi can be rarely seen in 

Why great saints' wish comes true, because they are 
always related to the Murti of Shree Hari, who is like a wish- 
fulfilling Gem. This little incident of Guldavadi made us realise 

Jogi Swami became very glad to see the flowers of 
Guldavadi but again he repeated, "Guldavadi is good but not 
like that of our garden." 

Really, our culture is the best amongst the cultures of 
the world and in such a culture, our Gurukul garden of virtues 
is incomparable. The flowers of this Garden are spreading the 
fragrance of virtues in our country as well as in foreign countries. 

The Tour Has Become Fruitful 



Light Moments 

-• • 

Vishwavihari Swami was reading the scripture 
'Haricharitra Chintamani'. An incident relating to an old lady 
came. That old lady had 'Darshan' of Maharaj and she was 
charmed by the fascinating form of Shree Hari. With the grace 
of Shree Hari, that old lady could see Shree Hari constantly round 
the clock without any break. However, that old lady could not 
bear it. So she started to make hue and cry as "Swaminarayan 
has mesmerised me, Swaminarayan has mesmerised me." 

On hearing this, Jogi Swami laughed much and said, 
"Oh! Old lady, you have become mad! Are you so beautiful that 
Swaminarayan would mesmerise you?" On hearing these words 
from Jogi Swami, all laughed much. Swami said, "Shree Hari 
certainly showers His grace but how can a broken pot contain 
water?" Therefore, Sadguru Gunatitanand Swami has 
considered that following of the rules of 'Satsang' with 
understanding is better than following of the rules of 'Satsang' 
by miracles. 

Muktanand Swami says that one is mean who wishes for 

The Tour has become Fruitful 

• • • 

Today Swami gave Vartaman to many children. He gave 
plenty of 'Sakar' (sugar crystals) to everybody who was present 
there. Meanwhile it was the time for Aarti. Chaturbhai 
requested, "Swami, please come upstairs to perform 'Aarti'." 

Jogi Swami said, "I don't want to come upstairs." 

Chaturbhai asked, "Why?" 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Jogi Swami replied in his childlike innocence, "I would 
fall down." Everybody laughed. 

Substance was that it is not good to go much higher. It 
is good to be on earth. There is happiness in living like a servant 
(of God). Vishwavihari Swami said, "We will lift you and will 
ensure that you may not fall." 

Swami said, "Yes, if somebody is there to give support, 
we would not fall down." 

Again, all were delighted with the words of Swami. If 
one gets support of great saints in life, he would have no difficulty 
(in this world as well as in the world after death). 

With the help of Vishvavihari Swami and Shreevallabh 
Swami, Jogi Swami came upstairs. These two saints were 
praying, "Swami, we are lifting you on this staircase but please 
lift us on the staircase of Akshardham." 

Swami came upstairs. Chaturbhai has created a good 
home-temple in his bungalow. Swami performed 'Aarti' in this 
home-temple. Then he moved about the bungalow and 
sanctified it with his footprints. Chaturbhai felt himself fulfilled 
and said, "Today the tour has become fruitful". Swami was 
behaving innocently like a child and all the people were getting 
great happiness in his presence and were strengthening the 


The Other Form of Vamanji 

-• • 

On 17-6-2000, Swami was performing 'Pooja' in the 
morning. Gopal Swami came to offer a 'Thai' (food) to Thakoraji. 
He placed the Murti of the Thakoraji, which was being served 
by Jogi Swami and also placed beside the Murti of the Thakoraji 

The Other Form of Vamanji 


being served by me. Jogi Swami was glad to see the small form 
of my Thakoraji (Murti) and for quite some time he continued 
to look at that Murti. 

Jogi Swami said, "Earlier this Thakoraji was in 
Prakashpuri. When Shastriji Maharaj entrusted this Thakoraji 
to you to serve, I was with him at that time." 

I remembered an old incident. I was recently initiated as 
a saint. Very few saints like Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj and 
Purani Swami had Thakoraji (Murti of the God) to serve. No 
other saint had such a Murti of the God. It was my intense desire 
to serve the Murti of Thakoraji. I had requested Gurudev to give 
me a Murti of Thakoraji to serve. He gave me this Murti from 
Prakashpuri to serve. Nand saints had made this Murti of the 
God using five metals. 

The aged great Parshad of Gurukul Shree Naran Bhagat 
calls that small form of Thakoraji as 'Vaman Swarup' and adds, 
"As Vamanji has measured the entire earth with His one step, 
this small Thakoraji has moved on the entire earth." 

When Jogi Swami remembered this extremely holy 
incident, which is like a great support for my life, I was 
overwhelmed with emotions. 

As Bharatji had the support of 'Paduka' (wooden sandal) 
of Shree Ram, in devotion oriented way of spirituality, the service 
of the Murti is a great support for a devotee. Moreover, when it 
is received with the grace of great saints, it is really a matter of 
great fortune. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 


-• • 

On that day, Swami was in delighting mood. In the 
meantime, Vishwavihari Swami brought pieces of watermelon 
and insisted Swami to take some. However, today Swami was 
in a different mood. He told Vishwavihari Swami, "I don't want 
to eat watermelon." 

On seeing Swami's unwillingness, Vihari Swami took 
back the pieces of watermelon. After some time Swami was in 
a hilarious mood. We could not understand why. 

Jogi Swami said to Vishwavihari Swami, "O Vihari! 
Watermelons of this country are very sweet, aren't they?"' 
Thereafter with a little smile, he said, "But you are not giving 
me watermelon. You are alone eating the same." 

We can be delighted to listen to such a conversation 
between a great saint and his disciple. When Vishwavihari came 
with a dish of slices of watermelon, Swami refused to take it 
and now he said, "You don't give it to me to eat, you alone eats 
it." The unacquainted person could not understand the talk of 
great saints. 

Today Vishwavihari Swami was also in a light mood. 
With a smile, he said, "Swami, when I gave you the slices of 
watermelon you denied and now you want it." 

Swami said, "Now go and bring it." 

Vihari Swami, in a lighter vein said, "No, now I would 
not bring." Like a nagging child, the saint insisted upon Vihari 
Swami to bring some slices of watermelon. 

The conversation was going on as if between children 
and we were laughing. Vishwavihari Swami brought slices of 



watermelon. Jogi Swami took some pieces. In fact, he did not 
want to eat watermelon but he wanted to fulfill the wishes of 
loving saints and devotees. Then Jogi Swami said, "Give this 
'Prasadi' to Shastri." Vihari Swami gave remaining pieces of 
watermelon to me. 

As such, watermelon disturbs my stomach. It causes me 
to vomit also, but whenever Swami had given me 'Prasadi' of 
watermelon, the same had never troubled me. 

In America, watermelons are big and sweet. 
Vishwavihari Swami placed a big watermelon beside Swami 
and said, "Swami, look how big the watermelon is!" Jogi Swami 
smiled and said, "It could satisfy ten or twelve persons. 
Watermelon in India is not as sweet as that of America." In this 
matter, he was in favour of America. There are good and bad 
things everywhere in the world. One can see both the things 
exist in any country. In fact, world is made up of mixture of 
good and bad both. 

Seeing Swami in a delighting mood, Vishwavihari Swami 
brought a bunch of big bananas. Swami asked him to peel one 
Banana, to offer the same to the God and to bring the same. 

Vishwavihari Swami said, "I will bring it duly washed." 

Swami said, "It does not require washing when the skin 
is removed." He is steadfast in observing the code of conduct 
yet with discretion, Vishwavihari Swami brought a peeled 
banana. Swami offered it to Maharaj, took a little and gave it as 
'Prasadi' to all others. Shree Hari says in Vachanamrut, 'We are 
praising some object and not praising some objects, that we are 
doing knowingly to please our loving devotees. In fact, the 
happiness what we are experiencing in our heart, such 
happiness we do not see anywhere in the world'. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Things are the same for Jogi Swami also. He always 
remains engrossed in the Murti of Maharaj. He experiences the 
happiness in the Murti of Shree Hari at all times. Yet sometimes 
behaves outwardly and thousands of devotees become fulfilled. 

'Satsang' in New York 

• • • 

A 'Satsang' assembly was arranged in the evening in 
New York. It was jointly arranged by Swaminarayan Satsang 
Mandal and Spiritual Development Centre. Shree Niranjanbhai 
Patel, the president of both the organisations and his friends 
had arranged this assembly. Niranjanbhai is really a great 
devotee. When Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj first came to America 
in 1978, Niranjanbhai had come in his contact. In the American 
land of luxury, he has remained totally unaffected by the vices 
of the life style there. Being a psychiatrist, he very well knows 
about the mental diseases prevailing in America and therefore, 
his roots are more strengthened in the Indian culture. 

Niranjanbhai had firm devotion of Bhagawan 
Swaminarayan in his heart. Moreover, he had developed a 
unique love towards various streams of Indian culture and 
successfully synthesized them into unity. Therefore, the people 
following different faiths also gladly take part in the programmes 
arranged by him. 

Niranjanbhai had arranged a public assembly in a public 
school of New York. The place of the assembly was very far 
away. To take Swami to such a distant place was a great 
problem for us. 

As Jogi Swami was approximately 95 years old and the 
place of assembly was far off, naturally he was tired and bored. 

'Satsang' In New York 


The accompanying saints and devotees became worried. 
However, Vishwavihari Swami tackled the situation. 

When Jogi Swami came to the meeting, Vishwavihari 
told me, "Swami is tired and bored. He was unwilling to come 
here. Due to my earnest request and insistence he has come but 
he will not sit for long." I said, " Vihari, it is important that Swami 
has come. How long he will sit in the assembly, is not important. 
Swami may sit as long as he wishes". However, Swami sat in 
the assembly for a long time. He gave 'Prasadi' of sugar crystals 
to all. The hearts of the devotees became full of joy. Thereafter 
Swami left for the place of his stay. We continued the 'Satsang' 

We were pained to hear that Jogi Swami was tired and 
bored. At the time of 'Aarti', we made fervent prayer to Maharaj 
to see that Jogi Swami would not be cross with us. 

On one hand, the insistence of devotees was much and 
on the other hand, Jogi Swami's body was very weak and old. 
We had to see that Swami might not face much difficulty. On 
the other hand, the devotees living here in a far off country 
(America) rarely get a chance to have 'Darshan' of Swami. In a 
vast country like America, not all the devotees could come to 
the place of Swami's stay. Therefore, it was but natural that all 
the devotees wished to have 'Darshan' of Swami at their 
respective cities. Sometimes, the position of the attending 
volunteers becomes difficult between two rival streams. When 
we reached the place of our stay, we were worried about the 
health of Jogi Swami but Vishwavihari came along and said 
with joy, "Swami is in good mood, nothing to worry. Despite a 
long journey to and from, he is not tired. He talks with everybody 
with joy." 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

We went to see Jogi Swami. Swami was talking happily. 
Swami fondly remembered 'Nes' of Kanek and his loving disciple 
Kalu Bhagat. In a far off country America, he remembered 
Kanek 'Nes' (a cluster of huts in Girnar Forest) and his earnest 
disciple Kalu Bhagat (a shepherd). 

Nothing is more important than to secure a place in the 
hearts of great saints. Shree Hari and the saints are subject to 
love and Kalu Bhagat is an ocean of love. 

Instead of talks, we were happy for a different thing. 
We were worried, as we had got the news that Swami was 
bored and tired. We were relieved of that worry in a moment. 
When we knew that Swami was in a good mood, we felt 
extremely glad. It appeared that Maharaj had heard our prayer 
at the time of 'Aarti'. However, at night more delighting incident 

Unique Festival of Roasted Groundnut 

• • • 

A festival to eat roasted groundnut collectively, was 
arranged at night. The students of Gurukul like celebration of 
such festivals. During the study in Gurukul, sugarcane festival, 
roasted groundnut (Ola) festival etc. would have been celebrated 
sometimes in the nearby villages. Therefore, the past students 
remember such festivals and when the saints come to America, 
they arrange such festivals. 

An 'Ola Utsav' (Roasted groundnut party) was arranged 
at night. The saints and the students sat in their groups in circles. 
Vishwavihari Swami thought that due to long journey to attend 
a meeting, Jogi Swami would have become tired. Hence, let him 
rest without taking part in the 'Ola Utsav'. 

nique Festival of Roasted Groundnut 311 

Jogi Swami went to sleep and after some time the 'Ola 
Utsav' started. In the meanwhile, Swami woke up to go to the 
urinal. He saw people sitting in small groups around. He asked, 
"Vishwavihari, O Vihari! What are they doing there?" 

Vihari Swami said, "Swami, they are taking part in Ola 


Swami said, "Then why have you not told me?" 

Vishwavihari Swami said, "As you were tired, we 
thought that you must rest." 

Jogi Swami said, "No, I am not tired. Let us go. I also 
want to attend 'Ola Utsav'." 

When Jogi Swami joined the 'Ola Utsav', the saints and 
the devotees became extremely glad. All expressed their joy with 

Jogi Swami sat in the row of saints. Vishwavihari Swami 
started giving fresh and hot-husked groundnut but Swami 
refused with a smile. Swami himself would select soft 
groundnut, would husk it, and then would eat the same. 
Swami' s style of husking the groundnut made others to laugh. 
Normally one would husk the groundnut with fingers. 
However, Swami used to keep the groundnut on the ground 
and then he would press the nut and husk it. Thus, he would 
husk the groundnut and eat it. On seeing this divine style of 
husking, the groundnut all became glad. 

Prafulbhai Kabariya, maternal uncle of Ghanshyambhai 
Vaghasiya was roasting the groundnut in the oven and was 
sending it to the festival place. As the festival was in progress, 
the loving devotees were taking photographs of the same. Again, 
Swami started comparing India with America. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Swami said, "This groundnut of America has a thick 
cover and the seed is small. The groundnut of our Makhavad, 
Dholara, Gundasara and Pardi is far better." Swami's words 
showed difference between American's materialism and India's 

Thus, Jogi Swami continued to eat groundnut for quite 
some time. Vihari thought that if Swami would take more 
groundnuts, it would disturb his stomach. Therefore, he took 
groundnut away from Swami, but Jogi Swami was in a different 
mood today. He took back the groundnut. Vishwavihari again 
took away the groundnuts from Swami. Again, Swami with a 
smile took back the groundnuts. This game lasted for quite some 

Jogi Swami gave handful of groundnuts to all. All the 
saints and devotees were eating groundnut with paste of lemon 
and chilly. Jogi Swami saw it and asked, "Vihari, what are they 
eating with groundnuts? Is it salt?" 

Vishwavihari said, "Not only salt, they are eating 
'Chatani' (paste) of salt, chilly and lemon." 

On hearing this, Jogi Swami moved his head and 
smiled. He remained silent. This smile was meaningful. The 
meaning of his smile was the soul loves tastes and it cannot 
do without it. 

Long time had passed since we saw Jogi Swami 
participating in celebration of this kind. Swami sat in the 
celebration for almost 45 minutes. The great saints mostly remain 
introvert. Sometime when they see outwardly, they could make 
several souls like 'Brahm'. They bear such a power in their sight. 

Jogi Swami had travelled a long way to New York to 
attend a 'Satsang' assembly, yet there was no sign of any fatigue 

Unique Bridge of Faith 


on his face. The joy of 'Ola-Utsav' was unimaginable and 
memorable forever. The story of the joy of this 'Utsav' spread 
everywhere through the devotees. Thereafter, wherever we 
happened to go, the devotees tried to arrange such 'Utsav' but 
'Utsav' of New Jersey remained incomparable because it was a 
naturally organised 'Utsav'. At other places, it was imitation, 
knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore, no other 'Utsav' became 
as tasty as that of New Jersey. 

Unique Bridge of Faith 

Date 18 June 2000. Yesterday Swami remembered the 
devotees of Latin America and today Virji Bhagat, a Spanish 
worshipper came from Latin America for the 'Darshan' of 

The former students of Gurukul, Chaturbhai Babariya 
and Pravinbhai Pithadiya have spread 'Satsang' in Latin 
America. Almost everybody knows this. 

Virji Bhagat had intense desire to have the 'Darshan' of 
Jogi Swami. He went to Buffalo to see Chaturbhai. Chaturbhai 
brought him to New Jersey. Virji Bhagat was wearing white 
'Dhoti' and yellow Shawl. 

Jogi Swami was performing 'Pooja'. Virji Bhagat came 
there and prostrated before him. Swami became very glad to 
see this foreigner devotee. While doing the 'Darshan' of Jogi 
Swami, Virji Bhagat's eyes were shading tears of joy. He sat 
near Swami and started doing 'Dhoon'. Swami became very 
glad and he also started doing 'Dhoon' with Virji Bhagat. 

Swami does not know Spanish and Virji Bhagat does 
not know Gujarati. Jogi Swami and Virji Bhagat both do not 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

know language of each other but the frequency of their hearts 
completely matched each other. A bridge of understanding and 
faith joined two hearts. 

'Dhoon' was continued for quite some time. There was 
no need of any preaching or lecture. The essence of all the 
scriptures was being produced by 'Dhoon' of Swaminarayan 
Maha-Mantra and all were 'drinking' that nectar. The sound 
of Swaminarayan Maha-Mantra was resounding in the every 
pore of Virji Bhagat. Swami was seeing at Virji Bhagat with 
graceful sight, and thus the initiation through graceful sight of 
Jogi Swami, Virji Bhagat was learning the things worth learning. 

A question may arise in our minds that several people 
come for the 'Darshan' of Swami but why none other could 
feel reverence as this Spanish devotee? The only answer is that 
the surface of the mirror should be clean to get the clear image. 
The heart, in which pure love, devotion and faith exist, can 
clearly reflect the image of the grace of Shree Hari and great 

Swami blessed this Spanish devotee with 'Prasadi' of 
fruits and sugar crystals. 

The devotees of Latin America do not know Gujarati 
language, yet they are faithfully following the tenets of 'Satsang'. 

Satsang Assembly in New Jersey 

On 18 June 2000, a Satsang assembly was organised in 
American Vision Hall nearby the residence of saints so that all 
the people could get the benefit of Darshan and Satsang of Pujya 
Jogi Swami. Devotees from far off places had come to attend 
the assembly. All the devotees were chanting Dhoon with zeal 
when Swami arrived at the meeting. 

Satsang Assembly In New Jersey 


Swami becomes immensely happy whenever he sees 
people reciting loudly the name of God. He had arranged 
constant 'Dhoon' in several villages, until his body was healthy. 
He himself would sit in such 'Dhoon' continuously for 24 hours 
observing fast without taking food or water. 

Here in the assembly, on seeing the devotees of America 
chanting Dhoon, Swami joined them with clapping. A wave of 
joy swept over the assembly. A 'Nad-brahma' was emerging 
from the hearts of the devotees resounding in the hall. It was an 
evidence of what a great change the presence of a great saint 
could bring in the hearts of the people. 

Swami sat in the assembly approximately for one and a 
half hour, which was beyond our expectation. Meanwhile one 
by one all the devotees worshipped Swami. Swami gave them 
the 'Prasadi' of sugar crystals and almond. This 'Prasadi' was 
also distributed in the assembly of women. 

Meanwhile Vishwavihari Swami once or twice asked 
Swami whether they should leave. 

Swami said, "No, still I want to sit." 

It was a common feeling of all that it would be good if 
Jogi Swami speaks a few words. Vishwavihari Swami requested 
Jogi Swami accordingly and Swami consented. 

Jogi Swami said, "You may do devotion of the God. It is 
quite beneficial. We pray to Maharaj that He may shower His 
grace upon you. He may make you happier." Then he said, 
"Now Shastri will speak to you." 

Swami came to the residence from the assembly. 
Vishwavihari Swami said, "Swami, today you sat in the meeting 
for long." 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Swami said, "We must, because if we leave in between 
the meeting, others would be disturbed." 

Swami appears to be quite frank and innocent like a child 
yet observes the discipline of the assembly. 

A 'Mahaprasad' in the form of a lunch was served to 
the saints and devotees attending the assembly by Shree 
Pravinbhai Vora (of Rangpur), a former student of Gurukul. 
Pravinbhai is having deep understanding and is a silent worker 
(Sevak). His reverence, faith and Love are unique. 

Pravin Was Blessed with a Son 

Pravinbhai had two daughters. He did not have a son. 
Within a short period, after Swami returned to India from 
America, Vishwa-Mangal Mahotsav (a grand celebration) was 
celebrated. Pravinbhai had come from America to get the 
privilege of 'Mahotsav'. Purani Gnan Swami met Pravinbhai. 
The nature of Purani Swami is quite kind. He asked, Pravinbhai 
"Pravin! How many children have you?" 

Pravinbhai said, "I have two daughters." 

Purani said, "You may go to Jogi Swami. He will bless 
you to have a son." 

Pravinbhai said, "I am shy of speaking such thing to 
Jogi Swami." 

Purani said, "Let us go together." Purani Swami took 
him to Jogi Swami. He told everything to Jogi Swami. Swami 
gave him some vows and said, "Maharaj would fulfill your 
desire. You shall go to Junagadh to have the 'Darshan' of 
Radharamandev and also to pray." 

Painfull Farewell From New Jersey 317 

Gnan Swami said, "Pravin, Swami is pleased with you. 
You should not drink even water before you have the Darshan 
of Shree Radharamandev." 

Pravin observed the vows as he was instructed. The 
blessings of Jogi Swami yielded the result. 

In the year 2003, we were in America. Gnan Swami was 
also with us. In the meanwhile, a telephone call was received 
from Pravinbhai. He informed that, 'with the grace of Jogi Swami, 
I have got a son. After moving in various places in America, 
when you come to New Jersey a 'Maha-Pooja' and meal, are to 
be arranged at my residence'. All the saints were very glad to 
know this and the volition of Pravinbhai to perform 'Maha-Pooja' 
and to give 'Rasoi' (meal) to the saints and devotees, was realised. 
These are the experienced incidents of word accomplishments 
of Jogi Swami. 

Painful Farewell from New Jersey 

• • • 

On 16 June 2000, we were to go to Dallas. On knowing 
that Swami would take leave, all the devotees were feeling 
dejected. Due to the proximity of Swami for a week, all felt as if 
they were in Akshardham. It was the last day of our stay in 
New Jersey and therefore, there was no patience in the hearts 
of the devotees. This occasion of farewell was really a painful 
one. The women were weeping in their separate meeting at far. 
Chaturbhai, Deepubhai etc. devotees were also shading tears. 

Jogi Swami and accompanying saints reached the 
Airport. Later on we came to know that ladies were still crying 
at home. They had become uneasy. The extreme devotion can 
subdue even the God. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Vihari ! No Mosquitoes Are Here! 
^^ ••• 

Jogi Swami was in the waiting lounge. He was looking 
through the glass at the scene of the airport as the planes 
arrived and took off. Swami said, "O! Very big planes are 
moving here and there but these planes are not like the plane 
Maharaj brings while taking devotees to Akshardham." 

He continued to make some observations, "There are 
innumerable carts in our country and here innumerable cars 
are there. It is better that there is no dust here." Jogi Swami 
liked the cleanliness of America. 

Swami again said, "Vihari, it is good that there are no 
mosquitoes here." After passing many days in America, he 
remembered mosquitoes of India and it made us laugh. 

Vihari said, "Swami, there are no bees or mosquitoes 

Swami said, "It is good. In our country, mosquitoes 
harass us much." Swami was in favour of America in this 

Vishwavihari said, "Swami, as soon as the people see 
bees or mosquitoes, they spray and destroy them. Therefore 
one can't find bees or mosquitoes here." 

Swami immediately said, "Oh! It is not good; none should 
do such a sin." 

How compassionate this great saint is even towards the 
harmful insects! 

Arrival At Dallas 


Arrival at Dallas 

After taking heart-felt farewell from New Jersey, Swami 
arrived at Dallas. Purani Swami Bhaktiprakashdasji, along with 
the group of saints, was anxiously waiting for Swami's arrival. 
Swami Dharmapriyadasji, Sadhu Shantipriyadasji and Manu 
Bhagat were in the group. 

Shree Dhirubhai Babariya, Shree Rajnibhai Patel, Shree 
Rameshbhai Patel, Shree Mahendrabhai, Shree Jitubhai, Shree 
Kamalbhai etc. devotees and saints were present at the airport 
to welcome Swamiji. As Jogi Swami came out, he was greeted 
with loud cheers of Jay Swaminarayan. Dhirubhai Babariya was 
the host. We went to his bungalow. He had played an important 
role in bringing Swami to America. So naturally, he was very 
happy. His residence here in Dallas is situated in a large plot of 
5 acres. He has a spacious Hari-Mandir in his bungalow as big 
as any temple in a village of Kathiyawad. In the back yard of 
the bungalow, there is a spacious open land having big trees 
and crops of groundnut, corn and vegetables. A son of an Indian 
farmer cannot do without farming even in America. Dhirubhai 
had vacated his bungalow, shifting his entire family to other 
place. His house had been the residence of Jogi Swami and other 
saints. On the arrival of Jogi Swami, the entire Satsangis of 
Dallas, Babariya family and the residence of Dhirubhai Babariya 
had become fortunate. 

Jogi Swami stayed there almost for a month. It was his 
longest stay in America. 

A Satsang Assembly was arranged in Dallas Shree 
Swaminarayan temple to welcome Jogi Swami. The temple was 
full of devotees. Jogi Swami arrived at the Assembly. With the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Darshan of Swami, all felt happiness in their hearts. All felt as 
if they had seen a holy saint of the time of Shree Hari. 

According to his routine schedule, Swami would get up 
early in the morning. He used to perform Pooja from early 
morning to 10:30 O'clock in the morning. Then he used to move 
Mala by sitting on a mat and the saints and devotees one by 
one would read scriptures. 

Swami would take mango juice or watermelon during 
the daytime. At 5:00 O'clock in the evening, after offering Thai 
to the God, he would take Chapatti, milk and date fruits only. 

Thereafter, the saints and devotees would read religious 
scriptures. Sometimes, Swami, with his talks, would make others 
delighted. In the evening, the evening 'Aarti' would be 
performed. Kirtan-Bhakti and Katha-Varta would follow. 

At last, the verses of 'Niyam-cheshta' would be sung in 
the lengthy rhythm. Thus, in presence of Jogi Swami, the shower 
of divine nectar continued. 

The Americans Became Disciples 

Dhirubhai has an R & D factory there. Research work is 
being done there. Six or seven dearly paid American Engineers 
were working there. Dhirubhai had a desire that Swami may 
visit his factory. 

At the request of Dhirubhai, Jogi Swami came to the 
factory. The Engineers working there had never seen such a 
holy Saint. With the 'Darshan' of Jogi Swami, they became 
overwhelmed with joy. Dhirubhai had earlier talked about the 
greatness of this Saint. All the six engineers were initiated into 
Swaminarayan Sampraday by Jogi Swami by tying 'Kanthi' and 

RathYatra Celebration 


giving them five vows. Swami's divine effect is of different kind. 
He does not need to give lectures. His vicinity inspires the souls 
to accept the shelter of Shree Hari. Those Americans did not 
understand the language of Swami. Swami did also not know 
their language. Yet a miraculous exchange of feelings was going 
on between them. The hearts of those Americans were 
overflowed with joy with the 'Darshan' of Swami. They had no 
experience of seeing such a bishop or priest before. 

Swami moved in all the sections of the factory. The saints 
were reciting the verses of 'Purushsukta' and Jan-Mangal. Jogi 
Swami sprinkled the holy water in the factory. Thereafter, Swami 
returned to the residence. 

Ratha-Yatra Celebration 

-• • 

3rd July was the day of Rathyatra. Day of 'Rathyatra' 
means second day of first half of Ashadha Month of Samvat 
year. In the region of Kutch and Halar, the New Year starts 
from this day. In the 'Vachanamrut' of Bhagawan 
Swaminarayan, the day, month and year have been written as 
per this Halari almanac. 

The day of Rathyatra festival is celebrated in entire India 
every year with great joy. Rathyatra of Jagannathpuri is 
renowned in the whole world. This day is very important for 
the Gurukul family as Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj was born on 
this day in the village Taravada situated on the bank of River 
Shetrunji in Amreli Dist. in Gujarat state. 

Incidentally, it was the centenary year of Gurudev's 
birthday. Therefore, on that day (3 July 2000) one hundred 
Maha-Pooja were organised at the spacious bungalow of 
Dhirubhai. Devotees from all over America had come to take 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

benefit of this Maha-Pooja and to have the proximity of Jogi 
Swami. The celebration of birth centenary year of Gurudev was 
to begin in presence of the auspicious saint Jogi Swami. Such 
an occasion could hardly occur on the land of America. The 
enthusiasm of devotees had no limit. The number of Maha-Pooja 
rose to two hundred. 

In America, planning of group Maha-Pooja had been 
done since the time of Gurudev. The benefit of such group Maha- 
Pooja ought to be extremely divine. Every 'Mantra' would be 
chanted with reverence. The 'Mantra', when chanted with the 
narration of inherent meaning in brief, the devotees would be 
engrossed in the world of divinity. This group Maha-Pooja has 
worked as the lubricating oil in the tight - scheduled life of the 
devotees in America. 

I have performed many 'Maha-Pooja' in America. 
However, this time it was entirely different. Divine pleasure of 
this Maha-Pooja experienced by me is still intact in my heart. 
Incidentally, on that day Jogi Swami was to be operated upon 
to remove the tumour of Hernia. All the devotees taking part in 
the Maha-Pooja prayed for the good health of Jogi Swami. 

Operation of Hernia 

Hernia of Jogi Swami has been significant one. It had 
caused Swami' s tour of America. There must be some volition 
of Shree Hari behind this Hernia. Otherwise, the volitions of 
devotees of America would have never been fulfilled. Dhirubhai 
Babariya caught the opportunity in time and on the pretext of 
operation of Hernia, he won the consent of Jogi Swami to visit 

Operation of Hernia 


As Swami's age was nearly 96, performing of any 
operation could be considered risky. 

For the operation of Hernia, there are two methods. One 
is conventional method, in which creating a big slit on both 
sides, the tumour is removed. Other method is Laparoscopy in 
which two holes are bored on both the sides and the tumour is 
removed by Laser. In the conventional method anesthesia is 
not necessary, only local anesthesia is used. In the Laparoscopy 
method anesthesia is necessary. 

In the first method, due to long cuts on both the sides, 
the healing requires more time. The other method is 
comparatively modern and easy but the problem of using 
anesthesia on a very old person causes concern. In case of an 
aged person anesthesia may not bring back consciousness. 

Dr. Arvindbhai, who is from Nar, now lives in Chicago. 
He is a very good surgeon. He was of the opinion that at such 
an old age, we shall not take risk of giving anesthesia because 
later on it could be difficult to bring him back to consciousness. 
He wanted Jogi Swami to come to Chicago, so that he may have 
the opportunity to serve him. He expressed his desire to serve 
and see that the rules of conduct would not be violated. He 
would give a befitting treatment. 

Dr. Ashokbhai Patel of Dallas checked up the health of 
Jogi Swami frequently. A renowned surgeon Dr. Ram was 
known to him. Dr. Ram was originally of South India and was 
very well known for his surgical skills. 

Dr. Ram was contacted. He came to have the Darshan 
of Jogi Swami. Dr. Ram's heart was overwhelmed with joy to 
have the Darshan of Jogi Swami. He said, "I have never seen 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

such a great saint in my life so far. I have seen many learned 
saints but I have never experienced such a peace. I myself will 
conduct the operation and that too with the latest Laparoscopic 
method. At such an old age, there is no complication in Swami's 
body; hence there is nothing to worry." 

Dhirubhai was also of the opinion that the operation 
should be carried out in Dallas only so that he could get the 
benefit of serving Jogi Swami. Therefore, it was decided that 
Jogi Swami should undergo operation in Dallas. 

Due to the old age of Jogi Swami, it was but natural that 
everybody felt anxiety. However, besides all, Shree Hari Himself 
had anxiety. Dr. Ram was a renowned surgeon and he was 
quite religious also. He was the president of Hindu Society of 
Dallas. He used to organise various programmes frequently for 
the spread of Indian culture. He was aware of the rules the 
saint observes. He specially arranged for male nurses in the 
hospital. In India, such an arrangement could be made easily 
but in America, it is a very difficult task. 

Moreover, USA is a country of insurance. All the acts 
and events are to be covered by insurance. One is required to 
fill long insurance forms. Due to old age, Swami's operation 
was risky. Yet Dr. Ram filled all the forms taking upon the 
responsibility of operation because he felt that operation should 
be conducted immediately. 

Here at Dhirubhai's home, Maha-Pooja of 'Ashadhi Bij' 
was being performed. At about half past ten in the morning, 
Swami performed Aarti of 'Maha-Pooja' and Maha-Pooja was 
concluded. Thereafter Swami arrived at the hospital. 

Somebody Was Assisting Me 


Somebody was assisting me 

• • 

Dr. Ram was waiting for Jogi Swami at the entrance of 
the hospital with a wheel chair. He himself made Swami sit in 
the wheel chair and brought him into the operation theatre. Dr. 
Ram's faith and reverence was worth to be saluted. Sitting 
arrangement for all of us was made in the nearby room. Swami 
had to be in the operation theatre approximately for two hours. 
All the devotees were praying for the successful operation. 
Purani Swami Shree Bhaktiprakashdasji started reciting 'Jan- 
Mangal Stotra' by sitting in one corner of the room. 

Amidst the prayers of all, the operation was going on. 
With the passing of time, the anxiety was growing. With the 
grace of Shree Hari, the operation was completed earlier than 
expected. From the operation theatre, we received the message 
of Dr. Ram that everything is OK. There is nothing to worry. 
Our joy had no limits. We were eagerly waiting for Swami to 
come out from the Operation Theatre. 

After some time, Dr. Ram came with Swami. Swami was 
on a stretcher, which was being pulled by Dr. Ram himself. We 
must salute the doctor. Swami was in Supra-conscious state 
(Bhav-Samadhi). Swami was taken up on the cot. Dr. Ram was 
overwhelmed with feeling of reverence. With tears of joy in his 
eyes he said, "I have done many operations but my today's 
experience was really divine. I felt that I was not doing the 
operation. Somebody was assisting me. Some invisible divine 
element was guiding me and the operation was being done 
according to its directions." 

He further said, "As Swami is very old, I was worried 
but it is a matter of surprise that the operation took shorter time 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

than we expected. Now we are to try to bring back Swami to 
consciousness." We were happy to hear his words. 

Before coming to America, Jogi Swami had received a 
phone call from somebody. Again, 'somebody' was assisting 
Dr. Ram in doing operation. Who is that 'somebody'? Only 
Swami knows. 

In serving the sick, none can be compared with Purani 
Swami Bhaktiprakashdasji and Purani Balkrishnadasji. They 
both have served Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj very much during 
his sickness. It is more difficult than to observe difficult vows. 
During the sickness of Gurudev, both these saints have served 
him according to his likings. With the sign of eyes of Swamiji, 
they were able to understand what Swamiji is needed. 

Purani Bhaktiprakashdasji tried to awaken Jogi Swami 
just like a mother tries to awaken a child with a tender touch 
and words but Swami did not respond. 

Purani Swami continued his efforts. The time was crucial 
for all of us. We were worried. We were praying Shree Hari 

Shree Hari heard our prayers and after some time, Swami 
regained consciousness. There was no limit to our joy. Swami 
responded. Purani Swami tenderly brought him to the bloom 
of complete consciousness. Purani Swami awakened him by 
calling repeatedly, 'Swami! Swami!' He was touching Swami's 
head for long until he was awakened with his words. 

Dr. Ram stayed with Swami, until he regained his 
consciousness in full. Then he instructed those who were 
attending Jogi Swami, to give him some liquid. We were to be 
relieved from the hospital, after Swami passed urine once or 

Somebody Was Assisting Me 


Vishwavihari Swami brought nicely sliced watermelon. 
Purani Swami requested Jogi Swami to take some slices but 
Swami refused to eat anything as the rule forbade eating in the 
hospital. Despite repeated requests, Swami did not agree. 

It was a great dilemma because liquid food was necessary 
to take to know whether the kidneys' function was normal or 
otherwise, but Swami was not taking anything. 

Playing a trick, Purani Swami said, "Swami! Take some 
slices of watermelon which would make you to pass urine and 
only thereafter the doctor would allow you to go to your 

These words of Purani Swami created a miracle. Swami 
thought that without taking something, they would not allow 
him to go. Hence, with hesitation he took some slices of 

After some time, Swami said, "Now I require to go to 
urinal." In fact he was not required so, yet to get rid of stay in 
the hospital, he pretended so. Then he said, "Urine is passed, 
now let us go to our residence." Again, Purani Swami requested 
him to stay. 

At last, Swami had to go to pass urine. Meanwhile Dr. 
Ram came and said, "Now there is no harm in shifting Swami 
to the residence." Swami came to the residence. Everyone 
became very glad to know that the operation was successful. 

That day all the saints and devotees in Dallas have 
observed fast. Ashadi Bij passed with fast and devotion. They 
took their meals only after Jogi Swami returned home. The news 
of successful operation reached India soon. In all the branches 
of Gurukul Dhoon, Bhajan were performed. Everybody was 
overwhelmed with joy to know about the successful operation. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Dr. Ashokbhai was taking care of Swami properly. In 
view of a little difficulty in passing of urine, a tube was fixed. 
Therefore, the situation of Swami was not totally free of risk. 
All were praying for the restoration of normal health of Swami. 
He got sound sleep during the night. The saints took the 
responsibility of serving Jogi Swami by turn. 

I Myself to Do Pooja 

-• • • 

Jogi Swami got up early in the morning. He told Vihari 
Swami, "Vihari, I want to bathe." 

Vishwavihari Swami said, "I will sponge your body with 
wet clothes so there is no need to take bath." 

Swami said, "No, I can't do without taking bath." 

Jogi Swami took bath, though he was experiencing 
weakness and a tube was fixed, it was little painful to bathe. 

After taking bath Swami said, "I want to do Pooja." 
Vishwavihari Swami said, "Swami, please take rest today. On 
your behalf, I will perform Pooja." 

Jogi Swami said, "No, I myself must do Pooja of my 
Thakoraji." Swami started performing Pooja. It continued for 
long hence Vihari Swami said, "Swami, let us conclude Pooja 
you will be tired". 

Swami said, "I would not be tired to do Pooja. I get 
freshness while doing Pooja." Swami continued Pooja for three 
hours on that day. Next day he continued his Pooja for one 
more hour and on the third day, he continued his Pooja up to 
noon, as he did before operation. 

His state of being beyond body consciousness was 
wonderful. The words are incapable to narrate his greatness. 

nnual Day Festival of Dallas Temple 329 

We would forget or forsake Pooja, if we have any ailment like 
headache or cold. Many would get rid of 'Pooja-path' on the 
pretext of such trivial reasons. We are body conscious while 
Jogi Swami enjoys the state of being beyond body consciousness. 

Looking to the speed at which he regained his normal 
health we can feel that Shreeji Maharaj Himself was taking care 
of Jogi Swami. 

Annual Day Festival of Dallas Temple 
^ • • • 

9th July was the Annual day of Dallas Swaminarayan 
temple. 'Maha-Pooja' and 'Maha-Abhishek' were arranged on 
that day of festival. Every year this annual festival is being 
celebrated regularly with great pomp. The devotees from far off 
places like Chicago, New York, New Jersey come to Dallas to 
attend the celebration. All the devotees wanted the presence of 
Jogi Swami in this celebration. Incidentally, Gnan Swami of 
Khopala was also there on this occasion. His 'Katha' was 
continued in the temple. The group of saints of Shree 
Ghanshyam Swami Kandariwala was there in the service of 
the temple. Everyone was willing to have the 'Darshan' of Jogi 

Here on our side, Jogi Swami was operated upon recently 
and he was experiencing weakness. The temple was away from 
the residence of Swami requiring thirty to forty five minutes 
journey to reach there. How to take Swami there was a problem 
for us. However, it was quite necessary to fulfill the wish of all 
the devotees. We asked Jogi Swami and he gladly consented. 

The loving devotees had made all arrangements for the 
Maha-Pooja and Maha-Abhishek. In one hundred eight pots, 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

various types of ingredients and Panchamrut had been kept 
ready. The ritual of 'Maha-Abhishek' was being done exactly 
as we do it in our country. Ishwarbhai Shukla was performing 
rituals with full reverence. The entire atmosphere was filled with 

At the time of Abhishek, Jogi Swami arrived there in 
time and he himself performed the rituals of Abhishek with 
sacred ingredients. Swami performed Abhishek of Thakoraji 
for quite a long time and with the Darshan of these divine rituals, 
the entire assembly felt overwhelmed with divine pleasure. 

In the 29th Vachanamrut of Gadhada Madhya, Shree 
Hari has said, 'The devotee whose mind is extremely attracted 
and attached to the form of Bhagawan Shree Krishna, bears 
such characteristics as-despite being extremely tired by walking 
and having no stamina to even stand up, at that time if he 
happened to have an occasion of talks on the Bhagawan, he 
would immediately become desperately ready to listen to or to 
do the same as if he is not at all tired, or having been pained by 
whatever disease or having been insulted to whatever extent 
and at that time if he listened the words on the Bhagawan, he 
would be free from all the afflictions immediately, or he may be 
engrossed in royal wealth to whatever extent and at that time 
if he got chance to listen to the words on the Bhagawan, he 
would immediately become alert to listen to it as if he has not 
come in the contact of anything. One shall know that a devotee 
having such characteristics is firmly attracted and attached to 
the Bhagawan'. 

Though he was recently operated upon and experienced 
weakness, he actively took part in the rituals of Abhishek for 
quite a long time as if he were quite healthy. 

Vihari, You Have To Wake Me Up 331 

Past student of Gurukul, Shree Vinod Bhagawanji 
Aghera was the host of this event of Abhishek. He felt 
exhilarated with the presence of Jogi Swami. Incidentally, Jogi 
Swami himself ceremoniously laid down a brick for the 
expansion of this temple at Dallas during this celebration. After 
fulfilling the wishes of all the devotees, Swami returned to the 
place of his stay. 

Vihari, You Have to Wake Me up 
#^ ••• 

The disciples had come from far off places on this 
occasion to have the Darshan and to be in proximity of Jogi 
Swami. Popatbhai Radadiya had come since long. Maganbhai 
Vekariya stayed with Jogi Swami for four days. Bhanubhai Patel 
and other devotees had come in a mini bus doing 'Dhoon- 
Bhajan' from Chicago. In the evening, all those devotees came 
to the place of residence of Jogi Swami doing Dhoon-Bhajan. 
While coming from the temple, they were late. Due to weakness, 
Swami was resting. All the devotees had to return to Chicago 
in the early morning. 

Vishwavihari Swami slowly made Jogi Swami to wake 
up and told him, "Swami! All these devotees have come from 
far doing Dhoon for your Darshan. If you were pleased, I would 
bring them for your Darshan." 

Jogi Swami got up and said, "Oh! If they have come 
from far off places we should meet them." 

Jogi Swami gave them 'Prasadi' of Sugar Crystals and 
'Kanthi'. All the devotees felt themselves fulfilled. Bhanubhai is 
a sincere and loving devotee. His father-in-law Zaverbapa of 
village Khandhali was a great devotee. He had pleased Shastriji 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Maharaj and Purani Swami Premprakashdasji very much. 
With the grace of a very great saint Gnan Swami of Virsad, he 
got a son namely Mangal. Mangal studied in Gurukul and 
became a pride of Gurukul. Since many years, 'Sharad 
Poornima' (full moon day of Aaso month) festival is celebrated 
on his behalf in Rajkot Gurukul. 

Bhanubhai has got 'Satsang' as heritage of his father- 
in-law and has become prosperous. He is also very loving and 
has got much oneness with the saints. 

All the devotees left the place. Thereafter, Swami said, 
"Vihari, see their faith (Shraddha)? From far off places, they had 
come doing Dhoon. With the Dhoon-Bhajan, Maharaj becomes 
pleased very much. If such devotees come, you should bring 
them to me and if I am sleeping, you should wake me up. None 
should be denied for Darshan." Grace and kindness were 
flowing from the heart of Jogi Swami. 

Declaration to Celebrate 
Vishwamangal Festival 

Jogi Swami was now fully well. Tubes were removed 
within five days only. His health had become normal. He was 
able to move freely now. 

On 16th July, there was a festival of Gurupurnima. The 
wave of joy and enthusiasm had spread in the 'Satsang' 
fellowship. With the presence of Jogi Swami, the event had 
attained a great significance. 

Again, the devotees from far off places gathered in 
Dallas. On the day of Gurupurnima, Maha-Pooja was organised. 
Jogi Swami attended the celebration from the beginning and he 

Shower of Grace upon Dr. Ram 


himself did 'Abhishek' of Shree Hari. Jogi Swami became 
overwhelmed with joy and sprinkled the sacred water of 
'Abhishek' on all the devotees. All the devotees felt themselves 

Incidentally, it was the birthday of Rajan, younger son 
of Dhirubhai Babariya. Rajan did the Pooja of Jogi Swami and 
other saints. Ghanshyam, the elder son of Dhirubhai had bought 
a new car, which was also blessed by Jogi Swami. 

On the auspicious day of Gurupurnima, it was declared 
to celebrate the birth centenary year of Shastriji Maharaj as 
'Vishva-Mangal Mahotsav' and the devotees in America decided 
to come to India to participate in this celebration. Thus with 
several occasions of joy, a month passed soon. 

Shower of Grace upon Dr. Ram 
• • • 

After the operation, Jogi Swami looked fresh and healthy. 
He was relieved from the tension of Hernia. He remembered 
Dr. Ram frequently. He said, 'Doctors in America are very good. 
The tumour is removed from the roots.' 

What can we say about Swami? Dr. Ram removed his 
tumour of Hernia but Swami is capable to remove the pain and 
misery of human beings from the roots. 

Dr. Ram had a desire to invite Jogi Swami to his home. 
He expressed his desire to Dhirubhai, 'You may please request 
Swami to come to my home'. Jogi Swami was also happy with 
Dr. Ram; hence, he immediately accepted the invitation. 

Jogi Swami came to Dr. Ram's bungalow. As per South 
Indian tradition, 'Rangoli' was created on the walkway leading 
to the main door of the bungalow. The gate was decorated with 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

flowers. Dr. Ram came to greet Jogi Swami with dry fruits, 
flowers and rice blended with saffron. He welcomed Thakoraji 
and Jogi Swami with great reverence. He offered dry fruits and 
fresh fruits to Jogi Swami. 

Jogi Swami took one banana from the plate, removed its 
skin and put it in the mouth of Dr. Ram. Thus, Jogi Swami 
expressed his extraordinary joy. Such incidents rarely happen. 

Jogi Swami performed 'Aarti' of Thakoraji in Dr. Ram's 
bungalow. He sanctified all the rooms with his footprints. For 
the operation of Hernia, Jogi Swami's tour of America was 
arranged and the tour fulfilled the wishes of the devotees of 
America, but Dr. Ram became a specially graced person. He 
made a place in the heart of Jogi Swami forever. Even today, 
Swami remembers him with much love. 

Meanwhile I had to return to India for some days. At 
Bharasar in Kutch, a 'Bhagawat Saptah' was arranged by former 
student of Gurukul Ravji Murji Hirani and his family, in the 
auspicious remembrance of his father Murjibhai. Therefore, 
Gopal Swami and I returned to India. 

Los Angeles via Phoenix 

-• • • 

Dhirubhai has got one factory in Phoenix. His younger 
brother Ashwin manages it. Mahesh Babariya assists him. 
Ashwin had a desire that Jogi Swami should come to Phoenix 
to sanctify the factory with his footprints. Jogi Swami visited 
the factory and fulfilled his desire. 

Swami graced a plane to come to Phoenix from Dallas 
and from Phoenix, he came to Los Angles by car. Los Angeles is 
very far from Phoenix and it took five hours to reach Los Angeles 
from Phoenix by car. Due to good roads and better cars, it could 

Los Angeles Via Phoenix 


become possible. One cannot even imagine such a fast journey 
in India. 

After some rest at Keshubhai Patoliya's residence, Jogi 
Swami was to go to Manubhai's residence. Almost everybody 
knows Manubhai Patoliya. He is one among the four students 
who invited Shastriji Maharaj to America first. 

Jogi Swami was much tired. He had just recovered from 
operation for Hernia. He rested at Keshubhai' s home. He did 
not want to go anywhere now. After repeated requests, he 
consented to visit Manubhai's home. 

A group 'Maha-Pooja' was organised at Manubhai's 
home. Many devotees took part in that Maha-Pooja. Manubhai 
had a small swimming pool at home and the saints celebrated 
the festival of Jal-zilani Ekadashi many a times there. Manubhai 
had a desire that Swami should take bath in the pool and sanctify 
it. Swami kindly fulfilled his wish and then he went to Babubhai 
Savaliya's home. 

Babubhai Savaliya is a silent, devoted and dedicated 
worker (Sevak) and devotee of Gurukul family. His native place 
is Sajiyavadar. Originally, he was not a member of 'Satsang' 
fellowship. When Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj first came to 
America, he came into his contact and seeds of Satsang sprouted 
in his heart. 

Babubhai had many questions and much curiosity about 
religions and 'Satsang' fellowship. We used to sit with him until 
late night to discuss various aspects. He was a virtuous person 
and moreover he came into the close contact of 'Satsang' 
fellowship and the seeds of virtues within him blossomed. The 
virtues of 'Satsang' strengthened in his heart. He has a keen 
desire to keep everybody together with love for the development 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

of 'Satsang' and society. He has a great reverence for the service 
activities of Gurukul and he is equally dedicated, desire-less for 
the same. 

He had made nice arrangement so that every devotee 
could get the benefit of Jogi Swami and everybody was satisfied 
with the same. 

There is a beautiful temple of Swaminarayan Sampraday 
in Los Angeles. Years ago, the spread of 'Satsang' was negligible 
here but due to the frequent visits of Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj, 
'Satsang' developed and at last, a beautiful temple was erected 

Ramanbhai, Rameshbhai, Manubhai etc. devotees were 
delighted with the arrival of Jogi Swami. They had arranged a 
programme of 'Satsang' and Bhajan to greet Jogi Swami. As 
Purani Swami and Bhaktiprakashdasji were accompanying Jogi 
Swami, the devotees got good benefit of discourses. 

Dhirubhai Sorathiya, Rasikbhai Patoliya and Patoliya 
families are blessed by Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj. Jogi Swami 
paid visits to their residences and fulfilled their desires. Moreover, 
Satsang was strengthened in the hearts of Girdharbhai Butani, 
Rakesh Bajariya, Ravibhai Kheni, Ashokbhai and Vasudevbhai 
of Maneja and other former students and devotees of Gurukul 
family due to the arrival of Pujya Jogi Swami. 

Due to the request of Batukbhai Kalathiya of Bhavnagar, 
Jogi Swami visited his motel in San Diego and fulfilled his desire. 
Earlier, Jogi Swami visited Bhavnagar frequently and he used 
to stay in the farm of Batukbhai. Jogi Swami knew him as 
'Wadiwalabhai'. Thus, after delighting the devotees of 
California, Swami returned to Chicago. 

Arrival At Chicago 


Arrival at Chicago 
• • • 

In 1978, Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj had come to Chicago 
very first time. At that time, there were very few Haribhakta 
devotees there. Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj used to stay at the 
residence of Arjunbhai Malaviya. Sometimes, he stayed at the 
residence of Chandrakantbhai Patel of Nar. Kantibhai Pithadiya 
had just arrived in Chicago. Dr. Arvindbhai Narwala, Manubhai 
of Machiyala, Maganbhai Vekariya of Rugnathpur, Chunibhai 
and his son Ghanshyambhai of Dabhan and Narendrabhai Shah 
(descendent of great devotee Bapalalbhai of Ahmedabad) were 
the only devotees at that time, however all were enjoying the 

Slowly with the passage of time, 'Satsang' spread. The 
devotees started to arrange 'Satsang' in rented hall. The 
dedication of Ramjibhai Pithadiya and his son Kantibhai in 
strengthening the 'Satsang' there is incomparable. They are 
gracefully remembered even today for their services to the 
'Satsang' society. In Chicago, Maganbhai Vekariya and 
Popatbhai Radadiya are the devotees much blessed by Gurudev 
Shastriji Maharaj. In the development activities of Gurukul, they 
have contributed a lot. Jogi Swami stayed in Chicago from 27- 
07-2000 to 04-08-2000 i.e. approximately for nine days to fulfill 
the desires of all the devotees. Thereafter Jogi Swami arrived in 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 


There is a small but loving and enthusiastic association 
of Haribhaktas in Atlanta. Rameshbhai Suhagiya, 
Mansukhbhai Dhanani, Sudhakar Modi, Sanjaykumar etc. 
former students of Gurukul are pursuing the activities of Satsang 

When Jogi Swami reached Atlanta, we also, after the 
completion of 'Bhagwat Saptah' at Bharasar, reached Atlanta 
to join him. From India Hariswarupdasji, 
Bhagawatswarupdasji and Vishwaswarupdasji also joined in 
our tour. 

The devotees of Atlanta were very much pleased with 
the discourses of Swami Hariswarupdasji. Here Gujarati Samaj 
had arranged a three-day 'Gnan-Yagna'. A 'Satsang' Assembly 
was also organised in famous Shakti-temple here. A large number 
of Hindu males and females took the benefit of Satsang at both 
the places. 

At Aiken 

University of South Carolina, Aiken (USCA) is near 
Atlanta. Our SGVP Chharodi is associated with this University. 
We wished that Swami may sanctify the land of this historical 
association. Dr. Niranjanbhai Vyas in Aiken also wished to 
welcome Jogi Swami at his home. In the association with USCA, 
Dr. Niranjanbhai has contributed a lot like Ravibhai. 

The home of Niranjanbhai is full of tranquility. With the 
arrival of Jogi Swami, divinity was added to it. Dr. Niranjanbhai 
and his family were overwhelmed with joy. 

Maharaj! Please Have This Food 


Jogi Swami then arrived in Aiken University campus. 
This campus is like a bridge between USA and India in the field 
of education and culture. With the arrival of Jogi Swami, the 
campus became fulfilled. 

Alexander, the Chancellor of the university, invited Jogi 
Swami to his office with full reverence. He requested Jogi Swami 
to bless his son. Jogi Swami blessed his son. 

Alexander is very clever, efficient and influential 
politically. He had come to India at the time of MOU between 
SGVP and USCA. From that day, he has been impressed with 
the pious atmosphere of Gurukul. With the 'Darshan' of Jogi 
Swami, a never before change has come in his life. After the 
visit of Gurukul, he has become pure vegetarian. 

On the occasion of historical association between SGVP 
and USCA, he had said in Chharodi, 'Jogi Swami is a capable 
saint. With his blessing, impossible would be possible'. 

Professor Jim Coffman and other professors of the Indian 
team were pleased with the arrival of Jogi Swami. Though they 
could not understand the language of Jogi Swami, his presence 
provided divine inspirations to them. 

Maharaj, please Have This food 

Our group of saints was unique. Everybody had a skill 
of his own. The days were passing happily. Gopal Swami was 
in our group. He has a keen sense of humour. He used to make 
the atmosphere light with his jokes. A funny incident happened 
during our stay at Niranjanbhai' s home. 

Lunch was ready. It was time to offer a meal to Thakoraji. 
Thakoraji was placed on a big tea table. A decorative table was 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

behind the tea table. Many decorative objects were placed on 
that table. There was one pair of dolls, creating illusion of 
'Radha-Krishna'. This couple of dolls was decorated nicely with 
the traditional Indian dresses. 

Gopal Swami placed 'Thai' before Thakoraji and did 
Manasi Pooja (Mental worship). He prayed, "Please take this 
food, Maharaj!" Thus, after offering 'Thai' to Maharaj, he saw 
that couple of toys. Gopal Swami thought that here also 
Thakoraji is present. Hence he took the Thai to that toy couple 
and started praying, "Maharaj, please have this food." 

If this incident had taken place in an empty corner, there 
was no harm. But the incident was happening in presence of 
all, 'please take this food, Maharaj'. The saints laughed a lot to 
see it. The incident was duly recorded in the 'video' of 
Hariswarup Swami. Then what to say about it! For a long time, 
this incident kept the atmosphere light. When Jogi Swami came 
to know about this incident, he too laughed much. Swami said 
in a lighter mood, "Gopal Swami appears to have got divine 
vision". Swami's light comment was true because we cannot 
see God in Murti of God while Gopal Swami could see the God 
in toys. 

Boon to Divyesh for a Son 

While Swami was in Aiken, a son of Arvindbhai 
Chauhan came for the 'Darshan' from Charlotte. Arvindbhai 
was a professor in Vidyanagar. His family is graced by Shastriji 
Maharaj. In Vidyanagar, Arvindbhai and Bipinbhai Savdas were 
closely associated. They have contributed a lot in strengthening 
roots of 'Satsang' in Vidyanagar. Arvindbhai has now settled 
in America. 

Sunrise At The House of Arun 


His son Divyesh is very virtuous. He had no child. 
Arvindbhai knew the divine power of Jogi Swami. He sent his 
son Divyesh for the 'Darshan' and told me, "You may please 
request Jogi Swami to bless Divyesh so that Maharaj may give a 
child to Divyesh." 

Divyesh came for the Darshan of Jogi Swami. Jogi Swami 
gave him the vow to observe fast on 'Hari Jayanti' and to move 
Mala and said, "Maharaj would fulfill your desire." 

The blessings of a saint can not go in vain. With the grace 
of Shree Hari, Divyesh got a son. 

Thus, Jogi Swami continued to shower his blessings on 
the devotees of America. 

Sunrise at the House of Arun 

After sanctifying the campus of Aiken University with 
his footprints, Swami again came to Atlanta. A former student 
of Gurukul, Arun Mendapara came from Florida-Orlando for 
the 'Darshan' of Pujya Jogi Swami. Arun was a virtuous student. 
He observes the rules of 'Satsang' even in America. His maternal 
uncle Bhikhabhai Sutariya Palitanawala is also a good disciple 
and former student of Gurukul. He has served our Surat Gurukul 
to a large extent. 

Bhikhabhai talked to me on telephone from India, 
"Swami, my nephew Arun has no child. The opinion of the 
doctors is also not favourable. Please request Jogi Swami to bless 
him so that Maharaj may give him a child." 

Arun stayed in Atlanta for three days, yet he could not 
get a chance to talk to Swami about his wish. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Once, Swami was in a very happy mood. Vishwavihari 
talked to Swami about Arun and his desire. Jogi Swami gladly 
requested to Maharaj, "Maharaj, please fulfill the desire of 

Swami gave him the vow to observe Hari Jayanti and to 
move Mala. Swami suggested, "On your behalf your parents 
shall do one 'Pur as char an' of Jan Mangal (Recitation of Jan- 
Mangal Stotra for 11,000 time makes one Purascharan). Shree 
Hari would remove all obstructions and your desire will be 

Arun's parents are quite straightforward, simple and 
frank. Due to Arun, they had to live in America, though cultural 
atmosphere of America did not suit them. The parents of Arun 
did the 'Purascharan' of Jan-Mangal with due faith and 

With the blessings of Swami, prayer of parents and grace 
of Shree Hari, after six years of marriage Arun got a female 
child as if Sunrise occurred in his family. Everybody was glad. 

Thus, Jogi Swami was moving in America fulfilling the 
desires of several devotees. From Atlanta, Swami again came 
to Dallas. Swami stayed there for ten days. During this stay, a 
divine incident happened. 

Give This 'Prasadi' to Your Son 

-• • • 

Almost everybody in 'Satsang' fellowship knows 
Chaturbhai Babariya. He has spread the virtues of 'Satsang' in 
the Spanish people of Latin America and glorified the Gurukul. 
He has thus added a golden chapter in the history of Satsang. 

With the grace of Shree Hari, Chaturbhai was happy in 
all respect but he had only daughters and he had no son. Being 

Give This 'Prasadi' To Your Son 


a wise man, he had no discrimination between boy and girl 
child. He believed it as a wish of Shree Hari. His wife was a 
good devotee, yet she had, deep in her heart, a desire to have a 
male child. 

The family members of Chaturbhai were of the opinion 
that when Jogi Swami had come to Dallas, if Chaturbhai requests 
Swami, Maharaj would fulfill their desire. However, Chaturbhai 
did not tell this to Jogi Swami. He thought that such a petty 
worldly thing should not be told to Swami. However, Shree Hari 
had wished otherwise. 

One day in the morning, Swami was performing 'Pooja'. 
Chaturbhai liked devotion most. Therefore, after completion of 
'Pooja', he came to Swami and started singing 'Prabhatiya' 
(morning verses). 

Jogi Swami was very glad to hear the 'Kirtans' sung by 
Chaturbhai Babariya. In the meantime, Shree Hari inspired Jogi 
Swami in a mysterious way. Jogi Swami took handful of sugar 
crystals and gave them to Chaturbhai and said, "Take this 
'Prasadi' but see that you only shall not take it fully. You shall 
give it to your son also." 

Chaturbhai was lost in surprise. Manu Bhagat sat near 
Swami. He knew that Chaturbhai had no son. He said to Swami, 
"Swami, Chaturbhai has three daughters and no son." 

As if he had not heard the words of Manu Bhagat, Swami 
again said, "Give this 'Prasadi' to your son and do not take it 

After some time Manu Bhagat told everything to Vihari 
Swami about the incident Swami said to Chaturbhai that he 
should give this 'Prasadi' to his son but he has no son. I told to 
Swami but I thought that he has not heard it. Therefore, again 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

he said, 'give the 'Prasadi' to his son'. The family of Chaturbhai 
has a desire to have a son but he has to tell Jogi Swami. 

Thus, the matter ended on that day. Next day again, 
Chaturbhai came to Jogi Swami. Swami was performing 'Pooja' 
Chaturbhai sung a Kirtan and then read Vachanamrut. Again, 
Swami was pleased. He gave 'Prasadi' of sugar-crystals and 
again he repeated yesterday's words, "Don't take it alone; give 
it to your son also." 

At that time, Vishwavihari Swami was sitting nearby. 
He said to Jogi Swami, "Swami, whenever you give 'Prasadi' to 
Chaturbhai you say that it should be given to his son also. But 
he has three daughters and no son. How can he give 'Prasadi' 
to his son?" 

Swami said as if he did not know at all, "Oh! Is it so? 
Then Harikrishna Maharaj should give him a son." 

After saying this much, Swami started remembering 
Shreeji Maharaj. For Chaturbhai it was a sudden shower of 
blessings. Some poet has said, 'Despite being insulted, if 
somebody consistently remains in the court of the God, some 
day a wave of grace of the God may sweep away his sufferings 
and poverty.' 

Today Chaturbhai had same kind of wave of compassion 
and joy. Vishwavihari asked if any vow is to be given to him. 

Swami said, "No! I do not want to give any vow to 
observe. When a son is born, they shall take him to have 
'Darshan' of Radharamandev and Harikrishna Maharaj in 
India. That is the only vow to observe!" 

With the blessings of Jogi Swami and grace of Shree Hari, 
after one year, a son was born. Earlier, while giving the 'Prasadi' 
of sugar crystals to Chaturbhai, Jogi Swami asked him not to 

A Swing Made of Leaves. 


eat it alone but to give it to his son. He had preserved it, as it is. 
After some time when newly born son was grown up, he put 
the Prasadi into his mouth and fulfilled the command of Swami. 

With the passage of time, the son grew up. Then 
Chaturbhai came to India with his entire family, made his son 
to do 'Darshan' of Harikrishna Maharaj. A 'Kanthi' was tied to 
the young one at the auspicious hands of Jogi Swami and Jogi 
Swami blessed him. 

A Swing Made of Leaves of Banana Tree 

In Washington, a great devotee Hasmukhbhai Patel was 
very eagerly waiting for the arrival of Swami. To fulfill his desire, 
Swami went to Washington from Dallas. A festival of 
'Janmashtami' was celebrated with great pomp and glory in 
presence of Jogi Swami in Washington. The devotees from the 
places around were assembled to participate that celebration. 

In Washington also, a divine incident happened as it 
happened in New Jersey in the matter of Guldavadi. On the 
day of Janmashtami, when Jogi Swami was performing 'Pooja' 
in the morning, after doing his 'Darshan', I told him, "Swami, 
today in the evening, we are to celebrate a festival of 

Jogi Swami was glad and said, "It is good. Decorate the 
cradle of Thakoraji nicely and today prepare the swing with 
the leaves of Banana tree." 

It became a great dilemma for me because in India, the 
leaves of Banana tree are easily available even in bulk, but in 
America, it is very difficult to get it. In America, Banana has got 
importance but trees of Banana or its leaves are not at all 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

important. As such, there is no importance of parents in the 
western culture. 

In America, to search for leaves of Banana tree is as 
difficult as to search for parents. 

I told Hasmukhbhai, "Swami has advised us to prepare 
a swing with the leaves of Banana. Therefore, we have to search 

Hasmukhbhai laughed and said, "Swami! We can have 
Banana here but we cannot get leaves of Banana. Yes, we can 
get leaves of 'Kena', which are like as leaves of Banana. Can we 
do with it?" 

I smiled and said, "If you can do with imitated God 
instead of true God, then we could do with 'Kena' instead of 
leaves of 'Kel' (Banana tree)." 

Hasmukhbhai understood the hidden meaning and 
laughed again. He said, "I will try to get it and let it be as 
Maharaj wish." 

I said, "You try to find it. I am fully confident that as 
Jogi Swami has wished, you will surely get the leaves of 'kel', 
the tree of Banana." 

Hasmukhbhai tried his level best to get the leaves of 
Banana tree but up to 3 O'clock in the afternoon, we could not 
get them. Therefore, I thought, "Shall we have to do without 
the leaves of kel (Banana tree)?" 

I could hear one inner voice, "When Swami has said, 
Maharaj would arrange for leaves of Banana tree." And that 
actually happened. Suddenly Hasmukhbhai got the leaves of 
banana tree. His joy had no bounds. He brought the leaves and 
told, "Swami! This could be possible only due to the desire of 
Jogi Swami. Otherwise, it was a difficult task." We were 

In Pennsylvania 


extremely happy. At last, a swing with leaves of banana tree 
could be made as per the desire of Jogi Swami. Shree Hari always 
fulfils the desires of his great devotees and saints. 

In Pennsylvania 

-• • 

In Pennsylvania, Dr. Dhaduk was eagerly awaiting for 
the arrival of Jogi Swami. His native place is Jetpur. With the 
grace of God and due to his unique personality and efficiency, 
he has become a renowned neurologist of USA. 

He came into contact of 'Satsang' at the instance of 
Rameshbhai, who is the son of a great devotee Manibapa of 
Ahmedabad. Manibapa had close contacts with Gurudev 
Shastriji Maharaj. Ramesh had inherited the virtues of his father. 
He lived in 'Clark Summit' in Pennsylvania. We had to go there 
frequently. Due to the friendship with Rameshbhai, Dr. Dhaduk 
came into contact of Satsang. He was fascinated with the service 
activities of the Gurukul. The life of his wife is also full of virtues 
of Satsang. They have brought up their children on the lines of 
Indian culture. 

Today, Dr. Dhaduk has become a close associate of 
Gurukul and his contribution in the development of Gurukul is 
unparalleled. He has constructed a big bungalow in the plot of 
five acres land. Whenever we happened to go to America, Dr. 
Dhaduk invariably arranged a celebration at his home and 
renowned doctors of America and leading Indians participate. 
There would be Maha-Pooja, 'Bhajan-Kirtan' and 'Satsang' 
discourses in the celebrations. 

Here Dr. Kishorbhai Vekariya is also a loving and 
enthusiastic devotee. He also came into the contact of 'Satsang' 
society due to Rameshbhai. Incidentally, he is also from Jetpur 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

and he is a nephew of Amipara family, which has been in the 
forefront of 'Satsang' society. 

All the disciples had a common wish to invite Jogi Swami 
to their homes to sanctify the same and to have the benefit of 
Darshan and Satsang. 

To fulfill the wishes of all these loving devotees, Jogi 
Swami stayed at the house of Dr. Kishorbhai. He initiated both 
his sons in to Satsang fellowship by tying 'Kanthi' to them. 
Swami also gave vows to Dr. Kishorbhai. 

Dr. Dhaduk arranged a celebration at his house next day. 'Maha- 
Pooja' and Abhishek were also performed in the auspicious 
presence of Jogi Swami. Large number of devotees attended 
the 'Satsang' assembly arranged in the evening. Hariswarupdasji 
Swami pleased everybody with his talks on 'Satsang'. Jogi Swami 
also gave 'Prasadi' of almond and sugar crystals to everybody 
with blessings. He gave initiation to Deepak and Amar, (both 
the sons of Dr. Dhaduk) by tying 'Kanthi' to them. With the 
arrival of Jogi Swami, the entire family of Dr. Dhaduk felt 
themselves fortunate. 

At the House of Dipubhai Gajera 

After completion of programmes in Pennsylvania, Pujya 
Swami arrived in New Jersey at the house of Dipubhai Gajera. 
Dipubhai is from village Ujala. He studied in Gurukul with us. 
His faith in 'Satsang' is unparalleled. He bears immense wish to 
sacrifice for Gurukul. He has kept his spirit of Satsang intact, 
even in the atmosphere of America. His son Nimit is also virtuous 
and having affinity with the 'Satsang' fellowship. He has oneness 
with saints and believes all the 'Satsangis' are his true relatives. 

The Parliament of Religions 


Ramjibhai Dholariya, Gopalbhai Virani etc. devotees also have 
become members of 'Satsang' fellowship due to Dipubhai. 

It is very difficult to devote time and to look after guests 
in America. However, Dipubhai used to give much time for the 
'Satsang' fellowship. The Satsangis gather at his home to have 
the benefit of 'Satsang' and the entire family of Dipubhai becomes 
glad. Whenever Satsangis receive the invitation for Satsang from 
Dipubhai, they participate in the programme enthusiastically. 
Though his house is relatively small, yet his heart is as big as an 

Dipubhai had intense desire to invite Jogi Swami to his 
home and Jogi Swami fulfilled his desire. Swami came to the 
residence of Dipubhai. He was very glad to see the natural 
reverence of Dipubhai. Vishvavihari Swami says repeatedly that 
Swami likes to stay there very much. It was due to Dipubhai's 
innocent love. 

The Parliament of Religions 

-• • • 

Pujya Jogi Swami stayed in New Jersey for four or five 
days. During that period, a World Religions Assembly was 
organised at UNO in America from 28-8-2000 to 01-09-2000. 
Such historical assembly was organised by UNO for the first 
time. The religious heads from the whole world were to assemble 
there. I was also invited to attend this convention. After obtaining 
the blessings of Jogi Swami, I went to participate in the conference 
along with two or three saints. The event was a historical one 
and this occasion was a unique and historic in my life. It was 
but natural for me to be thrilled to participate in the assembly. 

About one thousand religious heads from different parts 
of the world had come to participate in this conference. About 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

one hundred fifty saints had come from India. The Modi group 
of India had borne the expenditure. Due to the untiring and 
tenacious efforts of efficient volunteer Shree Bava Jain, this event 
could be possible. Shree Bava Jain had great reverence for Indian 

The general secretary of UNO Kofi Annan and many 
other celebrities of the world were present in the inaugural 
ceremony. The inaugural ceremony was really colourful, thrilling 
and spectacular. As per the tradition of Indian culture, an 
elevating conch-shell sound was blown. The prayers of all the 
great religions of the world were sung in the inaugural session 
of this parliament. It was a great fortune to listen to the prayers 
of the various world religions expressing the tune of respective 
religious. Really, it was a rare chance. The speech by Kofi 
Annan, general secretary of UNO, was really inspiring. Every 
word was full of his intense desire for the progress of the entire 
world. This parliament of world religions was organised to think 
over and to deliberate on, how the religions could help in solving 
the basic problems of the world. 

The basic problems of the world are poverty, inequality, 
unrest and injustice. 

How can poverty be removed? 

What to do to remove the inequality and unrest from 
the world? 

What to do to provide the justice to all in the world? 

The thinkers had selected the real basic problems of the 
world and placed before the parliament of religions and it is 
but natural that the society expects solutions of these burning 
problems from them. 

The Parliament of Religions 


The scene of the assembly was really wonderful. The 
religious heads from various parts of the world wearing various 
types of clothes, having various kinds of beliefs and prides and 
prejudices had assembled there. Everyone had to say something 
but no one was quite ready to listen to others. Everyone was 
talking about the need for co-ordination and co-operation but 
at the same time, they were trying to prove their respective 
supremacy. Everyone felt that the co-operation was much 
needed but on their own terms. 

The voice of true wish for synthesis and harmony was 
low and uproar of self-wisdom was more. Many wise people 
saw this grand religious exhibition with pain in their hearts. 

The voices of the heirs of the great 'Rushis' who have 
given to the world the eternal, comprehensive and live equations 
about the religion and spirituality, were representing their 
reverence to the same but they were low. There was no luster 
and spirit in their voices like the voice of Swami Vivekanand. 

Dr. Karansingh gave a learned speech. Dada Vasvani 
spoke in a sweet voice about the basic things. His words touched 
the heart of everyone. Pujya Pramukh Swami spoke in a simple 
and inspiring style, which carried the message of brotherhood 
amongst the human race given in 'Shikshapatri'. 

It was heard that due to the pressure of China upon the 
organisers of this programme to detain Dalai Lama from speaking 
on behalf of the Buddhist faith, having the leading place 
amongst the World Religions, he was relegated. The disciples of 
Dalai Lama staged protest outside the UNO building. 

The day on which this parliament of religions was 
inaugurated, most of the American media published news 
showing bias towards India. It was the worst example of foreign 
media's hate and prejudices for our great country. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Except some exceptions, the great personalities assembled 
here for the solutions of the world problems, were lost themselves 
in their own problems and the main aim of this event evaporated 
into the thin air. 

The best lecture was by Ted Turner, the head of CNN 
channel. He had donated crores of dollars for arranging this 
Parliament. In his light yet effective and pin - pointing speech, 
he awakened the religious heads with his words. The essence of 
his speech was, 'Most of the conflicts and quarrels had been 
due to religions. The religious leaders have made the human 
beings to fight. Most of the wars and battles have been fought 
in the name of religions and the same has brought death, 
devastation and miseries to this world'. 

He further said, "When I was young, I was taught that 
no other religion is better than Christianity. None others but 
Christians will go to heaven. On hearing such things, even in 
the young age, I was thinking as to where would the other 
people go? What will happen to them? Whether the heaven is 
monopolised? I experienced much confusion. At last when I 
carried out a deep study of world religions, I could understand 
that the God is one and there is no need to create separate blocs 
in the name of religions." 

It seemed that an American thinker was telling 
thoughtful matters in his humourous style, which was expected 
from a true religious leader. While making the assembly to laugh, 
he gave some bitter doses of truth to the religious leaders. 

Without thinking about its success or failure, whoever 
had given the idea to assemble the world religious leaders on 
one platform was really commendable. It was a sincere effort 
and such assembly should be arranged frequently. Directly or 
indirectly, it helps to break the walls of prejudices among people. 

Shibir In Legend Resort 


Not only that, it also helps in development of far sight among 
religious leaders. 

To assemble the personalities of entire world and to host 
them is not an easy task. It was an important occasion to 
participate this assembly. It was a never before occasion to 
understand the specialities and shortcomings of religions. I could 
attend this great convention due to the grace of Pujya Jogi 

Shibir in Legend Resort 


In America, everyone wished to remain in the auspicious 
presence of Pujya Jogi Swami. Hariswarupdasji was with us; 
therefore, everybody had a desire to listen to his speeches. In 
view of this, a 'Shibi/ (camp) was arranged. Whenever we think 
of 'Satsang Shibir', everyone would remember the bank of the 
Ganga and the lap of the Himalayas, because the place is 
important for religious programme. 

Where to find the Himalayas in America? Where to seek 
the Ganga in the west? However, a place was chosen to meet 
the imagination of the participants to have the experience of 
the Ganga and the Himalayas near them. 

Shibir was arranged at Legend Resort, a little distance 
from New Jersey. Earlier also, once a Shibir was arranged at 
that place and those who had attended it, were fascinated by 
the place. 

Legend is a beautiful place. There are hills around the 
resort. Clouds play about them. Rivers and rivulets flow down 
with gurgling sound into the green valley below. One would 
remember here the Himalayas to some extent but it cannot be 
compared with the lap of Himalayas. The nature has freely 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

scattered beauty here but where to find the holiness of the 
Himalayas, because this is a land of luxury and the land of the 
Himalayas is the sacred land of Yoga and spirituality. 

However, on that day this land became fortunate with 
the footprints of a great saint Jogi Swami, who always remains 
engrossed in the Murti of Shree Hari. With the arrival of Swami, 
the resort had become fulfilled. 

More than five hundred people had come from far off 
regions of America like New York, New Jersey, California and 
Illinois, Washington, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, 
Louisiana, Connecticut and Canada. 

The enthusiastic devotees and members of 'Mahila 
Mandal' had worked day in and day out to make this Shibir a 
success. The days passed quickly in various programmes 

In the morning, with the singing of verses of meditation, 
the participants were meditating upon the Murti of Shree Hari. 
During the day, with the discourses on Satsang, the participants 
were strengthening their understanding and devotion. They 
wanted to listen to the discourses of Shree Hariswarupdasji 
Swami continuously. With various celebrations, the entire 
atmosphere was full of devotion. 

One day, in presence of Pujya Jogi Swami, a programme 
of Abhishek festival and swimming was arranged in a big and 
spacious swimming pool of this resort. Jogi Swami performed 
'Abhishek' of 'Thakoraji' with the sacred water mixed with 
saffron and sprinkled this sacred water upon the devotees. 
Thereafter, in his unique style, Jogi Swami swam into the water 
of swimming pool in 'Padmasan' for quite some time without 
moving his hands and legs. With the Darshan of Jogi Swami in 
such a position, all the participants became glad and surprised. 

Shibir In Legend Resort 


One day a 'swing' ceremony (Hindola Utsav) was 
arranged. Many types of swings could be made in India but 
here in America it is difficult to arrange for all the required items, 
yet the saints and the disciples worked hard and created a grand 
swing. The saints were singing the Kirtans of swing and the 
others were repeating the same. Jogi Swami was making Shree 
Hari to swing in a grand swing. Swami was in a good mood. All the 
disciples were thinking that Swami would be tired but in a great 
joy, Swami continued to swing Maharaj for quite a long time. 

The divine atmosphere of this occasion touched 
everybody's heart. All the participants were experiencing as if 
Shree Hari Himself was being swung with the string of true 
love of Jogi Swami. Everyone had been lost in the joy of 
celebration, which was much above the physical manifestation. 

One day 'Raasotsav' was arranged. In a big hall of legend, 
the male and female devotees separately played 'Raas' to the 
tunes of music and 'Kirtan' observing their own code of 
conducts. While playing the 'Raas' America was forgotten and 
India in its true atmosphere and spirit had been created. 

Once at night 'Shobha-yatra' was arranged. In a 
decorated chariot, Jogi Swami sat along with 'Thakoraji'. The 
youths in their original 'Kathiyawadi' attire marched ahead with 
torches in their hands. With the tunes of the drums, the people 
played 'Raas'. Behind them, the female devotees played sing 
auspicious verses. The procession was colourful. The land of 
America had become colourful with the vibrant colours of 
devotion. The entire hilly area of this resort was filled with 
resounding of Swaminarayan Mahamantra. A tide had come 
in the ocean of devotion in the presence of Jogi Swami. 

The American spectators had become stunned to see this 
never before procession. Thus, with various celebrations, the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

devotion had swept everybody in the 'Shibir'. Along with all 
these celebrations, sometimes a maize party, sometimes a green 
groundnut party, sometimes 'Shakotsav' etc. parties were also 
arranged. The devotees participated in all these programmes 
with enthusiasm and joy. 

As such, this 'Adhyatma Shibir' (spiritual camp) was 
really pleasant and joyful in view of arrangements of lodging, 
breakfast and meals etc. Separate programmes were arranged 
for the children and youth, in which the primary knowledge of 
religion was imparted with amusement and fun. In the question 
- answer session, their curiosity to know about the religion was 
satisfied. With the presence of Pujya Swamiji, the whole 
atmosphere had become extremely divine. 

The enthusiastic volunteers and the young saints had 
taken much care in the arrangements so that the participants 
could do meditation, Bhajan and 'Bhojan' (meal) easily. They 
were cared for as if all participants were their dears and nears 
and there was no room for any discomfort. 

Maharaj is Really Present Here 

The four days of Shibir passed like a sweet dream. All 
the participant devotees were engrossed in the activities of 
Shibir. It was the last day of the Shibir. All were enlightened by 
the serene atmosphere of the Shibir. Every participant wanted 
the Shibir to be extended. 

Pujya Swami gave everybody the 'Prasadi' of almond 
and 'Sakar' (sugar crystal) freely. The participants came one by 
one to do 'Darshan' of Pujya Swami. No one liked to leave the 
scene but the situation compelled them to do so. 

Maharaj Is really Present Here 


Suddenly Swami said, "Oh! Vihari, call Shastri here". 
Vishwavihari Swami sent a volunteer to call me there. We were 
preparing to leave. In the meanwhile, one volunteer came and 
said, "You are called by Jogi Swami". I hurriedly went to Swami 
and started to do Dandvat Pranam. 

Vishwavihari Swami said, "Today Swami is very 
happy". As such, Swami seems to be pleased all the time. 
Happiness of Jogi Swami would be different at different times. 
It is like the size of the tidal waves at different periods of time. 

Jogi Swami said, "Shastri! The Shibir was very nice". 

I said, "Yes, Swami, the Shibir was extraordinary. 
Because of your presence". 

Jogi Swami said, "It is not the point. What can I do? 
Shreeji Maharaj is constantly present in this Shibir. Just now, 
the Brahmachari has offered 'Thai' to Maharaj. Maharaj ate it 
and He is very happy and showering His grace upon all the 
devotees. Since morning, Maharaj is talking to me". 

Swami was sharing with us his divine experience and 
we all, listening to him, experienced ourselves fulfilled and 
overwhelmed with joy. 

Shree Hari is always present at every place but one 
requires eyes of a Jogi to see him. 

Jogi Swami talked about his divine experience of the day 
repeatedly. While leaving from Legend, Swami repeated this 
experience in the lift also with a great joy. Today, the ocean of 
his joy was flowing over the shores and we were enjoying a 
divine bath under the fall of his divine sea. 

Thus with an extraordinary divine experience of Swami, 
this legendary 'Shibir' at Legend Resort was over. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Arrival at the Residence of Paghadal Family 
^^ ••. 

After the conclusion of the Shibir, Pujya Jogi Swami went 
to Gordhanbhai Paghdal's home at Bloomfield. 

Gordhanbhai was among the four students who invited 
Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj to America for the first time. 
Gordhanbhai, Virjibhai, Mansukhbhai, Girish, Dinesh, Pravin, 
daughters and sons-in-law form a big Paghdal family. They 
regularly assemble to do 'Bhajan - Smaran'. 

Jay Dhaduk, living in this area is a unique personality. 
His silent dedication is incomparable and his understanding is 
praiseworthy. He has great reverence towards the service 
activities of Gurukul and he has contributed a lot in the 
development of the Gurukul. As they all wished to live with 
Jogi Swami for some time, Swami arrived here to fulfill their 
wish. All the devotees felt great joy in their hearts. From there 
Swami again went to the home of Chaturbhai. During this 
period, programme of 'Thai' and 'Pooja' was arranged at the 
home of Arunbhai Ribadiya. Now the next destination of 
Swami's tour was Latin America. 

In Merrik 

Before going to the Latin America, Pujya Swami blessed 
the home of Mohanbhai Patel and Pratapbhai Jobanputra in 
New York with his arrival. Both these families came into contact 
of Pujya Shastriji Maharaj in the year of 1978 and since then 
they had strengthened their association with the 'Satsang' 
fellowship. Their family members also observe the rules of 
'Satsang'. Their homes are like temples. The entire family serves 
Shree Hari with great love and reverence. On seeing their 
affection, Jogi Swami arrived at their homes and stayed for a 
night there to fulfill their wish. 

In Latin America 


In Latin America 

One of the main objectives of Jogi Swami's foreign tour 
was to fulfill the auspicious wishes of the devotees of Latin 
America. How the 'Satsang' spread in the Latin America is well 
known, hence I avoid the repetition. However, I cannot stop 
my heart to narrate one thing arising in my heart frequently on 
seeing these Latin American devotees. 

The climate of this little Latin American country is similar 
to that of India. The physical structure of the people of this 
country is also alike our people. The voice from the depth of my 
heart says that sometime in the remote past the ancestors of 
these people had relations with the Aryans of Asia. The 
condition of these Latin Americans living under the Shadow of 
a huge country like America can be compared to a plant living 
under a big shady tree. These people are not wealthy as 
Americans are, but if we compare them in the sphere of love 
and reverence of their hearts, they are a thousand times richer 
than Americans. Their love is like the love of 'Vrajvasi'. These 
people have great faith and reverence for the saints. 

At the beginning of Uddhav Sampraday (Swaminarayan 
Sampraday), the Bhagawan Swaminarayan showed divine 
miracles to the people. These Latin American devotees are 
experiencing such divine things with the grace of Shree Hari. It 
is said and heard that if one's food is holy and pure; his heart 
would be pure and pious. However, here we can see a wonderful 
thing. The food and the habits and even culture of these people 
are quite different yet they can have the image of the God in 
their hearts. 

Many so-called religious people talk about purity of food 
and water but their hearts could be seen full of vices like 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

attachment, envy, deceit and ego. Though they maintain purity 
of food, yet their thoughts are narrow and full of malice. They 
can hardly experience the divinity of life. Why such paradox 
is? It is difficult to find answer. 

In Bhagawat Gita, purity of food and purity of 
sentiments have been discussed. Bhagawan Swaminarayan 
emphasised upon the mental as well as physical piousness. In 
olden times, lanterns of kerosene were used. The glass of the 
lantern should be clean at its inner as well as outer side. 
Otherwise, one cannot get pure light. To understand its 
importance, one must read 18th Vachanamrut of Gadhada 1st 
canto along with 2nd Vachanamrut of Gadhada middle canto. 
Even after reading of these two Vachanamrut, if one is not 
convinced, he must read 14th Vachanamrut of Vadtal chapter. 
In that 'Vachanamrut' on the occasion of 'Vaghari' (a person 
belonging to cast Vaghari) of Vadodara experienced 'Samadhi' 
(a state of deep meditation), Shree Hari has told to Vaidya 
Ramchandra of Vadodara, very important thing. 

Then Shreeji Maharaj said, "In the religious scriptures, 
the duties (Dharma) of human beings according to his 
'Varnashram' are described. If a person violates his duties, the 
people would think him as unworthy and if respect and 
reverence is developed in his heart for the God and his saints, 
he would be rewarded with redemption of sin of violating the 
rules of 'Varnashram Dharma' and that soul becomes extremely 

"If a person betrays the God and His saints, due to such 
a sinful act, he loses all the merits he had earned by practicing 
the Varnashram Dharma". 

"A person, even if he is a great sinner, if he takes refuge 
of a great saint, he becomes extremely pious and attains the 

In Latin America 


highest state of meditation i.e. Samadhi. A person however, more 
religious he may be, if he is malicious towards a great saint, he 
is a great sinner and he could never have the 'Darshan' of the 
God in his heart. Therefore, a person who is considered as sinner 
by an averse person, is not a sinner and a person is not religious, 
who is considered as religious by an averse person." 

The grace of Shree Hari and great saints sanctifies the 
'Jivas'. The power of Shree Hari, as an uplifter of the sinful, is 
working in Latin America. The hearts of Latin Americans are 
free of malice and full of pure love. Therefore, their hearts can 
clearly reflect the image of Shree Hari. In his tour of Latin 
America, Jogi Swami was accompanied by Vishvavihari Swami, 
Shreevallabhdasji and Vashram Bhagat. Dhirubhai Babariya, 
Dipubhai Gajera, Dineshbhai Gajera had also joined. 

Jogi Swami took his seat on the flight from New Jersey 
to Santa Domingo. Incidentally, the president of Santa Domingo, 
Hipolito Mejia was also on that flight. Dhirubhai Babariya gave 
him the introduction of Swami. He came to the seat of Jogi Swami. 
He became extremely glad to see the great personality of Jogi 
Swami. He got information in detail about Gurukul from 
Dhirubhai. He sat with Jogi Swami for some time. He liked the 
scarves (turbans) on the heads of the Saints. He put on the turban 
of Vashram Bhagat and got photographs of himself in that style. 
Wearing the turban, he moved about on the whole plane. The 
fellow passengers gladly welcomed him. 

He requested Swami, "Swami, you are going to become 
our respected guest. I welcome you on behalf of Dominican 
Republic. With your arrival, our country would be blessed. Please 
bless us to make our people happy". 

Pujya Swami blessed him and gave him the sanctified 
offering of almond and sugar crystals. The plane landed at the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

international airport of Santa Domingo. In the VIP lounge, 
preparations were made to felicitate the Saint. A great number 
of Latin American people were present to welcome Jogi Swami. 

Good publicity was given about the arrival of Jogi Swami 
in the local media. Therefore, Latin American people were eager 
to see him. 

As soon as Jogi Swami came out of the airport, the 
devotees became overwhelmed and made sound of joy. The 
airport resounded with the 'Dhoon' of Swaminarayan Maha- 
Mantra. The devotees could not contain their joy on seeing Jogi 
Swami. They started doing 'Dandvat Pranam' to him. They 
personally met every saint and welcomed them. The saints and 
devotees were unable to understand the language of each other. 
However, they could understand the language of true love and 
reverence of their hearts and the language had become 
secondary. Here only one language was working and that was 
the language of the tears of joy overflowing from the eyes of the 
devotees. Many devotees went round the Swami and started 
dancing. Swami also started doing 'Dhoon' with everybody and 
he smiled at everyone. 

One who hesitates or blushes cannot do devotion. These 
foreigners are more expressive than our people are. They have 
no hesitation in expressing their feelings hence they can dance 
on the road in public. We Indians can do little of it. 

The Swami came to the place of his stay. The disciples 
had brought food, vegetables and fruits in a large quantity. The 
quantity of food they had brought could last for four months. It 
was difficult to contain the flow of their love and reverence. 

It was the pious day of Jal-Zilani Ekadashi. A programme 
to have bath in the sea was organised on that day. Jogi Swami 
came to the place where Pujya Gurudev had taken a sea-bath, 

Maharaj Would Come To Take You 


years ago. Swami along with the saints and disciples performed 
'Abhishek' of Thakoraji in the sea. The Swami himself took bath 
in the sea and sprinkled the water on every disciple. The Latin 
American disciples were fortunate enough to have the sprinkles 
with blessings from a great saint of our time, capable to wash 
out the evils of so many births of human beings. 


Maharaj Would Come to Take You 

-• • 

In Latin America, the affection and devotion of Suresh 
Bhagat, Yogesh Bhagat, Ramanand Bhagat, Ghanshyam Bhagat 
and such others are incomparable. Despite several adverse 
circumstances, these disciples are observing the rules of 'Satsang'. 
One of them is Virji Bhagat. Whenever there was a 'Satsang' 
meeting, he used to arrange for the 'Thai' of Maharaj and 
distributed it to the devotees with reverence. 

As Swami arrived, Virjibhagat brought a big 'Thai' of 
fruits and other 'Farali' food items. 

Jogi Swami was about to stand up. Dhirubhai said to 
Swami, "Swami! See this Virjibhagat has made a nice 
arrangement to give 'Prasad' to the devotees. He has made all 
'Farali' items".' 

Jogi Swami was very glad to see dishes of various food 
items. Jogi Swami placed his hand on the head of Virji Bhagat 
and said, "Bravo, Maharaj would come to take you". Thus, 
Virji Bhagat got the fruit of his services. 

Dhirubhai Babariya explained to Virji Bhagat about the 
blessing of Swami in English. On hearing this, he began to dance 
with joy. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

If great saints shower their grace, the same can destroy 
all the bondages of 'Maya' in a moment. The glory of 
surrendering self to Shree Hari with humbleness and true love 
of heart has a great effect. The grace of great saints can destroy 
the sins of ages of a human being. 

In Shreemad Bhagawat, Shukdevji has explained to 
Parikshit the meaning of surrender to the God. As a little spark 
can destroy a heap of explosives, as on the rise of the sun fog 
disappears so also if one accepts the shelter of 'Narayan' (God), 
all his sins could be destroyed. 

Shree Hari Himself is kind to the people surrendering to 
Him. He is the uplifter of the great sinners even and can make 
the downtrodden people pious. These virtues of Shree Hari are 
as if taking shape for the devotees of Latin America. 

With the 'Darshan' of Jogi Swami, the hearts and minds 
of these Latin American people were dancing with joy. May it 
be a place of saints' residence or an assembly; they were not 
ready to go away from Swami. There were long queues of 
devotees to have 'Vartaman' and Swami did not tire to tie 
'Kanthi' to these people. 

Public Assembly in Latin America 

A public assembly was arranged here. Dhirubhai 
Babariya and Dipubhai Gajera addressed the meeting in English. 
The Spanish devotee Gordhan Bhagat translated it into Spanish. 

Today Vishwavihari Swami was in good mood. He gave 
a discourse on the importance of saints. Dhirubhai instantly 
translated it into English. Vishvavihari Swami was speaking in 
Gujarati, Dhirubhai was translating and speaking in English 

Maharaj Would Come To Take You 


and at the same time, Suresh Bhagat was translating the same 
into Spanish. 

Here Jogi Swami was also in a good mood. The love of 
Latin American devotees gave him more and more freshness. 
We could not see any symptom of fatigue over his face. 
Vishwavihari Swami requested Jogi Swami, "Swami, please 
speak a few words of blessings". 

Jogi Swami, while giving blessings, said, "This human 
birth is very rare. One cannot get this human life even by giving 
millions of rupees. The human life cannot be obtained frequently. 
So, we should not let it go in vain". 

Jogi Swami is now in advanced age. Therefore, if we insist 
that he speak a few words, he would say, "You are doing 
devotion and continue to do so. There is a great benefit in doing 
devotion". Thus, generally, he speaks a few sentences but here 
Swami talked to Latin Americans about the importance and 
purpose of human life, which was a befitting, and worth telling 
thing to them. 

There is an incident mentioned in the 'Vachanamrut'. 
Shree Hari arrived in village Khambhada from Sarangpur. There 
were no Satsangis in that village at that time but people of that 
village were devout. Shreeji Maharaj told them to observe 'Panch 
Vartaman' (Five principles of good conduct). Such thing was 
happening in Latin America. 

Thus in Latin America, the time passed with the speed 
of lightning. Everybody had thought that the long journey would 
tire Swami but Pujya Swami looked more and more energetic 
and fresh during the journey of Latin America. He looked fresh 
as if with the love and affection of Latin American devotees, he 
experienced freshness. Thus after concluding a historic religious 
tour successfully, Swami again returned to New Jersey. This 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

time Swami stayed at the home of Rameshbhai Savaliya, a 
former student of Gurukul. The love and dedication of 
Rameshbhai is unique. We would like to remember Jivrajbhai 
Vasani and Madhubhai Mandanka along with Rameshbhai. All 
the three are brothers-in-law in relation. These disciples could 
not be at rest without listening to discourses on 'Satsang' (Katha- 

In Canada 

When Swami was visiting America, the devotees in 
Canada also heartily wished to have 'Darshan' and 'Satsang' 
of Pujya Swami. They wanted Swami to visit Canada. In 1983, 
when Pujya Gurudev first visited Canada, the seeds of 'Satsang' 
were sown there. 

With the insistence of loving devotees of Canada, Jogi 
Swami, Purani Swami Shree Bhaktiprakashdasji and other saints 
went to Canada in the cars of Dineshbhai Gajera and Dipubhai 
Gajera. On the way to Johnston, we stayed at the home of Dr. 
Dilipbhai. On the next day, we all reached the motel of 
Mansukhbhai Paghadal at city Rome. 

Swami proceeded from the city of Rom. On the way, we 
reached the river Niagara flowing between America and 
Canada. The world famous Niagara fall is nearby. This fall is 
considered a wonder of nature. There are many falls in the world 
but the beauty of Niagara is unique. Very big flow of river 
Niagara falls from the height of a few hundred feet. Its roaring 
sound can be heard from far. The water particles emanating 
from the fall create clouds, which can be enjoyed even from 
far. It creates rainbows every day. At night, in the lighting 
arranged there, it gives the impression of celestial city 

In Canada 


(Gandharvanagari). Millions of tourists come to see this rare spot 
of natural beauty. During winter, the waterfall assumes the form 
of ice. The river seems to be more beautiful. The Golden rays of 
the sun falling upon the flowing water, gives the illusion of 
colourful crystal gems. 

Whenever Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj went to America, 
he never missed an opportunity to go there. Reverend Jogi Swami 
stood near the fall. He pointed his hand at the fall and said, 
"Oh! See how much of water is flowing! How great is the 
creation of God! If we had water of this amount in our country, 
the people would have been prosperous". 

For Jogi Swami it was not merely a flow of water. It was 
the beautiful expression of God and the good wishes for the 
Indian people as well. Like Niagara fall, the fall of Love and 
grace always flow from the heart of a true saint and it is more 
beautiful than any waterfall in the world. 

In Canada, Swami stayed at the home of Bhogibhai Patel 
for a night. Bhogibhai is a very good devotee and now he has 
settled in America. 

On 16/9/2000 in the morning, programmes of lunch, 
an assembly and session of meditation were arranged at the 
residence of Sumanbhai Patel, who is a leading Haribhakta. 
Purani Swami, with the cassette of Dhyan-Chintamani, helped 
all the devotees to meditate upon the Murti of Shree Hari and 
with the discourse on Shree Hari's divine actions (Charitras), 
delighted all the devotees. 

In the afternoon, 'Thai' for Thakoraji was arranged at 
the residence of the loving devotee Anantbhai Malaviya. Swami 
took food there. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

A Satsang assembly was arranged in Sanatan Mandir 
in the evening. A great number of devout were present in the 
meeting. Shree Chimanbhai Patel and other leading devotees 
welcomed Jogi Swami with great love and reverence. Everyone 
felt great joy with the Darshan of Jogi Swami. It was a rare 
occasion in this far off country to have the 'Darshan' of such a 
great saint attached to Shree Hari forever. When Swami 
performed 'Aarti' of the Deities in the temple, all the devotees 
felt themselves fortunate. 

In the return journey from Canada, Swami stayed at 
the residence of Rasikbhai Patel for a night. In the early morning, 
he left for America from there. On the way, he again stayed for 
a while at Niagara fall. On the way to America, he stayed for 
some time at the residence of Dr. Dilipbhai Thakkar and then 
he arrived at the residence of the loving devotee Ghanshyambhai 
Mirani in the evening. 

During the visit of Canada, Jogi Swami was 
accompanied by Purani Swami, Vishvavihari Swami, 
Shreevallabhdas Swami, Shantipriyadas Swami and Vashram 

Dinesh Gajera, a former student of Gurukul, stayed 
almost one month with the saints along with his van. Dinesh' s 
van was big and his heart was bigger. For the long journey, his 
van was very comfortable for Jogi Swami. One seat was removed 
from the van; hence, Jogi Swami could sleep well in the van 
during the long journey. On arrival of the destination, 
Vishwavihari Swami used to wake up Swami. Thus, Dinesh 
had got great benefit of serving Jogi Swami. 

In New Jersey 


In New Jersey 

-• • • 

When Pujya Jogi Swami had gone to Latin America and 
Canada, Purani Hariswarupdasji and I happened to go to 
Chicago. Devotee Popatbhai Radadiya, Maganbhai Vekariya, 
Pithadiya family, Arjunbhai Malaviya and Dr. Arvindbhai etc. 
had got the benefit of 'Darshan' of Jogi Swami and now their 
hearty desire was to get the benefit of the discourses of Shree 
Hariswarupdasji. Therefore, along with a group of saints, we 
went to Chicago for eight to ten days. While coming back from 
Canada, Jogi Swami came to Ghanshyambhai Mirani's home 
at New Jersey and after finishing the programme at Chicago, 
we also joined the team of Jogi Swami there. 

Ghanshyambhai Mirani is a very good devotee. His entire 
family is good and devoted to 'Satsang' tradition. His relative 
Kishorbhai Thakkar and others are also loving devotees. A very 
good session of 'Satsang' was arranged there. 

Now Kabariya family had hearty desire to invite Jogi 
Swami to their home. Amitbhai, Pradipbhai, Ashokbhai and 
Prafulbhai, all the four brothers have become good devotees, 
due to contact with Pujya Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj. 
Chaturbhai Vaghasiya is their brother-in-law. Their love and 
service to the 'Satsang' society is really commendable. Swami 
stayed at the home of Amitbhai. It was evening of 25th Sept. 
2000. Many devotees were coming for the Darshan of Jogi 
Swami. The reading of religious scriptures and singing of 
'Kirtans' were done in presence of Jogi Swami. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Apply Clove Oil 

A Haribhakta namely Dhirubhai came to Amitbhai's 
home for the 'Darshan' of Jogi Swami. He is from village Panch- 
Talavada. He is son-in-law of Bhimjibapa, a leading devotee of 

Dhirubhai's father Shree Laljibapa was a good devotee 
of Bhagawan Shree Ram. He was very much compassionate 
and he used to provide food to any guest or poor person or 
visitor at his house. He has built up a beautiful temple of Shree 
Ram on the bank of a pond in the village Panch-Talavada. He 
has also built up an inn for the saints and guests there. 

Dhirubhai has inherited the virtues of his father and 
'Satsang' from his maternal side. Despite being settled in 
America, Dhirubhai has maintained his virtues intact. His love 
for the saints and 'Satsang' has remained intact. 

Dhirubhai was suffering from severe headache. He tried 
many medicines yet the headache could not be cured. Dr. 
Kishorbhai, who is from village Krakanch lives in Altoona and 
is a good friend of Dhirubhai. Dr. Kishorbhai was also not a 
member of 'Satsang' fellowship but as he came into contact of 
'Satsang', he became a good devotee. 

Dr. Kishorbhai regularly sent medicines to Dhirubhai 
from Altoona, yet he was not cured. Thus years passed. In the 
meanwhile, Pujya Jogi Swami went to America. 

Dr. Kishorbhai said to Dhirubhai, "Dhirubhai, please 
go to Jogi Swami. Jogi Swami is a great and capable saint. Go 
for his 'Darshan' and seek his blessings. With the grace of Jogi 
Swami, Shree Hari would surely cure you". 

Apply The Clove Oil 


On the suggestion of Dr. Kishorbhai, Dhirubhai came 
for the 'Darshan' of Swami. He hesitated at first to speak to 
Swami about his problem. 

There were many disciples near Pujya Swami. He did 
not get an opportunity to speak to Swami personally. He was 
hesitant to speak to Swami in the presence of others about his 
problem. At last, he got a chance. Dhirubhai said to Vishvavihari 
Swami, "I want to have 'Darshan' of Jogi Swami and as I am 
suffering from constant headache, I want to have his blessings". 

Vishvavihari Swami took him to Swami and appraised 
Jogi Swami about his problem. Jogi Swami called him near and 
placed his thumbs on the either sides of forehead of Dhirubhai. 
After some time, Jogi Swami said, "I would say tomorrow about 
what you should do". For some unknown reason, Jogi Swami 
postponed prescribing any medicine. 

Dhirubhai went home. Next day in the morning, Jogi 
Swami was performing 'Pooja'. He was moving the Mala. The 
saints were singing the 'Kirtans' and were reading the scriptures 
one by one. Suddenly as the rainy clouds gather in the sky, 
Swami had a wave of joy. Swami said, "O Vihari! That devotee, 
who had come last evening and was complaining about his 
constant headache, tell him to apply the clove oil on the head. 
Also, ask him to chant Mala with Swaminarayan Maha-Mantra. 
Maharaj would do well". 

Vishwavihari Swami told Amitbhai, "The devotee who 
had come last evening, contact him on telephone and convey to 
him the message of Swami". Amitbhai contacted Dhirubhai on 
telephone and told him what Jogi Swami had suggested. What 
a miraculous effect of the compassion of Shree Hari and the 
grace of a great saint! The headache of Dhirubhai vanished 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Dhirubhai has met us many a time. He has visited India 
also. At present, he has no headache at all. While talking about 
it, he remembers Jogi Swami with tears of joy in his eyes. 

See, how effective is the medicines prescribed by Swami 
for one disease. He suggested Ravibhai to gargle with salty water 
and to Dhirubhai; he suggested applying clove oil on the head. 
When Pujya Devkrishnadasji Swami was suffering from 
headache, Swami suggested him to tie 'Rotlo' of soil on the head. 

The medicines prescribed by Jogi Swami may not be 
conforming to the rules of medical science. Even great doctors 
also may fumble but the medicine prescribed by swami would 
surely work with perfect accuracy. Swami' s medicine means 
perfect remedy. 


-• • 

Reverend Swami arrived at the residence of Pradipbhai 
Kalariya. Then Swami came to Prafulbhai Kabariya's home and 
stayed there for a night. The 'Satsang' tour of America was 
near its conclusion. There were only a few hours left before 
departure. At last, Pujya Swami came to the home of Chaturbhai 

A farewell function was organised on 22nd Sept. As 
Swami was returning to India, a large number of devotees had 
gathered in the assembly to bid farewell to him and the saints. 
Dhoon, Bhajan and 'Kirtans' were going on. However, Jogi 
Swami was in a different mood today. Despite repeated requests 
of Vishwavihari Swami, Swami did not agree to come to the 
assembly. Vishwavihari Swami persuaded him as if somebody 
coaxes a child. "Swami, so many devotees have come from far 



off places for your Darshan and if you do not come, they will be 

Thus, Vishwavihari Swami made repeated requests to 
Jogi Swami to come in the assembly. When he heard the words 
'the devotees would be disappointed', he immediately consented 
to come to the assembly. Swami arrived at the assembly. He 
was very happy to see everybody doing 'Dhoon - Bhajan'. All 
the devotees took the benefit of worshipping Jogi Swami. 

Everybody had a desire to listen to Jogi Swami. Swami 
also was very glad and spoke wonderful words. At first, he said, 
'Jay Swaminarayan' to all. Then Swami said, "Good occasion 
has arrived. Muktanand Swami has prayed to Maharaj": 

'Oh my beloved God, please come to my home 

And how great is the compassion of Maharaj! 

"O God! I was a very small blade of grass; you have made 
me as big as a mountain". 

"Maharaj is the Supreme God. There is a great benefit in 
his devotion. Therefore, you may continue to do devotion". All 
those who heard, were deeply influenced by his words. 

Jogi Swami likes these words of Muktanand Swami very 
much. Swami used to sing these lines very often with rhythm. 
While singing of these lines, the joy of meeting with Maharaj 
would be there. This saint, while living in the physical body, 
has become one with Shree Hari and his life is unshakable like a 
mountain. He has never attached to any worldly thing. At the 
same time, he never forgets that this status is due to Shreeji 

In the farewell assembly of that day, Jogi Swami gave 
handful of sanctified 'Prasad' (offering) of almond and sugar 
crystals to everybody. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

23rd Sept. was the day to leave New Jersey. Chaturbhai 
and his sons Ghanshyam, Rahul and other family members did 
'Pooja' of Swami with pain of departure in their hearts. 

Dipubhai Gajera, Pravinbhai Vora, Ramesh Savaliya, 
Dinesh Gajera, Ashvinbhai Gajera, Madhubhai Mandanka, 
Jivrajbhai Vasani, Arunbhai Ribadiya, Virjibhai Paghadal, 
Amitbhai Kabariya, Prafulbhai Kabariya, Vamanbhai etc. 
devotees had gathered in great number to bid farewell to Swami 
with the pain of separation in their hearts. Everyone's heart 
was overwhelmed. 

The divine joy given by Swami during his visit to America 
for quite a long time was indescribable and then Swami was 
leaving. This occasion of bidding farewell to Swami was shaking 
hearts of everybody. 

The Magic Disappearance of Sandals 

On this occasion of farewell, a strange thing happened. 
Some loving devotee desired to have some object as a memory 
of Swami's visit to America, so that he could remember Pujya 
Swami forever. Bhagawan Ramchandraji had given His 'Paduka' 
(wooden sandals) to Bharatji. Shree Hari had given His turban 
to Ardeshar. Some one thought on this line to get such an object. 

Thinking on that line, that devotee decided to preserve 
'Mojadi' (Sandals) of Swami as an all time memory of Jogi 
Swami, but it was not possible to get the same on request or by 

I think that when that devotee would not have got any 
straight way to get 'Mojadi' of Swami, he would have memory 
the incident, when Joban Pagi on the pretext of getting the 

The Magic Disappearance of Sandals 


'Charan-Raf (feet-dust) of Shree Hari, had taken up Shree Hari's 
Mojadi and had hidden it in his armpit. He would have thought 
that he would not get desired Mojadi on demand or by grace of 
Swami. Therefore, he thought himself to become Bharat or 
Ardesarji and have the 'Mojadi' with trick played by Joban Pagi 
and really, that devotee hid the Mojadi on the occasion of 

The moments of farewell were heavy with emotions. All 
the devotees had taken their seats in their cars. The way to 
Airport was long. There was an apprehension of traffic -jam on 
the way. 

None could find the Mojadi of Swami when he had to 
sit in the car. Vishwavihari Swami asked other volunteers to 
search for the Mojadi of Swami but they could not find it. There 
was some embarrassment. As Shree Hanumanji and other 
monkeys were searching for Sitaji, Vishwavihari Swami and 
other saints were searching for Swami's Mojadi. Despite intense 
search, Mojadi could not be found. 

Joban Pagi had returned Mojadi, which was hidden by 
him in his armpit to Maharaj in time but that devotee did not 
return Mojadi of Jogi Swami when needed by him. The Mojadi 
hidden by that devotee could not be found! 

At last, we had to give up the search of Mojadi. We could 
understand that someone had played a trick of Joban Pagi hence, 
it could not be found. Swami sat in the car without Mojadi. The 
accompanying devotees hurriedly purchased a Mojadi of canvas 
for Swami from a shopping centre on the way. 

Thus leaving behind Mojadi of Swami in America, we 
proceeded towards London. 

Much time had elapsed, yet the Mojadi of Swami has 
not been found until today. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

Good Luck for Botswana 

On 24th Sept. 2000, Swami once again came to London. 
The people of London are lucky to get the benefit of 'Darshan' 
and 'Satsang' of Swami twice. 

Much time had elapsed since Jogi Swami had left India 
for America. Much time had been spent in America. Swami 
was to return to India directly from London but the love of the 
devotees of South Africa was calling him. 

Shree Chandrakantbhai, Shree Harshadbhai, Shree 
Jitubhai, Shree Ghanshyambhai etc. devotees living in Botswana 
are originally from the village Nar in Gujarat. They earnestly 
requested Jogi Swami to come to Botswana. 

This family has been the member of 'Satsang' since the 
time of Bhagawan Swaminarayan. Many years ago, Bhagawan 
Swaminarayan had come to the village Nar. At that time, none 
was the member of 'Satsang' fellowship in that village. 
Therefore, the people were unaware of the greatness of Shree 
Hari. Maharaj had stayed in the outskirts of this village. At that 
time, the elders of this family had served food to Maharaj. Shree 
Hari had become very glad with this pious family. 

Due to the divine 'Darshan' and influence of Shree Hari, 
this family became 'Satsangi' and 'Satsang' has been 
strengthened. Though this family is originally a Patel family, as 
they became 'Satsangi' and accepted the shelter of Bhagawan 
Swaminarayan, the family became known as 'Swami' family. 
The virtues of 'Satsang' have been strengthened very much in 
this family with the passage of time. 

Harshadbhai' s father Chaturbhai was also a very good 
devotee. Kamalaba, the mother of Harshadbhai was like a free 

Good Luck For Botswana 


soul. Shree Hari had given her His 'Darshan' many a times. At 
the time of her departure for 'Akshardham' Shree Hari gave 
His 'Darshan' to her and took her to 'Akshardham'. 

The members of the family have imbibed the virtues from 
their mother. All the members of this family observe the rules of 
'Satsang' with great faith. This family requested Jogi Swami to 
sanctify their homes with his arrival. Jogi Swami gracefully 
accepted the request. 

'Premi jan ne vash Pataliyo, Shyam sunder sukhkari re 

Jati varan ne rupe na rije, Prabhujine Bhakti Pyari re' 

Means: Shyam, the God who is having surpassing 
beauty, bestows pleasure on His devotees. He could be pleased 
only by love and not by caste, sub-caste or colour of skin. Shyam 
loves devotion only. 

On 2-10-2000, after a long journey, Swami arrived in 
Johannesburg in South Africa. Botswana is far from this city. 
This 'Swami' family had arranged for a small-chartered plane, 
so that Jogi Swami shall not face any inconvenience. The plane 
could accommodate 10 tol2 persons from Johannesburg to 

After arriving at Johannesburg, Jogi Swami sat, along 
with other saints in a small eagle like plane. The long distance 
from London to Johannesburg had taken time of almost nine 
hours. The procedures at the airports were also tiresome. We 
had a little fear that Swami would be tired but it was surprising 
that Jogi Swami looked fresher than all of we were. He was 
gladly talking to everybody. 

The pilot and co-pilot saluted Jogi Swami. He gave 
blessings to both the pilots. Those European pilots were very 
fortunate to receive the blessings of Jogi Swami. These pilots 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

must have flown many flights and accommodated many 
tourists, rich and powerful, but today a pilot of the 'Akshardham' 
was travelling in their plane. 

When Pujya Swami got down at Botswana airport, the 
devotees became emotional. Apart from four brothers, 
Akshaybhai, Samirbhai, Mukeshbhai, Vijaybhai, Hasmukhbhai, 
Dineshbhai, South Indian Dr. Shree Ram, Snehal, Pragnesh, 
Mayur, Harshad, Manish etc. devotees' hearts were 
overwhelmed with joy. Pujya Swami stayed at Harshadbhai's 
home for a week and made his home like a place of pilgrimage. 
The devotees living in Gaborone Francis, Lobatse etc. towns got 
the rare chance of 'Darshan' and 'Satsang' of Swami. 

As Hariswarupdasji Swami was with us, there was no 
let up in 'Satsang' and Katha-Varta. The 'Swami' family had a 
great desire to have some permanent memory of Swami' s visit 
to this place. After much thinking, all agreed on an idea of tree 
planting at the pious hands of Jogi Swami. 

With the chanting of 'Stotras' of Shree Hari, trees were 
planted at the pious hands of Jogi Swami. There were not merely 
trees; they were trees of 'Satsang'. These trees would give the 
fruits of love and devotion. Jogi Swami was moving to nourish 
the garden of 'Satsang'. 

Arrival in Pretoria 
• • • 

The devotees of South Africa came to know that Pujya 
Swami had come to Botswana. Shree Gunvantbhai, Shree 
Jivanbhai, Shree Mahendrabhai, Shree Ashwinbhai etc. 
devotees of South Africa were very eager to have the 'Darshan' 
of Jogi Swami. They all came from Pretoria to invite Swami to 
come to South Africa. 

Arrival at Pretoria 


Botswana is considered as Central Africa while Pretoria 
and Johannesburg are situated in South Africa. 

Gunvantbhai Sodha is a very good devotee in Pretoria. 
Sodha and Joshi families belong to Rajkot. 

Gunvantbhai's mother Godavariba was a very good 
devotee. Her virtues have been inherited by Gunvantbhai. 
Gunvantbhai lived in Rajkot in his young age. At that time, the 
Gurukul had just started. He came to Gurukul on bicycle for 

As they have been settled in South Africa many years 
ago, the home of Joshi family and that of ancestors of 
Gunvantbhai were the centers of Gandhiji's activities. When 
Mahatma Gandhi was in South Africa, he lived with this family 
for long. 

On 7th Oct. 2000, Jogi Swami came to Pretoria. In the 
auspicious memory of his mother, Gunvantbhai Sodha had 
purchased the land admeasuring 40, 000 sq. yards for Gurukul. 
He had an intense desire to sanctify the land with the footprints 
of Jogi Swami and a branch of Gurukul be started in this foreign 
country. As per the auspicious volition of Gunvantbhai, with 
the chanting of 'Veda Mantras' Pooja of Thakoraji was 
performed. 'Bhumi-Poojan' was performed at the auspicious 
hands of Jogi Swami. Jogi Swami sprinkled Kum-Kum, rice and 
flowers on the land. He sprinkled the water offered to the God, 
on this land and sanctified the same. 

Gunvantbhai decided to donate this land to Gurukul to 
start a branch of Gurukul there. With the sounding of the 
Mantra of Shree Hari, one historical work was concluded. 
Incidentally, the sky started showering its blessings in the form 
of a shower as if the deities of heaven were happy with the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

In the evening, a public assembly was organised in the Hindu 
temple here. Shree Hariswarupdasji gave a remarkably 
auspicious speech. Many people of Gujarat live in the middle of 
Pretoria. A Hindu temple was being created by Gujarati society 
here. On request of the Gujarati society, Jogi Swami came to 
this place. Swami performed 'Pooja', installed a brick where 
the throne of Thakoraji was to be built and gave auspicious 
blessings as 'May Shree Hari arranges to complete the work of 
this temple at the earliest'. 

During his short stay in Africa, Jogi swami did many 
historical works. The disciples gave farewell to him. Here in 
India the devotees were eagerly waiting for Swami's return. 
On 9th Oct. 2000 after completion of his historic tour Swami 
came back to the holy land of India. 

Vishwamangal Mahotsav 

After Jogi Swami returned to India, with his auspicious 
blessings and presence, a grand Vishwamangal Festival was 
celebrated from 27-12-2001 to 31-12-2001 at Shree 
Swaminarayan Gurukul Vishwavidya Pratishthanam (SGVP), 
Chharodi. Incidentally, it was 175th anniversary of Shikshapatri, 
200th year of Swaminarayan Mahamantra and also a birth 
centenary year of Pujya Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj. To celebrate 
all these three auspicious events, this Vishwamangal Mahotsav 
was arranged. 

On the occasion of this festival, a grand International 
School of SGVP was inaugurated at the auspicious hands of 
Pujya Jogi Swami. As per the liking of Pujya Gurudev Shastriji 
Maharaj and Pujya Jogi Swami, Campaign of writing of 
Swaminarayan Mahamantra was started with the inspiration 

Rishikesh sadhana shibir 


and blessings of Pujya Jogi Swami. Thousands of disciples from 
India and abroad participated in this festival and several 
religious leaders blessed this occasion with their presence. 

Rushikesh Sadhana Shibir 

• • • 

Before leaving for the Akshardham, Gurudev Shastriji 
Maharaj had established a divine tradition of arranging a 
spiritual camp at Rushikesh. The spiritual camp arranged at 
Rushikesh in presence of Pujya Gurudev has become an 
inexhaustible source of inspiration for everybody. 

After the departure of Gurudev for Akshardham, this 
glorious tradition has been continued in the auspicious presence 
of Pujya Jogi Swami. 

Entire Gurukul family had an intense desire to organise 
a 'Sadhana Shibir' on the bank of the river Ganga at Rushikesh 
in the auspicious presence of Pujya Jogi Swami. Therefore, a 
'Sadhana Shibir' was arranged at Rushikesh during the period 
from 07 November 2002 to 17 November 2002 in which apart 
from the Saints and Parshads as many as 1400 devotees from 
our country as well as from abroad participated. 

The foot of Himalayas and the bank of grand sacred river 
Ganga, these two were added with the divine presence of great 
saint Pujya Jogi Swami. At such a tri-confluence, who would 
not wish to join this Shibir? 

The Chairman of Rushikesh Paramarth Niketan Ashram, 
Swami Chidanandji Saraswati Maharaj (Muniji) insisted with 
great reverence, "Madhavpriya Swami! This time you are to 
stay here in Paramarth Niketan along with all the participants". 
In view of the love and insistence of Muniji Maharaj, this Shibir 
was arranged in the Paramarth Niketan. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

From the early morning until midnight, continuous 
programmes of Bhajan-Smaran, devotion and meditation were 
arranged. Amongst all these programmes meditation in the 
morning, bath in the river Ganga at noon, assembly amidst the 
forest in the afternoon, the divine 'Darshan' of evening 'Aarti' 
of the River Ganga in big gathering, various festivals at night 
and 'Satsang' were unforgettable for all. 

On 9th Nov. 2002, when Jogi swami arrived at the Shibir, 
the participants felt themselves bathing in the ocean of divine 
joy. The silent presence of Pujya Jogi Swami could nourish the 
spirituality in the hearts of all. 

Auspicious Memory of Shibir 


On 9 November 2002, Jogi Swami gave a 'Berkho' (Mai 
with few beads) to every Saint and Parshad as a memory of 
this 'Shibir'. The 'Berkhas' were made of the wood of 'Rayan' 
tree of village Velal which was blessed by Shreeji Maharaj. 
Whenever Shree Hari came to Velal, he used to stay at night in 
the farm of Jesangbhai under this tree. Shree Hari used to sit 
under the cool shade of this big 'Rayan' tree in the assembly of 
500 Paramhans. This shady tree of 'Rayan' is still standing as a 
witness of several divine deeds of Shree Hari. 

In view of this Shibir, Kirtaniya Swami Bhagwatcharandasji, 
Swami Dharmapriyadasji and Swami Vishwaviharidasji had 
carefully prepared these 'Berkhas' out of the wood of that 'Rayan' 
tree well in advance. 

When Vishwavihari Swami apprised Jogi Swami about 
those 'Berkhas', Jogi Swami said, "We will give these 'Berkhas' 
to the Saints. They would be pleased". When Swami distributed 

A Holy Ganaga-Snan 


those 'Berkhas' to the Saints and Parshads, they experienced 
great joy in their hearts. 

The participants of this Shibir immediately got the news 
that the Saints and Parshads have got 'Berkhas'. The participants 
thought that it would be good if they also got something as a 
'Prasadi' at the hands of Pujya Jogi Swami. To fulfill the wishes 
of the participant devotees, during the evening meeting in the 
woods, Jogi Swami gave 'Prasadi' of dry fruits and sugar crystals 
in plenty to every participant at his own hands. That was not 
only a 'Prasad' but it was a divine joy of relationship between 
Swami and Shree Hari distributed by him. 

The 'Prasad' was also sent to the assembly of female 
devotees and the same was distributed among them by 
Sankhyayogi women disciples. 

A Holy Ganaga-Snan 

-• • • 

On 11th Nov. 2002 Pujya Swami was specially present 
at Paramarth Niketan Ghat for Bath in the River Ganga. To 
take bath in the Ganga easily, a small stream was diverted from 
mainstream near the steps. A long wall of stone was constructed 
between both the streams and a big Murti of Gangadhar 
Mahadev was installed exactly on the opposite of the Ghat. A 
stage was created nearby for the 'Abhishek' of 'Thakoraji'. A 
bridge of wood-planks was created over the small flow of the 
Ganga. The bridge facilitated Jogi Swami and other Saints to 
come near the stage. The Saints and the participants were 
singing the verses of 'Vandu Sahajanand Rasrup'. Jogi Swami 
and other elder Saints performed the 'Abhishek" of Thakoraji 
with the water of Ganga mixed with saffron as per the rituals. 
There was a big gathering on the Ghat at that time to have the 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

'Darshan' of 'Abhishek'. The blessed water of 'Abhishek' was 
sprinkled over the participants. With the help of submersible 
pump in the Ganga, the leading Saints sprinkled the water of 
the Ganga over the devotees freely. The devotees on receiving 
the benefit of that sprinkle bath felt themselves fulfilled and 
they became extremely glad. 

'Aarti' of Gangaji 

-• • • 

It is a great benefit of life to have the divine 'Darshan' of 
'Aarti' of great River Ganga in the evening. It is an experience 
to be remembered forever. As the 'Aarti' of River Ganga is 
performed at Harki Paidi (a place on the bank of River Ganga 
in Haridwar) daily in the evening, in the same way a grand 
'Aarti' of Ganga is performed at the Ghat of Paramarth Niketan 
Ashram. A 'Yagna-Kund' is there on the Ghat of Paramarth 
Niketan Ashram where the Brahmins of the Ashram daily 
perform the 'Yagna' as per rituals. Thereafter, with the tunes of 
musical instruments, they chant the Hanuman Chalisa and then 
they perform 'Aarti' of Ganga-Maiya daily. 

Pujya Jogi Swami specially attended the 'Aarti' of 
Gangaji. The entire atmosphere was divine and beautiful. The 
Chairman of Paramarth Niketan Ashram, Muniji Maharaj was 
overwhelmed with joy on the arrival of Pujya Jogi Swami. 

Four-five big 'Aartis' with many wicks were lighted 
along With the chanting of Ved Mantras. At the same time 
several small 'Aartis' were also lighted. When Pujya Jogi Swami 
performed 'Aarti' with his own hand, the great River Bhagirathi 
(Ganga) would be thinking, "O Swami! From whose feet, I am 
incarnated; you are bearing that Bhagawan Narayan in your 
heart all the time. You have come to these places of pilgrimage 
to sanctify the same". 

Epilogue : A Cemtre of Abiding 


As per daily routine, after 'Aarti' was performed, Muniji 
did the 'Dhoon' of 'Gopal Bolo Hari Govind Bolo' in a sweet 
voice with music. He also did Dhoon of Swaminarayan Maha 
Mantra with love. The big gathering of devotees also responded 
with love. The sound of this 'Dhoon' was echoing in the sky. 
The divine sound spread far and wide with the flowing sound 
of the River Ganga. 

Thus, in the auspicious presence of Pujya Jogi Swami, 
that unique Sadhana Shibir was concluded on 17 November 
2002, Sunday. 

Epilogue : 
A Centre of Abiding Faith 

• • • 

Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj, Purani Swami 
Premprakashdasji and Jogi Swami, this trinity of Gurukul had 
great love and reverence amongst them. 

As such, Jogi Swami was totally detached from the 
dealings of the Gurukul but his indirect contribution to the service 
activities of the Gurukul is incomparable. 

As some ascetic would be constantly performing penance 
(Tapasharya), Jogi Swami, by sitting in a corner of the Gurukul, 
was doing 'Dhoon-Bhajan' constantly. Because of his devotion 
and penance, various activities of Gurukul got momentum and 
Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj received great support. 

All these three Saints understood the importance of each 
other very well. Jogi Swami was doing 'Pooja-Path', was moving 
Mala and Jap up to noon. At the time of serving 'Thai' to the 
God in the temple, Jogi Swami used to conclude his Pooja. 
Thereafter he used to go to the prayer hall for the 'Darshan' 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

and then he used to go to the seat of Gurudev. Gurudev Shastriji 
Maharaj would be waiting for him eagerly. 

When Jogi Swami would arrive, Shastri Swami would 
speak with due respect and love, "See, the Jogi has come". Those 
words would be full of love. 

Some times Gurudev himself would come to the place of 
Jogi Swami and would talk to him. 

Sadguru Mahant Swami had advised him, "Jogi! After 
my departure for Akshardham, you should live in the 'Kul' 

On the words of his Guru Mahant Swami, Jogi Swami is 
residing in Gurukul for many years and he has made Gurukul 
a place of penance. Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj, with great love 
and reverence, had made this great Saint agreed to stay in 

I remember an incident showing love and reverence in 
between these two great Saints. Once, Gurudev Shastriji 
Maharaj was suffering from continuous severe hiccups. Due to 
continuous hiccups day and night, he was unable to take food 
and water and even unable to sleep. Gurudev was in advanced 
age at that time and fell week. He had fever also. Moreover, 
these hiccups caused great trouble for him. Gurudev was a 
patient and tolerant great Saint. So he did not express his pain, 
but due to the pain of Gurudev, the entire Gurukul family was 
afflicted and worried. The Saints and the students were praying 
to Shree Hari with 'Dhoon-Bhajan' to cure Gurudev. Despite 
many treatments, the hiccupping could not be cured. 

Some Vaidyaraj (Ayurvedic Doctor) recommended, 
"Swami! If you would take the burnt ashes of peacock's feathers, 
hiccups would be cured". However, Shastriji Maharaj strongly 

Epilogue : A Cemtre of Abiding 


refused saying, "The remains of peacock's feathers could be 
considered an animal product. We cannot take that because we 
would incur the sin of eating flesh" . Shastriji Maharaj was very 
strict in observance of his rules under any adverse situation. 
The difficulty of hiccups lasted long. 

Once it was 10 O'clock in the morning. Gurudev was 
sitting on his seat. In the meanwhile, Jogi Swami, after finishing 
his Pooja, came for the 'Darshan' of Shastriji Maharaj. 

Jogi Swami asked Shastriji Maharaj, "Swami! Do these 
hiccups trouble you much?" 

Shastriji Maharaj said, "Yes Jogi! See, it is not yet cured". 
As the cow loves her calf, Jogi Swami, with love, saw at the 
throat and chest of Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj. 

Gurudev said, "Jogi! You are a pious Saint. Please pray 
to Maharaj, so that the hiccups could be cured". 

Jogi Swami said, "Swami! I will pray to Maharaj". 

Jogi Swami came down to his seat, placed 'Thakoraji' in 
front of him, lighted a lamp and started continuous 'Jap'. 

Shree Hari listened to his prayer. The hiccups which were 
troubling Gurudev for so many days, surprisingly got cured. 
The entire Gurukul family became extremely happy. Thus, the 
relationship between these two great Saints was unique. 

After the departure of Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj for 
Akshardham, Jogi Swami became much dejected. As he had 
great affection for Gurudev, he became restless. 

Sometimes Jogi Swami would say, in a tone of sadness, 
"See! Purani has left, Shastriji has also left. Now I don't want to 
live in this world". 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

On hearing such words from Jogi Swami, everyone in 
Gurukul family experienced pain. All were worried because 
Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj was like father of Gurukul family, 
whereas Purani Swami and Jogi Swami were regarded as 
mothers of Gurukul family. 

Purani Swami left for Akshardham earlier. Then 
Gurudev left for Akshardham and now if Jogi Swami also left 
the entire Gurukul family would feel supportless. 

The Saints and Parshads were praying from their hearts 
to Maharaj," O Maharaj! Please remove gloom of Swami". 

Shree Hari listened to the prayer coming from the depth 
of everyone's heart. Therefore, with His divine inspiring power, 
He slowly removed the gloom of Swami. Shree Hari showed 
compassion on countless salvation seeking souls and let Jogi 
Swami to be with us. 

In 30th Vachanamrut of Gadhada Antya (Last Canto), 
Shree Hari has said, "If I become gloomy and indifferent, I would 
go away from this body. That is why I know that I should not 
be gloomy or indifferent because in my proximity these male 
and female devotees gladly worship God. That is good. I am 
happy to see them all doing devotion. All human beings are 
mortal but doing devotion is a great benefit of life" . 

Almost due to this reason, Swami is living with us. Not 
only that, but after the departure of Gurudev for Akshardham, 
in the interest of 'Satsang', Swami has changed his attitude 
unexpectedly. Earlier Swami remained more and more within 
self but now he remains with the surrounding to some extent. 

Despite remaining totally detached from the dealings of 
the Gurukul, as the pulse of the heart keeps the heart functioning, 
Swami has kept all the service activities of the Gurukul live. 

Epilogue : A Cemtre of Abiding 


Jogi Swami is an incomparable centre of faith for 150 
Saints and Parshads of Gurukul. 

'We are to please Jogi Swami, not to displease him in 
any way', this is only volition of Gurukul family that has kept 
alive and progressing all the service activities of the Gurukul. 

The Saints and Parshads of various branches of Gurukul, 
always wish that Swami should live with them. Swami also 
visits the branches of Gurukul to fulfill their desire. 

Whenever Swami arrives in any branch, service activities 
and devotion get increased to a great extent. Though Swami 
would remain silent, his devotional and penance-full presence, 
gives momentum to the several benevolent and spiritual pious 
activities beyond imagination. 

As the moon nourishes herbal plants and trees, mere 
presence of Swami would nourish the Gurukul's food-donation, 
educational and devotional (Anna-dan, Vidya-dan and Abhay- 
dan, surrender to God) activities. Thus after the departure of 
Gurudev for Akshardham, Jogi Swami has become the 
incomparable centre of abiding faith for the entire Gurukul 

As the 'Meru' is a bigger bead, which remains at the 
centre of the Mala, Jogi Swami is like a 'Meru' in the Mala like 
group of Saints of Gurukul and he is maintaining his Mala with 
an invisible string of love wonderfully. May Shree Hari keep 
him with us for a long time to come for our spiritual upliftment. 
It is our earnest prayer to Shree Hari. At this age, now Swami 
mostly remains engrossed in the Maharaj within him. He does 
not know whether his life story is written or printed. He does 
not care, yet I feel myself fortunate to have an occasion to 
complete this life story of him, in his presence with us. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

In accordance with the foreign tour 

Appendix - 1 

The Land of Immigrants - 

Super Power of the World 
• • • 

America can be considered a country of immigrants. The 
original inhabitants of America have been marginalised. The 
immigrants who came from various countries of Europe have 
usurped their land and made it their own. 

Once, the people of Europe were facing various types of 
hardships. The north Europe remains covered with ice. The other 
parts of Europe also were facing harsh seasons and the cultivable 
land was limited. In the adverse situations, the people of Europe 
were struggling hard for their existence. The whole continent 
was divided into small countries. The conflicts and intrigue 
amongst these countries were at their extreme. 

The people were considering themselves Christians, but 
in the name of religion, dark superstitions were prevailing. The 
religion had become a part of political game. There were several 
factions in Christianity. The people had to struggle constantly 
to maintain themselves and it brought in benefit for them. The 
calamities and struggles made them tough and adventurous. 
To maintain their existence, migration was a must. However, it 
was difficult by land route. Most of the land areas joining the 
continents were covered by ice. The migration or trade with 
other countries through these routes was extremely difficult at 
that time. Only the sea route was open for migration. Therefore, 
the navigation activity developed to a great extent. The 

Appendix - 1 


adventurous people started sailing through the oceans and 
discovered new countries and places. 

However, if the people can understand, the hardships 
are great gifts of God to the human race. As the carpenter gives 
shape to a log of wood, the hardships give shape to the human 
race; develop his spirit to fight the odds to overcome difficulties. 
Our people of Kutch and Saurashtra also, due to several natural 
calamities, have migrated to and settled in many foreign 
countries and have become wealthy and happy. 

The natural and geographical calamities of Europe have 
shaped its people as strong and adventurous. They invented 
many things to make life easy. They opened up new horizons of 
knowledge and scientific research. 

When Europe was struggling with the hardships, India 
was considered to be a country of Gold. The wealth of India 
attracted and inspired several adventurous people to discover 
it. Columbus was on a voyage to discover India but instead of 
India, he discovered vast American continent, which was like a 
wonderful treasure of nature. 

In this land, the Red Indians were living. In the South of 
this continent, Maya civilisation had bloomed. The history of 
Maya civilisation is very interesting. The research on this 
civilisation leads us to believe that these people would have 
migrated to this area from Indian sub-continent or middle Asia. 
The body structure of these people is alike to that of Asian people. 
There are so many words of Indian languages in the language 
of these people. 

We can speculate that the ancestors of these people, 
might have travelled from Mid-Asia through the routes of North 
Pole and might have come down to this area and settled there. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

These Maya people and Red-Indians lived with the nature of 
this land. They were illiterate and superstitious. They had no 
ambition for expansion of their area. They were content with 
what they were getting from the nature. The situation was just 
like ignorant beggars sleeping on some inexhaustible treasure. 
Due to an adventurous voyage of Columbus, the American 
continent was discovered. For the Europeans, this discovery 
opened up a door of the treasure of Kuber (treasurer of heaven). 
In other words, we can say that the doors of a great historical 
and open robbery were opened up. 

The Gangs of so called civilised but in fact barbarians 
coming from Europe, oppressed the local inhabitants. They killed 
thousands of men, women and children of local population. 
With an intention to grab (local inhabitants') wealth, they 
massacred them. The guns became victorious against the arrows 
and the bows. The story of destruction of Maya civilisation is 
heart shaking. 

The people who lived in the forest peacefully in the lap 
of nature were oppressed and massacred like animals. Was 
Columbus an adventurer or a barbarian robber? Let us leave 
the question for the critics. 

The world history is not like a chaste woman but it is 
like a beautiful celestial damsel. She weds only to the victorious 
and moves in the centre of power and wealth. 

The only exception is the history written by Bhagawan 
Ved Vyas. The writer of Mahabharata was totally unprejudiced. 
The world has never seen such a true historian. 

During our tour of America in the year 2003, we 
happened to visit Alaska with Shree Niranjanbhai Vyas. There 
is an Alaskan Heritage Centre in Anchorage, the capital of 

Appendix - 1 


Alaska. We went to see the centre. Here it is being shown, how 
the original inhabitants of Alaska were! Their homes, dresses, 
art and culture have been shown here exactly as they were. 
Original Alaska people work here as guides and the artists and 
they collect funds for the maintenance of this centre. 

In this Heritage Centre, one Alaskan person was giving 
demonstration of wonderful virtues of Alaskan herbs. We asked 
him, "Which religion do you observe?" 

He said, "We observe Christianity." 

We again asked him, "Christianity came to your country 
two or three centuries ago only. What was your religion before 

On hearing our question, that Alaskan gentleman was 
shaken. His face became harsh. He said, "Our only religion was 
to live in the lap of Mother Nature. We lived according to the 
rules of nature. We struggled for our existence in the adverse 
climate prevailing here but our life was full of love and joy. These 
immigrants attacked us and snatched everything from us. They 
destroyed our language, culture and religion." The words of 
that Alaskan gentleman were full of anger against the immigrant 

The immigrants took over America. Passing through 
various rise and fall and wars among the people, the country 
continued its progress towards prosperity, due to the best 
political system and wise and prudent leaders. 

Top priority was given to education and research. With 
the help of knowledge and science, America became the first 
super power of the world. The country became incomparable 
with its economic and military power. Due to the resources in 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

abundance, the moral values of Christianity have grown very 
well here. 

India has much to learn from America. In the year 1978, 
I happened to go to America with Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj 
for the first time. At that time, my views about America were 
full of prejudice. As a slum dweller envies the people living in 
bungalows and talks about the philosophy of true life. 

When I had a biased mind, I had thought that there 
could be no country greater than India. My India is great and 
all other countries are atheistic, irreligious and engrossed in 
sensual pleasures. They have no knowledge of spirituality. 
However, when I happened to visit America frequently, my 
prejudice slowly disappeared. I got a view to see the world with 
open eyes. Like a cyclone, a thought arose in my mind. In the 
name of religion, we consider our country a great one. We talk 
much about religion and give long discourses on religion. It is a 
rule of scriptures that where there is religion, peace and 
prosperity would be there, then why do poverty and unrest 
exist in our country? Why such a great country like India became 
political slave of England? Why was its wealth looted? What 
has made America a prosperous and powerful country? 

America is not without religion. As we have temples, 
there are many churches and temples in America. As we go to 
the temple, these people go to the church. They go to the church 
once a week on Sunday but they go with full faith and reverence. 
We go to the temple daily but without due faith and reverence. 

Many a time I think that our faith has become a hypocrisy 
and stuff-less thing. The monopoly has bloomed in the name of 
religion. The rational and scientific view has been lost in the 
sphere of religion. We write aphorisms of religion on the walls 
but not in the heart, (means do not follow it). 

Appendix - 1 


There must be some reasons, which have made America 
prosperous and powerful. If we have to regain our glory, we 
will have to think where and why we failed. We will have to 
regain our ancient wisdom and values, which are forgotten since 
centuries, and we will have to learn the lessons from the 
developed countries for the development of our economy. We 
will have to free ourselves from the self-deceit that 'we are great'. 

During my visits to America, I could understand that 
'where traffic is OK, everything is OK.' In America, the citizens 
abide by the rules. There are innumerable vehicles in America. 
Almost everyone has a car there. The car-owning ratio is almost 
one and a half car per person. On the other hand, the 
arrangements of traffic control are also equally good. It does 
not mean that there is no problem of traffic jam but immediate 
solution is there. There is perfect planning and execution. 

In our great country, what to say about traffic? On the 
cross roads, the vehicles would assemble from four sides and no 
one would clear the road for others to go. No one would let 
others to go. They will snarl at each other but none will give 
way to others. No one is ready to retreat. 

In the villages and cities, in the state assemblies as well 
as in the parliament, in government offices also, everywhere 
traffic -jam is there. Resultantly the progress of the country is 
hampered. As the river Ganga was confused in the matted locks 
of Mahadev, our progress is confused in the Government offices. 

I want to mention one or two funny things in our country. 
In our great country, the citizens enjoy full freedom. Not only 
citizens, our cows and buffaloes also enjoy full freedom to move 
anywhere on the road and in the streets and play- grounds. As 
the union of strikers, they can block the roads and can arrange 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

meetings wherever they want. They can arrange 'Aarti' or 
'Namaj' on the roads or highways. Nobody dares to stop them. 

As I am talking about the freedom, let me tell you one 
more funny thing. In America, the citizens do not have the 
liberty as the citizens have got in India. In America, the citizens 
have no right to spit here and there and to throw waste 
anywhere. If anyone violates the rule, immediately the police 
would be there to fine a thousand dollars. Whereas in India, 
any citizen can do these things anywhere and none would dare 
to stop that fellow because the people believe that liberty to do 
these things is their birthright. 

Keeping aside this light talk, let us come to the point. 
The people who do not observe the traffic rules, do not keep 
their public places clean, shall not dream to be a Super Power. 

In 'Shikshapatri' Bhagawan Swaminarayan has given a 
command to His followers not to create dirt here and there. 
Forget about the general public, to what extent our 'Satsangis' 
are aware in this regard? In America, these rules are strictly 
followed and therefore America is a neat and clean country 
like heaven. 

In America, there are different types of dangerous waste 
heaps, creating dangerous problem for entire human race. It 
has polluted the atmosphere of our entire earth. These dirt-heaps 
means medical waste, chemical waste and atomic waste. The 
poisonous gases are destroying the ozone layer, protecting the 
vegetation and living beings. Unfortunately, the developed 
countries have no scientific solutions to the same. In other words, 
we can say that these dangerous dirt-heaps are the by-products 
of so-called scientific progress, which has endangered the entire 
world. Our dung-heaps are not so dangerous. Our dunghills 

Appendix - 1 


are surely damaging the public health but if we develop a skill 
to manage these dunghills, they can give us useful fertilizers 
and manures. Then these dunghills could prove to be beneficial 
to the life cycle. However, dirt heaps of America can persecute 
the human-race. Let us hope that by keeping the pace of 
progress, the human race would be able to find out solution to 
this grave problem or else some mysterious reaction would end 
this entire process. 

There is one more dangerous dirt-heap in America, more 
dangerous than the one mentioned above. That is wantonness 
in the name of freedom. No branch of science has any solution 
to it. Even the nature has no solution. These dirt-heaps of 
licentiousness have created a disease of resorting to the material 
pleasures. This wantonness is swallowing America. 

Only India has the solution to this problem. No other 
but the spiritual values of India can rescue that nation from 
that grave trouble. Therefore, synthesis between the civilisations 
is a must. 

God has showered immense wealth on America. It is a 
piece of land so vast that the Sun takes at least three hours to 
pass over that land. Alaska, a region of America is situated near 
the North Pole. It has six months day and six months night like 
in heaven. 

In America, there are lakes of sweet water as large as 
seas. There are long rivers having perennial flow in all the 
seasons. It has a large storage of oil deposits and inexhaustible 
wealth of minerals. America has the control over large seas full 
of wealth. The population is considerably less in comparison to 
the size of the country. The people work sincerely with a plan 
and a vision. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

The country has everything. The God has given with his 
thousand hands to this country. The God has also given to the 
people of this country the ability and intelligence to protect and 
to maintain this wealth. The people have foresight and skill to 
increase the wealth. 

As such, India is also not less graced by the God. Certain 
things, which we have, others rarely bear. Well-balanced 
seasons, natural resources in great extent, which is full of 
varieties, are some of them. Our country has certainly done 
progress but increasing population is eating up the fruits of our 
progress. Due to the power-oriented politics, the population 
growth could not be controlled. Certain sections of population 
do not believe in birth control. 

China has overcome the population problem and now 
it is competing with America in several spheres. Whereas in 
India, crores of people are unemployed. God only can save this 

It appears that our people have lost the zeal and skill of 
planning. In addition to it, the poison of corruption has spread 
in the system. India is in trouble due to its own sins. The sin has 
spread in the social, political and even in religious sphere. 

In earlier centuries, India was at the top of the world. 
The Gurukuls had perpetuated the traditions of furthering the 
branches of knowledge and science. The people from many 
countries came to India to learn the lessons of culture and 
civilisation. But now the situation is different. India herself has 
a strayed from its original sources and it is unfortunate for India. 

Greater than its natural wealth, India has an 
incomparable wealth of spiritual thinking and metaphysics. The 
glory of American wealth looks dim in comparison to it. 

Appendix - 1 


Bhagawat Geeta, Upanishads etc. scriptures are invaluable 
treasures of India. 

There may be many things worthy of learning from 
America. However, America does not have the comprehensive 
and deep vision of human life, which India has. Therefore, 
despite being rich, America is poor and despite being poor, India 
is rich. Therefore, the people of India have to develop a sense of 
self-respect. By deep thinking, we will have to correct our 
mistakes and therefore, we will have to inculcate a vision to 
learn many things from other countries. 

If we can make sum total of auspicious elements 
developed in various parts of the world, we can realise the dream 
of Maharshi Arvind i.e. to incarnate on the earth the empire of 
fully developed living spirit of super consciousness. 

Let me tell you one more thing. In our country, the people 
talk about the increasing spread of Indian culture in America. 
Many religious centers, temples and organisations are 
established. It is a wide spread belief that our people abroad are 
putting in great efforts to maintain the heritage of our religion. 
It may be true to some extent. But believe me; many Indians in 
America are backward in the matter of religion. 

In the name of religion, the waste of religion is dumped 
there. There are Bhuvas (so called intermediates of God) playing 
their arts and the Goddesses coming into the human body of 
intermediates. There are Indians who believe in knowing the 
reasons of their miseries through such 'Bhuvas' who pretend 
to tell through 'corns'. The worst is the curse of divisiveness of 
castes on the Indian culture. In America also, the Indians are 
not free of it. 


Divine Life of Jogi Swami 

The Indians who are settled there are well educated and 
perhaps due to the same reason, they believe themselves supreme 
and plenty of times create prestige issues. Free atmosphere of 
America has given air to this fire. Here two persons cannot live 
together by giving up their ego with a spirit to let go. Those 
persons may be husband and wife or may be leaders of a temple. 
When they cannot work together, they start different centers 
like dead investment. 

India is a vast country; hence, the impact of divisions 
could hardly be seen. Population is also vast and everyone can 
get a crowd of people, which is as good as oxygen, necessary to 
live. However, in America, where our people are in less 
numbers, the effect of division would immediately come to 
surface. The great personalities exported from India to this 
country, instead of making them to live and work together, they 
keep them divided to achieve their aim. I pray to Shree Hari, 
"O Hari! Please make our Hindu people free from the curse of 

Appendix - II 

Problems in the Sphere of 
Religion in Abroad 

I would like to discuss some additional points relating 
to my foreign tour. Our Indian people have worked hard to 
develop the religious attitude abroad but in the sphere of religion 
abroad, there are many problems arising due to ignorance. 

If the religious leaders give up their divisive attitude, 
peace would prevail in the society. But only God knows when 
that dream would come true. If the society is divided in many 

Appendix - II 


factions, the religious leaders are mostly responsible for the same. 
Short sight and short time self interest have divided the Indian 
society in many factions and resultantly it has become weak. 

The requirement of the day is to synthesis these factions 
in one stream, like a garland consisting flowers of different 
colours and shades. If the Indian people are suffering today, 
the reason is absence of unity. The so-called leaders have 
weakened the unity very much to achieve their motives. It is 
bad luck of our society. 

In the sphere of religion, one more thing is pinching me 
constantly. If true understanding could be developed in the 
people who gather in the temple, real religious-revolution could 
take place. However, most of the people do not know why they 
go to the temple. Sometimes they go to the temple, as they go to 
stroll in the market or as they go to see a museum. Thus, religious 
crowd can be created but a society of true religious people 
cannot be created. If religious understanding and awareness is 
developed in the people, then only religious society can be 

In foreign countries, particularly in western countries, 
the young generation is greatly affected by the atmosphere of 
sensual enjoyment prevailing there due to the objects of material 
happiness easily available there. In this situation, it is very 
difficult to maintain the virtues of religion. The gap of languages 
has made it extremely difficult to make co-ordination with the 
new generation. 

Our new generation abroad is required to be given 
religious knowledge, beside the knowledge of Mother tongue, 
in the language they understand. We will not be able to give 
them the understanding about our religion and virtues fully 
only with our mother tongue. It is a fact. 

402 Divine Life of Jogi Swami ^ ==a ^ ^ =a ^ 403 

The Indian child born abroad could learn Indian 
language for their limited usage but the same cannot serve the 

It is also difficult to create interest in the hearts of the 
new generation to learn all these. Our new generation abroad 
is living in such an atmosphere that requires great skill, 
understanding and penance to inspire them to maintain our 
religion and virtues. 

Jay Swaminarayan 



"Chant holy names of Gad by heart and with devotion. It 
is more beneficial". 

-Pujya Jogi Swami 

• The life of Jogi Swami is the combination of JAP and TAP 

• The life of Jogi Swami is completely free from 
materialistic desires and worldly pleasure. 

• Almighty God constantly resides in the heart of Jogi 

• Many times Jogi Swami got realization of God and 
Almighty God often hastaken care of him. 

• Jogi Swami is full with divine power by the grace of great 
spiritual master sadguru Mahant Swami. But the 
uniqueness of Jogi Swami is that he never used it for 
himself to earn wealth, pride or prestige. 

• The aim of writing this 'life of Jogi Swami' is not to praise 
Jogi Swami but to praise and express gratitude towards 
the Supreme reality whose divine power works 
everywhere and which is beyond our intellect. 

• The life of Jogi Swami is like an extremely clean mirror. We 
can seethe Divine and Supreme Reality One through him. 

"Jogi Swami is so powerful Guru who can change 
impossiblethings into possible". 

WWWA£g^.©TCf ell °r, USCA, USA) 

-: Published by :- 

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul-Vishwavidya Pratishthanam (SGVP) Ahmadabad.